tagRomanceJelly Bean and Her Bail Bondsman Ch. 03

Jelly Bean and Her Bail Bondsman Ch. 03


It was after ten when I left Aunt Joyce's house on Friday evening. It is our ladies gab night when we do our nails. The main topic that evening being the wedding.

Danny was upstairs in his new study when I let myself in and locked the doors behind me. I spend all my Friday and Saturday nights with him now.

I went immediately to my office and put our wedding invitation in my desk. I eventually had to tell Danny because we would be driving down in 9 days. I hadn't decided how to tell him what my suspicions are.

Danny tells me to trust my instincts and my instincts tell me the groom's parents are those vile people.

Danny's mentor the old gentlemen Judge John Anderson left Danny the contents of his study in his will; the furniture, the lamps, etc... which included his extensive book collection housed in five and six tier solid cherry barrister book cases for a total of twelve complete bookcases.

My love spent the entire day with Thomas O'Neil, a client and a man on a brokered probation carefully moving the contents of the judge's study taking special care with bookcases from the widow's house. They carried the wrapped and padded sections one-by-one to the second floor and stacked them in place while I ran the office.

We often have men on work release or men on general probation taking care of the grounds or doing odd jobs. On those days I pack my revolver just in case with Tom being the exception.

I know his history having helped Danny with Tom's case. John Anderson and Danny took Tom's case pro bono in the interest of justice.

Tom was married for nine years and had a daughter with his ex- wife. During their marriage the adulteress had an affair.

Cindy is a sweet child of eleven now. She is presently living with Tom's parents until we get Tom full custody.

Without going into the particulars what that licentious abomination of a boyfriend did, Danny and I met Tom at the hospital where Tom delivered the unconscious boyfriend to the emergency room.

Danny called the police we waited with Tom so he could be arrested, arraigned and released on bail with his attorney present during those mentioned proceedings.

These proceedings were precipitated by a private discussion between Cindy and her grandmother during Tom's bi-weekly visits at his parent's home. The lying ex-wife had sole custody then. The particulars of that private conversation were confirmed and documented by a Pediatrician and her nurse.

That confirmation resulted in the ex-wife's jobless live-in boyfriend being pummeled into a bloody pulp with the unnamed but easily guessed offending body part permanently removed and discarded.

The drastically shortened and remaining upper assaulting appendage has no function other than urinating. Tom stabilized the abomination afterward to keep him from bleeding to death.

I should mention that Tom is a decorated veteran of Operation Desert Storm receiving a bronze star and a purple heart. During his time in the service Tom served as an Army Medic.

Justice is served in both venues. Tom received five years probation and one thousand hours of community service; the nut-less wonder is doing 12 to 25 in Sing-Sing.

The ex-wife fled the State due to a pending warrant for her arrest, the lesser of the charges for filing a false document against Tom in order to get custody two years earlier.

I found Danny in a brown leather club chair sound asleep with a book on his lap and his feet on the matching ottoman. He was barefoot and wearing black pajama pants and a red nylon sleeveless tee shirt that looked like it is painted on him as if to show off his rippling muscles.

It is not so much showing off or vanity with him as it is being comfortable. Danny is generally so rigid during business hours about being dressed properly.

I took off my sneakers and socks leaving on my light sea green peasant blouse and snug blue jeans. I know him so well and Danny's gentle ways with me.

I touched my grumpy bear's face and kissed his lips. Danny smiled and sighed opening his baby blue eyes to look at me. He closed the book and put it on the table next to him and taking my hands he kissed them. I always find this simple and loving gesture so endearing.

"My beautiful Anita, as always you are a lovely sight to wake up to. Would you like to cuddle?"

Danny slid to one side and patted the arm of the chair. I sat down close to him stretching out and put my head on his chest. He wrapped his strong arms around me...I could hear his heart beating and it was beating only for me.

"Well what do you think of my new study? The handmade wool Oriental rug we picked out together is perfect for the furniture, don't you think?"

Yesterday this was an empty room; empty save for the blinds and the curtains. As I said before, Danny is not a material man. All of the rooms on the third floor are still empty however to his great delight Danny now has a study of his own.

"I think the somber and studious traditional decor of the room suits you just fine, or to put it in another way, my grumpy bear has his own man cave."

"Well said and it reminds me of John," he tugged on my ponytail, "and you have such a way with words."

"And the words for the day are I love you Danny."

"I love you more than all the stars in the sky and I never get tired of saying that. I do owe you an apology. Therefore in heartfelt contrition there's a surprise for you in the bedroom."

"What apology? What did you do?"

"It's what I failed to do. In the whole time we have been together I've never given you flowers and I should be horse whipped for that inexcusable oversight. Shall we my gentle lady?"

Danny helped me up and kissed my hands a second time, "You always keep your promises Anita; the first promise being your lovely hands."

Danny took my arm and walked me to the bedroom. There was a vase of beautiful yellow roses on the table on my side of the futon and a small green ice chest on the floor next to his.

I took one rose from the vase to smell it and accidentally pricked my thumb on a thorn resulting in a drop of blood. I held it up to show him and he said, "A rose without thorns is like love without passion."

I read Danny's mind as he carefully took the yellow rose from me and deliberately punctured his thumb on a thorn. We pressed our thumbs together mingling our blood as we looked at the love in each others eyes.

"Yellow is the color of sunshine, the sunshine of your smile. Your gentle laugh is like the sound of little silver Christmas bells that turn my heart to mush. The words that define my life are I love you Anita.....please close your eyes while we undress and keep them closed until I tell you otherwise for my passion rises.

Politely though he asked the tone was firm and unyielding like the stone walls that surrounded us.....I know him well and must obey.

Danny slowly undressed me in the quiet silence of my imagination to the cadence of our beating hearts.

I could hear the swish of my clothes as he dropped them one-by- one to the floor....and then his.... until we stood naked together........

I took one of the yellow roses to slowly stroke it across Anita's face and neck while kissing her lips, our tongues caressing and exploring. I worked my way to her breasts, stroking Anita's pink nipples with the velvety petals to watch them harden instantly at their fragrant touch.

"You have beautiful breasts baby. They are perfectly round and firm. They were meant to be licked and touched by a man and so I shall."

I picked Anita up and put her gently on the bed. I then lay down beside her to lick and suck on her breasts while she caressed my head and face with her hands.

Anita was moaning with pleasure. I could smell her moist woman's smell, sweet and spicy as she moved her hips and squeezed her legs together.

I stroked Anita's plump and fragrant pussy with my hands parting the lips of her sweet, swollen clitoris making her gasp and moan louder, pausing to taste her sweet nectar on my fingers........

"Please Danny, I want to come, I want you to kiss me...oh god this feels so good. I want to suck on your big cock."

"Keep your eyes closed... are they closed...good?" Danny shifted to reach into the small cooler to get one of the dozen large dark chocolate covered strawberries that I didn't know about and put half of it into his mouth.

Danny then pushed it up against my lips and I smiled opening my eyes. I opened my mouth and pushed my lips up against his and we took a bite together each getting half, chewing and savoring this sensual confection before swallowing...we licked and kissed each others lips to taste the lingering chocolate and strawberries.

We had another chocolate strawberry and again kissed away the juices from our lips and faces as he continued stroking my swollen clitoris. All I could think about was my orgasm followed by sucking on his big cock.

Danny took a third chocolate strawberry and squished it between his fingers before rubbing the juices and chocolate on my nipples and between my legs. He then let me eat and lick his fingers clean before....

I brought Anita almost to the crest of her orgasm just by licking the chocolate and strawberry juice from her breasts and nipples.

I went down on her all the way licking and sucking and teasing, my face covered in her spicy and musky juices sweetened by the chocolate and strawberries. Anita was moaning and squirming, thrusting her dripping wet and sweet and delicious pussy into my face encouraging me to lick harder.

Anita's hands were above her head in her hair and she was pulling her ponytail as she was rolling her head from side to side as the first orgasm washed over her. I was not finished with her.

I rolled Anita over onto her stomach and made her get up on her hands and knees; my dam was about to burst and now that Anita was satisfied....I rammed my rock hard cock into her still dripping pussy while holding onto her hips and pounding her relentlessly.

Danny's lustful thrusts increased in speed and in power as he reached forward to grab my hair. He twisted my ponytail around his hand and pulled my head back as he continued pounding me, holding me in place.

This heightened my arousal as my second orgasm started to rise and crest. I could actually feel Danny's orgasm as it washed over him, as he pumped his creamy seed into my swollen and dripping cunt.

I was bucking and moaning panting shamelessly as my second orgasm washed over me; it was much better than the first.

I was determined not to waste a single drop of his rich semen for I would lick his cock clean with my mouth when he rolled off.

Danny rolled over onto his back and I reached into the cooler for a chocolate strawberry, squishing it in my hand before rubbing the mixture all over his cock and balls. I ate the rest, licking my hand and fingers clean before I went down on him to lick his balls and suck on a chocolate and strawberry cock.....

Anita is incredible. She went down on me licking and sucking as I taught her and I came a second time as she swallowed greedily not missing a drop.

I lay there with my eyes closed feeling warm and content half asleep as Anita reached into the ice chest for what I thought was another chocolate strawberry to share. The little vixen came up with a hand full of ice rubbing it all over my chest and making me jump...wow.....I was wide awake now.

I chased Anita into the bathroom and caught her by the waist, spinning her around and crushing her to me, laughing as I kissed her neck and face.

I started tickling her until she was giddy with laughter, "Truce, Danny truce, I'll be good!" she promised, breathlessly.

"OK then, jelly bean. As long as we're here we'll take a shower before changing the sheets...."

I put my hair up not wanting to get it wet and we took a leisurely shower, soaping each other down. It was nice and intimate, like our bubble baths together.

I gave Danny a shampoo and scalp massage before we toweled off....he is mine, and heaven help any woman who tries to get between us.

We changed the bottom sheet and then cuddled in bed and talked like we often do, sharing our sexual fantasies or other things erotic.

We also shared the remaining chocolate strawberries with one glass of plum wine each, the remaining wine in the bottle......I was wondering to myself whether Mom or Aunt Joyce ever did chocolate strawberries with their men....possibly, and most likely Aunt Joyce of the two.

Danny fell asleep almost instantly. He has a knack for that from his time on the road as a bounty hunter. He refuses to worry or lose sleep with things out of his control.

I lay there next to him thinking, 'He looks so peaceful sleeping next to me, my miracle. It can wait until Monday, there is plenty of time, we have a week until the wedding and everything including our travel plans is set.

I can't speculate and make unfounded accusations, particularly if they are not those people, even though I'm sure it's them. They fit the profile.

Danny will make some telephone calls to one or more of his many contacts to confirm or deny. Regardless, I can't do anything about it until Monday and neither can he. I love you, Danny.

What do you always tell me, "Don't worry about what you have no control over because it will wait for the right time," 'well, you are right,' and with that I snuggled up next to him, warm and content in our love and fell asleep......

Danny surprised me twice the following Monday morning at work confirming why I absolutely love him so. He made those telephone calls. I knew it! It was them. I despise those people.

"Danny I have something to show you," and I handed him the opened invitation and he read it, scowling. He then looked up at me.

"You believe it's them, don't you?"

"Yes, they sent my invitation to my parent's address and Mom gave it to me Friday at Aunt Joyce's during our ladies night. There was no point in spoiling your weekend by telling you sooner."

"Thank you. I believe it's them as well. Who else but those weasels would do what they did to you, Anita, or name their son Tiberius Marcus? I will make a few calls to confirm it. I will have to act quickly and call in some favors."

"What do you mean by call in some favors, Danny?"

"Anita, you will have to trust me on this; do you trust me?"

"Yes of course I trust you," and I did, however Danny was up to something, but what?

"You will not repeat the remark about calling in favors." I knew that tone and look well, not Mom, Aunt Joyce, not anybody until Danny tells me otherwise.

"Yes, Sir."

"Good, all I have to say is that this will be a memorable wedding."

He locked himself in his office while making the telephone calls. He was in there for two hours and Danny was all smiles when he came out.

"It's the weasels, perfect. When the time comes everything will be in place and you will be silent about that as well."

"Then it doesn't bother you that it's them?"

"Of course not Anita. We have each other and will be attending the wedding with our heads held high. Mark my words on that jelly bean," he said while licking the return envelope with our acceptance inside.

"Are you sure it doesn't bother you. You told me how those people hurt you and I despise them for it. I'm only thinking of you, Danny."

"Anita," the same tone and I loved him for it. It was settled.

"Yes, Sir, we're going," I put my arms around his neck for Danny to hug me.

Danny put his arms around my waist and kissed my lips, "Thank you baby. I assure you I'm fine. If those people hadn't been weasels we never would have met. We'll attend and laugh and dance and laugh and have a good time despite them.

It's highly unlikely that we'll socialize with them after that. However if we do we'll treat them with polite contempt," and he started to take my hair down.

"But Danny, we have a real estate closing in thirty minutes," I kissed him on his lips, "we can make love when we get back."

"You're right. I got so involved with the weasels I lost track of the time. Where did the morning go? It can wait until after we change," he pushed the hairpin back in place.

"Will you please make some coffee and put mine in a travel mug. I'll drink it on the way over. I'll review the papers one final time while you drive Ms. Jones.

"Yes Sir, but what do you mean we have to change before we make love?"

"Who said anything about making love during work hours?

"Then why am I changing clothes?"

"I want you to change into the blue dress with the white lace collar that you wear to church when we get our pictures taken this afternoon."

"When were you going to tell me about it?" I said a bit flustered and thrilled that he would even think of doing such a thing.

"I believe I just did. I wanted to surprise you. Are you surprised?" he asked hugging me gently.

"Of course I'm surprised. What a wonderful idea! We need to make lots of copies for the family."

"And so we shall."

"We can pass them out to family at the wedding."

"Yes, we will, however, until then it will be nice to have a photo of my beautiful fiancé in my wallet to show people; or a photo of us together for the fireplace mantle and my desk.

I'm thinking that a plain white shirt without a tie will be a fine contrast to your blue dress. You look lovely in that dress, Anita. When our time comes you will look lovelier still in your wedding dress....."

Thank goodness the house closing went smoothly because I was a bit distracted. Danny had to ask me twice for various forms or documents. He finally told which photographer we were going to and it was going to be so much fun.

We had a late lunch before going to my apartment for me to change. While I changed Danny told me he never had his picture taken professionally before.

Mom and Dad took me to the Murray-Larson Studio from the time I was born until I turned seventeen and that was where we were going....

Anita is as pretty as a picture and twice as lovely in her Sunday go to meeting dress. When we arrived at the studio Mr. John Larson the remaining partner of the business, Mr. Murray recently deceased, greeted Anita warmly with a hug, inquiring about her parents, about her, me and other small talk.

I smiled to myself as I watched them, knowing I made the right choice in choosing this studio. I got the idea of referral from the name on the back of the picture frames in her parent's home; if this studio was good enough for them it was good enough for me.

"Danny, this is Mr. Larson; Mr. Larson this is Daniel Skinner."

"So, Mr. Skinner, you're the young man who stole this precious child's heart," he said holding out his hand for me to shake.

"Anita was a precocious little thing as a child, and I should add incredibly smart, cheerful and fun loving. Goodness, just look at Anita now all grown up. She looks so much like her mother. Where did the years go?"

"Anita is still incredibly smart and cheerful, Mr. Larson; she is most definitely her mother's daughter. With all the charm and grace, fortitude and refinement of the Palmer women."

I meant every word of it.

"Well said, Mr. Skinner. I knew Mary's mother well, may her soul rest in peace. Martha was a refined no nonsense lady who knew her own mind and didn't hesitate to tell you if you crossed the line; what of Anita's father though?"

"Marvin had the good sense to find himself a Palmer woman and as you can see, Marv's good sense has rubbed off on me...."

Mr. Larson took a series of photos of us alone and together in different poses for us to chose from. I wore my hair both up and down.

I was naughty and playful. I couldn't help myself when it was Danny's turn to pose alone.

I put a child's red straw cowboy hat on my Grumpy Bear's head from the childrens prop section; the kind with the white cotton cord that goes underneath the chin.

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