tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJennifer's Ascent Ch. 02

Jennifer's Ascent Ch. 02


Jennifer swallowed hard as her mind tried to reconcile what had been delivered to her. The pictures clearly showed her fucking and sucking what appeared to be the company CEO. The only person who could explain this was Sophie, may she could help defend her...

The buzzing of the phone snapped her out of her brief trance. She reached for the phone with perfectly manicured fingers and picked it up. Flipping it open, she held it to her ear.


"Someone has been a nasty little slut," Jennifer did not recognize the female voice, "There are instructions in your text messages. Failure to obey will result in your complete and immediate public destruction."

"What, why are you doing this? Who is this?"

The phone was already dead.

Jennifer fumbled with the antiquated flip phone, looking for the texts. She found them.

Her stomach sickened by the minute.

'You are a slut and a whore'

'Sluts must be trained. Whores must be punished'

'You will do what we ask or you will be punished'

'Your first test of obedience is simple. Insert the enclosed toy into that freshly fucked cunt'

'You are required to keep it there all day'

'Send a picture proving your compliance'

'Failure to comply will result in every employee, customer and business associate receiving the pictures showing how you got your promotion'

'You have 3 minutes to comply'

Jennifer could not believe what was happening. She began to panic. Her mind quickly scanned through the previous night. The party celebrating her promotion was the crowning achievement of her career. She remembered embracing Robert, the CEO. She also remembered how she ended the evening, fucking her young lover. His dominant words. Fucking her face. Being cummed on.

In a jarring moment she remembered the shoes. Both men wore the exact same shoes. The setup was almost perfect in its simplicity. Any objective person looking at those photos would see things the same way: Jennifer had sucked and fucked her way to a promotion. The photos in the folder in front of her would destroy both her career and Robert's career.

The phone buzzed again. A new text came.

'2 minutes'

Jennifer tossed the envelope into her brief case and picked up the box containing what she now understood as some sort of sex toy. In a state of panic, Jennifer strode her long legs toward the women's executive restroom. She opened the door and walked into the small sitting area just outside the stalls and toilets. She found the level of opulence in the bathroom odd for a telecom company, especially with only five women at the Vice President level.

Walking past the small couch and baby changing table, Jennifer opened the second door and proceeded to the first stall. She opened thin metal door and closed it behind her. She took the pink rubbery toy out of its box and held it in her hand, running her fingers over the smooth material.

"What the fuck am I doing?" she thought.

The phone buzzed again.

'One minute'

Jennifer took a deep breath. There was no time to think. She needed to buy time and figure out what to do. She had to find out who her enemies were and what they wanted. But first, she needed to rectify the immediate risk. She pulled the silk hem of her Stella McCartney dress to her waist and eased her white lacey thong down to her knees. Sitting onto the cold toilet seat, Jennifer spread her legs and pushed the toy against her bald outer lips. She was tight and dry.

Thinking quickly, she took the bulb of the toy and sucked it into her mouth, running her tongue around in circles to ensure it was evenly coated with saliva. She then reached back down with her left hand and spread her lips. Her labia spread open, still swollen from her marathon fucking the night before. She pushed the pink bulb in. Despite its hard fucking last night, her pussy was still quite tight and held the toy in place. Its 3-inch tail out and up, above her clit.

Jennifer reached down and began to pull her panties up but stopped, remembering her other instruction. She flipped open the phone, found the picture app and snapped a pic of the thing pink line extending from her vagina. She quickly texted it to the phone number of her tormentor. She received an immediate response.

'Good girl'

Jennifer quickly pulled her thong up and straightened her dress. She had no time to waist, her first staff meeting as an executive was about to start.

Jennifer walked into the large board room and exchanged pleasantries with each person there. A few kisses on cheeks, some light flirting and a bit of small talk took place until the CEO, Robert, entered the room. He took his commanding position at the end of the table and jumped right to the issue at hand.

"Our quarter started off well, but we are now behind. I need ideas ASAP on how to fix this! Jennifer, you are at the grown-up table now, what do you have?"

Jennifer smiled, she had worked on a plan for weeks and was now going to wow everyone.

"I have a three-part plan to..." She suddenly felt a light buzzing between her legs. The toy had come to life just as she was beginning her presentation. Jennifer was instantly angry, but the sensations were hitting her in exactly the right spot.

"Jennifer? Jenn? Hello?" Robert was trying to figure out why she had stopped in mid-sentence.

"Right, my three-part plan will expand our performance," Jennifer let out a long sigh as the bulb stimulated her G-spot. The thing tail was pressed snugly against her clit by her tight thong, "it will help everyone get off. I mean, achieve climax. I mean meet our goals."

She was panting now. Tiny little breaths. Jennifer stumbled through the rest of her presentation as she felt her orgasm approaching. Her pussy throbbed as it soaked her panties. She picked up a glass of water and swallowed it hard. She looked around at everyone staring at her. She had to cum. It would be the only way she could get her head straight.

She uncrossed, then re-crossed her legs as a colleague began to speak, thankful that she was no longer the center of attention. The vibrations never let up and appeared to be building. The torture was immense.

Paul Simons, a 40-year old slick sales executive with a reputation for cheating on his wife, sat next to her. His gaze every so often left the faces of those in the room and dropped to Jennifer's exposed legs. He was in awe as he watched her grinding them together so very tightly.

Jennifer tried to control the sensations. She could barely hold back. She needed release. Robert mercifully called for a ten-minute break. Jennifer leapt up from her chair and darted toward the bathroom. Simons followed directly behind her.

Jennifer barged through the lady's room door and into the little lounge area. She landed onto the small couch typically used by new moms to pump milk while at work. The vibrations hadn't let up. She needed to cum. HAD to cum. Her long spread as she leaned back into the soft cushions, her hand slid under her little white thong. Her fingers found her swollen clit. It was already soaked from her 30-minute torment in the board room.

She began to rub fast circles, pinching her left nipple with her other hand. Ignoring the fact that the door had no lock. Jennifer rubbed faster, pulling on her nipple. She began to softly moan. She was close. Suddenly the vibrations ceased but Jennifer was way too far gone. She rubbed faster, pressing against her clit.

Jennifer began to cum. Wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her body. She began to shiver and her body convulsed as her pussy gushed. Her pussy ass and thighs were soaked. She opened her eyes as she began to cum down from her high.


There was Simons, leaning his back against the door.

"Now, that was a performance."

"You can't come in here. This is the ladies' room!" Jennifer's protest seemed hollow.

"Oh, is it? I think you need to be cleaned up. And, we only have five minutes before Robert is going to be looking for us."

Simons took the two steps from the door to her before Jennifer could respond. He silently dropped to his knees in front of her. He reached up, looped his thumbs under the sides of Jennifer's thong and slide it down her legs, lifting each high-heeled sandal to release it. He slowly folded the soiled underwear and tucked it into the inner pocket of his jacket.

Simons leaned in, noticed the pink protrusion from her pussy and smiled. Her pussy glistened inches from his face. It was quite pretty with smooth outer lips that parted showing her pink insides. He inhaled heavily, smelling her musky scent. The room smelled like sex.

"Someone is having play time on company time."

Simons extended his long tongue and began to lick her clean. Jennifer looked down and watch him flatten his tongue to lap up her mess. He focused first on her thighs, then her groin and finally her wet swollen folds. Jennifer moaned against him as he sucked her outer labia into his mouth.

She couldn't believe this was happening. Were the photos some strange ploy by this cheesy sales guy to get her to fuck him? Or, was Simons just an opportunistic fuck boy following his dick. He sucked her clit, hard. A wave of pleasure swept through Jennifer's body. She reached down and pulled his face into her crotch. She was going to cum yet again.

Jennifer began to hump Simon's face while she held his head place by gripping his hair. He concentrated his tongue and lips on her clit now. Flicking his tongue as he sucked harder. His thick fingers began to probe her cunt. Simon's pushed two thick fingers inside her canal as he continued his oral assault on her clitoris. Jennifer felt so full, the combination of the toy and his fingers filled her completely. She began to buck her hips, pushing them upward and began to cum again.

She came hard on Simon's hungry mouth. Her cunt flowed, feeding her make-shift lover. Simons lapped up her juices, savoring her sweet taste. His face now a mess on its own.

Simons lifted his face, "We best get back to the meeting."

"Yes, we must," Jennifer was lost. She stood, straightening her dress. She walked to a sink a reapplied her makeup as Simons toweled his face. She turned to leave but was stopped by Simons.

"Why don't you let me go first?"


Simons opened the door, looked down the empty hall and walked out. Jennifer felt the phone buzz yet again. Another text message.

'slut has cum twice without permission'

'You will be punished'

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