"You." He muttered weakly.

"Excuse me?" she smiled wickedly.

"You have better tits than Mary." She squeezed his cock. "Ohhhohh, much better! And bigger! I wish Mary had tits like yours!"

"It's good that you're being honest with your doctor, Jeffrey. And remember, it's the client's privilege that nothing leaves this room, or I should say toilet. Ha, ha, ha." Rita let loose an evil cackle. "I guess I'm out of questions... unless... mmmmphhh."

Rita dropped her head and engulfed Jeff's cock into her mouth. Jeff sat there in shock. This whore that he despised was sucking his dick. Rita the whore! And it felt so fucking good. She was doing things to him that had his head spinning. He had to cum so badly. It didn't matter anymore that she wasn't his girlfriend. She was doing it much better than the inexperienced, innocent Mary. He was going to cum in her mouth if she kept it up.

Her tongue massaged the base of his cock as she jammed it down her throat, all the while moaning. Rita pulled back on his cock with her mouth while looking deep into his eyes with lust and a look of victory.

"So, who gives a better blowjob, Mary or me?" she took him out of her mouth but kept jerking.

"Oh god, you do. You DO! OH SHIT RITA!" She licked from the base of his balls to the tip of his dick before inserting it within her lips again. Jeff was getting close. He gasped in short breaths. Rita could sense his impending explosion. Normally she would have made it last much longer, held him on edge until he couldn't stand it anymore. She loved the feel of a cock in her mouth. But her pussy was begging for attention. The sooner she finished the sooner she would get fucked. But she wanted complete possession of Jeff and his cock. There was only one way to get it. Rita disengaged her mouth and tongue from his rock-hard volcano.

"What, no! What are you doi-m!" she put her finger to his mouth.

"Shhhhhhh... I'm still not finished with my session." She stood up and put her hands on her hips. "Who has the more luscious and better body, your sweet, bubbly and cute girlfriend, or me?"

"You have a better body than Mary." Jeff answered honestly, but quickly, trying to get her to resume her sucking. Rita turned around and showed Jeff her ass. She slowly and sensually moved her hips and ass and he was mesmerized by her performance. She wanted Jeffrey to be hers completely.

"Who do you think has the sexier ass now, me or your stupid ass girlfriend?" she asked with her palms on the stall and her ass pointed in Jeff's face. He didn't like her wording that much but he was willing to say anything for the slut now. And he had to admit; her ass was much better than Mary's was.

"Your ass is sexier." She let out another wicked laugh. Rita was conquering this good Christian virgin. When she was finished with him, he would be her slave. She moved her hands down to the curves of her ass and moved all over them. Jeff was hypnotized. Her hands pulled at the waistband of her black pants and rolled them down her thighs. She wasn't wearing any underwear, Jeff gasped. She was also shaved, a real sign of a whore's cunt. Rita took her pants completely off, leaving her heels on, and turned around. The slut leaned her back against the stall and opened her legs for Jeff to see. Her hands traveled down to her snatch in the most sensual and seductive manner.

"Have you seen Mary's cunt yet?" she asked looking into his eyes.

"Yes, I've eaten her out." Jeff knew what was coming next, but he wanted to taste the whore.

"I think its best if I'm able to compare." She closed the short distance between the two of them fast. Her heels went to either side of his legs and her pussy was right up in his face. Jeff licked his lips in anticipation. "Lick my pussy, Jeffrey." Rita grabbed his head and shoved it into her mound. His tongue extended into the depths of her vagina. She tasted sweeter than Mary did. He lapped at her nectar as it leaked from her cunt. It felt so good to have his tongue inside her that she started bucking her hips against his face, almost losing her balance. "Now who tastes better? Ahhhh... me or that stupid... dumb-shit... ugh... ugly girlfriend of yours? ... TELL ME!"

"Ahhh... you taste better." And he dove back in. Jeff grabbed her ass cheeks and forced his tongue deeper into her. It no longer felt bad to Jeff to pick Rita over Mary now. Rita ground her hips and pussy into Mary's boyfriend's face. She felt so good to have this kind of control over someone.

"Stick your fingers into my cunt! C'mon lover, do it now!"

Jeff obliged, but kept up with his oral assault on her gushing gash.

"Ohhhh yes! Good boy! You listen to your doctor really well. Now finger fuck me, baby. Fuck my slut pussy with your fingers. I know what everyone says about me. I know what you think I am. And I am a slut! I am a whore! Nothing wrong with admitting whom you are. And now... oh god... you're gonna... gonna make me cum! Yesssss!" Rita gripped his head hard in surprise. His fingers were even more experienced than his tongue as they drove her to climax. "Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Make the whore cummmmm! OH FUCK..." she stiffened, threw her head back and jammed her cunt to Jeff's face one last time and holding still.

Cum squirted out from her pussy and into his now wide stretched mouth over her snatch. Jeff caught most of it as the rest gathered around his lips and the rest dripped to the hard floor below Rita. The whore came back down from her climax.

"That caught me off guard. I never expected that from you. You're quite the man, Jeffrey." Rita looked down at her new love-slave. It was time to make him hers for good. "And now it is time to make you into a real man." She began to lower herself down towards Jeff's achingly hard fuck-stick. But he stopped her by pushing her back.

"That's as far as we can go, Rita. I don't have a condom. And I'm not about to make the mistake of fucking you unprotected." He said with hesitation in his voice but with honesty. He wished he had a condom. It was the only thing holding him back from losing his virginity to this whore, from cheating on his girlfriend. Rita put her hands on her hips.

"Oh that's too bad. I was going to fuck your brains out. I was going to fuck you so good that you'd never wanna fuck your girlfriend. You would only want my body and my pussy and... my tits!" she immediately pulled the fabric of her shirt at her cleavage down over her boobs.

Jeffrey was right. Rita wasn't wearing a bra. She let her shirt's stretchable neckline rest at the underside of her breasts. Her tits were the greatest he had ever seen in person. They were better than he could ever imagine. They parted naturally, but the red shirt kept them from spreading too far apart. The whore had perfect nipples with the perfect size of areoles around them. Jeff longed to suck on them more than anything he ever wanted.

Rita stood in front of him once again with her hands on her hips. She smiled a devilish smile while he stared at her exposed ripe melons for a good 30 seconds.

"Would you like to suck on them? Would Jeffrey like to have a taste of my most precious big babies?" she asked with a knowing smile.

"Yes! Please Rita, bring them to me. I've wanted your tits for so long." One of Jeff's hands reached for one of her tits while the other tried to pull her into him from her hip, but she took one step back and out of his reach.

"If I give you my tits, then you have to give me something. A fair trade."

"What?" Name it!" he pleaded.

"Your cock, of course."

"No Rita. I can't fuck you without a condom. Just let me suck on your tits and hold them. I promise to make you cum again too." He more begged than bargained.

"No dice, Jeffrey. You want my babies. I get to fuck you. That's the only way you get them. And I suggest you do, cause now that you've seen them, they will haunt you for the rest of your days. You'll be wondering, wishing you had known what it felt like to have these juicy babies in your hands and mouth. If you want to have the greatest tits you'll ever see, you have to fuck me, now!"

This was not fair to Jeff at all in his mind. She was tormenting him. Rita had seduced him away from his girlfriend and now she wanted more. If he gave into her now, the whore would have complete possession of him. Not only that, but he would risk getting her pregnant. However, even though she was a whore, Jeff heard that she was clean when it came to STDs, amazingly. Jeff's eyes drifted all over her voluptuous body. He desired her more than any other girl or woman of his dreams at that moment. He would definitely fuck her if it weren't for the lack of protection. But most of all, Jeff wanted her tits on his tongue, in his mouth and hands. The massive pair flooded his mind and now his eyes. It became a losing battle.

"Okay... I'll fuck you. Just give me your tits."

"I want you to think of my luscious body and my big babies while you're with your girlfriend. I want her to know that you're drifting away from her and that there is nothing she can do about it. I'm going to fuck you so brain-dead that sex with me is all that will be on your mind. You'll be a walking dick all for me, not Mary."

Jeff was beyond listening and taking in her words, all he could do was stare and wait longingly for her breasts. Rita stepped closer to him and he reached for her tits once again but she grabbed his hands and stopped them short.

"Down boy! You don't get to feel my babies until your cock is wedged deep inside my pussy." Rita guided Jeff's hands down to her hips as her heels took position around his legs. She took one hand, reached down, grabbed his prick and aimed it straight up towards her dripping cunt. The whore slowly lowered herself until his cock tip was touching her soaking wet pussy lips. "I told you, you wanted to fuck me. Now, you will be mine!" and she sank her body down onto his fuck-stick.

"Ohhh shit!" Jeff moaned. He didn't expect it to feel so good. In all his thoughts of Rita's boobs, he had forgotten that he was losing his virginity. Rita finished sinking down all the way to the hilt. He wasn't the biggest cock she had ever had, but he was definitely up there. It was still big enough to give her the kind of pleasure that she quenched. The kind that the nympho could not survive without. It was what she lived for, to fuck. That was why she had this body, to fuck every man she lusted after. And she was wickedly delighted that it was Mary's boyfriend who was giving her this pleasure. Rita was still undefeated.

"Ohhhh YESSSSSssssss.... Now we really start to fuck!" she began to grind her hips on top of the dazed Jeffrey, who was still sitting on the toilet. He felt as if he would die, the pleasure was so great. His head started to tilt. Rita saw this and clenched her cunt on his cock to bring him back.

"Ughhhh... Damn that feels good! Oh FUCK RITA!" his hands went to her hips to hold her voluptuous body as she started bouncing up and down on his prick. Rita knew that she wouldn't have too long with him since it was his first time and that she made men cum really fast. She was just too damned hot.

Rita's tits popped back into Jeff's eyes and he wasted no more time. He grabbed the slut's left breast and took the nipple into his mouth. His tongue massaged it from the inside; with his teeth biting down a little now and then in between licks and slurps.

"Mmmmmm... Yes, that's it Jeffrey. Feed on my babies. Let them haunt you the rest of your days. You'll never find a pair like mine again in you life! Ohhh yesss! That's it! That's it! Ughhh... fuck me. FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK THE SCHOOL WHORE! YESSS! Fuck her! FUCK the school whore! Fuck Rita the whore! FUCK MY WHORISH CUNT!"

Rita's dirty talk spurred Jeff on more. He started to drive his dick up into her depths. He wasn't going to last much longer though.

"Ugghhhhhhh... oh NOOO! Get off quick! I'm gonna cum!"

"Don't worry, baby. I'm not ovulating. Now FILL MY CUNT!"

"Oh shit... it's too dangerous! Get off me! Pleeeeeaase!" he pleaded for what could only be the last time since he couldn't hold out any longer.

"No deal, Jeffrey. NOW GIVE ME YOUR CUM!"

"OHHH GAWD! DAMMIT, it feels so FUCKIN GOOD!" Jeff grunted loudly. The deflowered virgin shot spurt after spurt of hot pent-up sperm into Rita's unprotected womb.


Rita came at the sound of her words and the feeling of Jeff's warm semen filling her up. Jeff's dick finally stopped shooting inside of the slut; the spunk that her cunt didn't collect dripped out of her and soaked his own cock. She looked down at her new slave. He was hers and she knew it, but she wanted to hear him admit it. The whore ran her hands along the back of his hair while moving slowly up and down on his still hard prick.

"Tell me, Slave, who would you rather fuck now, your stupid, weak-ass piece of shit girlfriend, or this body? Hmmm?" she smiled wickedly.

"Do you really have to call her those names?" Jeff moaned out as her cunt quizzed his cum stained cock.

"I only speak the truth. And Mary is all those things for letting me take control of you and your dick. Now tell me, Jeffrey, given the opportunity, who would choose to spend some quality time with, the virgin Mary or me the whore?" she accentuated her own description with another clenching of her pussy around his fuck-stick.

Jeff thought about this quickly in his head. The problem was that it was the wrong head doing the thinking. He valued Mary's mind and opinions, but she couldn't make him feel the way Rita's body did.

"I'd take you without an after thought." He said and started to drive his prick back up into her.

Rita let out an evil, triumphant laugh. "That's right, my Jeffrey, my slave. You belong to me now, Rita the whore. You will do anything for me. Anything I want. You'd even fuck me in front of Mary if I asked you to."

Jeff groaned at that last comment realizing it was true. He was her slave now. Rita the whore had conquered him. The young Christian would do just about anything to get a hold of any part of her body again, especially her tits. Rita started bouncing up and down on him again as she continued to speak.

"I want you to fuck Mary for me, Jeffrey. I want the two of you to have sex, and I want her to think that it's your first time as well." She gave Jeff a wicked grin. "I also want you to make her wait. I want you to call me hours before it and fuck me first. I want my juices all over your cock when it slides inside her to take her virginity. And I don't want you to be gentle with her. Would you do that for me? Would you do that for your whore?"

"Oh YES! ANYTHING! AHHH!" Jeff started jamming his cock up into her cunt trying to get her to shut up. Rita smiled and laughed sinfully as she leaned back. She put her hands behind her and on the bathroom floor below her upper half. Jeff grabbed her hips, leaned in as she connected her ankles behind him. He drove into her without inhibitions.

Jeff came inside her a few minutes later. But they weren't done. Rita ordered Jeffrey to fuck her ass, and he obeyed. The newly transformed cheating boyfriend rammed her from behind up against the stall. They moved out of the stall and fucked over the bathroom sink. He came in her ass. Then Rita the whore gave him head and he came all over her humungous milky breasts. Rita took most of it up in her fingers and licked it off with her tongue and lips before swallowing. She rubbed the rest of it into her chest and tits.

The whore stood up and pulled her red shirt up and back over her tits. Jeff wanted to grab her then and feast on her jugs, but she stopped him with her finger.

"Look at the time, Jeffrey. You must be going. You have my number and I have yours. I will call you when I feel like getting stuffed. And lucky for you, that is quite often."

Jeff looked at his watch. They had been at it for almost two hours. He missed his class, but it was worth missing an entire semester, he thought. He pulled up his pants finally and began to walk out the door when the pant less Rita reminded him, "Remember Slave, now you belong to Rita the whore."

He gave a crooked smile, admired the cum that was leaking out of her pussy and ass, running down her legs and dripping to the floor, and walked out. 'What happened in there?' he thought. 'Did she hypnotize me or something? Yea she did, she spellbound you with her ass, the taste of her cunt, her dirty mouth and her tits in all her glory.' Jeff felt really guilty. He didn't really want to be Rita's love-slave. He did want to fuck her again, but not while he was with Mary. It was a mistake. He would act as if nothing happened around Mary and when the time came, he would come clean with her and hope that she could forgive him. 'Yea right!'

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Mary ran up to him. She had gotten out of her class. "Don't you have class?"

"I got out early." Jeff said with an amazingly straight face.

"Oh... well that's cool." Mary gave him a kiss, not tasting the remnants of Rita's fluid on his lips. Mary was so gullible compared to Rita. 'She really is pretty dumb.' It was as if Rita was taking over Jeff's mind.

Ten minutes later the door to the building opened and out walked Rita. She stared at Jeff and Mary with a knowing devious smile inside her head. "Hi Mary. Jeffrey." She acknowledged him as if they were still at odds. Rita walked away with a sexy suggestive sway in her walk.

Mary didn't notice Rita's lightly glistening chest but she did see the growing cum stain enveloping her vaginal area in the front and back. Mary whispered, "Oh my God. Did you see the stain on her crotch? That had to be cum. And that was way too much to be hers alone. She just fucked someone at school. Rita is such a whore!" Jeff's girlfriend said with a disgusted tone.

'Yes she is,' Jeffrey thought, 'and I belong to her.'

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