tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJen Gets Pulled Over

Jen Gets Pulled Over


You're speeding down the deserted highway trying to get home when you see the blue lights in your mirror.

"Damn, where did he come from? Mom and dad are going to kill me if I get another ticket."

You pull over at the entrance to an old abandoned farm. Nobody around for miles.

You see me approach in your mirror and think maybe you can flirt your way out of a ticket. So you put your best smile on as you roll down your window to talk to me.

You look up and all the blood drains from your face when you realize, I'm not a cop, I'm the escaped inmate who stole the cop car that they have been looking for.

I grab your keys before you can do anything, yank open your door, pulling you out.

"What's the matter little miss sunshine? I wasn't who you thought?"

"Please, don't hurt me."

"I'm not hurting anyone sunshine, we are just going to hide out together until they quit looking for me."

I throw you against the car and grab the cuffs that came with the uniform and cuff your hands behind you before throwing you in the back of my car.

Hopping in I drive up the long drive to the deserted barn and pull the car inside. Looking back at you I tell you to wait here, and laugh. Like you have any other choice. Before long you hear another car approaching, and see that it's me pulling your car into the barn. I close the doors to the barn and head for the car.

"OK little miss sunshine, time to get out of the car."

As I pull you from the car you try to kick me, but I side step your kick, and let go of you causing you to land on your butt.

"Sunshine, you can keep fighting me and have a very long day, or go along with the program and get back home with your family as soon as you can."


"OK sunshine, I gave you a choice" I laugh as I approach.

"OK, OK, just please don't hurt me."

"Hurt you? Hell sunshine, that's the last thing on my mind."

"What are you going to do to me Ken?"

"So I see you've heard of me. Then you know my situation. I'm going to hide out here until the heat dies off, and you're going to keep me company. I can keep calling you Sunshine, or you can tell me your name. Which will it be?"

"My name is Jen, not fucking Sunshine."

Laughing I say "OK Jen, since you know who I am then you could probably guess that I haven't been with a woman since I've been in prison. It's been a long two years. I'm hornier than any teenage boy you have been around. I'll play nice as long as you do, but the truth is that you and me are going to be spending some quality time together while I wait. Understand?"

You look up at me with frightened eyes as you try to scoot away from me, but that just causes your short jean skirt to ride up around your waist, exposing your panties.

"Damn Jen, you look good in those pink panties"

I step closer and pull you up off the ground and turn you around facing the car hood, you hands still cuffed behind your back. Then I push your shoulders down so that you're bent over the hood.

"Please!!" You whisper.

Lifting your skirt I reach up and hook my fingers in your panties and pull them down your tan legs.

"Damn Jen, that is one grade a ass and pussy. Those lips are just begging for my attention."

I grab both of your ass cheeks in my hands and spread them as I lean closer, taking in your scent before sliding my tongue across your lips.

"MMMMM, tastes just as good as it looks."

I start being more aggressive, my tongue making hard swipes up and down your lips. My nose bumping into your tight little backdoor. Then dragging my tongue the full length of your lips from the top to the bottom, and ending up at your backdoor where I swirl it around, teasing you, before heading back in and making another pass on your lips.

After about five minutes of this you're sliding your pussy back across my tongue. Making sure that my tongue is able to hit your clit. I decide to test you. I stop moving and sure enough, your hips keep moving your pussy across my tongue.

Standing up I release my cock and aim for your wet spot. I guide it to your lips letting the head slide between your lips, getting it nice and wet for you.

"I think you're as horny as me Jen. You're soaking wet."

You just put your head on the hood and open your legs wider for me.

I push forward and my cock splits those dripping lips and slides into your pussy as I hold your hips with my hands. I think about going slow, but you surprise me when you push back, taking all of me in that tight teen pussy.

"Fuck me Ken!! Shoot your two years worth of cum into my pussy. I need it baby!!"

I start slamming into you. My balls slapping that sweet pussy as my shaft fills you up. Your pussy is like a glove, gripping me like no other pussy before. I reach around and find your clit and start stroking it with my finger.

You start moaning louder as your hips start to dance back and forth. Your pussy riding my cock.



We're both panting as our bodies move together, covered in sweat. I feel my balls tighten and know I'm going to cum at any minute. My finger starts rubbing your clit faster so you cum too.

"That's right Jen. Milk my cock baby. Here I cum!!"

"Oh yeah Ken, I'm cumming too!!"

My balls tighten as I begin to spurt into your sweet pussy. Your walls contract around my shaft as your orgasm hits you. My cum filling you and you squirting on me. You keep milking my cock, getting every last drop into your pussy. Squeezing my cock with your pussy. Not letting go until you know there's no more.

"Damn girl, if I had known this was waiting for me I would have escaped a long time ago."

"Uncuff me and I'll show you what you've really been missing baby."

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