tagRomanceJeffrey's Divorce and Recovery

Jeffrey's Divorce and Recovery


Amy had only been in her job at Harriman Manufacturing for about three months when she realized she and Mr. Harriman's Administrative Assistant's Secretary were friends. At first when she ate in the employees' dining room she would eat with her friends from the Marketing Department. One day Janet Daily came up to her and asked if she could join her at the table. Amy was surprised at how much they had in common and before long they ate lunch together every time Janet was in the office. Sometimes they ate in the dining room and sometimes they went out.

The two young women talked about all the things young twenty something's talk about. Most of their conversations dealt with clothes, their friends, their husbands and, of course, their past and sex. One day Janet nudged Amy and whispered, "Just look at the buns on that one. I bet he could drive it so deep it would come out your mouth!"

Amy looked and blushed but then laughed and said, "Ummm yeah. And I'd give him forever to quit! He's a real hunk isn't he?"

After that day, the ice seemed to be broken and they talked more and more about sex and their college days and the days before they got married. Janet learned Amy liked her sex and was a party girl. Amy learned Janet liked gangbangs.

About two months after Amy realized she and Janet were friends Mr. Harriman's Administrative Assistant took a similar job with another company. Janet came into the lunchroom that day almost bouncing with excitement. She was beaming when she sat at the table with Amy. "Oh Amy," she said. "I've just come from Mr. Harriman's office. Clara, his Administrative Assistant has taken a job with another company and he offered me her job. Isn't that great? Oh, I've looked forward to this for so long!"

Amy smiled at Janet then said, "I'm so happy for you. I know how you've wanted the job but I'm sure going to miss our lunches. You'll be gone so much more I'll almost never see you now."

Janet laughed and said, "Oh, poo. You'll see me more I bet. Mr. Harriman gave me permission to ask you to interview with him tomorrow morning for the job as my assistant. Do you want it?"

"Oh, My GOD! YES. I'd love to be your assistant. Do you think I'll get it?" Amy asked.

Amy could hardly sleep that night and was at work way too early the next morning. She had dressed in her best, most sexy work dress and was still worried she didn't look nice enough or professional enough to impress Mr. Harriman. As soon as he came in Mr. Harriman sent for Amy. When she came into his office, he looked her over closely and said, "Well Amy, Janet's spoke about you in glowing terms. I feel like this interview is almost a formality but there are a few things I need to find out about you before we offer you the job. I need to see how you interact with senior members of management and I need to discuss some of the job requirements with you."

When he said that, Mr. Harriman walked around his desk and sat in the chair beside Amy. He put his hand on her thigh and leaned toward her. He looked her in the eye when he asked, "You know this job requires a lot of late nights and travel. There are times you will be with me more during any 24-hour period than you will your husband. Will that be a problem?"

Amy flinched when she felt his hand on her leg but didn't do anything about it. She wanted this promotion so badly she didn't want to do anything to upset Mr. Harriman. She thought about his question a moment then said, "No, Mr. Harriman. It won't be a problem for me and I am sure I can make my husband understand."

Mr. Harriman left his hand on her leg as he continued to question Amy. There were several more questions but they just seemed to be the fill in the time type. As he talked Mr. Harriman gently moved his fingers in small circles on her thigh. Amy felt her pussy begin to get wet and she began gently working her pussy muscles to enhance the feeling. By this time her hips were gently moving, thrusting. She was biting her lip and it was all she could do not to moan out her need.

By the time Mr. Harriman finally decided to end the interview and get up Amy was sitting with her legs splayed, gently thrusting her hips as he rubbed her thighs. When he stood, Mr. Harriman's fingers gently rubbed across Amy's crotch. He pressed harder in the area of her clit. She had been feeling herself get wetter and wetter as they talked. She felt her hips thrust toward his fingers as his hand slid slowly upward toward her breasts.

Mr. Harriman walked around behind her and placed his hand on Amy's shoulder. His fingers were well down on the swell of her breast. The tip of his finger was touching her nipple. Amy took a deep breath and looked up at him. He saw her nipples were hard as bullets. Mr. Harriman smiled and said, "Well Amy. I think you will work out fine. If Janet is OK with you I sure am." They both looked over at Janet to see her nodding yes. He gave the top of her breast a quick squeeze. When he began to move away from Amy he let his hand draw up her chest to her shoulder. He smiled once again and started to walk away from Amy toward his chair.

Amy jumped up from her chair and wrapped her arms around Mr. Harriman. She said, "Oh, Thank you Mr. Harriman. Thank you so much." She blushed and jumped back from him and stammered, "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do that. I'm just so excited and happy I..."

Mr. Harriman Laughed and looked into her eyes then said, "That's fine Amy. And since we're going to be working so closely together you need to start calling me Howard now. Why don't you go with Janet and she will start filling you in on your new job and get the paperwork sorted out?"

Amy was so ecstatic about her new job she could hardly wait to get home and tell Jeffery, her husband. She loved the new salary-nearly double her old salary-and the perks that went with the job.

The initial training was very easy and simple. Janet first showed her the paperwork associated with the job but that was nothing new. She had been doing most of that before in her position as Marketing Assistant. The only new things she had to learn were setting up business meetings and entertainment for customers and vendors.

Some of the first conversations she and Janet had explaining the rest of the job duties made her feel so young and naive! Amy laughed to herself when she thought that. Heck, she was only 26 now! She was surprised they would set up nights out for their customers and supplier's though-especially to strip clubs or with escorts.

After she had been in her new position for 6 months Janet asked her to help with a dinner meeting the next night after work. This was the first meeting she had been asked to attend although she had set several of them up for Janet. When Amy arrived at the restaurant she was not surprised to find herself escorted into a private room. All the special sales meetings were in private rooms. She believed that was in case one of the customers brought an escort or in case they wanted to talk business.

There was a table in the center of the room with 6 chairs around it. Janet was already there and welcomed Amy with a smile and gentle kiss on the cheek. She said, "There is a small bar in the corner. Help yourself then come over here and sit with me a few minutes Amy. I need to fill you in on the protocol before Howard and our guests arrive."

Amy poured herself a glass of Chablis and sat primly beside Janet. She had been surprised when she entered the room and first saw Janet. She looked so hot! Janet had changed into a small sheer cocktail dress plunging low in the front and ending mid thigh. When she took her seat on the low couch beside Janet she was surprised again. Janet didn't have a Bra on any longer! Of course the bra's the two of them wore at work did nothing to conceal their breasts. Normally they only wore a half bra and it was very sheer.

After Amy was seated and comfortable Janet smiled and asked, "Well Amy how do you like the office part of your new job? Do you feel comfortable with it now? Are you happy and ready to learn the more intricate and, truth being told the more important social side of the position?"

Amy answered, "Oh, yes. I am really enjoying working with you and Howard. It is so great meeting all the movers and shakers. I really feel like I am making an important contribution to the company now. For as long as I can remember I have dreamed about being in a high-powered environment and working with high-powered people. As for learning the social side of the position, I'm not sure I understand what you mean?"

"Well Amy," Janet said. "You know one other aspect of our position is to coordinate evening festivities for some of our most valuable customers and suppliers. Also from time to time we travel out of town with Howard for conferences and sales presentations as you recall. One of the very most important aspects of our position is to arrange for these meetings and to serve as hostess during them. Most of the time we offer in house entertainment instead of hiring escorts because we mix business with pleasure. We do everything in our power to satisfy the attendees no matter what it takes. You get my meaning?"

Amy was a little hesitant when she responded. "Uhhh well, I'm not sure. I certainly understand the requirement to set up the meetings, arrange entertainment, meals, lodging and so forth. I am a little unclear about the social aspects of the position."

Janet laughed as she responded. "Well, don't worry about that. You are a young vivacious witty woman. From our talks before we interviewed you for the position I decided you would perform admirably in that part of the job. Now, all you need to do tonight is observe and make yourself useful if someone wants a drink or something. I will make sure you are out of here early enough to get home at a decent hour. We will discuss tonight in more detail Monday morning."

Amy and Janet visited a few more minutes before Howard came into the room with three other men. They had obviously been in a bar somewhere before they arrived at the restaurant. Janet and Amy stood and walked to meet them near the table. Amy remembered seeing all three of the guests that morning at the office. She was surprised when all three had hugged Janet and gave her a kiss when she greeted them. She was also surprised that Janet had let them fondle her before shooing them into Howard's office with a giggle.

Amy remembered hearing a lot of loud laughing and conversation coming from the office most of the morning. Twice Janet had been called into the office and stayed for over a half hour each time. Both times she came back into the outer office looking flushed and with her hair and clothes in disarray. Amy just couldn't believe Janet was doing what it looked like she was doing but was too embarrassed to ask. Now, seeing the way Janet was dressed Amy once again wondered if Janet was cheating on her husband. She knew they had only been married a little over two years and she just couldn't believe Janet would do something like that.

Howard had reached out and put his arm around Amy when she and Janet walked up to him and the three strangers. He pulled her to his side and held her tightly while he introduced her. "This is Janet's assistant Amy," he said. "She won't be with us for the entire evening. She's relatively new in the position and is still learning the ropes. We hope to have her up to speed for your next visit. We are still teaching her the job and she has to get back home to her husband in good condition today." Amy had been surprised at the laughter that followed that statement but she just put it down to their weird sense of humor.

As soon as the men were seated, Amy and Janet were kept busy taking notes, providing copies of the contracts they were negotiating and making and delivering drinks. The men all insisted they sit at the table with them between deliveries however. Amy and Janet sat with one of the guests on either side of them and Howard sat on the other side of the table. After the business was finished Amy had a couple of drinks with the men.

Howard finally decided it was time to eat and Amy let the waiter know it was time to serve the meal. All through the excellent meal the man to Amy's left tried to get his hand under her skirt. She pushed him away several times and finally turned to him in exasperation. She was going to order him to stop in no uncertain manner. What she saw when she turned toward him left her speechless.

Janet was kissing the man on her opposite side while he played with her nipple. He had his hand all the way down her dress and the strap off her shoulder. Amy watched in shock when the man that had been trying to get his hand up her dress turned to Janet and placed his hand on her bare leg. Amy watched him slowly run his hand under Janet's dress. Janet moaned and spread her legs. She lifted the leg near the man rubbing her thigh and placed it over his leg, resting it on him. When he ran his hand up Janet's leg Amy could see she had no panties on.

Amy watched speechlessly when Janet leaned back in her chair and rolled her hips up. This gave the man playing with her cunt better access. Janet moaned when he found her clit. Janet's hips began to undulate and she thrust herself repeatedly against his fingers. Howard looked at Amy and smiled then said, "Amy it looks like Janet is busy right now. Would you please get everyone more to drink? And then, unless you want to stay and play with us I suppose you should run on home. I think Janet can handle the rest of the evening."

Amy was to remember that first evening in vivid detail for years. She left the conference room so horny her juices were running down her thighs. Jeffery was still up when she got home and was worried about her when he saw how she looked. She wouldn't tell him what the problem was but did say, "Oh, Honey. After the business part of the meal Howard, Janet and the three customers wanted to do some socializing. Howard said he and Janet could take care of the rest of the business so I came on home. Some of the things Janet did and said tonight just worried and surprised me. It's nothing for you to worry about. I'm sure we will clear it up Monday."

Amy worried about what Janet was doing to her husband all that weekend. She was no closer to an answer Monday morning than she had been that Friday night. Janet's ready smile and welcome Monday left Amy wondering once more. She was sure she could not have done what Janet did Friday evening then acted so normal the next Monday!

Janet heard Amy's quiet "Good Morning." when she entered their office and looked at her in concern. "Amy what's wrong?" she asked.

Amy fidgeted and couldn't look Janet in the face when she answered. "Nothing at all Janet. I just...Well, I...How could you do something like that to Danny? I mean you let those men..."

Janet broke out in her hearty sunny laughter as she relaxed back into her chair. "Oh, my God Amy. You're too much. I didn't do anything to Danny. All I did is my job and had a LOT of fun while I did it! Danny has no idea what I do in our meetings and at our suppers of course and I hope to God he never finds out but I didn't do anything to him. I know from our visits before you were promoted that you were a little wild before you got married. You told me how much you loved the sex with different men and were a little sorry you had to end it when you got serious with Jeffery. Well, as my assistant you can get some of that excitement back and enjoy yourself again and be paid very well for it to boot."

Amy looked shocked as Janet continued. "What you saw last night was just me letting my hair down a little while we wined and dined the important men visiting our office. If I can get my horns dulled and get some strange while we do it what's the big deal? It didn't cost Danny or me anything. In fact we both benefit from my little trysts. I get some strange cock and for several days after Danny and I get some great sex at home. I am so worked up and excited after I am with businessmen that I nearly fuck him to death. You really ought to try it next time. Besides, statistical studies have shown 43% of married men admit cheating on their wives and over 27% of married women cheat on their husbands. Why shouldn't I have a little fun on the side since Danny probably is?"

Amy just shook her head and said, "I never could do that to Jeffery. I just couldn't."

Janet laughed and responded, "Oh, come on. Are you trying to tell me you didn't go home horny as hell? I bet your pussy was gushing before you even left the restaurant. I also bet you fucked Jeffery blind this weekend. Now didn't you?

Amy blushed and turned her head. Janet said again, "Didn't you?"

Finally Amy looked at Janet and blushed. She shook her head yes and whispered, "Yes. But I could never do what you did."

Janet just looked at her and laughed. "Bullshit," she said. I remember you telling me you pulled a train at your Bachelorette Party two weeks before you got married. If you can play around then you sure can do it now. It's even safer to do it at our meetings because no one's going to run to Jeffery and tattle now are they? It's not something you have to do though. It's just a little added benefit of our position. We have the opportunity to play with some movers and shakers. Men who aren't afraid to spend money to have a good time and who know how to fuck a girl senseless. Don't worry about it. Just do your job and let me do mine and you'll do fine. If I was wrong about you, let me know and you can go back to your old job. Just please promise me you won't tell Danny I let my hair down at the meetings."

Amy almost screamed when she said, "OH, NO. Please. I don't want to go back to my old job. I like this job and I really, really want to move up in the company. I need this higher salary. I'll do my best to keep the customer's happy." Amy felt guilty about what she had just promised Janet she would do and about helping Janet cheat. She did not want to rat her friend out and she wanted the more prestigious position so badly she was willing to do anything to keep it. She had always admired rich men or men in powerful positions. She would do almost anything to associate with them. Amy promised to keep quiet about the activities at their meetings and to fully assist Janet.

Amy did not see Janet's smirk after the conversation ended and she turned to her desk. Janet picked up her phone and called Howard. "It was touch and go for a moment but I think she is fully on board now. I had to remind her about her slutting around at her Bachelorette Party to bring her around but I think she is ready for the next step."

After the morning break Howard came into the outer office and stopped before Janet's desk. Janet and Amy looked at him when he said, "You two were great Friday night. Amy all three of the guys thought you were really hot and knew your job. They're looking forward to you joining in the negotiation session the next time they are in town."

Howard turned to Janet and continued, "And thanks to you Janet, we got the signatures we needed early this morning. Here is the bonus you earned last night for your assistance. I'm sorry it's only $10000 this time but the contract was only for a year with options to renew for another. Are you going to do something special with this bonus or squirrel it away like you have the others?"

Janet smiled and asked, "What do you think? It always goes into the rat hole why would I change?" After Howard left, Amy sat and stared at Janet while she looked at the cash. She had never seen that much money in cash before. "What...I mean you get $10000..."

Janet laughed again at Amy and said, "Amy, Amy. Don't strain yourself. If someone does something extraordinary in the performance of their job they should get a bonus shouldn't they? Well Howard believes I was instrumental in getting signatures on that contract—a contract that generates more per unit than the industry norm I might add. Why shouldn't he give me a bonus for that? Of course that isn't ALL I got out of it is it?" She giggled again and winked at Amy.

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