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Jenny Be Fair


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Or is it? All characters herein are imaginary. Or are they? All events described here are fictitious. Oh, really? All locales described here are real and actual. If you had been to the unnamed places, you would recognize them. But this story is not to be taken seriously. Or is it? All sexual activity depicted here involves human persons at least 18 years old. Really.

If you're looking for a stroker, this ain't it. This story was inspired by the folksong of the same name. All hail the oral tradition!


"And for this Timber Cove High School graduating class of 1990: CONGRATULATIONS!"

As the loudspeakers blared, the black-gowned ranks of a couple hundred young people threw their caps toward the rafters of the auditorium with a relieved shout. Students and families milled together for hugs and handshakes, kisses and camera poses. Voices filled the space with a fractured cacophony.

My dad held my shoulders and grinned at me. Mom and my aunts and sisters and female cousins had already hugged and cheek-kissed and embarrassed me. Dad just slapped me on the back.

"So, boy, you actually made it through! Now you can get out into the real world."

"I'll deal with the real world later, Dad. Right now, I just want to get out of this stupid gown. I've got a party waiting for me!"

"I know about graduation parties -- and the parties *after* the parties. Don't go to jail, son."

Dad and I squeezed out the exit. He headed for the parking lot -- Mom and my sisters would need a ride home.

"Dad, wait a second, could you haul this to the car for me?"

I peeled the black gown over my head, leaving me in the dress slacks and button-down shirt Mom had insisted I wear. I folded the gown.

"Say boy, you dropped something there."

A little foil-covered packet lay at my feet. Dad picked it up.

"Hmm, ribbed for her pleasure, is it? Are you ready for an after-party party now?" He raised an eyebrow.

I blushed a little.

"Well, yeah, I was going to ask Jenny out, Jenny Field, you remember her?"

Dad frowned. "Ummm, son, we need to have a little talk. Come inside where it's quiet."

Dad got in the driver's seat; I slid into the passenger side.

"What's up, Dad? Is there a problem?"

Dad held the steering wheel and tilted his head back, his eyes closed. He took a deep breath and turned to face me.

"Jack, I just want you to know, despite everything, I still love your mother very much, always have."

He paused. I was confused. What is this?

"Jack, before your Mom and I married, I was quite a popular guy. I had girlfriends. I had sex with my girlfriends. And even after we were married, and they were married, I still had the same girlfriends, and we still had sex."

I stared at Dad. He had been cheating on Mom way back then? With women who were cheating on their husbands, probably Dad's own friends? For how long? And what does this have to do with Jenny? I had a bad feeling...

I had spent a couple nights with tall pale intense Jenny that week, and the previous week, and many weeks in prior months. We had a very oral relationship, totally third base -- her blowing me, me eating her, sometimes at the same time. Damn, I loved the taste of her pussy! And what she could do with her mouth! And the joy we felt when 69'ing! I almost came, just thinking about her. I could get serious about Jenny.

"Jack, one of my girlfriends was Dorothy Field, Jenny's mother. I hope you haven't had sex with Jenny yet. Jack, you can't have sex with Jenny. She's your sister."

My sister? Oh shit. Oh shit. I thought I knew my sisters. Jenny was my sister too? Oh shit.

A folksong ran through my mind:

Jenny be fair, and Jenny be fine, and want me for to wed, And I would marry Jenny, but my father up and said, "I'm sad to tell you, son, what your mother never knew, That Jenny is a child of mine, and so she's kin to you."

I had seen some English movies. I knew the exact word: Gobsmacked. I was fucking gobsmacked.

"Son, I've got to go pick up the womenfolk and drive them home now. Go on to your parties. But stay away from Jenny, I beg you. Don't fuck your sister."

Dad drove off. I stood there, stunned, no, gobsmacked. I could not move.

My best friend Denny came up behind me and slapped my back.

"Hey Jack, what're you standing here for? C'mon, we've got some hearty partying ahead! Get your nasty ass in gear."

I stumbled along, dazed, while Denny chattered about freedom and girls and his plans for work and travel. He finally noticed that I was silent and distracted, after I almost stumbled over a curb.

"Dude, what's up? Did someone drill a hole in your head and all your brains leaked out?" Denny cackled.

"Ummm, yeah sorta. Shit. I'm in a situation, kinda fucked up. I'll have to break up with Jenny. Oh shit."

"What, no Jenny? That's really rough, dude. What happened with you?"

"I can't talk about it. But it's just over. WE'RE over. Oh fuck."

"That's righteous bad, Jack. Hey, would you mind if I asked her out?"

"Oh shit man. Yeah, go ahead. We can't be together any more. Oh fuck."

We did not talk much after that. Denny drove me to the 'official' party at the American Legion hall. I wandered around the dance floor a little, but my heart was not really into it. I left early and caught a ride to near my home. I crawled silently through my bedroom window so as to stay unobtrusive. I did not want my family to see me now, to ask why I was home so early -- a question I could not answer in this house.

I had most of a bottle of Dad's favorite cheap white rum stashed in my closet, and a few cans of warm cola. I mixed a room-temperature Cuba Libre, and another, and lay on my bed staring upward, my head filled with a rampaging clusterfuck of thoughts and images.

I did not drink enough to vomit, just enough to get me up to pee at 3:00 AM, and to drink some more, and to sleep till almost noon. That is what would be expected if I had actually partied all night.

I do not want you to think that I was pussywhipped by Jenny, dependent on her. No, I had other girls too. I had just really really wanted Jenny last night. Now I could not have her, not last night, not any night.


I woke in an empty house. Dad was at work; Mom was probably shopping; my sisters were likely hanging out with their friends, looking at end-of-school specials at what passed for a mall in our small city, a fairly remote fishing and lumber port on the Oregon coast.

I slapped a big salmon sandwich together, and then tended to some chores, just to keep busy. I heard Mom drive home and park out front. I hid in the garage, working on my old Pinto, currently up on blocks awaiting some organ transplants. My sisters returned home too. Then the garage door opened and Dad drove in to park.

"Good afternoon, son, how did things go last night?"

"Oh yeah well, everything was OK, no problem."

"Look, I'm sorry I had to spring that on you, but you had to know the truth."

"Yeah Dad, I know, thanks. Say, can I borrow the van tonight?"

"Sure thing, Jack. Do you have any special plans?"

"Well, I was hoping to take Sally Craig someplace. You know Sally, that billowy blonde girl?"

Sally was a dream girl of a different sort. Sally's glory can be summed-up in a four-letter word: TITS! Great big juicy soft comfy mouth-filling extra-nutritious TITS! Sally and I usually got together a couple nights every week for a furious tit-fucking session. Damn, how I loved sliding through her bosomy valley, her tongue extending with each stroke to caress my dickhead! She loved having me shoot all over her face.

"Oh Christ. Not Sally. You remember what I told you yesterday about Dorothy Field, Jenny's mother? Well, another of my girlfriends was Alicia Craig, Sally's mother. Jack, I've got to tell you -- Sally is also your sister. You can't fuck her, you just can't."

I was gobsmacked again. Shot down, twice in a row!

The next verse of the song started in my head: Sally be fair, and Sally be fine, and want me for to wed...

I know my jaw hung open. Gobsmacking does that to a person. Dad looked at me with pity.

"I'm sorry, son, but you'd better face reality. Those girls are your sisters. Can I make a suggestion? Why don't you maybe take Shelly Lane somewhere? I never had her mother Penny. Shelly would be safe for you."

Well, about Shelly: She was cute, with hazel eyes and long chestnut hair. We had been actual friends for a long time, very much alike in many ways. We had made out a few times, had rubbed each other to happiness more than once. She was not exactly exciting, just comfortable. Yeah, I would not mind taking her out.

"OK Dad, I guess I'll call Shelly. Can I still borrow the van?"

"Go right ahead. Don't worry about buying gas; I'll cover it for you. Have fun, OK?"

"Yeah, thanks Dad. See ya later."

I called Shelly. She had no plans and was glad to go out with me. We went to the Tide-Y-Bowl Lanes and bowled a couple games, ate some salmon burgers, drank some beers, chatted and joked, had some laughs. Then we drove to a lookout over the cove, a really nice secluded nook, great for making out.

I drew the window blinds and folded down the back seats into a bed. We kicked our shoes off and lay together, holding each other, fully clothed, just kissing gently, like the great old friends we were. We nibbled at each other's faces.

Shelly held my head and looked deeply into my eyes.

"Jack, you know I've always liked you, really liked you. You never put any pressure on me. We just do what feels right with us, and it *is* right. I had fun tonight, I really did.

"Jack, I feel special tonight. I want this night to be *really* special. Jack, I want us to fuck tonight. I want you to be my first. Jack, I want to give you my virginity tonight. Don't worry about a condom; I've been on The Pill for a couple years now, to keep my period regular. C'mon Jack, let's fuck."

Wow! Shelly was offering herself to me! I kissed her deeply. We slowly undressed each other, contorting a bit in the van's bed, each mouthing whatever new flesh was revealed, chests and nipples and navels and thighs. She stroked my cock, and fisted me, and swallowed me, and brought me to a quick climax. I nestled between her firm legs and ate her till her reverberating screams deafened us.

Shelly slurped me back to full rigidity. She lay back and spread her legs for me. I hugged her and rolled her atop me.

"Shelly, for your first time, you should be in control. You should decide just how much you want, and you can stop if it hurts too much. Let's do it this way."

Shelly rose over my loins on her knees. I reached up and held her nether lips apart. She held my cock and guided me between her labia and into her wet and oh-so-tight vagina. She slowly lowered herself onto me, an inch at a time. Her cunt was on fire! I felt a pressure on my little head about halfway in. Hymen-popping time!

"OK Jack, this is it, it feels so good so far! Don't let me fall over, Jack."

She raised herself up and fell forcefully down on me. She gave a short cry, paused, and then pushed herself fully onto me. My overheated cock impacted her cervix. She cried out again, and then moaned. I felt her quivering and steaming.

"Oh Jack, this feels great, *we* feel great, I love how this feels, oh, oh..."

Shelly methodically rode up and down on my cock, her pace slowly speeding up. I looked up at her sexy body, her wonderful tits swaying with her movements. I reached up, held those tits, brought my face up to lick her nipples, and bit down a little.

Shelly moved faster yet, then grunted, and stopped, motionless at the top of a stroke. Then she quickly impaled herself fully on my cock again, and stopped again, and yelled. Wow did she yell! She writhed for what seemed like minutes, then collapsed on me, sweating and crying and laughing.

"Oh fuck Jack, that was incredible, oh fuck, oh fuck."

"That was a good start. You want a fucking? I'LL give you a FUCKING!"

I rolled her over, still hot and hard within her tumultuous tunnel, and got into missionary position. I fucked her, slow and fast, long and short, and faster again, pistoning us into paradise. As my testicles swelled and steamed, she started to cry again, and came again, loudly and firmly, her crazed cunt muscles flutter-squeezing my cock in fast spasms. This was too much for me; I roared and filled her, overflowing.

I rolled us over again before my cock softened and slipped from her. She lay on me, breathing hard. She lifted her head and gazed into my eyes.

"Jack, that was the fucking best I have ever felt in my whole fucking life! We've gotta do this again! We've fucking gotta!"

"Give me a few minutes for my balls to reload and I'll be ready for you."

"Oh Jack, I could do this all night long! Oh damn, you feel so fucking good in me!"

We fucked the night away. I took Shelly home before dawn, a happy woman.


I woke in the early afternoon. Apparently, Shelly had slept about as long. I was kick-starting myself into semi-consciousness with strong coffee and leftover pizza when the phone rang.

"Jack, last night was just the best! I want us to have more nights like that. But we'll have to wait a little. Aunt Evelyn needs some help at her place, so I'll be in Salem for a few days. Wait for me, will you? Please? Please?"

"Of course I'll wait for you, Shelly. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. Have fun at your Aunt's."

Damn, last night with Shelly really worked me up! I was sure looking forward to more fun fuck sessions. But she would not be around for a while. Maybe I could line up some other dates while she was gone.

I was back in the garage working on my pathetic Pinto again when Dad drove home.

"Good afternoon, Jack. How'd it go with Shelly last night?"

"Awesome, Dad, simply awesome. But now she'll be gone for a few days, over at her aunt's in Salem. I'm going to look for some other companionship tonight. Maybe I'll ask Linda Edwards if she's busy."

Linda was another sensuous friend. She was a lean athletic girl with long blonde hair, brilliant blue eyes, fine legs and hips and breasts, wire-rim glasses, and a great sense of humor. I usually saw her once or twice a week too. We always let our fingers do the walking. She gave the world's best handjobs. I finger-fucked her to fruition every time. Linda was just one of the most splendid creatures in town.

"Uh, well son, that wouldn't really be a good idea. Linda's mother, Evelyn, well, we were a pretty hot pair back then. Linda is also your sister. Stay away from her, Jack, or you'll only cause grief and pain."

The next verse of the song swam into my brain: Linda be fair, and Linda be fine, and want me for to wed...

"Jesus fuck, Dad, what is this? Who else around here is my sister? How about Clara Laughlin?" Dad nodded.

"Or Sara Hughes?" He nodded again.

"Or Cindy Evans? Mary Todd? Helen Simons?" He kept nodding.

"This is fucking insane! How about Sue Reed?"

"You'll be OK with Sue. I never got with her mother Donna. Her husband Dave was pretty intimidating."

Sue, with brown eyes and hair and an oval face not unlike Shelly, was Shelly's best female friend, and another great old pal of mine. We had also made out a few times, friendly-like. Like Shelly, she was comfy, not thrilling. To me, Shelly and Sue were both friends for life, but not really life-partner material, not to my hormone-infused eighteen-year-old brain.

Dad saw me nodding as I considered Sue. "Go ahead, take the van again. Have fun with Sue. Stay out of jail. I don't want to have to bail you out."

I called Sue. She was also eager for a night out. We had a near-rerun of my previous night with Shelly, everything except the loss of virginity. Sue had already popped her cherry, the day after her eighteenth birthday, a pity fuck for Stu Simons, who had crushed on her since forever, but was rather a pathetic dweeb. Sue suggested a condom. Hey, I finally got to use it, ribbed for her pleasure and everything!

"That was nice, Jack, you're a pretty good fucker. I wouldn't mind having your cock in me for a few days."

"Well Sue, I think that can be arranged. But you gotta let me slip out to pee every now and then, OK?"

Sue slapped my forehead. "Smart-ass."

"Better a smart-ass than a dumb-ass, right?" I pounded a beat on her beautiful butt.

"Hey, not too hard. I'm not into pain like that Mary Todd perv." Mary's orgasms usually required bruising.

"How about if I just beat your ass to death with my swinging balls as I'm pounding you senseless?"

"Promises, promises," Sue laughed, fisting my cock back into condition.


Over the next few days, I snuck Sue into my bedroom a couple times, and she snuck me into hers, and we had more all-night sessions in the van. We were very comfortable together, not red-hot, just a steady burn.

Shelly returned from Salem. Shelly and Sue immediately got together for best-friend stuff. Shelly called me late one afternoon to request another night in the van. Dad gave me the keys and I drove to her house.

Shelly and Sue were both waiting for me, both wearing jeans and sweatshirts, each holding a small plastic cooler, one loaded with a twelve-pack of Colt 45 malt, the other filled with hot fresh salmon piroshkis.

"We'll skip the bowling alley tonight, Jack, and head straight for the lookout. We'll park and eat there, and we'll talk and stuff, OK?" Sue said. I was not about to disagree.

I parked and setup the van bed. We ate and drank and did not say much. The girls leaned on one side of the van; I leaned against the door opposite. We drank more Colts, and we finally talked.

Sue started.

"Jack, you know that we've been friends forever. You know that Shelly and I have been best girlfriends. REALLY best girlfriends. Ever since we hit puberty. We found we like each other. REALLY like each other."

Shelly hugged Sue, turned Sue's head to her own, and gave her a tongue-twisting tonsil-tuning kiss. Their hands caressed each other's breasts. They peeled their sweatshirts up. Shelly licked Sue's nipples. Sue returned the favor. Their mouths joined again. My mighty meaty member responded quickly and firmly.

Shelly broke the kiss and turned to me.

"Jack, you made me really happy the other day, and you've made Sue happy every day since then. Jack, we want you to be happy too. We want to all be happy together. Jack, we want to fuck you like there's no tomorrow. We want to be part of you and we want you to be part of us. Jack, get your fucking clothes off!"

We all got naked, fast. We shared a three-way kiss. Sue and I sucked Shelly's tits and fingered her slit, Sue on one side, me on the other, then mixing our fingers. Shelly and I sucked Sue's tits and played with her cunt and anus, inserting fingers to responsive levels. Sue and Shelly sucked my nipples and fisted my cock, then double-blew me. Sue and I licked Shelly's pussy, side-by-side. I ate Sue's pussy while she and Sherry sucked each other's tits. Sue and Shelly each yelled several times. I had not yet cum.

We daisychained, me eating Shelly eating Sue eating me, then switched. Our flavors blended together so well, even without MSG. I rolled a condom on and fucked Sue while Shelly sat on her face and wiggled. Shelly rode my cock bareback while Sue sat on my face and writhed. I came twice while sliding in and out of each of their vaginas, with a little rest break in-between while they 69'd excitedly. Whew.

Yes, we all had great fun. These comfortable girls were becoming more exciting all the time.


We had fun for a couple weeks. Then Sue and Shelly went off to a short summer college session in Corvallis and I was left alone. Alone, because all the girls of my age still in town were my sisters! The sisters I had grown up with, Debbie and Dolores a.k.a. Dizzy; and Jenny and Sally and Linda and Clara and Sara and Cindy and Mary and Helen and who knows whom else? I got depressed just thinking about the situation.

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