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Jennifer Changes To jennie


Hi there folks, let me tell you how I looked at the beginning of this episode. I was at the time a Manager of a large sales force making a 6 figure income. I had shoulder length black hair, blue eyes, 32a-22-32; I weighed 100lbs and stood 5ft in my bare feet. Now I have waist length blonde hair, 38DD-22-32, I weigh 120lbs, and I now stand 5ft 4in tall in my bare feet. During my tale I will explain how and why each happened and finally tell you what I am up to now.

Let's start with my life as it used to be. I had as I said a 6 figure income, a nice house, and a nice car. Most people would say I had everything. What I did not have was a man, you men can collect trophy wives but if you are looking for a trophy husband it is hard to find one. Don't get me wrong I found many a stud to fuck me silly when I wanted it but I could not find one who was happy being a trophy husband, I think it had something to do with me making more than them. So I found myself searching the net for anything to put a spark in my life when I ran across a web site called what a girl needs.

I had the whole weekend so I logged and answered the questionnaire. The questions started out simply name, age, measurements, and stuff like that. Then they started to get personal, do I give blowjobs, do I do anal, have I ever eaten pussy, and so forth. I should have gotten off but I couldn't for some reason, I just kept answering the questions and noticed that my pussy was getting wet. I don't how long I sat there but when I was done they knew every thing I had ever done or wanted to do sexually. I must have fallen asleep with the site still up and running because I remember waking and it was light outside, I also remember feeling horny as hell. On the screen was a question, "Do you want to continue with the way your life is or do you want change?" I of curse said I wanted change, and the screen started to flash very fast and picture after picture flew across the screen and the music just kept playing on and on and on. I must have zoned out because when the pictures stopped I looked at the clock and date on the bottom of the computer it said it was 6pm on Tuesday, I had been setting there for 3 days. I saw that I had a message on my cell phone and listened to it, it was my former boss calling me a stupid stuck up ungrateful bitch for just walking out on him like that, instead of getting mad I said goodbye to you to fucker. I got up and fixed me a salad and ate it and went back to the website.

On the screen now were statements not questions. Girls are for fucking, yes or no. I said yes. Girls love sperm, girls love taking it up the ass, Girls love to eat pussy, and so forth and so on. I answered yes to all of them and then the final statement, there was a blank box and above it were instructions for me to give my drivers incense number, my ssn, my bank account, my credit cards, and for me to say in my own words that I want this.

I sat there and typed, "I Jennie Fucksalot, my new name, do here by state that I am giving this information as well as my very life to any and all men, women, or objects that want to use me for the dirty filthy no goof piece of fuck meat that I am. I hit send and the screen started to flash again and more pictures started to flash and every once and a while a movie and more questions would come across the screen. I sat there for a solid week getting up long enough to eat a salad and use the bathroom which was a bowl that I kept beside my desk. When this week was over I felt like a new girl or should I say a dirty filthy no good piece of fuck meat. I was told that I should get ready to leave; I was to eat and drink whatever was in my bowl and to walk out my front door naked as the day I was born. There was a taxi waiting but instead of getting in the back seat I got in the front and started to give the driver, a very fat ugly man, a very slow blow job. I somehow knew that I was not to look up and not to let him blow until we got to where we were going. I suck his cock and licked his ball for an hour and then he said were here and I finished him off and did not spill a drop. I started to get out but he said I was not done to put his cock back in and not to spill a drop of his piss, I did as he said and I had an orgasm from just drinking his piss. I look at where he had dropped me and I was in the front of my house again but it felt different.

I walked up to the front door and opened it and saw that I had all new furniture in the living room and in the dining room. I went to the master bedroom and saw a four post bead with mirrors in the top of it. I went to the closest guest room and saw a dungeon; the other room was a gym. I also saw cameras in each and every room, in the showers, toilets, bath house, and in and around the pool. I went back to my computer and saw this message, "Welcome you dirty filthy good for nothing piece of fuck meat. Look in the drawer and you will find your collar. If you agree with the changes we made put it on." I put it on and got a very bad shock. On the screen was simply this, "We now have control of your life you belong to us, if you fail to please us we will shock you."

I sat there in my chair waiting for an order or a command or something but nothing. I got up and went to the bedroom and looked in the closet and saw clothes that bimbos, sluts, whores, strippers, and I would wear and be proud to do so. I did not even try to cover up I just laid down and went to sleep. I was awoken by the collar and there was an assignment for me. I was to go see the doctor, and he would fix my lips, legs, and tits. I picked out a dress and noticed that I had a lot of extra room in the chest area; I also noticed that all of my shoes had 6 inch heels. I dressed got in my car and went to the address. When I got there I was greeted by Mandy, she had the biggest set of tits I had ever seen and she did not wear a bra. I asked her if they were real and she laughed and said I would know soon enough. She told me to strop and hand her my clothes, and even though I was in the waiting room and there were other people there I did it. She lead me back to the operating room and got started.

The doctor had a syringe that look like it held a gallon of liquid. He proceeded to inject half of it into my right nipple and the other half into my left nipple. Almost instantly they started to grow, no remember they were only 32A and when they finally stopped they were 38DD and had no sag. The doctor informed me that his method was better to implants because you could not tell that I had not always had them. He said that they would never sag and that I would never need a bra. He then injected something into both lips and they swelled and became the best dick sucking lips I had ever seen. Lastly he injected something into my calves and my legs shrank in the back so that I could not stand flat footed anymore. I now had to wear at least 5 inch heels or I would be in great pain. Mandy handed me back my shoes and I put them on and then I had to pay the doctor.

He had me suck his cock and then during his piss, I had to eat Mandy out and drink her piss. I then had to go into the waiting room and ask if anybody had to use the bathroom, it was then I realized that they were waiting for me not the doctor. I ate 10 pussies and drank 20 loads of piss as well as having 10 of them shit in my mouth. When I was done I was given my dress and I left. I got home stripped and went to the gym to start strengthening my back as I was doing this I got a mild shock and remembered that I was supposed to login into the web site. I did and was greeted by a birth certificate with the mane Jennie Fucksalot and another instruction; actually it was a schedule of my day to day routine. I was to wake at 6am work out for until 6:30, do aerobics until 7, do yoga until 7:30, shower and change into something sexy and eat and be ready to login by 8am. I was to chat with whoever was on and do whatever they wanted, this lasted until 6pm, I was then to go for a run and be back by 6:30, eat and clean up and dress by 7pm. Then I was to entertain until 3am. I get 3 hours for sleep. Then there was a p.s. and it said, "Your body will gain nutrition from sperm and pussy juice, the more you please your guests the more they feed you.

Well its 6pm and time for my run more to cum.

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