tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJennifer at St. Ciels Ch. 8

Jennifer at St. Ciels Ch. 8


With the help of Prof. Gilbert, Jennifer cleaned off all the ejaculate from her body and dressed for the main show. She had rehearsed with Prof. Melino, the drama teacher at St. Ciels. The role she was to play was that of a young, naive college coed who had been caught cheating. She had absolutely no prior experience with sex, having been brought up in a religious home where even masturbation was considered a sin. She also had worked very hard to get to this very honored academic institution and would not be able to face the disgrace of expulsion for cheating. With that scenario the young coed falls into the hands of the perverted teacher.

Jennifer was dressed in sexy but conservative clothing. A loose fitting white blouse that buttoned down the front, a navy blue skirt that was made of wool, pleated and hemmed at about two inches above the knee. The only concessions to sexiness were the three inch heel on the white pumps and the sheer white thigh-highs with the lacy top covering her long legs. Underneath the clothes she wore a plain white bra and plain white cotton panties, that allowed a bit of her golden pubic curls to stray from the confines of her crotch. Prof. Gilbert put one more lubricating suppository in Jennifer's tight asshole and she was ready for her moment.

Jennifer walked proudly to the door and when it was opened she heard the buzz of the assembled guests. As soon as the the crowd became aware of the open door a quiet enveloped the hall. All eyes turned to see the beautiful young virgin who was about to be deflowered anally for their viewing pleasure. Jennifer was surprised by the fact that there were three men with video cameras roaming in and around the area where she would be performing. She looked at Prof. Gilbert who explained to her that all the shows were taped. The tapes were sold only to a select few to raise money for St. Ciels. "In fact Jennifer, " Prof. Gilbert said, "your sister Laura's tape made five years ago is one of the biggest fund raisers we have. "

As Jennifer walked out one camera man was laying on the floor shooting up so that as she stepped over him there was a magnificent view up her skirt. Jennifer noticed that there were three large television moniters strategically placed around the room. On the one connected to the camera below her skirt everyone could see the wet spot in the center of her crotch, as well as the pubic hair that was peeking out the edge of her panties. That caused alot of murmuring from the crowd.

Jennifer walked to the center of the room and sat down in front of the desk. Mr. Lewis was already seated at the desk. In complete silence Jennifer waited for Mr. Lewis to begin.

"Good morning Jennifer, I'm glad your are prompt. " Jennifer smiled and smoothed her skirt down her long legs. She sat very properly, fingering the gold cross she had been given as a prop to wear around her neck. "Why did you want to see me, sir?" Mr. Lewis smiled at her lasciviously.

"Jennifer I'm concerned about your last exam. " "But, I got twenty out of twenty questions right sir, why are you concerned?" "You see, young lady we videotape all the exam rooms when tests are given. " Jennifer gasped at this, knowing she had used a cheat sheet, assuming that no one would ever know. She looked in horror as Mr. Lewis held up a videotape. "Would you care to see the tape, young lady? I believe the phrase is 'you've been caught red-handed'. " With that he let out a derisive laugh. Jennifer began to sob, "Oh please sir I can't get expelled, my family, the church, my friends. It would be too humiliating. " "Stand up young lady and let me look at you. " Jennifer looked at her teacher, not really comprehending the lust in his eyes, but realizing that she was in his control. Her only hope was that he would not ask her to do things she would be ashamed of. She stood up in front of the desk. "You know you have very sexy legs, you should show them off better. That skirt is too long. " Jennifer blushed at the reference to her legs. "Tell me, have you a boyfriend?" "No sir I don't have time for such things, what with my studies and prayers. " She held the gold cross as she answered that question. "Turn around and let me see your ass. " Jennifer slowly turned, becoming aware of the audience for the first time since the show had started. She noticed how all were silently hanging on every word, how some were quietly jerking off, touching pussies and cocks. Then she looked at the moniters and observed one with a close-up of her tight round ass.

"What are you going to do with me, sir?" "Have you ever been with a man?" "No, . . no sir, that would be wrong. God teaches us to refrain from fornication. " That brought a big laugh from Mr. Lewis. "Does god also teach you to refrain from cheating on your exams. " Jennifer looked crestfallen, she knew this man wanted to use her for his pleasure. Her choice was public humiliation or personal humiliation. She knew which she would have to choose, as she could not bear to involve her family in her downfall, rather she would accept what ever Mr. Lewis wanted to do to her as her repentance for her sins.

"Come over here, Jennifer, come sit on my lap. " Jennifer complied, resigned to her fate. When she sat down she felt his hardness underneath her. Although she was completely inexperienced in these matter she knew that she was now sitting on her teacher's excitement. He placed his large hand on her knee. "Tell me Jennifer do you feel my hard cock under your ass?" The words were alien to her but she understood his question. "Yes. . . yes sir I do. " At that moment Jennifer realized that if she was going to repent for her sins then she would have to fully participate in her own degradation at the hands of this man. "If you wish to remain here at the university, you will accept that hardness in your asshole. " Jennifer gasped at this, she had expected him to take her but not that way. Her bible studies had taught her that even in the context of marriage that was an abomination. "Oh please Mr. Lewis, not there. Please I'll do anything else you want but please don't take me that way. " Mr. Lewis simply grinned and held up the videotape as his answer to her plea.

"Tell me about your pussy, have you the same blonde hair as you do on your head.?" Through her sobs Jennifer answered, "Yes, sir. " Then she felt his hand begin to slide up her thigh, gently caressing her as it made it's way under her skirt. He stopped when he made contact with the flesh above the top of her nylon stocking. "My guess is you are very wet right now, aren't you young lady?" Jennifer had no idea what he meant by that, so she just nodded her assent. Then she gasped out loud as he slid his hand up between her thighs, touching her wet panty crotch for the first time. Then he slowly began to caress her pussy through her panties. Jennifer had never even touched herself there, even when she bathed she made it a point to avoid that area of her body, only doing the bare minimum to insure her cleanliness. What surprised her was the tingling sensation that the invading hand was engendering.

He continued to caress her pussy, opening her legs as he spoke to her. "Have you ever shown your self to a man, let a man luxuriate in the beauty of your naked body?" "No sir, no man has ever seen me without all my clothes on. " With lust in his eyes he ordered her to stand. "Now open your blouse and let me see those firm young tits. " Jennifer began to unbutton her blouse, as she slowly became aware of the wetness between her legs, a wetness she had never experienced before. "Now take it off. . . next the bra. " She reached behind her back and opened the clasp on here bra, as she did so it fell from her shoulders exposing her firm titties to her teacher's gaze. Her breasts were capped by hardened pink nipples that contributed to Jennifer's slowly growing sexual arousal. Mr. Lewis reached up from his chair and squeezed both of her tits in his hands. Then he pinched her nipples, rubbing them between his thumb and forefinger. Much to the surprise of Jennifer this was not an unpleasant feeling.

"It's time we took a look at your cunt. Much as I would like to fuck you there also, but I can't take a chance on an unwanted pregnancy. With that he pushed her back so that she was now sitting on the desk in front of him. "Spread your legs for me, slowly, just a little at a time. I want to be teased. " Jennifer let her nylon covered thighs begin to part. She could not believe she was about to let a man look up her skirt, and then she knew, he would make her take her panties off and reveal all. Slowly her inner thighs became visible, the soft flesh above the tops of her thigh-high stockings, and then the wet epicenter of her being, her pussy crotch, covered by the wet cotton fabric of her panties. "Stop, " came the command. "I want to savior this view, remem- ber it when I jerk off and think about you. "

Jennifer sat there with her crotch completely exposed to his eyes, her legs not parted all the way. She noticed how he was touching himself through his pants, letting his hand caress the length of his hardness. "Touch yourself, put your hand on your panties and make yourself feel good. " Jennifer was taken aback by this next order, she had never done such a thing in her young life, but she knew she would have to comply. She spread her legs a bit more and pulled the hem of her skirt up so that she could comply with her teacher's order. She wasn't sure what to do so she imitated the movements Mr. Lewis had made when he was touching her there. What surprised her the most was how wet her panty crotch was and how it seemed to get wetter as she rubbed herself. She couldn't admit it to herself but it felt good to touch herself between her legs.

"Pull the edge of your panties aside and let me see your pussylips. " Jennifer sucked in her breath as she prepared to expose her womanhood to a man for the first time. Her legs were completely spread, her skirt was up and she pulled her panty crotch to the side. Jennifer became aware of the audience again as she heard groans and sighs, then she saw the close-up of her pussy on one of the tv screens. "You have a very beautiful pussy Jennifer, very hairy. I like the way your inner lips hang out like that. That feels good on the head of a cock as it prepares to enter you. " Jennifer felt a numbness as her teacher stared at her most intimate treasure. She was not as disgusted as she thought she would be by exposing herself. In fact she had to admit that she continued to feel that same tingling in her groin she had felt when he had been stroking her. Only it was getting stronger as she sat the with her legs spread.

"Put your finger in your pussy, Jennifer and then play with your clit with your other hand. " Jennifer was not really sure where to find her clitoris, so she simply rubbed all over her wet center while inserting a finger in her hole. This was very stimulating. Jennifer realized that this was masturbating, the sin the church had taught her not to engage in.

"Jennifer, you look like you're enjoying this. Are you? I don't want you coming just yet. First you must see what I have for you. What is going to enter your tight anal opening. Tell me have you ever seen a naked man, a man naked and hard with lust for your body?" Jennifer was still rubbing herself, having found what she supposed was her clitoris. "No sir, I've never seen a man naked. "

"Kneel before me and undress me. " Jennifer got up off the desk and knelt down in front of the now standing Mr. Lewis. She reached up and with his help unbuttoned his shirt. He took it off and she stared at his flat hard stomach. Then she began to unbuckle his belt, open the clasp at the top of his pants and pull the zipper down. As she pulled down his pants she looked up at the enormous bulge in the front of his underpants. She also notice the big wet spot at the where the bulge seemed to end. Jennifer had no idea that it was evidence of his excitement. As he stepped out of his pants he was now naked save for his underpants. Jennifer hesitated, then she heard the command, "Take them down and behold the instrument of your destruction. " Jennifer pulled at the sides of his underpants and watched as his hard penis lowered with the garment, and then it slapped hard against his flat stomach as it was released from the cloth. Jennifer simply stared at this long black phallus, as it pointed skyward above her. She sat with her mouth opened and her eyes fixed on Mr. Lewis' twelve inch penis.

"Now you may touch yourself again as you worship my cock. Bring yourself to a climax so that you may know the power of a man's penis. " Jennifer was, to her surprise, quick to begin touching herself again. This time she found her clit quickly and pleasured it. She stared up at the cock and the large round balls hanging just above eye level. She noticed the white, almost cream like liquid hanging down from the end of the penis. She began to move her hand more quickly over her mound, then she stuck a finger back in her cunt. She felt she was washing away the sin of cheating as she continued to abuse herself.

Her first orgasm was approaching, her breathing was becoming shallow and quick. Then she bent over, her head resting on Mr. Lewis' legs as she was enveloped by such intense pleasure. Her body convulsed and she screamed.

As she recovered from the depths of her pleasure she became aware of the applause from the guests in the room, all watching intently.

She looked up at Mr. Lewis and as she cleared her throat she asked in a meek voice, "Sir are you going to take me now?"

"Yes, young lady, it's time you felt the power of a man's cock inside you. "

To Be Continued...

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