tagBDSMJess Pt. 05

Jess Pt. 05


It was midnight and Lisa was on the way back from an evening with friends when curiosity made her stop by her sister's flat. All was dark inside, and so guessing that Jess and Tom must be out, she let herself in with her key. Her plan had been to play with some of Jess's toys, but what she found inside was even better.

Tom looked up blearily from Jessica's bed, to see the high cheek bones and exceptionally sexy lips of Jess's older sister, Lisa. He could watch those lips move all day

"Lisa, who let you in?"

"Oh, I have a key to the front door," Lisa boasted as her erotic lips creased a little further into a wide smile.

"I'm a little tied up right now."

"I can see... love those chains."

"Maybe you should try them sometime," Tom suggested and then watched with interest as her face reddened.

"I want to try the stool," Lisa replied quickly, picking up a big bunch of keys that her sister had left lying on the bedroom floor, "so maybe if I do you a favour and let you out of those cuffs, you could do one for me?" she looked at him seductively.

"Sure, but I don't think those are the right keys."

Lisa ignored this minor detail. "And this time I can actually get out of my jeans," Lisa said proudly as she kicked off her boots and unbuttoned and pulled down her jeans to prove the point.

"Congratulations," Tom smiled.

"Nice, yeah?" Lisa boasted as she showed off her long athletic legs and new black silk underwear.

She perched on the bed next to Tom, her lips only inches away from his. Tom tried to reach them, but unfortunately the blonde was focused solely on unlocking his shackles and getting him back into the stool. Frustrated, Tom lay face down on the bed listening to the jangle of keys and the sound of an increasingly annoyed woman.

"For fuck sake, none of these will open these fucking padlocks," the blonde exclaimed, "right then, I'm going to steal you."


"OK, kidnap!"

Neither sister seemed to have any knowledge of the law.

"And if you complain then I'll superglue the locks and leave you alone in the street..."

What was it with these sisters and superglue? Tom was about to reason with her again when Lisa threw Jess's large hard shelled suitcase down by the bed and with her jeans still around her ankles, heaved Tom's manacled body off the mattress and into the waiting case. She pulled his knees up to his chest and to Lisa's delight, he fitted perfectly.

"Any last requests before I lock you in?" Lisa asked, her mood given away by her erect nipples that were now visibly poking against her tight white top.

"Don't lock me in?" Tom asked as he attempted to roll out of the open case.

"Ha, ha, nice try," Lisa smiled, slamming the lid down and using the small silver keys to lock the catches.

Lisa was excited, she'd never done anything like this before, but somehow Jessica's treatment of this guy had turned him from a human with rights to a sex toy, and therefore in her horny drunk mind her behaviour was acceptable. Her argument was only strengthened by Tom's naked body and constant erection.

With her head spinning, she eased back into her tight blue jeans and wobbled around on one leg as she squeezed back into her black ankle boots. She heaved the suitcase upright and tried to pull it along, only for it to crash back down on to its side.

"Arh!" came a voice from inside the case.

She tried again, but it was too late as she heard the front door open and close and seconds later Jessica walked into the room.


"What the hell are you doing here Lisa? Jess exclaimed, her body tired, but still buzzing from hours of dancing, "and where is Tom?"

It was an unnecessary question though, as Lisa was now sitting jealously on top of the locked case with her knees pulled together and her hands pushing down on the lid. At least she had had time to put her jeans back on.

"You've put him in my suitcase?" Jess asked incredulously, "Get up!"

Lisa saw a glint in her sister's brown eyes and smiled back, this was fun. She then jumped up, playfully slapped her sister on the butt and walked out.

"You bitch!" Jess shouted as she chased her sister down the hallway, "give me the keys!"

"No!" Lisa giggled, backing into a corner to try and escape.

Jess stepped forward, grabbed left Lisa's wrist and locked on handcuffs. Then using them as leverage, she turned her sister around and finished the job by locking both of her hands behind her back. With Lisa handcuffed, it was easy enough for Jess to prise the suitcase keys out of her sister's closed fist.

"You bitch, you can't lock me up!" Lisa cried as she fought against the tightly locked steel bracelets.

"Oh and what did you do to my boyfriend is OK?"

"You'd already locked him up!"

Jessica smiled. She had no problem with what Lisa had done to Tom and was delighted to have an excuse to chain up her sister.

Lisa, however, was still in shock and just stared at her younger sister in her black cocktail dress and high heels. How dare anyone handcuff her, particularly a woman in a tarty dress. And how the hell had she been overpowered by someone in heels!

In her naivety, Lisa was still trying to force open the cuffs.

"Won't work," Jess replied nonchalantly swinging the keys, "not without these," she continued as she walked back to the bedroom, leaving the stunned blonde writhing around in the hallway.


By the time Lisa returned to the bedroom, Jess was sitting on the stool with her feet resting up on her desk and Facebook open on her phone.

"This is so funny," Jessica giggled, focusing on the small screen.

Lisa edged through the half open door and sat down quietly on her sister's bed. She sat upright, legs and feet neatly together, silently watching her young sister. The tightly locked cuffs seemed to have flicked a switch in Lisa's mind. Gone was the usual sisterly rivalry, replaced by a different feeling entirely.

Sensing the uncharacteristically quiet behaviour, Jess spun around to see.

"How are the cuffs?"

Lisa smiled embarrassedly. "You haven't let Tom out."

"No...I haven't....and back to your cuffs."

Jess walked slowly across her room and closed and locked her bedroom door. She then pulled the stool closer to the bed and sat on it, her dress now hitched up and her thighs swinging open and closed above the cut out in the seat. Lisa was transfixed and let out a quiet moan.

"Want to try the stool?" Jessica asked.

"What, with my head in the seat?" Lisa was shocked.


"And you sitting on top?"

Jessica nodded as she brought her bare thighs together again.

"If you do, I may unlock the cuffs."

"OK," Lisa blurted out.

Jessica had never known her sister to be so accommodating; the fascination with handcuffs must run in the family. She helped her handcuffed sister sit down on the base of the stool, with one leg either side of the steel support and her neck in the cut out in the seat. Jessica positioned the heavy bike lock around Lisa's slim neck and the stool and turned the key.

Now Lisa's beautiful face, the face that had always given her the pick of any guy she wanted, was locked to the seat. Jess eased her butt over her sister's head and on to the stool. She slid back as far as the backrest would allow, but Lisa's face was still only a couple of inches away from her crotch and had to be close enough for her sister to smell her.

Both sisters looked at each other, both aroused, but neither knowing what to do or say. Lisa's beautiful doe-eyes were in awe as they looked up at her younger sister. Lisa's head was spinning from the excitement of being held prisoner and for some reason her sister's legs were starting to look weirdly sexy. Before she could stop herself, Lisa had kissed Jess's thigh and then pushed her face up against her warm smooth skin.

"Can you squeeze me?" Lisa asked nervously.


Very tenderly, Jessica closed her legs and squeezed her sister's head.

"Oh god!"

"Good girl," Jessica purred as she gently brushed her sister's hair with her fingers, "does that feel nice?"

Lisa nodded. She'd never told anyone of her fascination of being held prisoner and the chance to experience it with someone she trusted had just been too tempting. Being handcuffed for the first time had been exciting, but it also made her feel vulnerable and being held tightly between her sister's legs made her feel strangely safe. She tried to move her head, but couldn't and she kissed Jessica's thighs again as if acknowledging defeat.

"You know Tom spent many hours down there," Jessica explained as she tightened her thighs around her sister's head.

Lisa cried out with excitement.

Jessica opened her legs and moved forward slightly on the stool, her panties now dangerously close to Lisa's mouth. Lisa's eyes opened wide in response.

"You can imagine what his lips did during those long hours," Jessica breathed, "his lips inside my panties, his tongue deep inside me."

Lisa was now trembling, oblivious to the fact that her own lips were now touching Jessica's underwear.

"Would you like Tom to do that to you?" Jessica asked.

As Lisa nodded, her lips stimulated her sister's clit. There followed an awkward pause before Jess stood up. "That's what our friend in the suitcase is for," she smiled as she eased herself over Lisa's head.

Lisa was still locked to the seat and her eyes followed her sister's every move. "Nice dress," she breathed in the hope of getting her sister to release her more quickly, impatient for her turn with Tom.

"Thanks!" Jessica smiled as she spun around to show off her dress, the speed of the spin also showing off her underwear.

Jess started to play with her phone and Lisa continued to wait patiently.

"Look as this," Jess said as she perched on the edge of the stool next to Lisa's head and held her phone for her to see.

Jessica then walked over to her bed, lay down and continued to surf. Lisa shuffled the stool around so that she could see both her sister lounging on her bed and the locked suitcase inside which Tom lay manacled. With not much happening from either of them, she occupied herself by trying to blow a stray blonde hair away from her eye.

"Is it my turn now?" Lisa asked again.

Jess was feeling so tired that she would have happily fallen asleep right then with both of her companion safely under her lock and key. She reluctantly stood up and studied her desperately horny sister, before perching on the edge of the stool with one foot resting up on the seat so that her underwear was almost touching Lisa's face.

"Do you really want Tom to stick his tongue into your pussy?" Jessica teased, "Kiss you and worship you and push inside you as deep as he can?"

"Please Jess," Lisa begged as she gently kissed Jessica's underwear again.

"You really want it, don't you?"

Lisa nodded.

Jessica giggled and looked around for the keys to the bike lock so she could unlock Lisa's neck from the stool.

"Turn around and I'll release you from the cuffs," Jessica said.

"Can I wear them for a little longer?"

"OK, sweetie then I'll double lock them," Jess smiled, "just in case they tighten up."

Jess tucked the cuff keys into her bra and sat down on the lid of the suitcase. Lisa plonked herself down, as elegantly as she could with cuffed hands, next to her sister. Neither knew what to say and so their attention turned to the guy in the case beneath them.

"You alive Tommy?"

Inside the case was hot and airless, but Tom had had no problem in falling asleep, at least until two indents had appeared on the inside of the lid and rested heavily on his hip and shoulder.

Jessica banged loudly on the lid. "Rest time is over sexy," she called, "Lis wants some loving."

Lisa looked embarrassed, but didn't argue.

Jessica unlocked the suitcase but Lisa was still sitting on top.

"Lis, shift your butt..."

Lisa tried to stand up, but without the use of her arms she fell back and landed heavily on the lid. Tom cried out. Lisa tried again and this time struggled to her feet. Jess opened the lid and stood with one foot on the rim of the case as she admired her muscular plaything with his hard erection. Tom was once again left looking up her dress. Jessica then unlocked his shackles and waited while he climbed out of the case.


Tom had showered and returned with his muscular body still glistening from the water. His hair lay messily and his eyes had a sexy dazed look. Both girls immediately stopped and looked up at him. Lisa was bouncing with excitement.

"On your knees," Jessica commanded as she locked the bedroom and handcuffed Tom's hands behind his back.

Tom couldn't help but smile.

"Hey, she's handcuffed you as well," Tom said, noticing Lisa's predicament.

"Horny bitch refuses to be released," Jessica replied.

Lisa looked embarrassed, but yet the cuffed stayed on.

Jessica removed her sister's jeans and helped her climb on to the stool so that her hands were behind the backrest. Lisa's legs were slimmer than her sister's and slightly more tanned and were bouncing around with nervous excitement. Jessica clicked her fingers and Tom sat down dutifully beneath the stool and slid his neck into the seat cut out.

Lisa giggled out loud as she looked down at the sexy head sticking up between her legs. She then looked down at her own aroused clit. Unable to touch herself, she was impatient for Tom to start.

"Lock him in," she urged.

Jessica locked the Kryptonite bike lock around Tom's neck and the stool and then wrapped a long length off chain around his legs and body to ensure he couldn't move.

"Hi!" Lisa breathed, already damp from anticipation.

"Hi," Tom smiled as he looked up at the sexy lips that were now hopelessly out of reach.

Lisa's favourite black panties were already sticking to the damp black leather seat and she had to lift up in order to move forward and rest her underwear against his mouth.

With Lisa's clit and Tom's lips now in contact, Jessica took a long chain and looped it around both her sister's waist and Tom's neck so that Lisa could no longer slide back. Jess then took another chain which she passed across her sister's waist and down below the seat and padlocked it in place, thereby ensuring that Lisa couldn't lift her butt from the increasingly hot leather seat.

Jessica walked around her captives. "That's an even sexier stool sculpture, neither of you can escape from constant oral sex."

Tom tried to talk, but Lisa cries drowned him out. "Fuck yeah!!" she cried.

Jessica collected up all of the keys and threaded them on to a large ring which she took with her to the bathroom.

"Does she really think we're going to escape?" Tom asked, his lips tickling Lisa's pussy.

Lisa cried out again, her clit too sensitive to focus on anything else.

"I can see you're not going to be much of a conversationalist."

Lisa shrieked again and slammed her thighs together. Tom took the hint and slid his tongue inside Lisa's panties and she climaxed within seconds of his touch. With a world record in his sights, Tom immediately started again with gentle kisses to her clit.

When Jessica returned she was wearing only black panties to which she had attached the large key ring, so that the keys dangled noisily from her waist. It was almost morning, but she had yet to sleep and so pulled off the sheets and lay down on her bed.

"Wake me if you need me Lis?"

But Lisa was lost in her own special world and so Jessica simply closed her eyes and quickly fell asleep.


Jessica woke only an hour later when she rolled over and the keys dug into her hip. She looked over to her sister who was exhausted and over aroused, her big blue eyes dazed and barely focusing. Jessica sat up so that she could also see Tom who was now slumped between her sister's thighs. He was almost asleep with his tongue still inside her. No wonder Lisa was exhausted, the poor girl had been unable to escape his touch.

Without removing the key ring from her underwear, Jess climbed slowly to her feet and unlocked her sister from the stool and helped her up. Tom started to rouse.

"Please unlock me," he begged still sleep deprived and in obvious pain from the position imposed by the stool.

"What have you done to my sis?" Jess asked huskily as Lisa, still wearing her beloved handcuffs, collapsed face down on the bed.

"She's not complaining," Tom managed a half smile.

Jessica had wanted to take her sister's place on the stool, but the poor guy looked drained and was only being held up by the chains. Another session between her legs may be the end for him. The look in his eyes was enough to make even a sadistic butch take pity and so Jess picked took her large bunch of keys and gave him his freedom.

As Tom staggered over to the bed, Jess picked up yet another chain.

"Jess I need to sleep," Tom complained.

"I know, lie face down on the bed."

That he could do, and he happily collapsed on to Jessica's bed lying between the girls, with his head level with their waists. Jessica then took the long security chain and padlocked one end around her sister's waist. She then padlocked the chain around Tom's neck so that his neck was held only inches from Lisa's waist. Jessica finished off by padlocking the remaining part of the long chain around her own narrow waist, again only inches from Tom's neck.

"We're all chained together, how fun!" Jess smiled from behind her long dark hair that covered half of her face.

"Jess..." Tom started and then stopped.

"The keys are over there if you need them," she continued as she threw her key ring over to the far side of her room.

Tom was now connected to the women either side of him and couldn't lift his head more than a couple of inches from the sheet and he certainly couldn't cross the room to get the keys.

"Don't wake us up when you leave," Jess whispered into his ear as she un-handcuffed her sleeping sister and snuggled up to her, squashing Tom's head between their bodies.

Within minutes all three were asleep.

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