Jeter's Cheater


Disclaimer: This fictional story does not have a long build up and is not a long story.


"We'll talk after the game, okay?" Derek Jeter said to his fuming girlfriend.

"Fine, as long as you change your fucking attitude before then!" Minka Kelly shouted back as she stormed away.

Minka's jealousy of the scores of women that worshiped her boyfriend had reached its boiling point the previous night. A friend of hers had texted a picture from a night club that showed Derek grabbing a handful of another woman's breast. Once he arrived back at her apartment, an argument began that would last until this moment in front of Yankee's Stadium.

Once Derek was out of sight, Minka used her ticket and entered the stadium. She walked around the stadium, passing by various vendors and bathrooms cursing under her breath. At this moment, the last thing she wanted to do was take her seat.As she continued walking around, seemingly in circles, her cell phone rang.

"Babe, it's me." She listened with a disgusted look on her face. "I really think you're overreacting a bit but I guess I can let you win this argument. Will that make you happy?"

"Let me win!? Make me happy?! You just don't get it do you?! Fuck off Derek!" She had to stop herself before tossing the phone into a concrete wall.

Suddenly, the anger flowing through her blood seemed to reach its brink as she let out a loud scream. Once she stopped, she looked around and saw hundreds of people staring directly at her. No longer was her face red from anger, instead it was red from embarrassment.

"I'm really sorry." She apologized to the people and left to exit the stadium.

Minka looked around as she drew closer to the exit, seeing many couples making out and grabbing each other in very sensual ways. She was starting to get upset, wishing that she could have a relationship like they had. Then she walked by a very well built man. He stood at well over six feet tall and had a muscular build that could be seen pressing against his tight t-shirt. She stopped walking and admired the man that stood alone talking on his cell phone to clearly a business partner. No wedding ring and no date told her that he was available and she was attracted to him. The problem was...she herself was still single.

As her mind tried to decide what to do, her phone rang again. She looked at it and saw once again that Derek was trying to call her. Minka looked at her phone, then back at the man, then back at her phone. The anger was beginning to return so she placed the phone back in her pocket and started towards him.

"Hi." She said as she put her hands behind her back, pushing her chest forward to show off her relatively large rack.

"Hi. I'm Zack." They smiled at each other.

She didn't want to use her real name, fearing that he might know who she was or find out later. Instead she used the name of her character on 'Friday Night Lights'. "I'm Lyla." They shook hands but Minka wouldn't let go. She pulled him close and whispered into his ear, "Listen...I don't want to flirt, I don't want a date, I don't want any of that...I just want you to take me in that office right there and fuck me hard."

"I...okay Lyla." Minka smiled and pulled him over to the office, shutting and locking the door behind them.

Zack sat down on the desk as Minka began to undress. She threw her yellow shirt on the ground before unhooking her white bra. Once he got a look at her bare set of c-cups, he pulled his tight shirt up over his head and gave her a look at his washboard abs. She instantly began to feel her crotch get warmer and slicker.

"You have a really hot body, Zack." She giggled.

"I gotta say the same thing to you, Lyla." She giggled again as she fumbled with her zipper. "Don't worry, I'll get that."

Zack walked over to her and grabbed a hold of the zipper, pulling it down and dragging the jeans down her long smooth legs. He instantly noticed the wet spot slowly increasing on her yellow panties. He tickled it, causing Minka to jump. He yanked the panties down and instantly saw the small patch of brown hair that had not seen a razor in over week. He stood up to plant a kiss on her luscious lips. She had to reach her head up to meet him with a deep one since he was about six inches taller than her.

Minka started fumbling with his zipper but was quickly able to get his pants down. She fondled his cock through his underwear and learned that she had found a stud. The underwear got yanked down and his nine inch rod sprung out, standing at attention for the brunette.

"Mmm, looks like a found a real man". She grabbed a hold of the throbbing member and slowly stroked it as they kissed again.

Zack backed up to the desk and sat down again as she slid her way down to her knees. Her mouth was salivating at the thought of his large meat inside her mouth. She was about to take it in her mouth when her cell phone rang once again.

"Maybe you should get that." Zack told her. She reached into her pocket and pulled the battery from the phone.

"It can wait, I'm a little busy right now." She smiled and inserted his cock into her mouth.

Her tongue circled around his swollen head as she inched as much of it down her throat as she could. She began to gag after about seven inches and wasn't willing to push the issue any more. One of her hands began working his balls as her other pressed against his tight body. Zack ran his fingers through her silky brown hair and down to her shoulders. He leaned forward so they could reach lower to grab a handful of breast. He lightly squeezed each breast and started to feel her moans shooting up his cock. She pulled his cock out of her mouth and smiled at him. He pinched at her nipples again and again as the volume of her moans increased.

Minka lowered her head back on to his member and started sucking harder on it for a few more minutes until she was ready for some attention to her own aching crotch. The horny couple swapped positions after sharing a quick kiss. Zack quickly probed her soaking wet pussy with his tongue. For the next several minutes, she took in the experience of having her pussy orally pleasured, something that Derek refused to do with her. She was loving every second of this.

Zack started rubbing his thumb against her beat-red clitoris. The waves of pleasure shot through her so intensely that she ended up knocking several objects from the desk to help keep her upright. She was ready to be fucked, but the orgasm that was building prevented her from saying anything. She tried her best to keep her moans as quiet as possible since she knew the walls of the office were not soundproofed, and there was a game about to start so the building was packed. She clamped both of her hands over her mouth and moaned as loud as her vocal cords would allow once her body released an intense orgasm. Zack quickly drank up all of the sweet nectar that was flowing from her pussy.

Before she could fully come down from her high, Zack slammed his whole nine inches into her still-convulsing cunt. She struggled to keep the grip over her mouth as the moans were slowly forming into words. Minka was never one to be quiet during sex and with just how much she was enjoying this hate fueled fucking, she was completely losing control.

"Oh...oh...Zack please...ahh...cover my...mmm...mouth or choke me or...ohh...we need to be...oh fuck...quiet and I'm loud!"

"No problem Lyla."

Zack quickly clamped his hand around her neck and lightly choked her while continuing to slam into her. He did not grip her enough to hurt her but just enough to stop her loud screams from drawing attention to the office. He used his other hand to bend her leg back almost to her ears for extra leverage.

Minka was in love with the feeling of his hand around her neck. She always had enjoyed a little choking during sex. To her, it only increased the pleasure throughout her body. He was forced to release his grip when her eyes shot to the back of her head. He thought he was hurting her when in reality she in the midst of another orgasm. He could feel what was happening around his cock so he grabbed her once again.

Minka was in heaven as she experienced orgasm after orgasm around Zack's rock hard member. She could feel herself sliding around on the table with the large amount of sweat that was seeping from her pores. The room they were in was enclosed with no windows. Add that with the fact that it was a 90 degree day in the Bronx and that she was cumming over and over again, it was a perfect cocktail for a sweaty sexual experience. She loved what was going on but like all good things, it eventually had to end.

"I'm gonna cum Lyla, should I pull out?" He loosened his grip on her throat to allow a response.

"It's okay, I'm protected." Derek was dead-set against having a child so he had been forcing Minka to take the pill ever since they started having sex together.

Seconds later, Zack's slowed his pace down as his cock coated Minka's vaginal walls in his thick, creamy spunk. He let go of her throat and grabbed onto her breasts, squeezing them with each shot exited his body.

Minka was lying flat on her back, breathing heavily as she felt his cock begin to soften before he removed himself. He sat down on the floor and tried to regain his own wind. The humidity in the air only intensified the scent of love rising from her worn out pussy.

"That was amazing Lyla." She had forgotten for a second that she was using a fake name. It only took a few seconds for her to remember.

"Hell yeah, I really needed that."

She slowly sat back up, still exhausted from the session of lovemaking. They both slowly began getting redressed. They knew that they couldn't remain in the office for too long in case somebody would try to enter. Before she started putting her panties back on, she gave them Zack and told him, "Here, I want you to remember me." Minutes later, they were both ready to exit.

"I had a really great time Lyla, but I should tell you something. We can't go any farther than this. I'm a 'hit-it-and-quit-it' guy. I hope you aren't upset." She gave him a kiss.

"Don't worry, I'm exactly the same."

Not wanting to look suspicious, Zack left the office first and Minka waited several minutes before exiting herself. Once he was gone, she instantly began to feel a bit guilty of what she had done. But then she sat down and thought about it. The main reason that it was so fun was because of the anger flowing through her. While she didn't feel comfortable arguing with or cheating on Derek, she could not remember the last time she had enjoyed having sex that much.

"Maybe I should keep fighting with Derek for a little bit, and then I could just release all my anger and energy on another hot guy like Zack. I know it's wrong but I loved what I just did too much. I think I found a new little game to play." She thought to herself as she turned her phone back on. She called Derek and left a voicemail.

"Hey baby...maybe I overreacted a little bit. We've all done bad things. Being mad at you just wouldn't be fair. I'll meet you after the game. And umm, maybe when we get home we can...make up! I love you, bye-bye." She put her phone back in her pocket and left the office, heading to her seat for the game.

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