tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJewel, Britney, & I

Jewel, Britney, & I


Note-As you may have guessed, this is a reworking of :What a Jewel Ch.3." For some odd reason I was not very impressed by that submission.

* * * * *

"UH, Jewel. What did you want?"

The lovely singer realized she was staring at the teen. "I, um, sorry." the folk singer walked inside of Britney's trailer and passionately kissed her.

Before the door hit me, I opened it with my palm.

The Alaskan beauty stuck her tongue inside the gorgeous teenagers mouth. With both hands, she fondled the singers lovely massive breasts.

In return, the Louisiana native grabbed Jewel's huge boobs.

I unzipped my fly and grabbed a hold of it.

Finally, the 2 beauties kiss broke. Jewel was the first to speak, "GOD, I want you," she panted through gasps for breath.

Britney grabbed the straps of her shiny black dress and pulled it off. She looked AMAZING naked. Beautiful waist and hips. giggling breasts, and a GREAT ass. Not very firm, but not a bubble. She seductively walked over to me and grabbed my cock. "OH, he's ENORMOUS! I WANT IT!" The pop princess found the zipper and pulled it down. Then, in one quick motion, my Jeans were on my knees.

I kicked them off.

Jewel was busy slowly kissing down the Grammy winner. Finally, she stopped at her ass.

"Oh, yeah. Kiss my ass."

At last, Britney pulled off my boxers. "Suck it, whore," I hissed.

The beautiful young women extended her back until she was on her hands and knees. The teenager stuck out her tongue and licked the pre-cum.

"OH, yeah. Lick my cock."

Jewel was squatting behind Britney and was lapping her pussy.

With one fast gesture, Britney had my whole rod inside her wet mouth.

"OH, fuck. Suck my dick, fucking slut. Make me cum in your mouth. Yes. Fucking nasty bitch. I LOVE hearing you slurp my cock."


Jewel was frantically licking at Britney's wet cunt.


With each invasion of her pussy, the lovely women was lapping my member with tremendous ferocity.

"OH, GOD! SUCK ME, Britney. FUCK, YEAH!! I'M CUMMING!!! My massive orgasm erupted inside the beautiful singer.

Britney also was cumming in Jewel's mouth.

I saw a huge juicy film wash over the folk singer.

"I want that nasty pussy."

The teenager sat flat on her back.

The beautiful yodeler put her leg up and place her cunt in front of Britney.

"SUCK IT BITCH!" she ordered.

The pop singer stuck out her tongue and licked Jewel's box.

I, on the other hand, positioned my cock inside her. Then, I shoved it all in.

"Yeah, your wet pussy feels GREAT around my cock. Suck that nasty whore," I hissed, as I watched Jewel hump Britney.


I was also in heaven. YESS! FUCK!! I'M GONNA CUM! I LOVE IT!!!

With every word, Britney thrust her used pussy on my erection.

"FUCK, YEAH!!! I'M CUMMING!!! Just then, I unloaded a wad of my filth into the georgeous teenager.

At the same time, Jewel was cumming. "OH, EAT ME!! I'M CUUMMINGG!!! She watered Britney's mouth with her juicy film. She turned to me and passionately kissed me. Grabbing my head, she popped her tongue in my mouth. "My turn," she smiled. The beauty got on her hands and knees, and awaited my hard-on.

Britney stood up and was frantically pumping her pussy with 2 fingers as Jewel watched. "SUCK ME, NASTY SLUT!" she insisted.

I shoved my entire length inside Jewel, and that shoved her tongue into the star.

"YEES! LICK ME CUNT! MAKE ME CUM ON YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!!!" The teen was massaging her own luscious breasts. "SUCK IT BITCH!!" Britney then grabbed her hair and yanked it, HARD!

The singer eyed the beauty, as if saying, "I LOVE IT! TREAT ME LIKE A WHORE!!!"

I was EXTREMELY HOT!! In the spur of the moment, I swatted Jewel.



I took that as enthusiasm. SPANK! Her as was nice and soft on my hand. It giggled with every hit. I gave it one last swat. SPANK!

Her boobs were giggling wildly under her and Britney squeezed them. "SUCK ME!!! EAT MY PUSSY!!! YESS! I'M CUUMMINGG!!! Britney washed her juice down Jewel's throat. "AHH!"

I, too, was on the verge of exploding. "OH, GOD! I'M CUMMING! FUCK!" My massive slim spilled down Jewel's chute.

What next? I thought.

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