tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJennifer on Adderall Ch. 03

Jennifer on Adderall Ch. 03


Jennifer tugged lightly at the cuffs around her slender wrists. *Too tight*, she thought. *No way I could slip through*. A breeze swept through the valley, reminding her half her ass remained exposed and her pussy was soaking wet. *Gosh, that wind tickles . . . I need to put something in me so bad*. She bit her lower lip and moaned softly. *Why am I so fucking horny? I need to focus. I still have about 60 minutes before the end of class. I have to figure out a way to get out of this mess.*

"Uhh . . . excuse me, miss?" someone called out from behind her.

Jennifer's breath caught in her throat and she immediately felt a prickly sensation descend over her body. Her round cheeks turned a faint red. *Oh God, someone can see my ass. This is so fucking embarrassing.*

"Miss? Are you OK?"

"Um, hello!" she responded, trying not to sound humiliated. "I'm OK, but I need a hand. Who are you?" She turned around and saw a young, college-aged man approaching her from the front of the alley.

"Rodney Merton Junior!" the man replied, coming closer.

*Why is that name familiar?* He was a young man, a bit plump with some acne, and his clothes seemed faded and stretched from overuse. As he got closer, Jennifer realized she'd seen him before, but couldn't remember where. *And now he can see me, basically bottomless.* Jennifer's Adderall-addled brain briefly contemplated spreading her legs and begging Rodney to stuff her from behind, but instead she shyly made sure her ankles were pressed tight together and her pussy facing the car. Hopefully all Rodney could see would be the lower half of her ass, peeking from below her white skirt.

"Hey!" Rodney said. "I know you. Aren't you Jennifer, from organic chemistry?"

* Oh gosh, I remember now. He's the strange guy who sits in the back and answers all the questions. He seems to know as much as any of the profs.* Jennifer didn't know what to do or say, so she just turned to him and smiled. "Hi Rodney! Yeah, I'm Jennifer. I'd shake your hand, but uhh—" she wiggled her wrists, showing Rodney her predicament.

"Wow, you're handcuffed to the car!" Rodney's attention seemed to switch back and forth between her round, tanned ass and her wrists, connected to the car door. "How did this happen? Are you in some kind of trouble with the police?"

The memory of Officer Martian and the massive dick he was stuffing in his pants before he drove off caused Jennifer's pussy to throb slightly. "Uh, no, no police trouble. Some friends . . . they're playing a prank on me."

Rodney nodded. "It's not those Sigma Alpha Epsilon guys, is it? Because those guys aren't your friends." Rodney's hands reached for her waist and Jennifer bit her lip in anticipation. "They might take advantage of a nice girl like you and—" he lightly gripped the hem of her skirt with his fingertips, "—sunder your virginity or something." Rodney pulled her skirt down, respectfully covering her ass with the tight, thin fabric.

Jennifer let out a sigh. She hoped it didn't sound like a sigh of frustration and disappointment. "Rodney, how do you think we could get me out of here? I'm supposed to be giving a presentation in Professor Atkins' class right now."

Rodney stroked the four hairs sprouting from his flabby chin. "Hmmm. Well, we could take it to a body shop, but the nearest one is a ways away, and it might be expensive, and they might ask lots of questions." Jennifer looked at the dashboard clock in the car. 9:33. "Or, here's another idea!" Rodney said proudly. "All you really need is a blowtorch to cut through the cuffs' chain, that shouldn't take more than a minute. Later today you could visit a locksmith to get the cuffs removed from your wrists."

"That sounds like a good idea, Rodney. But where can we find a blowtorch?"

"Well, we're close to campus now, and the campus building we're closest to is the art building. I know Professor Lithwick—she teaches metalworking and industrial sculpture—and her studio-garage should be big enough for you to drive your car into. She has all sorts of blowtorches."

"Wow, Rodney. . . that might actually work! The only problem is that I can't drive because my hands can't reach the wheel."

"Well, I can drive," Rodney said timidly, "but that would mean you would have to sit on . . . um, my lap."

Ordinarily, the idea would be repellent to Jennifer, but she was starting to like sweet Rodney. The other good thing about Rodney is that his presence seemed to have a diminishing effect on Jennifer's raging sex drive. Her pussy didn't seem as wet as it was 30 seconds earlier, when he was explaining his brilliant idea. *Perhaps he's the antidote to the side-effects of the bad Adderall.* "Oh Rodney, as long as you don't mind, I don't mind."

Rodney smiled shyly, moved behind her, and squeezed his bulk into her car. He had to adjust the seat by pushing it way back. "OK, Jennifer." He patted his lap.

Jennifer turned away from Rodney, lifted her right high-heel clad foot and stretched it into the car, down Rodney's right leg. Then she lowered her round little ass and plopped right down on Rodney's crotch before bringing her left leg into the car. Her hands were still connected to the door frame, stretching up and to her left. "We're gonna have to leave the door slightly open," Rodney said, threading his arms around her rib cage to grab the steering wheel. He turned the key in the ignition. "You ready? Here we go," he said as he put the car in reverse and backed out of the alley.

Once they were on the open road, Rodney merged with traffic, and slowly exhaled. Jennifer felt his breath on her neck. *That's the first time he's breathed since I got in the car,* she realized. *Poor Rodney—he must be so nervous!* His Cheetos-scented breath would normally have disgusted Jennifer, but for some reason his shallow exhalations on the nape of her neck were causing her small hairs to stand up and her nipples to tighten again. "Oh, gosh. I'm getting turned on again."

"Huh, what?" Rodney said, startled.

*Did I say that out loud? What is happening to me?* She swallowed. "Uh nothing. How far are we from campus?" Her head was pressed against the ceiling of the car, and she couldn't quite see out the windshield.

"Almost there. We just have to drive through this construction zone." She felt the car slow, and then all of a sudden it started to rattle tremendously as Rodney drove over the unfinished pavement. The vibrations from the road seemed to charge Jennifer's sexual urges further, and she felt the familiar wetness begin to return. She involuntarily squirmed a bit, and she started to feel a hardness forming in Rodney's lap. The rattling on the car increased, and Jennifer started shifting her hips back and forth, essentially dry-humping Rodney through his pants.

"Uh-oh . . ." his breathing quickened. "Can you, ummm . . . not . . . uh . . ."

Jennifer's body was no longer in control. Her skirt had managed to ride up to her waist again,

and her bare pussy was now grinding up and down the length of Rodney's surprisingly well-endowed trouser-covered manhood. "Oh, Rodney . . . I'm so sorry," she breathed, grinding harder. "There's something wrong with me today . . . I took bad Adderall, I think—"

The car hit a big bump, Rodney grunted sharply, and then the rattling stopped as the car glided over fresh, new, perfectly smooth pavement. Jennifer felt Rodney's breath come out in ragged, trembling gasps. "Ohhhhh, noooo," he moaned. Jennifer started to feel more wetness, not from her clenching pussy, but rather on her upper legs and the cheeks of her tanned bottom. The wetness originated from Rodney's throbbing bulge, and was now spreading across his lap. "I'm so sorry," he whimpered, "this is so embarrassing. I can't believe I—"

In an act of contortionist gymnastics that surprised even herself, Jennifer hopped up from his lap, spun herself around (adding a kink in the handcuff chain), and sank down again, straddling poor Rodney as he drove. "Oh Rodney," she said, whispering into his ear. "Please don't feel bad at all! You couldn't help yourself. You're my knight in shining armor." With that, she licked his earlobe and ground her wet pussy against the wetness of Rodney's pants. She was rewarded with a pulsation from Rodney's still tumescent dick. Caring nothing about the possibility of distracting her pudgy driver, Jennifer licked a trail from Rodney's ear to his neck, then traced upward, where she wet the few proud strands of hair sprouting from his chin.

She felt the car pull over into a shady area and stop, right as she had positioned her tit in his face, her nipple pointing hard through the white fabric. "Ohh, Rodney, we're stopped, now can we—"

"We're here," Rodney said sadly. "It's 9:50."

Jennifer pulled her head down and looked through the window. Rodney had pulled into a darkened warehouse. Jennifer saw various hunks of rusty scrap metal welded together—misshapen versions of what would someday be crappy new-wave art.

All of a sudden, Jennifer felt the door she was chained to yank fully open, dragging her off of Rodney's crotch and leaving her to find her footing on the warehouse floor.

"What the fuck, " said a voice. Jennifer looked up. The door had been pulled open by an artsy male college student wearing eye shadow and multiple ear and nose piercings. He was wearing tight black leather pants, a welding apron, and a welding mask with the visor lifted. They looked at each other in the dim light of the garage, and Jennifer thought he seemed familiar.

"Hey," he said when he finally noticed her face after tearing away his gaze from her bare legs. "I know you. You're that slut I finger-blasted at the Viper Room last weekend!"

Jennifer felt a new surge of embarrassment rush through her. She cast a glance at Rodney who was staring at her from inside the car. In the car's dome light she saw his expression shift from disbelief to jealous disappointment, before settling on an emotion she was getting used to noticing in men: lust.

Rodney blinked heavily and licked his lips. "Ahem," he said, hauling his bulk out of the car. "Watch how you address Jennifer. Now, could you kindly direct me to Professor Lithwick?"

"She's in her office in the Art Department Building next door, but before you visit her," the art student said with a laugh, "you might want to change your pants."

Rodney's face dropped, and Jennifer again felt tremendous sympathy for the boy and what she did to him. Rodney turned to her, "I have to go find her. You gonna be OK with this guy?"

Jennifer nodded.

"All right, I'll be right back!" Then he turned to the art student, sticking his finger inches away from the pierced face. "And you had better be a complete gentleman—Jennifer's already been the victim of a horrible prank. If you somehow make her day any worse, I will rain down my wrath upon you in unspeakable vengeance!"

The art student tried not to laugh as he raised one hand in the air while crossing his heart with the other. Jennifer saw Rodney run out of the room and then turned to the art student, who was openly studying her half-nude body while adjusting his crotch. Jennifer tugged vainly at her handcuffs, and her pussy throbbed, wondering what awaited her.

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