tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJapanese Holiday Surprise

Japanese Holiday Surprise

byMistress Drusilla©

After a day of sightseeing on your long-awaited holiday to Japan, you and your wife return to your hotel room. You cannot wait to sink into the relaxing warmth of the beautiful tiled onsen bath outside your room in a small private courtyard. You both strip naked and recline at opposite sides of the bath, glad to rest. You chat about the tourist attractions and incredible scenery you saw during the day.

The hotel room is a traditional Japanese style and has no locks on the door, so it is not a surprise when the door slides open and two female staff members quietly enter. One unrolls the futon mat upon which you sleep. The other prepares a Japanese tea set. As you lean back again, you hear the door close as the women leave the room.

You relax for a few moments but then hear a slight noise and realise the staff member who set up the tea has not left. You try to see into the dimly lit room but it is dfficult to make out the shadowy figure.

"Is there something you need?" you call out, wondering if you need to sign something.

The figure does not speak, but moves outside to the onsen bath. It is now obvious she is not Japanese. You recognise her as she removes her straight black wig. There before you stands your secret lover, who you thought was at home awaiting your return from overseas so your illicit meetings could resume.

Your wife looks surprised and confused, which quickly turns to shock as your lover removes her kimono and stands naked beside the bath. Despite her confusion, your wife notices the firm stomach, hard nipples and freshly waxed pussy of the woman in front of her. Before your wife can speak, your lover joins you in the onsen bath.

"Who are you?! What are you doing?!" your wife indignantly protests.

Your lover snaps at your wife to shut up, then turns to you and says, with a feigned pout, "I missed you, mon amant. Want to play?"

The initial shock and fear you felt at the sight of your lover appearing in front of your wife, is suddenly gone as your powerful lust takes control. You grab your lover and kiss her passionately. Your wife is too stunned to move or speak as she watches your tongue thrusting into someone else's mouth. She gasps as she realises the rolling motion of your hips under the water is being driven by your fingers in your lover's cunt.

You lift your torso so your penis is out of the water. You are shaved, just the way your lover likes it. She glances smugly at your wife and then devours your smooth balls and erect penis, licking, sucking and kissing. You moan with pleasure. Your wife looks as if she will explode with rage as she finally realises why you have been shaving recently, even though you know she does not like it.

Moving up to your chest, your lover bites your nipples until you cry out in pleasure and pain. Your wife tries to protest again but this time it is you who tells her to shut up. This again shocks her into silence. She does not want to watch what is happening but cannot take her eyes off the devastating scene.

Your lover straddles your hard shaft, which slides easily into her very wet, hot, cunt. She fucks you slowly, riding your penis up and down, moaning with pleasure and squirming on your lap as she grinds down harder and deeper. She realises with wicked pleasure that she can now mark you, an act previously not allowed as it would alert your wife to your extra-marital activities. Your lover bites your neck, leaving purple marks and drawing some blood, which her tongue eagerly licks up. Now and then she slyly glances at your wife, who is unable to move from shock, a constant look of horror on her face.

Next your lover arches her back and pushes her chest towards you, her nipples extremely hard. You lean forward and lick them, gently at first, then you suck and bite until your lover squeals, a reaction you always enjoy. You are suddenly more aware than ever that your wife always complains if you bite her. Now she is watching you bite your lover's nipples and this drives you wild.

"Fuck me harder, you nasty slut!" you demand.

Your lover does as commanded, riding faster and harder, both of you hot, sweaty and crying out with the intensity of the fucking. As you finally explode, you make eye contact with your wife and hold her gaze as you spurt wave after wave of cum deep inside your panting lover.

After a few moments of recovery, your lover looks over at your wife and commands her to get out of the bath. Your wife does so, too dazed to think about the fact that she is taking orders from your lover. She shakily wraps herself in a towel and feels some relief that the awful show is over.

Your lover leads you out of the bath. She looks at your wife and smirks. "We haven't finished yet, you frigid bitch. Go inside. And take that towel off!"

Your wife has started to recover from her shock and looks at you, certain you will now support her.

"Do as you're told," you say, pushing your wife into the room, your lover following. "You belong to her tonight, my dear wife," you add in a moment of cruel enjoyment.

In the room, your lover whispers in your ear and then lies on the futon mat. You pick up the teapot and gently pour some of the liquid over your lover's body, from her breasts down to her smooth, waxed pussy. You get down on your knees and lick some of the fluid from her skin. It is not tea as you had assumed, but warm sake. You know your lover is aware that you do not like sake. You realise it is not intended for you.

You command your wife to get down and lick. She hesitates and you command again, more sternly. At the same time your lover reaches up, grabbing your wife's nipples and pulling her down. She drops to the ground and reluctantly licks one of your lover's breasts, but then stops.

"Do it!" you order. Then you bend down, thrusting your tongue inside your lover's hot, dripping wet cunt, making her squirm and writhe on the mat. Pushing her hips up, you snake your tongue into her ass, licking up the sake that has made its way there. Your lover squirms against you, smothering your face with her juices.

Your wife, almost in tears, watches in disgust as she still reluctantly licks your lover's breasts. However, the sake begins to make her light-headed and she keeps licking, moving to your lover's stomach, lapping the warm alcohol. For a brief instant you pull her away and she thinks she is released from her lewd task. Instead you pour more sake down her throat and then push her back onto your lover's body.

You guide your wife's head to your lover's cunt, holding it so she cannot move away. Slowly your now drunk wife begins to lick around the waxed pussy. You pour some more sake onto your lover's smooth mound and push your wife's head so she is forced to lick your lover's clitoris. The sake works perfectly and within minutes your wife's tongue is deep inside your lover, tasting the mixture of sake and the cum you exploded earlier.

"Your wife gives a great tongue-fuck," your lover moans. "I bet the bitch has licked cunt before. No matter, she'll be getting a lot more experience in this position."

You laugh and watch your inebriated wife give your lover multiple orgasms, your wife's face jammed up against your lover's cunt and your lover's fingers in your wife's hair to hold her in place. Your penis is rigid with desire and you begin to stroke it, wishing you were ramming it into one of the naked women on the floor in front of you, both of whom have felt your hard cock pounding inside them many times.

Before you can take any action, your lover commands your wife to take her place on the mat. Your wife does so, looking uncertain.

"No, don't lie on your back, bitch," your lover tells your wife. "Lie on your stomach so I can make you a real slut." She pushes your wife onto her stomach, slapping her ass as she gets into position.

Your wife feels her legs being pulled apart. She wonders what is going to happen to her, knowing she should resist, wanting to say no, but too drunk to do anything. She feels something stroking her clitoris. It starts to quietly hum. She realises it is a vibrator, something she has never tried. She remembers you suggesting it and how she always refused and chastised you for suggesting such things. It occurs to her that you must have been using a vibrator on the woman who is now using one on her.

Suddenly your lover thrusts the vibrator deep inside your wife's cunt. Your wife yelps while your lover laughs.

"I so enjoy playing," your wife hears your lover say. Still wincing from the sharp pain, your wife hears your response and realises there is no escape.

"Play away, my little whore."

You stroke your throbbing cock as you excitedly watch your lover fucking your wife with the vibrator. When your lover thrusts too hard, your wife cries out, making you rub yourself harder. You almost lose control when your lover inserts a finger in your wife's ass, something your wife has never allowed you to try.

"No, don't do that!" your wife begs. "Not in there!"

"Stop complaining," your lover snaps. "You should get used to it. He loves fucking my ass. If you were a good wife you'd let him ram his cock wherever he wants to."

To validate her point, your lover slides her finger in and out of your wife's ass in a slow, deliberate fashion, then adds a second finger. Using both fingers, she rubs against the vibrator inside your wife's cunt. "You're mine, bitch, to use as I wish," she hisses maliciously.

Your lover stops thrusting the vibrator, but leaves it humming inside your wife's cunt. She also removes her fingers from your wife's ass. It is difficult for your wife to see much from her face-down position, but raising her head slightly she can see your lover lying down in front of her, legs spread.

"Fuck me, baby," your lover requests. "Show her how hard you fuck your whore."

You need no encouragement. You lie on top of your lover and thrust yourself deep inside her, the swift penetration making her squeal again. With your lover's legs wrapped around your hips, your wife has a close-up view of your rock-solid penis moving in and out of your lover's wet cunt as you violently fuck her.

Knowing your wife is watching, with a vibrator jammed inside her, makes you so horny that you fuck your lover deeper and harder than you have ever fucked anyone. Your wife's eyes widen as both you and your lover cry out from the intensity. Your wife is not accustomed to making noise during sex. She can hear your bodies slapping together and the wetness of your lover's cunt. It is as if she can almost feel the intensity of your thrusts herself.

The vibrator in your wife is stimulating all the right places. She realises with shame that she is wet and about to orgasm, while watching the depraved scene of her husband fucking his lover. Your wife begins to sob but at the same time feels the orgasm exploding in her, wave after wave giving sordid pleasure. At the same moment, you and your lover both climax. The three of you all scream.

Eventually your lover untangles her sweat-covered body from yours and licks your penis clean, as she always does. Another task your wife never performs for you. Your lover then makes one final demand of your wife, telling her to roll over. She hovers over your wife.

"I told you that you're mine tonight," your lover reminds your wife.

You watch, fascinated, as your lover kneels above your wife. After a few seconds, although it seems much longer, your lover begins to drip your combined juices in blobs onto your wife's face.

Your lover looks at you and smiles. "Just marking my property," she says. She then moves her pussy to your wife's mouth. "Lick me clean, slut," she demands. "Taste your husband's cum mixed with my cunt juices."

Your wife, exhausted, shell-shocked and still drunk, does as she is told, her tongue delving inside your lover's dripping cunt. To her surprise, she enjoys both the taste and the humiliation. She also realises that she is increasingly aroused by her situation, being between the thighs of her husband's mistress, licking his cum from her cunt.

"Oh God," your wife moans, "I really am a slut."

Later that night, after an excellent Japanese dinner, you fuck your wife's ass for the first time, while she licks your lover's pussy. You sleep very well that night, with a naked woman on either side of you. The last thing you wonder as you drift off is which one to fuck first when you wake up in the morning. Or maybe you will just watch as they fuck each other with fingers, tongues and vibrator.

The best holiday of your life and one where the fun definitely will not end when you return home, now that you have two sluts to play with - and to play with each other.

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