tagGroup SexJenn Makes Amends

Jenn Makes Amends


Ross just stood there in shock when his girlfriend Katie entered his dorm room unannounced, finding him in a lustful embrace with Jenn, the woman he had claimed adamantly to be only his "best friend." "Best friend, my ass!" Katie exclaimed. Her face contorted with anger. "You've been FUCKING her."

Ross was dumbfounded. He couldn't even find his voice to speak. He had been literally caught with his pants down and a naked Jenn in his arms. Looking at Jenn, he hoped she would help him with Katie. Katie looked pissed enough to kill... or possibly de-man him with her high heels.

Jenn rose to her feet, standing between Ross and Katie. "Now, Katie~honey," spoke Jenn, looking into Katie's eyes and speaking in a velvety voice. "This isn't Ross's fault. You see, I seduced him.... I wanted him... and eventually, I wore his resistance down. There is no need for you to get all bent out of shape. You see, it's just sex.... and well, if you want to join us, you are certainly welcome to."

"Whhhhh---What?!" Katie gasped, disbelieving that Jenn was talking so nonchalantly about fucking her boyfriend and then she had calmly added that they could have a threesome. "Are you asking me to.....lick--- lick your pussy?"

Jenn's grin widened. "What a pleasant suggestion," Jenn said, her eyes drifting over to Ross.

Ross couldn't believe he was hearing this. He was getting very turned on by the mere thought of Jenn and Katie on the bed together, their bodies tangled together with hot lust. He looked from one to the other, seeing a look in Katie's eyes he thought he'd never see. Katie was actually considering Jenn's suggestion. As Katie stood there looking at Jenn, her anger had totally faded away into nothingness, and Katie's eyes were glued to Jenn's bare breasts.

"Katie, do you think Jenn is sexy?" Ross asked her, noting how aroused Katie now appeared.

Katie shook her head a little, as if trying to clear it. She finally took her eyes from Jenn's perfect breasts, looking at Ross. "Mmmmm yeah..." she said. "She's pretty hot."

"I bet you want to kiss her... don't you?" Ross said, thinking this was only getting better and better. He was going to get both of these babes... and he would get to watch them going at it in the meantime.

"I--- well, yeah... I think so..." said Katie, feeling a little uneasy because she had never made out with a girl before but found the thought of it very exciting and intriguing.

"Katie, come lie down on the bed beside me and Ross," suggested Jenn, taking Katie's hand and coaxing her over toward the bed. "There is no need for us to fight over Ross.... he has enough for both of us."

Katie didn't protest when Jenn lead her over to the bed and then gently pushed her down onto it. Jenn lay down next to Katie, practically pushing her breasts into her face. Katie nearly stopped breathing. "Katie, you are so beautiful. I cannot wait to kiss you...." spoke Jenn, staring into Katie's eyes.

Ross sunk down on the bed next to the two women, thinking he must have died and gone to Heaven. He too couldn't wait till Katie and Jenn started making out. He had always wanted to see two girls going at it. Tonight it appeared his dream was going CUM true.

Moving closer to Katie, Jenn began to stroke her hair. Gently then, she brushed her lips against hers. She then began to trace Katie's lower lip slowly and sensuously with her tongue. Ross swallowed hard, watching the scene playing out between the two women. That's when he realized he had left his web cam rolling, catching each and every second of this. "Damn," he groaned, feeling his erection pressing against his jeans. He didn't know how much more of this he could take--- and Jenn and Katie hadn't even gotten very far yet.

Katie closed her eyes, enjoying Jenn's slow, exploratory kiss very much. Never in her wildest dreams had she ever imagined she would enjoy kissing another woman... but there was something about Jenn. Not only had Jenn seduced Ross, but now it appeared she had succeeded in seducing Katie, too. Katie couldn't help but begin thinking of all the things Jenn could use to fuck her pussy, and as those thoughts swirled in Katie's head, she suddenly threw herself into the kiss, placing her tongue into Jenn's mouth. Jenn knew then that she had Katie right where she wanted her. As they kissed hungrily, Jenn slid her hands over Katie's body. It was a matter of minutes before Jenn had gotten Katie's top off and was about to unsnap her bra.

"Ohhh Gawd," Ross groaned, watching as Katie's perfect, pert breasts were revealed. Jenn broke the kiss, gazing at Katie's beauty. Her eyes moved to Ross, seeing how turned on he was becoming from this passion-play. "Ross, we have hurt Katie greatly. It's time we both made it up to her. What do you think?" Jenn said, winking at the sexy Ross.

"Ohhh yeah, we should..." agreed Ross, wicked thoughts going thru his head.

Jenn pushed Katie back on the bed with a grin on her face. Katie looked almost scared for a second as Jenn's mouth descended onto her nipple. Jenn sucked up the little nipple and began to nibble it softly and tease it sensuously with her tongue. Soon the little nipple stood up dark-pink and erect. Ross began to taste Katie's other breast, showering it with moist kisses. Katie trembled with passion as her boyfriend and his lover were both sucking on her breasts at once. Jenn finally pulled her mouth away from Katie's breast. "I cannot wait to lick your pussy," she whispered into Katie's ear before kissing down her neck.

Katie sucked in her breath, wondering how the hell she would ever survive this. As Ross continued to suckle on her nipples, Jenn was working on getting Katie naked. Jenn pulled off Katie's sexy dark pants, followed by her tight silk panties. Jenn gasped, seeing Katie's lovely bush. Jenn could not wait to taste her. "Ross, I am going to lick your girlfriend's pussy now," Jenn announced. "I think we will make her cum countless times....what do you think?"

"Hell yeah," said Ross, as he freed his cock and began to stroke it. He couldn't wait to see Jenn down between Katie's open legs, taking a taste of her hot, pink pussy. "Open your legs wide, Katie.... let Jenn lick your pussy," Jesse commanded his girlfriend, watching as she hesitated.

Katie looked from Ross over to Jenn, her legs coming open at their own accord. Her clit was throbbing... and she really wanted licked. "Ohhh Ross, when she licks me... would you fuck her? Please??" Katie heard herself begging. She must have been out of her mind with passion. She couldn't believe those words were coming out of her mouth. She was actually suggesting Ross fuck this other woman. Jenn certainly had Katie under her spell. Katie just didn't care anymore... she wanted Ross... and she wanted Jenn, too!

"I'd be happy to fuck her," said Ross, coming behind Jenn's upturned ass while she was licking Katie. He slid into Jenn's tight, slick heat from behind, pushing every inch of his huge cock into her juicy pussy.

"Ohhh Fuck!" he groaned, sliding his cock in and out of Jenn's pussy while watching her lick Katie's hard little clit. He heard both beautiful babes let out a moan of pleasure, making him only want more. The faster his cock would thrust, the faster Jenn's tongue licked at Katie's sticky pussy, bringing them all so close to a triple climax.

"Ohhhh Gawd... YESSSSSSS... I'm so close!!!" screamed Katie, pinching her own nipples as her passion peaked.

"Ohhh yeah, Ross... just like that," Jenn moaned, feeling Ross penetrate her so deeply.

Ross closed his eyes, letting out a ferocious groan as he shot load after load of cum into Jenn's hot pussy. At the same moment, Jenn reached her own wild climax, taking it out on Katie's parted pussy lips, licking and nibbling. Katie let out the loudest scream he had ever heard her cry out during sex.

After it was over, they fell into a tangled heap on the bed, breathing heavily. "That was wild," Ross said, looking at Katie. She looked dazzled and greatly satisfied. He was hoping he wouldn't have to pay for being caught with his pants down with Jenn.

"Ross, you aren't off the hook yet," Katie said, a teasing twang in her voice as she gazed at him while lazily playing with one of Jenn's nipples. "Now you have to figure out a way to please and pleasure the BOTH of us."

"I think I'm UP for it," Ross said with a grin.

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