tagLoving WivesJennifer's Longing Ch. 04

Jennifer's Longing Ch. 04


Please note:

1) This is a continuation of a longer story. It may not make much sense unless you read the three earlier parts.

2) It is in the loving wives section, because that is where these stories seem to go on this site. Take it up with them if you object.

3) This story is about an unfaithful wife. Your comments, good or bad, are appreciated. I don't need to know though, what you would do to your wife, if she was doing this to you. And please remember this is a work of fiction and not some chapter of a personal biography.

The story

Derek insisted on it.

He wanted to fuck me in the bed I share with my husband.

It had become clear that a part of his desire to bed me was the ego-stroking experience of taking a wife way from her husband. Derek wanted to take actions, which would humiliate my husband, if he were to ever find out. More to the point, he wanted to be able to have me be the one who would take such actions.

I, in turn, was totally in lust with him. This was partly because of his large cock. It wasn't some freakish thing. I never measured it. It was just big, long, and thick, and if I thought of sex, it was of sex with that cock. It was also partly because Derek was a handsome stud of a man. And I admit it was also partly due to the fact that I was getting off on his desire to make me take actions, which would humiliate my husband.

I was walking a very thin line. My husband had kissed my mouth shortly after I had swallowed Derek's cum. My husband had gone down on me after Derek had deposited two loads of cum into me. So far, my husband simply hadn't clued in.

I felt I was fraying at the edges. I thought I loved my husband. But I couldn't deny my lust. I never for a moment thought if I left him, there'd be a chance of a relationship with Derek.

And now Derek wanted to push me further yet.

I tried to talk him out of it. This was a mistake. The fact that I didn't want to do it spurred him on. He insisted on it. I refused. I pointed out that I worked during the week and week nights and weekends there was a husband around. He wouldn't accept this as an answer.

After some debate, he announced he'd be coming over on Thursday at 12 noon, and I had better be there and I had better be all slutted up for him. He hung up.

For the first time, I seriously thought about ending the relationship. I understood what he wanted. I realized it turned him on. I even realized it turned me on too. But the risk wasn't worth it. What if by some stroke of bad luck my husband came home? What if one of the neighbours saw me let another man into our home?

I spent a sleepless night. I realized that I had been playing a game. I was playing the slut-wannabe. I was dressing like a slut. I was behaving like a slut. I was even taking risks with my marriage. Well, I've had my fun and now it's time to stop.

After all, I didn't love Derek. I just "loved" being dominated and fucked by his cock. I was into cock worship.


The next morning I felt unsettled. I had come to a reasonable conclusion – but I felt kind of shaky. It was kind of funny. I had felt no guilt at cheating on my husband. I had felt no guilt in kissing him with my mouth having just sucked down the sperm of another man. I had felt no guilt in having my husband eat me out when that other man's sperm had just been planted in me. But now, having taken no official action in breaking off my affair with Derek, I was feeling unsettled.

Toward the end of the day, I thought it best that I make sure I'm doing exactly what I want. So I decided to buy me some time and announced that I had to go to the dentist tomorrow around lunch, and that I'd be back by 3:30 at the latest. I was pretty sure I wouldn't change my mind, but I just wanted to make sure that deep down I was willing to lose him.

At home that evening, my husband and I were watching television. I couldn't keep my mind on the program. I slipped away and went upstairs. I headed for my clothes closet to pick out my outfit for work tomorrow.

I saw out of the corner of my eye a little denim mini skirt that I frankly, hadn't worn in ages. I thought to myself, "That's the kind of skirt Derek would like me in."

That is all it took. I was horny. And I was horny for Derek.


I arranged it. I claimed a dentist's appointment, and took the afternoon off. I raced home. I just had time to wash and get "dressed." I put on skimpy red panties and a matching skimpy red tank top. And I added to it that skimpy tight denim mini skirt. As I was applying some lipstick with my pencil I heard a knock on the door. It was Derek.

Not much needed to be said. He dragged me over to the couch. We French kissed. I grabbed at his crotch. He grabbed at mine. The mini skirt offered no protection from his ravaging.

I was desperate for his cock. I yanked his pants down in between kisses. I knew I needed no work. I removed my panties, faced him and straddled him impaling myself on his tree trunk.

We went add it like animals. I was totally lost in the lust. He was bucking into me with the energy of a sports car. We weren't just fooling around. We were mating.

Somehow he managed to stop. He said he wanted to finish in the bedroom. I had no will to argue, so I dismounted and showed him the way.

We got naked quickly. The little hooker skirt was now on the floor. I lay down in the centre of the bed, expecting him to mount me again. He had other ideas. He asked me which pillow was my husband's. Bewildered, and still lying down, I pointed to the one on the left.

Derek walked over to that pillow and pulled it to the side of the bed. Standing, he placed his long, hard cock right on top of it. I realized it was sticky with my own wetness. He told me to come closer and to suck him off.

He wanted me to suck him off with my head and his cock right on my husband's pillow. I hesitated. Derek said, "Yeah, we're going to make a little mess of your hubby's pillow – and no – there'll be no changing the pillow case."

He wanted to push my unfaithfulness to a new limit. He wanted to mess up my husband's pillow with the results of that unfaithfulness. And I couldn't stop myself.

I moved my head close to his cock and stuck my tongue out. I jabbed the tip of my tongue against the slit of his cock. His cock twitched at the sensation. This was the object of my obsession. I moved down to the shaft, keeping my tongue on it at all times. I made my way down to his balls. After a tongue washing, I took each, separately in my mouth, and gently sucked away.

Derek grunted and called me "slut." I couldn't take offence. It was certainly very accurate. I focused on his balls. They seemed to me the source of his power over me. And I wanted to worship them. I sucked and lick them for quite some time.

My focus was disturbed when he told me to check out the tip of his cock. I turned my head to look at it. It had been leaking semen – leaking semen right on my husband's pillow. "Lick the tip," he commanded. I complied.

With my right cheek on my husband's pillow, I took Derek's cock in my mouth. He began short, sharp pelvic thrusts. This wasn't going to be so much of a blow job, but rather more of a face fuck.

I felt his hand grip the back of my head, as he began to face fuck me in earnest. I could feel a damp spot forming on the pillow – and I could taste pre cum in my mouth.

But even this wasn't good enough for Derek. After nearly fifteen minutes, he pulled his cock out of my mouth and told me to roll onto my stomach. Then he lifted me up and put me face down with my pussy directly on top of the pillow. He pulled me to the edge of the bed, and positioned himself between my legs. He was going to fuck me on my husband's own pillow. And we'd be leaving a big mess on it. And I was going to allow it!

Derek simply ploughed into me. In an instant he had his entire cock embedded in me. I had absolutely zero will left. Even if my husband had walked in on us at that instant, I would have begged Derek to continue. I belonged to another man. It wasn't a matter of loving that other man. It was a matter of ownership. It wasn't a matter of the heart. It was a matter of the loins. Nothing to me could have been clearer than that Derek's cock was my first priority in life.

And he so knew how to use it! I have never been fucked so perfectly as this time. He jack-hammered me and I responded with two absolutely crushing orgasms. I thanked him by telling him I hoped he was going to pump me more full of sperm than ever.

He asked me, "So you want to mess hubby's pillow up?" But he wasn't really asking. He was telling. I grunted back a "yes."

I felt his body tense up. And then I felt him cumming in me. The sensation lasted. Derek must be a very virile man.

It took several moments before either of us could move. He had collapsed on top of me. His cock was still buried in me, and he used his position to grind me against the pillow.

Finally it was time to roll off and see what damage we had done. The middle of the pillow was a sticky mess his cum mixed with mine. Derek admired his work. He used his cock to smear it over a bigger area.

I knew that the afternoon wasn't over. Derek had never been satisfied with just once.

"You are some whore," he smirked. He lay down on his stomach on the bed. "Here is what I want you to do."

Derek outlined how the rest of the day should go. He wanted me to kiss my husband with my "spoiled" mouth and he wanted me to have my husband eat my pussy out again. And he wanted me to leave my husband's pillow a mess.

I argued that it would be game over the second he saw the pillow. He told me I could use a hair blower on it to dry it up. But he was disallowing me from changing the pillow case.

He felt he hadn't messed my mouth up enough though. So that would be next. "While I recuperate, I want you to eat my ass out – get your tongue in as far as it can go," he ordered.

I was stunned. I've placed a finger by a man's ass before but I'd never tasted one. And I can honestly say I never wanted to either.

Now Derek was a muscular man, without being a muscle man. I had admired his ass, when I wasn't obsessing over his cock. And there it was before me – that ass that I'd admired.

He saw my reluctance and laughed. "Don't worry," he said. "It's clean."

I felt so outrageous. The acts I had just committed had been the acts of a wild, wanton, slut. I decided that there was no sense and stopping now. I would try it. And with that, I bowed my head down, and kissed this man's ass.

I didn't hedge my bet. I put my lips right on his asshole. There was no discernible taste, and the only odour was one of sweat. I let some of my spit drool out. It was time for my tongue.

Gently at first, I tried to stick my tongue into his ass. The hole, I realized, is quite small. It took several pushes before I felt that I actually was achieving any kind of penetration. After about a minute, it became apparent that I was making an impact. Derek was grunting.

I kept my lips directly on his ass hole. And I kept my tongue wriggling just inside the opening. With one hand I managed to reach under my chin to grab at his balls. He just grunted louder.

My face was becoming a sticky mess as I continued to tongue fuck his ass. It was quite a while before he rolled over, leaving his cock near my face. I didn't need to be told what to do.

I gave Derek a long, slow blow job. I paid appropriate attention to his balls, shaft and cock head. This, after all, was the object of my lust. This is what I was fixated on.

Eventually he put his hands on the back of my head to better control the rhythm. I was his fuck toy. Things would be his way. Repeatedly that cock stabbed its way in to my mouth. I'd swirl my tongue around it, and clean any pre-cum from the slit.

I could sense his urgency. The legs in his muscles were beginning to tighten. But instead of cumming, he stopped. He pulled my head off and told me that he'd be cumming soon, but that I shouldn't swallow. I had to keep his cum in my mouth. The blowjob proceeded.

A Couple of minutes later Derek's cock erupted in my mouth. I was surprised at the quantity. When he was completely finished, I did as he asked, and didn't swallow.

He brought my husband's pillow over in front of me. He told me to spit his cum on it. I paused for a moment to contemplate the sheer wickedness of the order and then complied. I open my mouth and allowed my spit and his cum to slide down my chin and onto the pillow. Wave after wave of the need to fuck hit me. My desire for Derek was at its peak.

To his surprise, I again took him in my mouth. I wanted to keep him hard. I needed it. Derek is a stud. A minute later he was fucking me from behind.

It was easily the best fuck I've ever had. He rutted on me like an animal. I got closer and closer to an orgasm, but it just wouldn't happen. It just built up. He slammed into me again and again. I was in another world – a world of swirling colours. If my husband walked in right then, I'd beg Derek to keep it up. Sex was all that mattered, and it had to be sex with Derek.

Still, my orgasm was elusive. I felt wave after wave of pleasure, but no finish. I lost all sense of reality. The world of swirling colours had completely taken over.

In reality, I had totally given myself to the sexual pleasure of this other man – this real man. He had the sexual ability to own me. It wasn't just something I wanted. It wasn't even something I needed. It was instead a sense that I had given him my will. It was all for him to decide and I'd obey.

Derek was like the victorious ram. He had fended off the other males (my husband) and I was his prize. And he was showing me why he was the better male. He was a pure male sex machine, fucking me hard with his big cock reaching places my husband's couldn't. Finally Derek bellowed and came again deep inside me. My orgasm hit like a tidal wave. It crushed me. I literally lost consciousness.


I awoke with a start. I looked up at the clock and saw immediately that my husband would be home soon. I turned my head, looking for Derek, but didn't see him. As I moved I felt something between my legs and found that Derek had tried to stuff some of the pillow case into my vagina – with the pillow attached.

The pillow was a sticky mess still. Some small part of me wanted to change the pillow case. But I really have to admit that a bigger part of me was totally turned on by not changing it.

I followed Derek's instructions and got the hairdryer out. It took about ten minutes, but finally the wet sticky parts had dried.

I put it too my nose and sniffed. The smell of sex was unmistakable. I had a problem. He'd notice. My husband would notice.

And then I had an idea.


I greeted my husband at the door wearing his favourite lingerie. He knew I had sex on my mind. (He just had it wrong who the sex was with!)

I grabbed him by the front of his pants and pulled him to the bedroom. I told him I didn't need any foreplay – that I was just horny and needed a quick fuck. He was more than happy to comply with his seemingly nympho wife's request.

I took control and told him I wanted to be fucked from behind. And before he could say anything, I was on the bed grabbing his pillow which I placed under my stomach. My idea was simple. We'd have sex now, and if he noticed any odour, he'd think it was from our fucking, and not anything else.

He wasted no time in mounting me. Six months ago, I would have enjoyed it. But now he seemed emasculated in my eyes. For the first time with him, I faked an orgasm. It triggered his own.

The scheme worked. Later on we went to bed to sleep. He told me his pillow smelled like "sex." I smiled wickedly and told him "Sweet dreams," but added to myself "wimp."

I lay awake with the clear realization that my husband was a wimp. Underneath his nose, another man had taken control of his wife – not by coercion; not by bribery; not by being wittier; not by being more caring; but by being more of a man.

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