tagSci-Fi & FantasyJim's Genie Ch. 02

Jim's Genie Ch. 02


** This chapter is shorter and more of a set up for later chapters. I'm going to be slow about writing, so bear with me.**


Jim woke up to a strange feeling.

"What happened?" He said. He rolled off the couch and hit the floor. He felt as though something was missing, or he lost something and wanted to go looking for it. The smell of bacon wafted over him and his train of thought broke.

He stumbled to the kitchen and saw Susan cooking. She was in yoga pants and a sports bra. Her curves were accentuated by the sportswear, as were her lean, fit body. She flipped the pancakes with one hand and turned the bacon with the other.

"What happened last night?" Jim asked.

"The bonding, I'm still trying to figure out how things are working myself. Lets try this." She said, then thought, "Raise your hand if you're hungry."

Jim raised his hand and thought, "Smells delicious."

"So you are still mentally keyed to me it seems, odd." Susan remarked.

"I wish after breakfast the three of us can have some amazing sex." Jim wished.

"We can give it a try, but no wish grating." Susan said.

"What? Why?" Jim replied.

"I'm bonded to Liz now, although I'm not sure she'll know it. Seems that the sex last night created a strange three way bond for us. I can hear you think, but I'll have to grant Susan's wishes. The really strange part is that she can't know I'm a genie, as I'm not mentally keyed to her. I'm so confused, this never happens. Pretty much every master I've ever heard of just goes for it, almost immediately. We specifically come out of the bottle so that the bonding happens quick, fast, and in a hurry." Susan shook her head and served three plates.

Jim walked up to Susan and grabbed her ass. "Can we bond properly later, then?"

"One bond per genie I'm afraid."

Liz yawned loudly as she came up to the doorway.

She looked amazing, wearing a short summer dress. The jade green dress accented her new skin tone and freckles. The ensemble was intoxicating, and Jim found he was ready to try out his wife's new body.

"What are you doing?" Liz asked.

Jim's hand was still grabbing Susan's ass, and he blushed. "I was just saying good morning."

"Well I wish you would ask my permission before touching a woman like that."

Jim's hand tingled and was instantly pushed away from Susan.

"Honey?" Jim inquired.

"Yes?" Liz replied.

"After breakfast how about we cuddle?"

"Jim, not in front of a guest. And after breakfast we are going to the farmers market, then we need to run a few errands, and tonight we are going over to the Miller's for dinner and a movie." Liz said, as Jim's spirit dropped.

"I wish we didn't need to run errands. I wish that Liz was horney. I wish the Millers weren't dull." Jim thought to Susan.

"Sorry, Jim. No more wishes, unless you can get Liz to say I wish." Susan thought, then said "Liz I'll join you for breakfast, then I can head out."

Jim thought to himself for a bit and ate. Liz and Susan chatted, being a little touchy, but nothing over the top without his directing the action. They exchanged numbers, and talked about hanging out again, but didn't make solid plans. At least that part of his wishes were still happening.

"Cya at work on Monday." Susan said as she walked out the door. "I'll be in touch if you need me." She thought.

Jim lamented his situation. So much power, and he hadn't even used it properly. He was in better shape, but still old. His wife looked great, but she didn't want him touching their genie. It was better than things had been for sure, but he could have done so much more. He resolved to make the best of the situation, and just enjoy what he had gotten from the wishes he had made.

The day went like any other normal day would, except that Jim was a lot more touchy towards his wife.

Jim also noticed a lot more men looking at her than had previously. This didn't bother him too much, as Liz didn't act any different. She made a few off hand wishes, and Jim noticed that they got granted. Like her favorite avocado stand at the farmer's market still having some good ones left.

Throughout the day Jim checked on Susan with his app, but she was just setting up a nice apartment in midtown along with flushing out her identity in other ways. She was enjoying acting like a person.

They made it to the Millers and it was exceedingly dull as he had suspected. Robert Miller was a lot more flirty than usual, but otherwise they made it through a few rounds of Taboo before calling it a night.

As they got home Jim went for it.

"Honey, how about we have some fun of our own tonight?" Jim said as he grabbed her ass. "I want to kiss you all over." He leaned over and started kissing her neck.

"Ok, I guess. I'm a little sensitive from last night, just be gentle." Liz responded.

Jim pulled her into the bedroom, and spun her around. He loved the toned legs, and slim body she had chosen. Small breasts weren't his thing, but she pulled it off fantastically. He grabbed her dress and easily pulled it over her head. She did a slow turn on her own to show off her amazing body, and Jim caught her looking at herself in the mirror. She hadn't been wearing a bra, and her small breasts perked up as her nipples became hard. Liz getting excited and Jim was ready to start. He guided her to the bed and pulled down his own pants. His moderate penis was hard as Liz knelt in front of him. She began to lick up and down the sides and flitted her tongue lightly across the tip. That was all Jim could handle and he immediately cum all over his wife's freckled face. It had only been thirty seconds since she'd started.

"Sorry!" Jim said. "I can still get you off if you like."

Liz thought for a second. "Ok, if you're up for reciprocating that'd be nice." She got onto the bed next to Jim and stretched out, her ass on the edge, and knees spread wide. "I'm ready." She made a naughty half smile and her hands roamed down her flat stomach, and started playing with her labia.

Jim got onto his knees, and kissed his way up her thigh. When he got to her pussy she spread it for him and he started slowly licking from bottom to top. Liz got wetter and wetter, so he inserted a finger, curling it up and massaging the spot he remembered being her favorite from long ago. She began to squirm and moan as he switched to a back and forth motion on her clit. Her taste was a lot better, and she was reacting a hell of a lot more than she did a week ago. He let his other hand roam over her body; playing with a nipple, then sliding over her smooth stomach. She turned her head up as her abs began to contract then loosen. He slowly moved his finger inside her, back and forth, as his tongue kept the same rhythm across her clit, back and forth. He kept the pace up for ten minutes, as she edge towards release. She climaxed and her hips lifted off the bed for a few seconds, bucking up and down. Jim had a hard time keeping his hold on her, so he slowed down and stopped. He watched the love of his life climaxing harder than she had for almost the entire time he'd known her.

"Don't stop, keep going." She whispered.

"I'm getting a little tired." He said. His hand was

"Aww, It's been a long time since we last did it, and even longer since I enjoyed you eating me out. I can accept that you aren't into it." She said.

"I'm very into it, just my hand is a little cramped. Maybe if you get me hard again we can have sex. It's been just as long since you really enjoyed that with me." He responded.

Liz rubbed up against Jim and he could feel her nipples on him. She kissed him deeply and he loved the new techniques she had picked up from his wishes. She rubbed his dick as she kissed him and he got hard, but came immediately again.

"Aww, I was hoping we could do it." Liz said.

"That's ok dear, I'm satisfied. I love you." Jim whispered into her ear.

"Well I'm not, and I wish you'd help me with that." Liz whispered back.

Jim was immediately compelled to go down on Liz again, and she happily leaned back to enjoy it.

An hour and a half later, Jim was still licking and fingering. His hands were hurting, and his tongue was getting raw. As Liz climaxed for the twentieth time she said, "Ok, I'm satisfied now."

Jim collapsed onto the bed and was asleep almost immediately, except for a few thoughts to Susan.

"Why did you make me eat her out for hours instead of giving more stamina?" Jim thought to Susan.

"I can tell what she wants, and she wanted you to service her." Susan responded.

"Can't you interpret it more in my favor?"

"Yes, but it goes against my nature to grant a wish differently than intended. I can try it with a few I suppose."

"I'd appreciate it."

The next morning, Liz was up early and cooking breakfast. Jim wandered into the kitchen, rubbing his forearm. He was surprised by his wife in an apron, and panties.

"Good morning, good lookin'" Jim said.

Liz turned around and smiled. "Good morning to you too! I thought I'd surprise you, do you like it." She did a twirl and Jim loved how her bottom was stuck out to accent how nice and round it was, despite her being so thin otherwise. She shook it for him and went back to cooking.

"Honey, don't you wish I could last longer in bed?" Jim said.

"Oh Jim, I really enjoyed last night. You satisfied me so well. I love you just the way you are." Liz replied.

"You don't wish I were younger, or stronger? That I had a bigger dick?" Jim coaxed.

"I mean it Jim, I love you just the way you are." Liz said, taking a break from cooking to kiss him.

"Ok, honey. What is it you wanted to do today?" Jim asked.

"I was thinking we could go on a hike, or do some yoga. I know we haven't done anything active in a long time, but I'm feeling like being active again. Is that weird?" Lis said.

"That seems pretty normal to me. Let's go to that yoga studio in the old strip mall, I'll look up a time." Jim said.

They finished up their breakfast and got ready. Jim found some sports shorts and a loose tshirt to wear. Liz on the other hand found some tight yoga capris with a tight top that wasn't exactly a sports bra. Jim could see her cameltoe and nipples through the ensemble and he thought it was incredible. The tight yoga pants also accentuated her tight round butt, which he went up and grabbed. Liz jumped a little. "Oh my" she said coyly.

"You look great in that," Jim said.

"Hmm, maybe I'll have to wear it more often then." She replied.

They got to the yoga studio and It was a general mix of young people in their 20's and early 30's. They were by far the oldest there, but Liz looked like she was on the younger side of the crowd with her new body. They found a spot on the side of the room, and Jim noticed a lot of the young guys making eyes at Liz. He didn't think too much of it. The instructor was a buff guy in his late 20's and he came up and introduced himself to the two of them.

"Hi, I'm Marco. I'll be leading the class today. Is it your first time with us?"

"Yes it is." Jim replied. Marco didn't look over, instead focussing on Liz.

"Yes it is." Liz echoed Jim.

"Well let me know if you need any help. I'll be coming around and correcting any small mistakes in forms. If you don't want the guidance just let me know." Marco kept looking at Liz, and she blushed a bit.

Throughout the class Marco came up to Liz several times and touched her lightly on the back, moved her arms, and changed small bits of her form. None of the touches were inappropriate, but Jim could tell he was getting jealous. The biggest problem was that Liz was enjoying the attention. She wouldn't have gotten anywhere near this kind of attention from any guy a few days ago. He resolved to talk to her about it later.

After the class Marco came up as they were finishing. "You two did well in class, I'd like to offer you two trial month passes as part of our special promotion." He handed Liz two passes and walked off. They were really just flyers with redemption codes on the front.

In the car on the way home Jim asked, "How did you like the class?"

"I really enjoyed it! I feel so much younger and energized from it. You?"

"I'm not sure," Jim admitted. "I don't think it is my thing."

"Well perhaps Susan would want to join me, it looks like the free passes are for any two people." Liz remarked.

Jim thought about it for a second, and remembered he could watch them on his app while they did yoga. He got a little flustered thinking about it. "That sounds like a great idea. If she is up for it." He said.

Liz was on her phone for a bit, then said. "Susan is in, we are going to do Tomorrow after she gets off work."

"Don't get too crazy at the class, save that for when you are back at our place afterwards." Jim thought to Susan.

"Haha, I'll try. No promises."

At home that evening Liz wasn't feeling like sex, and Jim didn't push it. He still got some cuddle time, where he pushed it and felt all over her slim sexy body.

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