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Jayne's Jungle Adventure


Jayne Mansfield was in a quandary. The sexy blonde star didn't know whether to be flattered or scared out of her wits. The tribe of warrior women who had captured her were treating her far better, sexually at least, than some of her husbands or many lovers had, but she was still a prisoner. Ever since she had been placed in the brightly painted wooden structure, with her hands tied behind the center pole and the guards at the door, there had been a steady stream of women approaching her. They all seemed to want to worship her naked body, caressing her voluptuous ass and hips or fondling and suckling her luscious breasts and fingering her pussy. A very sensuous woman, Jayne had become highly aroused from the almost constant attentions, but none of the women ever displayed any interest in going any further that that.

She was used to going much further than that, and at not taking so long to get down to it. Jayne was basically straight, but not at all picky, and had reveled in frequent lesbian liaisons in and around Hollywood, which was halfway around the world from where she was then. She had been on location in Africa with the independent movie company for just over a week, and had been having misgivings since the first day. For one thing, although she had been told the film was to be shot on location, she had no idea that meant in the remote jungle, at least a hundred miles from the nearest city of any size. For another thing, there didn't seem to be much security around the camp. Maybe not much was needed, but Jayne would have felt a lot more confident if there had been at least a dozen armed guards. No trouble was expected, but some rumors of unrest had been reported in this part of the world, and Jayne was concerned about her safety and that of those around her.

Although not expected, trouble had arrived, at least for Jayne. Facilities in the camp were primitive, to say the least, and that included a complete lack of plumbing, which meant her ablutions had to be done in the nearby river. Despite her casual attitude toward sex and how she was usually eager for publicity, Jayne had never been an exhibitionist. When it was time to bathe, she insisted on going there alone, wearing one of the leopard-skin bikinis she favored. After wading into the water up to her hips, she had removed the bathing suit and started washing off the sweat and dust that had accumulated during the day's work. Although she was certain nobody had followed her to gaze at her voluptuous nudity, Jayne still seemed to feel somebody watching. "It may be my imagination," she told herself. "But I still don't like it.

It was not her imagination. Abruptly, four warriors, all armed with spears and shields, stepped out of the heavy jungle to stand on the bank of the river and watch her. When Jayne tried to use the two pieces of the bikini to cover those parts of her body they should have concealed, all four of the intruders strode out into the water toward her. While two of them threatened her with their spears and indicated that she should come with them, the others came around to her sides, picked her up by the arms and carried her, still clutching her bathing suit, out of the water and back into the jungle. When she looked at her captors and saw their bare breasts swaying, Jayne realized all four of them were women.

"Women? I've been captured by a tribe of warrior women," Jayne told herself. "What could they want with me?" When she started to say something, a menacing look and a brandished weapon quickly changed her mind. Afraid that an attempt at escape would probably result in four fatal spear wounds, she relaxed as best she could and let the women take her where they wanted.

That was to a compound that couldn't have been much more than a mile from where the movie company was camped. They were obviously expected, because a pair of waiting sentries, also women, opened the gate and closed it after they were inside, using a heavy wooden bar to secure it. Jayne's captors carried her into a brightly-colored wooden building and, after tying her wrists behind her back to a pole in the center, left her there, alone and naked.

She didn't remain alone very long. An equally unclothed woman, not one of those who had captured her, entered and walked up to and around the sexy blonde, apparently admiring her sumptuous curves. She didn't mind that; Jayne was used to having her body admired. "What do you want with me?" she asked. "Please tell me why you've brought me here?"

The stranger didn't answer, at least not with words, but Jayne quickly found out what she wanted. With her hands, the African woman caressed the soft, voluptuous ass and hips of the captive, cupping the palms under Jayne's cheeks and leaving one of them there while moving around to face the front of the sexy blonde. The next places to feel the caresses of the strange woman's hands were Jayne's sexily plump belly and large breasts. The fondling was surprisingly gentle, much more so than most of the men in the movie star's love life, and she could feel herself starting to become aroused.

Jayne's arousal increased when her admirer licked her big, pink nipples and sucked her breasts. Juices were trickling down Jayne's thighs from her pussy, and the woman apparently smelled them or otherwise became aware of their presence. She reached down and used her fingers to wipe up some of the viscous fluid, followed by licking off what she had collected. After that, and without saying a word, the mysterious visitor left, to be replaced almost immediately by another. The second woman, who was equally naked, acted much the same as the first, including licking fresh pussy juices off her fingers before leaving.

A third woman followed, and a fourth and a fifth, until Jayne lost track of how many had paid homage to her body. All of them stroked and fondled the voluptuous curves of the prisoner, and some of them even hugged her, pressing their naked torsos against her equally bare skin. The caresses of their hands and mouths and bodies, all of which were quite gentle, even loving, brought the object of their attentions to an extreme state of sexual excitement. Jayne had always uninhibitedly enjoyed sex, and the parade of silent women had aroused her at least as much as any of the men or women in her Hollywood life ever had.

Although enjoyable, it was highly frustrating, because she was unable to cum. Not one of the women had touched her clit except briefly, and none of them had spent enough time licking or sucking on her breasts to bring her to a climax that way. With her hands tied securely behind her back, Jayne was unable to use her fingers to give herself any relief either, and she fervently hoped one of the visitors would follow through on what they had been doing, and bring her to an orgasm. Several times she had asked, even begged, but nobody seemed to understand and respond to her, and nobody did what she implored them to do.

Jayne also wondered if there were going to be any more. Up until then, the silent women had walked through the doorway in quick succession, one barely clearing the curtain before another entered, as if they were standing in line outside. However, the most recent one had left almost two minutes earlier, and she wondered if she were to be left in a state of extreme arousal, with no way to climax. Her captors had all treated her kindly, even if they were a bit menacing, and Jayne hoped they wouldn't be so cruel as to leave her in such a condition.

As she was trying in vain to use her engorged inner pussy lips to contact and massage her equally swollen clit, another woman entered. The newcomer, as naked as all the others had been, was younger and seemed more self-assured than the women preceding her. She stepped up to the frustrated prisoner and smiled at her voluptuous body and her obvious high state of arousal.

"Miss Mansfield, you probably wouldn't be able to pronounce my name but, in your language, it means 'Rainbow," she said in a clipped and proper British accent. "You are quite likely wondering what is going on here."

Jayne was surprised that somebody had spoken to her at all, let alone in perfect English. "Yes, I am. What do all these women want, and who are you and what do you want?" Even as she asked her questions, Jayne's body was writhing frantically, and her hips were swiveling, driving her bare feet into the ground, and trying to stimulate her clit to bring some relief.

"Those were childless women from our village. Because of your voluptuous body and yellow hair and white skin, they think you might ne a fertility goddess, and they hope that intimate contact with you can help them have children. It might help, and it certainly won't do any harm."

"It might help them, but what about me? And why do you speak English so well?"

"I went to college in London. I'm not interested in having children, but I am quite interested in your very sexy body."

Rainbow moved in closely and wrapped her arms around the actress's soft, white form, cupping both buttocks in her hands, and began licking one of Jayne's nipples, which were as erect as they had ever been. While Rainbow's hands squeezed and fondled the succulent cheeks, her fingers even stroking the puckered area of Jayne's ass, the African woman's mouth switched back and forth between the luscious breasts. After several minutes of this, she started licking and kissing her way down Jayne's soft belly, kneeling on the hard-packed dirt floor when she reached the mons. Looking up at the voluptuous blonde, Rainbow smiled, before leaning forward to apply her tongue to even more intimate areas.

"Delicious," she whispered while licking all the fresh pussy juices from the insides of Jayne's thighs. She murmured even more happily as her clever tongue adeptly sluiced all the nectar off one swollen lip and the other.

Responding to the extremely intimate attentions, Jayne's eager pussy fucked strongly against Rainbow's face, and her body jerked and twisted from the incredible pleasure she was receiving. She moaned blissfully, and her hips continued swiveling, thrusting her feet against the floor. "Yes! Yes! There!" she exclaimed when she felt her clit being enveloped by the African woman's mouth, and a tongue caressing the engorged sides and top.

The woman on her knees knew from Jayne's wild movements that an explosive orgasm was imminent. Her hands pulled against the succulent ass cheeks and she pressed her mouth more tightly against Jayne's pussy, reveling in the feel of the soft pubic hair against her lips. The blonde's movements became even more strenuous, until she let out a cry of joy.

"Oh, God! I'm cumming!"

As Jayne's body thrashed against her restraints, the woman who was bringing about the great orgasm smiled inwardly. It was the best and juiciest pussy she had ever eaten, and she knew she would want more of it, even after the sex goddess finished climaxing. Rainbow's hands clung tightly to the soft, luscious cheeks, and she continued sucking and licking the adorable clit that was filling her mouth so wonderfully. As her lips and tongue performed their duties, the horny American's movements became even wilder. They culminated in a great spasm of her entire body, and Jayne's back arched, driving her pussy against the very welcoming mouth of the woman in front of her.

After bringing the American woman to a great orgasm, Rainbow licked up all the nectar she had just elicited, while her hand reached down to massage her own clit. The little daring would need more action than her own fingers could give her, and she hoped Jayne would provide it, after she had finished catching her breath and recovering her strength. When she was through feasting on all the fresh juices, Rainbow moved away, and looked up at the woman who had just provided the delicious treat.

"That was marvelous, Jayne, but I hope you're ready for more."

"I really needed that and, yes, I am ready for more, or will be in a minute or two."

"Good. I'll untie your hands, and you can join me on that bed over there." As she spoke, the African woman indicated a pallet of leaves and branches beside the wall.

Jayne smiled and nodded her head eagerly. There was little she loved more than having her pussy eaten, and she didn't care whether the tongue was thrusting in and out of her from the mouth of a man or woman. She especially favored 69ing and, while doing it, she loved pleasuring a cock or a pussy almost equally.

While Jayne lay on her back, the other woman quickly got into position above her, with legs straddling the American's pretty face. Rainbow looked with delight on the delectable pussy that was inches from her mouth, and awaiting their mutual pleasure. Jayne's lips and clit were still swollen, and Rainbow could already smell the delightful aroma of fresh juices, and see them trickling from the lovely pink hole that was their source. She wrapped her arms around the soft, creamy thighs, and lowered her face to begin licking one of the wet pussy lips.

Jayne quivered with delight, partly from the clever tongue that was starting to caress her in a knowing way, and partly from the sight and aroma of the pussy above her face. Rainbow's thighs were a rich, dark chocolate, and her lips were shiny-wet with her fragrant juices, and had a velvety, almost dark purple appearance. Jayne wrapped her arms around the African's hips, with the tips of her fingers inside the firm ass cheeks, and pulled down.

Rainbow responded by lowering her body to press her pussy against her partner's face, and Jayne eagerly started licking the glistening juices from one of the labia. It had a more musky scent and flavor, somewhat different from what she was more used to, but still delicious. Avidly, Jayne stroked the entire length of one lip with her tongue, and heard a slightly muffled moan of bliss.

The American's tongue on her swollen lip sent shivers of joy through Rainbow's body. As a student in London, she had learned from some of her classmates about her true sexual nature, but had been unable to find a regular partner after returning to her village. There was no animus against her because of her lesbianism, especially among the warrior women, and some of them were willing to experiment with her, but none of them had an interest in a long-term relationship. And none of her previous partners was close to being as sexy or as eager as the woman who was lying on her back and avidly licking Rainbow's engorged pussy. She moved her face in even closer and avidly continued returning the favor.

Silently, the very dark woman and the very fair woman caressed each other's pussies with their tongues. The only sounds were the steady lapping and the occasional happy murmur when a particularly sweet spot was stroked or when somebody's taste buds encountered some unusually delicious drops of nectar. After ten minutes of steady licking, both women's bodies began moving erratically on the dirt floor of the hut, as the tongues of their partners teased and tantalized them, elevating their level of pleasure.

As Jayne's mouth did fabulous things for Rainbow's pussy and her pussy did fabulous things for Rainbow's mouth, the African woman moved closer to her climax. Rhythmically, she rocked from side to side on top of the American's face, while her legs thrust out and back and her feet rhythmically pummeled the floor. Every stroke of her own tongue of or Jayne's sent incredible thrills of delight through her body. She had eaten some superb pussy in London, but the pink and creamy white one feeding her nectar on that day was the best one ever.

Although primarily straight, Jayne enjoyed occasional sex with other women almost as much, and the one whose head was buried in the actress's crotch was providing even more pleasure than any of the other women had. Rainbow's tongue and lips fondled all the most sensitive places, and the juices of her pussy had an amazing, exotic flavor, such as Jayne had never tasted, and wanted to taste a lot more of. Both women writhed in a happy tangle of arms and legs, slowly bringing themselves and each other toward momentous orgasms.

Rainbow raised her head slightly, saw how Jayne's lovely pink pearl of a clit had pushed its way completely from its protective hood, and engulfed it in her mouth. Even more avidly, she kept sucking it while her tongue caressed the sides and top. Simultaneously, the American enveloped the dark morsel between Rainbow's dripping purple labia and, using her lips as a seal, sucked on her adorable clit, while her tongue swirled about the swollen sides and top.

Neither of them could have said which woman started cumming first. The creamy white legs clamped onto one face at the same time as the dark chocolate thighs started to squeeze the other. Both of them fucked strongly against the mouth of the other, while rolling over and over on the floor, with either woman keeping a tight grip on the other's thighs, and keeping her mouth clamped around the other's clit. Simultaneously, all the muscles in both bodies clenched, both women ramming their pussies against the other's face for an ultimate time. After their marvelous and mutual climaxes, Jayne and Rainbow lay together, neither one moving except to lick the fresh nectar from her partner's body.

After devouring all the cum juices from each other's thighs and bellies and pussies, the two women continued to lie in a happy pile on the floor of the hut. When she was ready, Rainbow got to her knees and moved slightly away, smiling at the lovely actress who had just shared such a memorable encounter.

"Jayne," she said. "That was just wonderful, better than anything I have ever done. And I could tell you rather enjoyed it too. The same warriors who brought you here will return you to your camp now, but I hope you will join me here in the near future."

"I'd love to. After we finish work tomorrow, I'll come here. We won't be done for another two months, and I can come here almost every night. I even have some toys to share with you."

Rainbow well remembered the toys she had shared with some of the women in London, and she had missed them since leaving that metropolis. "That sounds wonderful. The next two months will be some of the best times I have ever experienced."

"Me too," Jayne echoed her new sex partner.


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Jayne and Rainbow had, on that day and continued having for the next couple of months. You may also be glad to learn that almost all of the woman who sought to become pregnant succeeded in doing so even before Jayne left to return to America. All of them gave their babies names that reflected the help they had gotten from the white American fertility goddess. Unfortunately, after the movie was completed, it never made it to the screen or even to videotape.

I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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