Jersey Shore Games Ch. 02


The next set of pictures were a well choreographed series of Reggie on top of Lis. He was plunging his oversized ebony prong into my girlfriend. Her mesh encased legs were wrapped tightly around him and she was holding the black man in her arms, a look of utter ecstasy on her face. The caption simply read "Denny you have no idea how much she loves this. Your girl's addicted now." Meanwhile the pictures ended with several of Jodi on top of Reggie riding him. Her body was smaller than Lis' and it looked surreal watching such a massive black penis slice into such a small white woman.

The slide show ended and the screen went back to Reggie's email. I stared at the screen until I noticed that there was another attachment. Reggie had done an excellent job of showing me that he had turned my girlfriend into a whore. I had no idea what else he could have had in store for me. More rattled than curious I still clicked on the attachment. A full screen picture popped up. It was Lis standing next to a very handsome black man. They both had their arms around each other and they were both wearing broad smiles. The picture was probably taken at the bar Lis had talked about in our brief phone conversation. She was in a pair of faded jeans and an old navy blue v-neck sweater she loved to wear. It looked as though Lis had gone out with the crowd for a couple of drinks and run into yet another stud.

The next picture jolted me back to why my girl had gone to Jersey in the first place and it disturbed me. It was the same black man Lis had been standing next to laying back on Reggie's couch. He was completely naked. He had the same smile on his face and he had his arms flexed over his head in a playful pose. There was also his penis. You couldn't miss it. It was fully erect and pressing up against his body in a long thick powerful arc that ended with the large head pressed against his abdomen well above his navel. It was extraordinarily impressive. The slab of manhood seemed to be longer than Reggie's and its girth looked inhuman. What really upset me was the perfection of his face. The black man had a comfortable smile and the sharp features of a male model. The caption simply read "Meet Richard!". While Reggie might have been holding onto his laurels with his personality and guile this man was in his prime maybe 5 years or so older than Lis and I. If I was fearful of Reggie taking Lis from me this man would have me shitting in my pants.

The third picture came into view and at this point it didn't surprise me. Lis was naked save for her favorite footwear, a pair of black high heel cowboy boots. She was on her knees and she had a mouthful of the new black man's cock down her throat. The phallus was darker than Reggie's which in itself had a rather deep ebony coloring. While Reggie's penis looked like a thick slab of pipe, smooth and round, Richard's member had ridges and grooves all along the shaft and was crisscrossed with veins. The black man's body matched his enormous manhood. While he wasn't overly muscle bound there wasn't an ounce of fat on him and his body had an incredible definition to it.

The fourth picture was the coup de grace. As the picture launched Queen's "Another One Bites The Dust" began thumping out of my computer speakers. I sat back and took in the Boom! Boom! Boom! rhythm and checked out my girlfriend's body mingling with the black man's. Lis was on her back with her legs wrapped around Richard's body. I couldn't see the large black penis but from the utter excitement etched on Lis' face it was clear that it was buried deep inside her. The black man's body was arched in much the same way his penis looked when it was hard and his face was contorted. Reggie's caption confirmed what I pretty much knew. "Lissy gladly takes a load of Richard's baby making batter deep into her womb." More than all the other pictures this one took hold of me. This was a man that Lis would have absolutely no qualms about walking arm in arm with down a public street or into a restaurant or party. I sat in front of my computer for a long time examining every inch of their naked bodies and couldn't find an imperfection in either one of them.

Amazingly I was able to hold off cumming until Lis walked through the door in the late afternoon. I practically jumped her right then and there. I wanted her as soon as possible after she had returned from the Jersey shore. Not only was I outrageously horny from viewing the interracial sex acts on my computer I wanted to see if the black men were still on her from the weekend. Would I be able to smell Reggie or this Richard stud as I pushed in and out of Lis? Would I be able to taste them as I sucked on her nipples and kissed her lips? I fucked Lis with all my might. Yet all the masturbatory foreplay had me so close to cumming before Lis had arrived home as soon as I began pounding into my girlfriend my balls began to push the backed up sperm out of my body. It didn't matter anyway. I may have physically been stronger than Reggie but I didn't have his equipment and certainly not Richard's. In a matter of minutes I was spewing my own seed into Lis. Subsequent to a weekend jam packed with incredible sex this was a pedestrian 15 minute romp at best for Lis. After a performance that would have reminded most of a high school boy frantically losing his virginity to a sexy older woman I felt pathetic. Lis sensed my feelings and knew that I hadn't done my customary best so she soothed me with a few well placed comments when I tried to apologize.

"Why are you apologizing Denny? You've just been shown pictures of me having sex with two other men. You've probably been close to cumming for hours. I certainly understand but if it worries you maybe you should just jerk off the next time. You'll be able last longer if we fuck on your second round." Lis suggested.

"Maybe you're right. Some of those pictures were pretty intense." I accepted.

"If you thought the pictures were intense you should have been there when I was getting pounded." Lis bragged.

"It looked like you really got it on with that Richard guy. Is there a connection there?" I inquired anxiously.

"To be honest, yes there was. Denny he's an extremely sexy man and I loved being with him but before you overflow with jealously it's only the sex and, yes, the excitement of being with a virile black man." Lis explained.

It's just that I see these pictures of you with these black men and their enormous cocks and the look on your face when you're with them. It drives me crazy sometimes and then there's my performance today." I admitted.

"I told you that I know why you came so quickly. You last as long as any black man and I'm getting to be an expert at the capabilities of the African American man so you can take my word for it. And as for these black men with their enormous phalluses it drives you crazy with excitement. We both know it. You want this lifestyle as much as I do." Lis told me.

After our conversation Lis felt like a break to release some of the tension that had built up. She started with the familiar wrestling match that we had enjoyed so many times before and before you knew it we were buddies again.

"How was the trip home?" I asked Lis as we lay next to each other in bed out of breath.

"Long. I'm going to have to learn to like coffee if I'm going to make it next time." She smiled over at me.

"So you're going back again?" I must have looked crestfallen because Lis reached out and ran her hand along my chest.

"Of course. You should know that by now. I missed you down there but I have to admit that I had a wonderful time. I really want you to make it next time." Lis said.

"I don't' think I can go back down. Lis I saw the pictures of you with him at the party. Everyone saw you with Reggie. They knew you were going to sleep with him. I'd be humiliated." I explained.

"Denny isn't that the whole point of sharing me? Most people probably figured that Reggie and I were just friends and those that knew certainly didn't care. It happens." Lis told me.

"You think that I'm letting you do this just so that I can be humiliated? I'm sure you weren't the first woman to openly cheat on her significant other at that beach so maybe not many people did care. I mean men take women from each other all the time but the loser doesn't usually stick around to be belittled." I explained.

"They do down there. Humiliation is part of the excitement." Lis admitted.

"What are you talking about?" I was confused.

"Denny, he's had all of them." Lis told me. "You saw the pictures of Jodi with him. Alex, Ginger and God knows how many others. Reggie gets them all and then afterwards he gives them to his friends, other black men. That stud has a gorgeous white woman on his arm anytime he wants."

"The guys, Tim, Eddie, and the others, just let it happen?" The pictures of Jodi riding Reggie on the couch rushed back before my eyes but I still couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Why not? You did." Lis dug into me. "They actually promote their women hoping that Reggie or one of the other studs pick their wife or girlfriend. Denny, they get off on the humiliation. They're cuckolds, just like you." Lis let her husky voice trail off and looked at me.

"What makes you think I'm one of them?" I didn't want to just let Lis get away with calling me a cuckold and not justify it.

"Denny I saw you surrender that night at Reggie's. When you got up and left the room I knew what you wanted and I performed for you." It wasn't the first time that Lis had used that against me.

"I don't know why I did that." I replied.

"I do and it's okay. I like it too. So do the girls in Jersey, Jodi tells me that there's nothing like the feeling of sliding off her wedding ring so she can go out as a single woman with Reg. The stares she gets when she walks into a party as a gorgeous white woman on the arm of a black man. There's nothing more exciting and I have to say I couldn't agree more." Lis let out.

"I can't believe this. It's so weird." I admitted.

"This doesn't have to be a bad thing. We can grow. I know I won't love you any less because of some physical activity with another man. Hell Reggie is probably responsible for keeping Tim and Alex together. I mean Tim is so nice but if you think he could keep Alex around without Reggie hosing her down and keeping her sexually happy. Look, we're different. I love you and you love me. We never said that to each other before Reggie and I were together." Lis made her point.

"How can spending your weekends with another man be a positive?" I asked.

"I'm not spending my weekends with Reg. I'm here with you. When I go down to see him I want you with me." Lis said.

Lis I'll be such a third wheel. You're out with him and I'm just following you around."

"That's not how it would work. When we go down I'm with you until we get back to Reggie's that's when I'll belong to him. He may use me as a date once in a while but otherwise. I wish you would stop whining about this." Lis told me.

"It sounds like I don't have much of a choice." I conceded.

"There's always choices Denny but I've discovered a new lifestyle and I want to explore it." Lis told me.

"So if I don't go along with this we're finished?" I declared.

"I don't think that's fair to say. I love you and don't want to lose you Denny but over time I know I wouldn't be happy. Especially when deep down I know this is what you want too. This isn't about you lessening your manhood. Although I know you enjoy the humiliation when we are behind closed doors." Lis concluded.

"Lis, we are playing Russian Roulette with the most important thing in my life, our relationship. Yet if this makes you happy then I'll do it for you." I didn't want to admit that I wanted this lifestyle. It scared me too much.

"It means when I'm down at the shore I'm one of Reggie's girls. You understand that right?" Lis confirmed.

"Yea, like we said when we're at Reggie's house he gets to fuck you and I get to watch." I conceded."

"It means that I do what he says and who he says." Lis clarified her previous statement.

"So Reggie is whoring you out now?" I blurted out as I thought of the handsome black man named Richard topping my girlfriend.

"You can call it what you want but I told you that Reggie has friends that get to fuck us. There are only three or four of them. Denny this thing has a very tight seal." Lis countered.

"Why do I feel like the captain on the Titanic?" I concluded as I sank back into the bed. It was at this point that I knew if this thing ever got out of control there would be absolutely nothing I would be able to do about it and I was certain that Lis would be spending a great deal of her time down at the shore with her new friend Richard. It both horrified and excited me. I was getting used to the feeling.

I heard from Reggie about once a week during the winter months. He would ask my permission each time he wanted to talk to Lis. As far as I knew he was keeping his word on not taking her from me. As the weeks went on I got the feeling that he was actually sincere. He was very respectful of my relationship with Lis. As we got to know each other we would talk about a myriad of different subjects but the conversation would always end up centering on him and Lis. It was sexually graphic and I had to admit that I had started to like it. I would get excited as Reggie described how it felt to slide his penis into my girlfriend, sometimes to the point that I would be jerking off as we talked. Finally I gave in and told him that he was most definitely a part of my girlfriend's life and that he should be able to call her whenever he wanted. I had even invited Reggie to come up and use my bedroom for a weekend with Lis. Reggie declined saying that he didn't want to intrude on our life up north, that the Jersey shore was where he would be with Lis. Still I guess that's when he knew he had me. He had stayed away not only to make Lis want his kinky swinging interracial lifestyle all that much more but myself as well. A sort of absence makes the heart grow fonder thing. In addition Reggie explained that we had a perfect set up the way things were now. We lived our lives as a perfect couple up north and then when we visited the Jersey shore Lis became a wanton whore. Something she and I now both desired.

One day I was coming in after shoveling my walk. It was early March and I was hoping we would luck out and this would be the last time I would have to break out the shovel. The phone was ringing so I hurriedly slammed the front door shut and ran out to the kitchen and grabbed the phone.

"Hey my man! How's the snow treating you?" A familiar voice exploded through the phone line.

"Reggie how's it going? I heard you guys got buried down there." I returned.

"Yea not too bad, we got maybe 6 inches or so. I hope it's over for the year. It's time for the fun to start up again down here." He said.

"So that's why we haven't seen you. You've been hibernating. " I felt a twinge in my stomach.

"Well I've been busy. Richard and I made a video with this hot lady, Paula. She's a sweet 50 year old lady that just loved giving it up in front of the camera. The DVDs have been flying out the door. I'll let you see it when you get down here." He told me.

"What's the storyline?" I knew that Reggie actually liked to have some sort of plot on most of his videos and he was pretty imaginative when it came to thinking up sexual scenarios.

"Oh not much plot to this one. I just turned my boy Richard loose on her. Christ she screamed so loud I thought the cops might break down the door at any minute. I just love it when the prim and proper ones show me their wild side." Reggie admitted.

"So who is this guy?" I was now very curious about this stud and my stomach was being invaded by butterflies.

"Richard? He's sort of my protégé. He's great with the camera and even better with the white girls. He's a stud plain and simple." Reggie informed me.

I worked up the courage and asked Reggie. "I heard he got under Lis' skin."

"Yea he got her real good and more than under her skin. He got right between her thighs too. I mean your woman went crazy when she saw him at Whiskey Pete's. I thought we were going to have to throw a blanket and cold water over them in the bar. I hope you don't mind. You know I didn't want to overstep my bounds but it just happened." Reggie admitted with a chuckle.

"No problem with me. I know now that Lis is your woman when we are in Jersey." I admitted weakly.

"Hey don't worry about Richard. He's a player and working a lot of white women. Lissy is just one of his lovelies." Reggie seemed to sense that I needed to be reassured.

"I have to admit that he's a good looking guy. I was kind of nervous." I said.

"Well that's part of the thrill my man. You give your woman to a superior lover and hope that she comes back to you after she's been thoroughly sexed. Which brings me to the reason for my call, I was hoping to take Lis to a wedding next month. I'd like to see you too. We could go out and have a few beers during the weekend." The black man asked.

"You know I was wondering when you would ask us down again." I agreed.

"The wedding is for a friend of my family. None of our friends from the beach will be going but I'd love to show off that leggy blonde to my more colored friends if you know what I mean." Reggie said it in such a dirty way.

"You know that she's yours anytime that you want. She'll do anything to be with you." I told Reggie.

"That's what I want to hear!" With that we said our good byes.

Lis was ecstatic about the wedding. There seemed to be a new boldness about her attitude towards the lifestyle since the Halloween party 6 months earlier. Not only couldn't she wait to be back in Reggie's bed. She couldn't wait to be seen with him in public, at the wedding. Obviously there was some sort of thrill that Lis got by being seen with Reggie and for that matter probably any black man. For now, the Jersey shore offered my girlfriend a safe place where no one from home would see her and thus know the perverse sexual lifestyle that she was hoping to enjoy this summer.

We got down to Reggie's house a little before 5pm. The traffic was brutal and we were running late. It was a 6:30pm wedding but Reggie was relaxed. I thought he might take Lis into his room for a quickie or possibly just bend her over right in front of me. Instead the smiling black man handed me a beer and we talked in the living room while Lis got dressed in his bedroom.

"That's a tough ride on a Friday and these days Saturday seems just as bad." Reggie commented.

"I know. I know. There doesn't ever seem to be a decent time to make this trip. I thought Lis was going to freak when she thought we might not be here by 6pm." I said.

"She's a fine girl. She's going to impress a lot of people at the reception." Reggie said slowly and looked at the bedroom door with a smile.

"Reggie I've got to admit that I'm getting hard thinking about you pounding that big dick of yours into my girlfriend tonight." I admitted sheepishly.

"Oh we'll be home early. I'm just as eager to sink my dick into your girlfriend's prime white pussy." Just the way Reggie said it told me he meant business.

At that point Lis came out of the bedroom. She looked beautiful with her hair done up and her make up just right. She was wearing a red satin cocktail dress that clung to her body perfectly, sheer white stockings and a pair of shiny black high heel pumps that once again left her towering over Reggie. She went up to the black man and they kissed. This was the point at which Lis became Reggie's. She would belong to him for the rest of the weekend. I accepted my fate as I observed the two lovers.

"Hey Denny I was wondering if you could do me a favor while we're out?" Reggie asked.

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