tagRomanceJeremy and I Ch. 02

Jeremy and I Ch. 02


The feeling of being in Jeremy's arms was...in a word....intoxicating. I loved having his arms around me becuase it made me feel safe and secure. Jeremy was always so sweet and adoarbale about everything. He had this way of writing poetry that just made my heart melt no matter what it said. He was so cute when he read it too becuase he was always so shy about letting me see it. I'm really into singing and dancing and performing so I'm usually in a lot of shows. I came home one day, exhaused, finding him eating cookies.

I put my stuff down and sat down beside him. "Give me a cookie please."

"You hafta work for it." He said with his cute little grin of I got something you don't have.

"But I did. I sang and danced. Now please give me a cookie." I said in my most desperate voice.

"But I didn't get to see it."

"Not my fualt."

"Ok ok. I will anyways." I smiled as I knew I won and he handed me a chocolate chip cookie. "

"Thank you baby." I gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Now you have stage lipstick on you." I grinned at my little imprint on him.

"Stage lipstick? What's the difference from regular lipstick?"

"It doesn't come off very easily."

I giggled as I watched him trying to wipe it off. "Damn.... this stuff doesn't come off." He laughed at me giving me his adorable grin.

"Well, it takes me about three showers and lots of scrubbing to get it off. At least it does for me, but I have about a pound more make-up then jsut lipstick on my cheek." I laughed at him stil trying to wipe it off. Then I see a devilish smile come to his face as he just realized what I said.

"Well I guess you might need a little help getting it all of in the shower the frist time." His smile just got bigger and bigger as he picture this in his head.

"You would think me, being in so many plays, I would have something to get rid of the make-up easier. Oh would you take a look at that. I do!" I saw a look of saddness on his face as he realized that I wasn't going to let him shower with me so he could scrub off make-up.

"But..but you still need help, don't you?"

"Sorry babes. I don't." I took a bite of the cookie in my hand.

He got up and laughed at me, as I went to the bathroom and changed from my costume to my bath robe. I used the cleaner to clean my face of the make-up. I took a shower and changed into some of my comfy P.J.'s. I went out of my bedroom to find Jeremy sitting on the futon watching TV. I sat down beside him and layed my head on his shoulder.

"Welcome back sweetheart." He kissed my cheek.

"Thank you. So what are you watching?"

"Nothing of intrest. Just waiting for you."

"Now why would you be doing a silly thing like that?" I teased him.

"Becuase I like being around you and I like holding you and I love the way you smell when you get out of the shower."

"And why is that?"

"It smells good and makes me happy."

"I bet that's not all it makes you." I gave him a teasing smile.

"And what does it do to me Miss Brittany?"

"I think it turns you on."

"Why do you think that?" Jeremy said taking interest in our conversatin.

"Becuase I just know."

"Prove it."

I moved my body so I was straddling his legs between mine and I was facing him, leaving a bit of space between our bodies. I raked my fingers from his shoulders down his chest very slowly. Then I leanedin for a small kiss moving my kiss to his neck. "Are you turned on?"

"Umm....yeah." Jeremy said as he opened his eyes and returned back into reality.

"See I told you. It's the hair." We both laughed at this as I turned around to sit on his lap with his arms around me. This was my favorite way to sit because his whole body could be around me and it felt good.

"Baby" He whispered in my ear after about a half an hour of watching TV that didn't really matter. "Can I get up for a second, I'll be right back."

"Ok" I got up and watched him stand up and leave the room and head towards the bathroom. I layed down on my tummy on the futon with my feet at the end. Jeremy came back and saw me and sat down on the chair beside the futon and watched more TV. "Jeremy...."

"Yes hun?"

"Will you do me a big favor?" I asked him in the most babish voice I could becuase I know it somehow flicks a swtich for him and he will do anything.

"What's that?"

"Will you scratch my back?" I smiled at him as he got closer to me.

"Of course." I lowered the straps down from my shoulders to my arms pulling my shirt a little bit down so he could scratch my back. "Hmm...is someone trying to tempt me here."

"Well if you don't want to play along...then that's fine...." He put his finger to my mouth before I could finish and kissed me on the lips.

"What do you think about that?" He asked as I rolled over onto my back, him still sitting at my side.

"I think that was very nice."

Jeremy leaned down to kiss me as his hand started rubbing my legs. I pulled him down onto the futon right on top of me still kissing him as he parted my lips with his tongue. I moved to his neck knowing how he loves it almost as much as I do sucking on it a little. I bite it softly leaving a mark as I felt his hands slide down inbwtween my legs rubbing softly. He moved so he could return the favor and bite my neck leaving a mark also.

I start to take off his shirt trying not to make him stopp kissing, then tossing it to the side. He lifts my shirt up, looking shocked that I wasn't wearing a bra, but got over the shock and started kissing my neck grinding into me. He kissed my neck and was nibbling my ear pulling me closer. "Brittany....are you ok with this?"

"Jeremy, you wouldn't have gotten this far if I didn't want this. Just shut up and keep going." He have me a look of unsureness and I smilme at him. "Please Jeremy...I want this."

He moved down and starts pulling my pants down again being shocked that I had on no panties and then realizing I was completley shaven became more shocked. He growled and I smiled becuase I knew this would be to his liking and I liked being full of surprises.

Jeremy begain to kiss my theighs moving his tongue into my slit teasing me a little. He placed my legs onto his shoulders as his tongue swirled inside of me. Taking his hand and placeing it onto my clean shaven spot, rubbing softly and he contined to lick me with his stiffened tongue. Hs hands run up and down my body as I started pulling on his hair as he licked deeper and faster. He took my hand and placed it to my pussy taking my fingers and placed them inside of me so I started fingering myself. His tongue started following the rythm I had set with my fingers, searching deeper into me. His tongue found my g-spot and I let out a moans got bigger and bigger as I came to my frist orgasm. He crawled back upon me kissing my neck and trying to make sure I was ok.

He rolled us over so I was ontop and took my hands down his chest to his waist, me taking the hint I undid his pants and slid them off of him kissing his tummy.. I then pull down his boxers shocked at how is cock jumped when I touched it. I took it into my hands then sliding up his body slowly placing his cock into my clit. He stopped me and rolled me over onto my back, knowing this was my first and thought it would be easier. He eased himself into me, watching my face as the pain came through. He didn't move inside of me waiting for it to all pass. Then when he saw that the pain was replaced with please he began to pump into me. His hands began to rub over my breasts. I pulled his face to mine kissing his lips then kissing his neck. Our moans became louder and louder as he fucked me slow, still making sure he wasn't hurting me. My fingers dug into his back as I come to my next orgasm. My body starts to tremble and I feel his trembling to.

"Jeremy..." I say inbtween moans. "Fuck me harder."

Jeremy doesn't waste any time and his strokes become harder and more aggressive. Both our bodies are ready to explode and he started pulling out of me realizing we didn't use protection. "No, cum inside me Jeremy." I say as soon as I realize what he's doing. He gave one last trust and our bodies exploded in pleasure. He fell down beside me and kisses me telling me he loves me.

"Are you ok." He whispered in my ear very softly.

"Yes. I'm wonderful. I feel great. Kind of sweaty...but perfecct." I gave him a reassuring smile.

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