tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJessie Goes To College

Jessie Goes To College


Hi, I'm Jessica, and I'm definitely an exhibitionist. I already wrote one story about how I found out I was into showing off. This story is about some stuff I did my freshman year in college. There were also a bunch of really crazy adventures that summer after I graduated high school, but I decided not to write these in chronological order. I figured I should start with the more innocent stuff and work up to the really dirty stuff. If I write a real sexy story and then write a tamer one, I think it would be a little disappointing. So anyway...

Once I got settled in at school, I started to think about public exposure again. I wanted to really careful, though, because I didn't want to get a bad reputation and not have any friends or anything. One of my first things I did, I totally planned in advance. I bought a nice little yellow sundress that was just a little bit too short. It covered me up when I was standing straight, but if I bent over or reached up you could totally see most of my ass. Also, when I sat down, it rode up to the point where you could see my hairless pussy (I always like to keep it totally waxed or shaved). But sitting in that dress was a bit over the top, so that wasn't part of the plan.

So I put on my new dress (no panties, of course) and went up to the library. The library has this one section where the stacks are really tall and there are ladders that slide along and you push the ladder and climb up to get books at the top. I found a row where there was a guy sitting at a desk at the end of the row. He looked pretty dorky, and he was in the library on a Sunday afternoon, so I totally wanted to give him a little show. He was totally into his book, though. He didn't even notice me.

I needed to get his attention, so I "accidentally" knocked a book off the shelf onto the floor. He heard it fall and looked over. Then I turned so that my back was to him and I bent over to pick it up. I bent over really slowly and felt my dress inching up the backs of my legs and to the bottom of my ass. I was getting really turned on knowing that he was about to get a good solid look at my ass, but I wanted to pretend that I didn't know what was going on. I bent all the way down and felt the dress slide up to expose about half of my cute little behind. I picked up the book, stood up, and put it back on the shelf.

As I turned back around, the boy quickly jerked his head back to his own book. I pushed the ladder down to the end of the row, as close to his desk as I could get. The way it was set up, I felt pretty sure that he'd get a good enough view if I climbed to the top. I climbed slowly and pretended to be reading book titles as I went up. Out of the corner of my eye I could see his head drift up from his book. When I got to the top, I spread my legs a little bit and looked up at the books above. There were about two shelves that were still hard to reach, even from the top of the ladder. I reached up as high as I could to the topmost shelf and as I did, my dress started to rise up again. I felt the fabric slide up the tops of my legs and up over my round little behind and in front, right up to the top of my pussy. As I stood there with my arms over my head and my bare ass and shaved pussy out in the open, I looked down and saw the boy staring straight up at me. It was perfect.

So I grabbed a book and climbed down the ladder. I wanted to wink at the boy, to make sure he knew I caught him looking (and that I did it on purpose), but I didn't want to have a stalker for the next four years, so I just walked away. I went home and masturbated and had a really great orgasm.

One other good early freshman year story was my one girl accidental wet t-shirt contest. I went to class one day wearing a plain white t-shirt and normal shorts and sandals. It was a beautiful late summer day, but just as my class let out, it started raining. It was actually like a sun shower. It was really beautiful. The sun was still shining on the other side of campus and there was a rainbow and it was still really warm out. I immediately realized that my shirt would become see-through if I walked out in the rain, so I decided to just go with it.

I went to the bathroom and took off my bra and put it in my bag. My shirt was a little bit big on me, so I tied it up under my boobs, leaving my belly exposed. It was pretty sexy (if I do say so myself). Then I went outside and slowly walked to the middle of campus. As the rain fell, my shirt became completely transparent. My unrestrained boobs were bouncing up and down and in full view for all to see. And there were quite a few people running to and from class who took a good long gaze as I walked by.

When I got the campus store I was really turned on and I decided to take it one step further. I went into the store and walked over the section where the umbrellas were. The store still had its air conditioning on and I was freezing cold being as wet as I was from the rain. Obviously, my nipples both got hard as diamonds. You know the expression, "She could cut glass..." That was me in the store. Everyone was staring at me. My juices were flowing so fast I thought I might start dripping. I also needed to pee really badly.

I grabbed an umbrella and brought it to the cashier. He never even made eye contact. He just kept staring at my tits while he rang up the umbrella. When he told me how much, I pretended I didn't have enough. (I didn't really want the umbrella. I just wanted to walk around in the store with my boobs showing.) The cashier finally looked up at my face and offered to lend me the money. "No thanks," I said. "I'm wet enough already. A little more won't kill me." I went back outside and walked home.

As I got back to my dorm, my bladder felt ready to explode and I really wanted to pee outside. What I really, really wanted was to just lie down naked in the rain and let my pee fly out all over everything - and I wanted to be watched. But there was no good place to lie around naked near the dorms. My clothes were totally drenched at this point, so I decided a little more liquid wouldn't hurt. I went around a corner where there were some bushes and nobody could really see me and I just let it go. I could feel my panties get really warm and the feeling of release was fantastic. I reached down and started rubbing my clit through my shorts. The pee was flowing down the insides of my legs and it felt really nice and warm. I came right there.

So that's my next story. I hope you like it. It's a little embarrassing to talk about my watersports fetish (that time was the first of quite a few adventures with peeing), but I guess people want to hear about the kinky stuff. There's more on the way, I promise!

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