tagMind ControlJessica's in Charge Ch. 02

Jessica's in Charge Ch. 02


This is the long overdue continuation of Jessica's story. Many thanks to those who wrote me in response to the first chapter and my apologies for making you all wait so long for the continuation to be written.

All characters in this story are over 18 years of age. This story depicts graphic lesbian sex and mind control. If you are in an area where such material is prohibited or are offended by these things then leave now. You have been warned.

Special thanks to vella_ms for her wonderful work as my editor.

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Jessica arched her back in a long, decadent stretch as she lay in bed. She enjoyed the feel of the warm sun streaming through the windows as it fell across her nude body. It seemed that every muscle and joint in her body was sore and stiff this morning. As she twisted her shoulders trying to work out the kinks, she smiled at the memory of how she had gotten so sore in the first place. She glanced across the small dorm room to the other bed and grinned at the sight of the two girls still sleeping there.

Jasmine and Molly slept soundly. Both were also nude, a single white sheet covering only their legs. Jasmine was lying on her back with her arm wrapped around Molly who was snuggled up tight to her side. Molly's head was pillowed on Jasmine's chest, her mane of blond hair spread out over Jasmine's shoulder. Molly's pale skin and blond hair were a delicious contrast to Jasmine's coco colored skin and curly black hair.

Jessica's eyes traveled downward, gliding over the two beautiful bodies lying only a few feet away. It wasn't only their skin tone and hair that was different; the two girls were a study in opposites.

Jasmine was a beautiful, statuesque black girl. She was exotically beautiful with full lips and a broad nose. She had wide, dark eyes that possessed a riveting, raptor's gaze. When Jasmine looked at a person, they stayed looked at for a good, long time. Those eyes looked out of a slender face that was framed by long, curly black hair. Jasmine had always felt that a person's hair should reflect their personality. As a result her hair always done up in some elaborate exotic hairstyle that was supposed to reflect her mood of the day.

At a bit over six feet tall, Jasmine towered over most of the other girls in the school. Her lean, well-proportioned body was not heavily muscled but the definition of her arms and legs and the grace with which she moved spoke volumes about her exercise routine.

It wasn't only Jasmine's body that was alluring however, she was also very intelligent and a gifted public speaker. Jasmine possessed the rare ability to stand up in front of a large group of people and with no notes or rehearsing and give an hour long speech on nothing, making it both interesting and entertaining. It was that speaking ability that had secured Jasmines place as the Anchor Woman for the school's weekly in house, TV news program that Jessica produced.

Jasmine also possessed an unflappable calm and poise that gave her a dignified, almost noble air. It was the combination of beauty, intelligence and poise that often made Jessica think of her as an exotic African Priestess or even a Queen. It was a sentiment that Jessica knew other girls also shared. Despite the fact that she was one of a very small handful of black girls at the exclusive, all girl, boarding school, Jasmine was respected and well liked. She had even been elected as the captain of the volleyball team, which had surprised Jessica. Jessica had expected it to go to one of the blond, homecoming queen type girls that usually got elected. All of the girls in the school came from upper class families and many were from extremely wealthy backgrounds. Many of those families were still quite prejudiced and regarded all minorities as second-class citizens. By being elected as the captain, Jasmine had beaten those stereotypes and proven herself to everyone. Jessica had never been so proud or happy for her friend as she had on the day Jasmine had been made captain.

Jessica's eyes traveled from the regal black girl, down to the mass of blond hair beside her. If Jasmine was the Queen of the court, then Molly was the Jester. Not that Molly was in anyway unattractive. She was actually every bit as lovely as Jasmine, but in different ways. Jessica's mouth twitched up in a small, private smile as she looked at her friends. Molly was the exact opposite of Jasmine in almost every way.

Short at less than five feet, Molly would best be described as curvaceous. Some would even call her wickedly curvaceous. All eyes that fell on her, male and female, were immediately drawn to her full, heavy breasts that looked startlingly large on her small frame. Molly enjoyed the attention and always dressed to emphasize her chest with tight, low cut blouses that revealed vast amounts of her ample cleavage.

If onlookers could tear their gaze away from the heart of Molly's breasts, they would see a pretty face with a perpetual grin, a small slightly bobbed nose and sky blue eyes. Her blond hair was a long, luxurious mane that she habitually wore tied back in a single thick, ponytail.

While Jasmine was cool and reserved, Molly was always bubbling over with excitement and enthusiasm. A cheery, compact bundle of limitless energy, Molly almost never stopped talking or moving for more than a minute or two at a time and was rarely seen without a smile on her face. She was usually heard long before she was seen, talking on and on about anything to anyone who was nearby.

She was also a constant fidget. It was as if her hands had minds of their own and constantly needed to be doing something, anything to justify their existence. Sitting next to Molly during a lecture hall could be a trying experience for anyone of less than divine patience. Her constant toe tapping, paper rustling and, worst of all, clicking of the retractable pen, was maddening after just a few minutes. More than once during a lecture, Jessica had reached across and snatched a pen away from Molly in frustration. On those occasions Molly would smile shyly and bite her lower lip in embarrassment for a moment. But within two minutes she would be right back at it with something else.

Having her hands in constant motion served Molly well in other areas. Behind her curvaceous body lived a mechanical genius.

Molly's father owned several automobile dealerships and even a stock car racing team. He had always wanted a son to bring into the car business and racing team but Molly's mother had died when she was young and she was an only child. To her father's surprise and delight Molly started to display a remarkable amount of mechanical aptitude at a very early age. Before she was three years old she was disassembling and reassembling everything in the house that she could get her little hands on. By the time she was five she was tearing around the yard in her first go-kart that she had built with her father's help.

Molly was eight she started racing on a junior go-kart circuit. At first, many of the other racers, all boys, teased her and told her that girls couldn't drive and that she would never win a single race. She placed fifth out of fifteen in her first race and was number one in the points standing by the end of her first season. By the time Molly was thirteen, her father decided to build another room on the house to keep all the trophies she had won.

But it wasn't just driving that Molly enjoyed, it was the mechanics of it all. Actually, she enjoyed working on her cars more than she liked racing them. She even worked as a mechanic for her father's professional team. The other members of the team had been skeptical at first but had quickly come around after seeing her work. She could tear apart anything, repair it and rebuild it faster and better than anyone. When Molly looked at something, she didn't just see a machine, she saw every single part, how it moved and how it interacted with every other part. Molly was to pliers and screwdrivers, what Beethoven was to notes and chords.

When Molly was sixteen, her life took and unexpected change. He father was arrested for income tax evasion and sentenced to five years in prison. She was left in the custody of her grandparents. They were happy to have her at first but their sentiments soon waned. They lived in an affluent suburb of Boston and the neighbors soon started complaining about the noise from Molly's engine tuning. They finally had to forbid Molly from working on her racing anymore. Without and outlet for her energy Molly quickly drove her grandparents close to insanity with her constant talking and fidgeting. Finally unable to deal with her any longer they resignedly sent her off to the boarding school. It was at this school where she met Jessica.

Jessica had just started the school's news show and was looking for help. Molly, who was new to the school and now horribly bored without any outlet for her energy, saw an opportunity. Not at all interested in being the on air talent, Molly wanted to be on the crew. Jessica had been so desperate for help that she was ready to hire just about anyone. However, when she saw Molly working the cameras she knew she was more than just anyone. Molly was exactly who Jessica had been looking for.

Like all things mechanical, Molly was a wiz with the cameras. With just a quick glance she knew how everything worked and how to use it. She also had a keen eye and knew what to shoot and what not to bother with. When Molly had a camera in her hands she was rarely looking the wrong way.

Together, Molly and Jasmine were the best team for the news program that Jessica could ever have hoped for.

Jessica felt a twinge between her legs as she looked over at the two sleeping girls. A devious smile split her lips as she remembered the activities of the last few days. They were also the best sex slaves she ever could have hoped for.

* * *

Jessica yawned and sat up, again feeling the slight ache in her muscles. It was little wonder she was sore she thought as she ran through the last few days in her mind. She had lost count of the number of times and the number of ways the three of them had pleasured each other. Thoughts of that pleasure sent a shudder through Jessica and she looked back to the two sleeping girls. Her eyes traced the smooth curve of Jasmine's backside and traveled up to take in the swell of Molly's full bosom.

A hollow, gnawing need bloomed deep inside her and she felt her nipples tighten in eager anticipation. They were hers, she knew. Two beautiful women, totally under her control and it had been so easy.

It had taken Jessica weeks to develop the videotape with the hypnotic instructions on it. But once it was done all she had to do was play it for her chosen subject. As the subject watched the video, subconscious instructions were implanted in the viewers mind. By the time the video was over the viewer was in a trance and receptive to Jessica's suggestions.

Jessica had tested the program on Jasmine and Molly a few days ago and found that it worked far better than she had ever imagined. She had initially thought that it may make the viewer slightly receptive to suggestion and possible reduce inhibitions over time. But as it turned out, it put the viewers into a profound hypnotic state in which almost any commands could be given and more importantly, obeyed.

Jessica had been overtaken by lust when she had first hypnotized Jasmine and Molly. She had commanded them both to fall deeply in love with her and obey all her commands. She had also removed any sexual attraction they had towards men and made them attracted to only women.

Over the course of the next few days she had reinforced those commands and introduced several more.

The last command she had given them had only been implanted yesterday and she had only tried it a few times. Those few times had been during their already passionate love making so Jessica wasn't really sure if it had been the command working or just their passions. Well, she thought to herself, there was only one way to find out.

She gently shook Molly to wake her. As the blonde's eyes fluttered open Jessica put a finger to her lips to keep her quiet. She nodded her head silently towards the door to the bathroom.

Molly carefully untangled herself from the bed sheet and Jasmine then followed Jessica across the room, into the bathroom, quietly closing the door behind her. As she turned back around Jessica wrapped her arms around the smaller girl and kissed her fiercely on the lips, forcing her tongue into Molly's warm mouth.

Molly moaned at the sudden intimate invasion but didn't try to stop it. Jessica slid her hands up and down the small, tight body, enjoying every curve and valley of her form. Jessica could feel the heat building between her legs and knew that Molly was feeling the same, probably even more. Some of the commands she had implanted in Molly and Jasmine had been to increase their libidos and to make their bodies even more sensitive to sexual stimulation.

Jessica smiled as she recalled their cries of pleasure the next time they had made love. Molly had collapsed after less than an hour and Jasmine hadn't been far behind.

Before she gave into her lust Jessica stepped back and looked at the panting Molly. "I want you to do something for me Molly."

"Anything." Molly said in a lusty whisper.

"Cum for me."

At the trigger words, Molly gasped and her whole body seemed to shudder. Her back arched and her hands slid up to clutch her heavy breasts. A series of short, barking cries filled the small room as her body jerked with each spasm of ecstasy that coursed through her. Jessica could see a trail of Molly's wetness running down the inside of her leg as the blonde struggled to remain standing.

"Oh, Jessss!" Molly hissed out between cries.

After a few more moments Molly seemed to start coming down slowly from her climax. The cries quieted to a soft moaning and her spasms calmed to an occasional shudder.

Jessica walked slowly around the now panting and swaying Molly. "How was that sweetie?" She cooed into the blond's ear.

"That was incredible." Molly gasped, "What did you do to me?"

Jessica smiled as she came around in front of the smaller girl. "Just a little trick." She traced a finger over Molly's smooth pussy.

Molly gasped as Jessica slid one finger up inside her. "Ohhh..."

Leaning in close, Jessica whispered in Molly's ear, "Again, my love, cum for me."

"Jesssss!" Molly cried as another wave of pleasure crashed over her. "Aahhh!" Her cries became inarticulate as she lost all control.

Jessica could feel Molly's cunt contract and grasp her finger as the small girl's body reacted to the command. Watching the blond climax on command made Jessica moan with excitement. She could feel her own pussy throb with need, desperate for release. Molly's juice flowed over her fingers and felt as hot as fire to her. She knew that her own wetness was just as hot. Jessica slid her finger out of Molly's pussy and placing her hands on the blonde's shoulders, pushed her down to her knees.

Already on the verge of falling over, Molly willingly dropped to her knees and leaned her head against Jessica flat stomach as her orgasm continued to rage around inside her.

Jessica leaned back against the sink and spread her legs. Grabbing two handfuls of Molly's thick hair, Jessica guided her friends face down to her needy sex. "Cum for me Molly, cum while you eat me! Cum right now!" She cried.

A piercing cry from Molly was muffled as she buried her face in Jessica's pussy.

Jessica's cries replaced Molly's in the small room as the blonde's talented tongue went to work. The feel of Molly's lips wrapping around her clit almost made Jessica collapse to the floor but through a force of will she remained standing. The heat building between her thighs threatened to overtake her but she held it back, wanting to prolong the experience for as long as she could. One of her hands had cupped her own breast and she gasped at the sharp stab of pleasure as she gave her own nipple a hard pinch.

She let out a sharp cry of surprise and delight as Molly's teeth grazed her sensitive clit. The cry turned to a long keening scream as Molly's tongue started lashing the swollen little nub in earnest. With a breathtaking suddenness Jessica's own climax slammed into her. Every muscle in her body went taut as a thousand white-hot sparks flashed through her in one blinding instant. She felt Molly's fingers digging painfully into her ass as the girl tried to hold on and continue to please Jessica as she had been commanded. The pain of Molly's strong fingers only added to the raging storm of sensations swirling inside Jessica, fueling her already raging inner fire.

With a desperate groan, Jessica collapsed to the cool tile floor. Molly followed her down and continued to work her magic between Jessica's legs. Jessica didn't think she could take much more and tried to close her legs but the blonde used her elbows to keep them spread as she pushed her tongue deep inside Jessica's hot sex. "Molly... Molly... please..." Jessica panted. "Molly..." her words cut off as another explosion of ecstasy ripped through her body. Molly's long tongue repeatedly dipped inside her and pulled out to swirl around her clit, only to then plunge back, deep inside her again.

Jessica's vision was narrowing to a single point and her pulse was thundering in her ears. She knew she was about to black out. She wanted to tell Molly to stop but she couldn't make her mouth form the words. She could only manage to grunt and moan as her body writhed under the relentless assault of her petite lover. Another orgasm started to crest inside her and she gave in to the feelings. Her hands savagely clutched her own breasts as a final cry of wild abandon filled the room and darkness slammed down over her.

* * *

The first thing Jessica was aware of as she awoke was how cold the tile floor felt on her naked body. Wanting to get away from the cold, hard floor she tried to sit up. Her arms and legs worked at pushing her upright but they seemed slow and heavy as if her body weighed a thousand pounds. With what seemed to be a Herculean effort, she managed to push herself up to lean against the wall. The sight that greeted her sent a flush of heat to her cheeks.

Molly lay back on the floor with Jasmine kneeling over her, straddling her face. The tall black girl was turned so she could look down into Molly's eyes. Jasmine was leaning forward slightly, eyes closed, holding onto the side of the bathtub and she was moaning softly.

Molly's hands were wrapped around Jasmines thighs as if she were holding on for dear life. The contrast of Molly's pale, creamy skin against Jasmine's chocolate coloring made the tall girl seem even more exotic.

Still recovering from her earlier session with Molly, Jessica relaxed back and enjoyed the sapphic display being put on in front of her. She found it interesting that when she was involved, both girls became completely submissive to her, just as they had been programmed to be. They would instantly obey any command she gave them. But when she wasn't involved, such as now, Jasmine quickly became dominant over Molly. She wasn't sure if it was because Jasmine liked being dominant or if Molly was naturally submissive but there was no denying that it happened.

Like now for instance, Jasmine was clearly enjoying being eaten by Molly without having to pleasure her in return. It wasn't that Jasmine never pleasured Molly. Jessica didn't think she could even count the number of times that she had seen Molly cum to Jasmine's tender ministrations. It was just that Jasmine definitely received a lot more from Molly than she gave.

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