tagIncest/TabooJenni Goes to Daddy Ch. 04

Jenni Goes to Daddy Ch. 04


The sound of the front door slamming shut woke Jenni from her dreams. She smiled as she wriggled deeper into her warm comforter, softly sighing with contentment, still half asleep. She felt so relaxed it was as though she was floating on a cloud. And, in many ways, she was. She was so happy that her Daddy loved her as much as she loved him. She cuddled closer into his side, the heat of his body so comforting. The weight of his arm, slung over her body as they slept, so reassuring. Right at this moment Jenni felt happier and safer than she ever had in her life. This was what she wanted, to be in her Daddy's arms as they slept together, sated from their lovemaking.

Jenni was startled to full wakefulness as she heard the sound of cupboard doors in the kitchen downstairs being slammed closed. Jumping to a sitting position she leant down over her sleeping father. "Daddy! Daddy!" Her whispered words frantic as she tried to rouse him. "Daddy! You have to get up!"

Slowly her father's eyes fluttered open and he reached up to hook her neck with his hand and started to pull his daughter's lips to his, "Daddy! She is home!"

His dark eyes widening her father leapt from her bed and scrabbled for his clothes. Jenni smiled as she watched, seeing her handsome Daddy scrabble in the dim lamplight for his clothes. Grabbing his jeans, and foregoing his shorts, he pulled them on. "Jenni, I am so sorry! This should never have happened!"

Sitting in her bed, the comforter around her waist, Jenni smiled as she heard him speak. "Daddy, it was perfect. I love you so much." His eyes lingered for a long moment on her naked breasts, her nipples already peaking under his gaze.

"It was perfect baby. And I love you too."

They looked into each other's eyes, smiling as they shared a moment of intimate recognition of each other.

There was a creak from the bottom step of the staircase and the magic of the moment was broken. Jenni jumped from her bed and grabbed her father's shorts, shoving them under her pillow as he pulled his shirt over his head. He turned from Jenni and walked towards the door, paused and turning back put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her to him.

"Later baby, later." He kissed her deeply, his tongue probing her mouth as he slid a hand down to cup one of her ass cheeks.

Then he was gone. Jenni stood, naked, in the middle of her bedroom floor. So much had happened in just a few hours. And she had loved every moment of it. She had become a woman. And she had become her Daddy's.

Trying to ignore the muted, angry voices coming from her parent's bedroom Jenni reached for her pyjamas. She tossed them into the wicker laundry basket in the bottom of her closet and walked across the floor to her drawers. She opened the drawers and took out a clean pair of pyjamas and put on the top, leaving the shorts in the drawer.

Climbing back into bed, she heard the voices grow louder as the argument escalated. She pursed her lips and nestled under the comforter. The dent in her pillow, made by her father's head, caused her heart to clench. She wriggled trying to get comfortable, using the pillow and comforter to cover her ears. Trying to block out the sounds of her parent's fight. Resisting her urge to run to her father.

In her attempts to get comfortable one of her hands slid under the pillow. Her fingers felt the material of her father's shorts. She pulled them out and held them to her face, her hot tears of frustration at the now blazing row in the room next door soaking the fabric. A door slamming made her jump and she heard her father shouting, "No! This time I am leaving!"

Jenni's heart stopped as she heard his words. 'Leaving'? Surely he wasn't leaving. How could her Daddy leave? She lay rigid in her bed, listening to her parents, the hated filled words of their argument shaking her to her core but second to the fear that her father was, indeed, leaving. Surely he wouldn't leave her. She couldn't bear it if her Daddy left.

A deep sob wracked her body, her emotions raw from all that had taken place that evening. She clutched her father's shorts to her breasts and felt the burn of her tears as they streamed down the sides of her face as she lay on her side. The fighting continued, the words unheard by Jenni as she felt the pain of her fear claw at her. Then silence as the door to her parent's bedroom was slammed shut with such force the house rattled.

Complete silence.

The sobs subsiding, Jenni turned to face the door, straining to hear any movements. But there were none. There was nothing but silence.

Jenni couldn't understand what was happening. There had been a fight, a door slammed, but no one had gone down the stairs. What was going on? And more importantly, was her Daddy alright? She lay for five agonising minutes, watching the hands on her old fashioned alarm clock ticking away each second. Finally, she couldn't bear it anymore and quietly got out of bed. She grabbed her robe from the hook on the door and put it on, tying the sash with a loose knot.

Pressing her ear to the door Jenni listened for any sounds, but there were none. Slowly she turned the door handle and eased the door open. Peering out she could see nothing in the gloom of the night. The lights downstairs were off and the only illumination was that cast through the crack of her door from the dim lamp.

"Jenni, you should be in bed." Her father's hushed tones were enough to startle Jenni and she let out a small yelp of surprise. Opening the door wider she was able to make out the figure of her father sitting on the top step of the staircase.

Looking quickly to the door of her parent's bedroom and seeing that there was no light shining from under it she moved quietly across the hall to sit by her father. She leant against his side and rested her head on his shoulder, "I am sorry she treats you that way, Daddy." Her whispers only just reaching his ear.

"It isn't all her fault, baby. It really isn't." Jenni lifted her head to look at her father's face as she heard the tones of exhaustion and resignation in his voice.

"But Daddy..." Jenni was cut off by her father placing a finger over her lips.

"Jenni, despite everything, despite what has happened tonight between us, she is still your mother and I can't let you think it is all her fault. It just happened..." His voice trailed off and Jenni pressed a kiss to the finger he still held over her lips.

"Are you really leaving Daddy?" Jenni's voice was small and she held her breath as she waited for his answer.

"No. I really should, but how can I leave now?" His eyes burned into hers as they sat closely together on the step. "How can I ever leave you, Jenni?" His daughter had brought him back from the brink of despair. For months he had been in a place he had struggled to keep control of. Now, with Jenni's love, he could see a point in life, a future.

Smiling happily, her heart pounding as she understood the implications of his words, Jenni leant forward to softly kiss his lips. The kiss was soft and gentle. A sweet kiss of promise and love.

Breaking away he looked at her, his eyes full of anguish. "But what have I done? Jenni, this isn't right. I should never have taken advantage of you like this."

She smiled softly and leaning towards him, her lips brushing his ear, whispered, "But Daddy, it is right. It was always meant to be. I love you." Her words tore a groan from him and he wrapped a fist in her long, loose hair and used it to pull her hard towards him. This kiss was not soft. This kiss was hard. This kiss was claiming the promise.

"Suck me Jenni, suck me now." Mutely Jenni slid down three steps and turned to kneel facing her Daddy. She smiled at him as she reached towards the button and zip of his jeans and unfastened them. His cock sprang towards her face and she giggled softly as she stuck the tip of her tongue out and licked the head.

She ran the tip of her tongue over the softness of his cockhead, circling it and then lapping delicately at the ridge on the underside. Her father put his hands behind himself and leant back, giving her greater access of his hard cock. Moaning almost in unison, she as she licked and he as he felt the softness of her tongue teasing his cock to swell even more.

"I am not as young as I used to be, Jenni. I have already come twice tonight; I don't think I can come again. But I want to feel your mouth and tongue. Oh God! Jenni.. your tongue..." His words trailed off as Jenni ran her tongue down the length of his cock. She moaned when she tasted her pussy juice on his shaft. Closing her eyes she took his cockhead into her warm, wet mouth and suckled gently.

One of his hands came to caress her hair as he watched his daughter licking and sucking his cock. His pretty little girl had his cockhead in her mouth and was driving him almost insane with desire. Her tongue swirled over his cockhead as she pressed her head down, taking more of his cock into her mouth. Licking and sucking, she looked up and saw his eyes were fixed on her, his expression one of pure pleasure.

Sliding her mouth up and down his hard cock Jenni tightened her lips. She could feel every ridge and vein and when her lips circled his cockhead she couldn't contain her desire and need to run her tongue over it. She loved the softness of his cockhead, the feeling on her lips so exciting that her cunt spasmed each time.

Feeling the saliva in her mouth build up Jenni started to slide up and down his length faster and faster. Her tongue busy the whole time as she swirled it over every wonderful inch of her Daddy's cock. His hand on her hair driving her to please him more and more. She sucked and licked until she had to pull her head off his cock to catch her breath. Giggling softly she looked up at him and told him that she needed more practice. He looked at her seriously and said, "No, Jenni. You are perfect as you are."

There was silence for a moment as they looked into each other's eyes. Then smiling sweetly Jenni kissed the tip of his cock. He shook his head and laughed quietly, his hand still on her hair. She sank her mouth over his erection, taking more into her mouth than she ever had before. The tip of his cock touched the back of her throat and she gagged, pulling her head off once more. Her blue eyes were full of tears, a reflex to her gag. One trickled down her right cheek and her father moved his hand to brush the tear away with the pad of his thumb.

Jenni moved her head back down and licked every inch of his shaft, and then kissed his cock carefully all over. She wrapped her lips around his cockhead and very slowly slid her mouth down. Pausing for a moment to calm her breathing Jenni looked up into her Daddy's eyes then forced her mouth down hard over his cock. She took every inch of it into her mouth, the cockhead filling her throat. Tears flooded her eyes once more and she fought her gag reflex for a moment with her lips locked tightly around the base of his cock.

Blinking her father watched as his daughter deep throated his cock. He could feel her throat spasm and see the tears sparkling in her baby blue eyes. He knew how much this was costing her and he was choked with emotion, knowing she was doing this for him, for his pleasure. Jenni slid her tongue over the root of his cock before pulling her head up, her lips clamped tightly around his thickness.

She swirled her tongue over the vein on the underside of his cock, swirling and dancing the tip of it, then licking with the flat of her tongue. His moans spurring her on as her tongue pushed him closer and closer to orgasm.

He shook his head as he realised that if she continued to lick and suck him in this way he would come again, for the third time over the past few hours. That knowledge amazed him, he couldn't remember the last time he had managed such a feat. But then, he reflected, he couldn't remember the last time he had been so aroused. His daughter was giving him a new lease of life in many ways.

The sensations of her teasing tongue filled his mind and with a groan he pulled her head deep onto his cock. Forcing his cock into her throat he held her in place, feeling her choke, feeling her throat spasm as she fought for breath. He knew he had to release her and reluctantly let her pull her head up. She slid her mouth over his cock, gasping and choking. Tears streaming down her cheeks. His first feeling was excitement to see her almost choke on his erection. Guilt flooded through him a mere heartbeat later but his arousal was such that for one selfish moment he ignored it.

Viciously twisting his hand into her long blonde hair he pulled her head down hard onto his cock and thrust his hips hard, fucking her mouth, her throat. She struggled and her struggles excited him even more. He held her in place and leaning back on one hand pumped his hips, fucking her tight throat, relishing the feeling of her throat spasms and struggles.

Jenni tried to move her head, but his vice like grip kept her in place. Her breathing was almost impossible and the tears filling her eyes blurred her vision. The tears streaming down her face were burning just as her throat was burning with her Daddy's frantic fucking. Her head began to spin and her vision became even more blurred as he slammed his long cock even harder into her throat.

Just as Jenni thought she could take no more she heard him groan as jets of hot cum shot deep into her throat. She felt her father release her head and she pulled her mouth from his cock, gasping for breath. A second spurt of hot come splashed onto her face as she desperately drew air into her lungs. A third jet landed on her throat as she pulled her head back in surprise.

Her father watched his come land on his daughter's face, watched as it dripped from her chin and dribbled down her throat onto the exposed skin of her chest. He watched as she slowly calmed her breathing. He was horrified at what he had just done. He had forced his cock deep into her throat. He had held his daughter in place while he had used her for his own selfish needs. But God! He couldn't remember ever coming that hard before.

Tears still streaming down her face, come sliding over her face, Jenni looked up at her father. Her eyes were wide. They looked at each other for a long moment before he reached out one hand and stroked her hair. Jenni closed her eyes and pressed her head into his hand. All was well between them.

She sighed happily as she saw his smile. Teasingly she slid the tip of her tongue out of her mouth and tried to catch some of her Daddy's come. He chuckled as he watched; he scooped some of his seed up on two of his fingers and held them to her lips. Opening her mouth she sucked greedily. Watching her eat his come so eagerly he felt a stirring in his almost flaccid cock. He shook his head as he wondered what he had done to deserve such pleasure.

"Sorry baby." Her eyes burned into his as she just looked at him, her head on one side, her tongue licking her lips, seeking more of his come.

"What for Daddy?"

"Hurting you baby."

"I wanted it Daddy." Her eyes told him she was speaking the truth. Before he could reply a sound from the bedroom he shared with her mother caused them both to start. They were mere feet from the door and if it was opened it would be impossible to explain away the fact that he was sitting with his cock out of his jeans and his daughter between his thighs. The come on her face would be the icing on the cake.

Standing up, he pulled her to her feet. "Come baby, I think you need a shower." Lifting her gently in his arms, he cradled her as he carried her back into her bedroom, kicking the door quietly closed behind them as he made for her en-suite. Nestling into his chest, Jenni could feel his come on her skin. She sighed contentedly, knowing she was his and that he would keep her safe always.

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