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Jim's Group Physical


This story is a work of fiction, but it does draw on some of my own real-life experiences growing up, as well as a healthy dose of fantasy. The story is about 4 high school senior boys (18 years old) who are called out of their physical education class and forced to undergo a complete physical exam as a group. The story is a first-person account told by one of the boys named Jim. The exams are conducted by the female school nurse and a female nurse practitioner with assistance from one of the senior girls. Since the boys are examined by females in front of each other, there are CFNM and also male-to-male voyeuristic aspects of the story. There are also a number of embarrassing situations that the boys must endure. I've tried to be as detailed as possible, so if you like a slow-moving, detailed exam story, you may enjoy it.

Please let me know what you think.

I was completely out of breath when I finally reached the locker room. I was worried that I would be late and be in big trouble again. I certainly didn't need that. But this time, it really wasn't my fault. My math teacher kept me after class to help me to understand a problem. Even though I was a senior, I still had to take P.E. I'm not sure why, but this school required physical education each and every year of high school. Anyway, I quickly made my way to my locker, dialed the combination and began to change. It looked like I wouldn't be late this time since a lot of the other guys were still changing for class. I quickly slipped off my street clothes and replaced them with my P.E. uniform.

I had to rush this time, but to be honest, I usually like to take my time changing since it provides me with the opportunity to sneak a peek at the other guys. Don't get me wrong, I'm not gay or anything, I do like girls. It's just that I don't get the opportunity to see them naked very often. And I've been so incredibly horny since I turned 18 a month ago. Well, to be honest, I think I've been incredibly horny for the last few years. I guess I look at the other guys because they happen to be right there next to me. And I suppose that's better than nothing. I've also caught a few of the other guys looking at me. That's OK, I don't mind it. I suppose it's only fair since I look at them. And I do think I have a fit body. I'm not ashamed of it.

When I do sneak a peak, I try not to look too long. I don't want to get so excited that I pop a boner. That almost happened my freshmen year when I first started high school. I wasn't prepared for how different high school P.E. is compared to middle school. I already experienced changing in front of the other guys into my gym shorts and T-shirt. We did that back in middle school and it was no big deal. But in middle school we always kept our underwear on and just swapped our long pants for gym shorts. Here in high school things are much more complicated. Now, our teacher, Coach Adams requires us to wear an athletic supporter during P.E. instead of our regular underwear. He said we're at the age when we're all developing into young men so we need the extra support. Whatever. So now when we change for gym, we have to first take off everything and then put on a jockstrap.

My freshmen year was the first time I had to follow these new rules changing for P.E. I remember being really nervous the first time I had to remove my underwear. After completely undressing, I quickly pulled on my jockstrap for the first time, hoping to hide my nudity. The problem was that it held my cock and balls very snugly. And it felt good. And I could feel the cool air on my bare ass. And it felt good. And I felt the rear straps of the jock digging into my bare skin as I moved. And it felt good. And then I made my fatal mistake. I looked over at the boy standing right next to me while he was changing. I watched as he bent over to pull his jockstrap up between his legs. I watched as he pulled up the rear straps to frame his bare ass and as he adjusted himself in the front pouch. Well, that was all it took. I felt the mound within my jockstrap pouch begin to grow. I just couldn't help myself. I quickly pulled my gym shorts on, hoping to cover up before anyone could see the beginning of my boner. And I was lucky. By the time I finished dressing and ran into the gym for attendance that special feeling between my legs had subsided. But I learned my lesson. From that point on, I always tried to control myself and limit my recreational viewing.

I quickly finished changing and ran into the gym for attendance. I made my way to my assigned position on the gym floor just in time to hear my name called by my P.E. teacher: "Jim Johnson?"

"Here," I replied. Yes, I made it. No tardy penalty today. It seemed like this would be just another routine gym period. We'd probably shoot some baskets and run a few laps around the gym. Then we'd have to shower and get dressed. Little did I know that those plans were about to dramatically change.

Just as Coach Adams was finishing attendance, we saw one of the senior girls enter the gym. As she walked in we all hollered and whistled at her. After all this is the boy's gym and we don't normally see girls in here.

"Quiet down gentlemen, that's enough of that," he said.

I knew who she was, since I had seen her before. Her name was Stephanie. I always thought she was really cute, and I liked the way she smiled at me when I said "Hi" to her in the hallway. She walked right up to Coach Adams and handed him a note. As he read it to himself, Stephanie surveyed the crowd of boys that was on display before her. She was smiling as she gave each of us a quick once over, sometimes stopping momentarily at one of the boys to give him a more thorough look. We were all on display before her and she knew that we couldn't do anything about it.

"Alright, listen up," barked the coach. "I need these four men up here immediately." I liked the way he always referred to us as "men". For some reason that made me feel more grown up. He called us that even when we were just freshmen boys.

He read the list aloud, pausing between each name: "Mark Collier, Kevin Lucas, Jim Johnson and David Thomas."

What? Jim Johnson? Why, that's me. I watched as the three other boys made their way to the front of the gym. The boys that were near me were all staring at me.

"Get up there," someone said, "he called your name."

As I walked toward the front of the gym to join the others I was trying to figure out what I had done this time to be called out for special attention. I figured the four of us must be in some kind of trouble. But I had no idea just how memorable the next 45 minutes would be.

"OK gentlemen," said the coach, "you four are to follow this young lady to the nurse's office."

"What for, coach?" asked Kevin.

"Don't worry," responded the coach. "None of you are in any trouble. It's only some routine business with the school nurse. But it will take the entire class period."

"Well, should we get dressed first?" asked David.

"No, there's no time for that," replied Coach Adams, "you need to go right now." "I think it will be OK if you wear your gym clothes. You'll return here to change clothes when the nurse is done with you."

As the coach was speaking, Stephanie approached him and quietly said something to him, drawing his attention to a particular part of the note. She was apparently very familiar with the written instructions.

"Oh, I see, thank you for clarifying that," he said to her, "I didn't notice that part." He now turned and addressed the four of us. "Gentlemen, I have been informed that not only are your gym clothes acceptable, it is assumed that you will wear them. That's why you're being called out of P.E. instead of another class."

With that, Stephanie led the way out of the gym, and the four of us reluctantly followed a few steps behind her. The nurse's office was one floor up and on the other end of the building, so it took a minute or two for us to make our way through the now-empty hallways. Stephanie was dressed in all white today, wearing clean white shorts and a white jacket. She looked good as always.

"What's this all about?" asked Kevin.

Without slowing down she turned to answer. "Oh, it's nothing to be worried about, you'll see."

"Well, why did they send you to get us, Stephanie?" I asked.

"Well," she answered "I've been helping the nurse lately." "You see, I'm planning on a career in nursing and the school nurse has allowed me to assist her with a few things. Just for the experience and to see if a nursing career is really right for me." She looked at me and smiled as she was answering. I wondered to myself what kind of things she was referring to.

We made our way to the nurse's office and followed Stephanie as she went in. I've only been here once before, and that was last year when I had a touch of the flu. I remember the nurse was middle aged, maybe 45 or 50, and a bit overweight. But she was very nice to me. She ended up calling my mom to come and get me. As we entered the nurse's office, we were in a small room that is immediately off of the main hallway. That's where the nurse took care of me last year. It has a desk, a couple of chairs and a small bed where you can lie down. But this time Stephanie led us right through that room into a second room that was much larger. A room that I've never seen before. But as I saw what was inside the second room, I immediately became very apprehensive. This little visit to the school nurse was not looking good at all.

The first thing we all saw was Nurse Fisher, the school nurse, dressed in a white nurse's uniform. She had a handful of manila folders in her hand and she seemed to be shuffling papers in and out of them. When she saw us enter the room behind Stephanie, she immediately greeted us.

"Come in gentlemen, please line up over there," she said, pointing to the wall just to the right of the doorway.

After leading us into the room, Stephanie took a position next to Nurse Fisher. As we took our place against the wall, Nurse Fisher continued to shuffle her papers. This was our chance to survey the room. This was obviously an exam room of some type, since it had all of the accessories that you would expect to see in a real doctor's office. But it was much larger than any exam room I have ever seen. There was not one, but two full-size exam tables, a scale for measuring weight and height, two small rolling stools and a counter-top that wrapped continuously around the other three walls. On the counter were the typical instruments that you would expect a doctor to use such as stethoscopes, little rubber hammers and those things that they use to look in your ear. I also saw several boxes that were labeled "latex exam gloves" on the side of the box and several squeezable tubes next to them with a blue and white label.

It was now quite obvious that we were here for some type of examination. We just didn't have any idea what kind of examination it would be. I was trying to convince myself that it was just a simple screening of some sort. Maybe it was another scoliosis screening. I remember having that done a couple of years ago. If so, that wouldn't be too bad. You only have to remove your shirt for that. Perhaps that's why Stephanie is still here. A scoliosis screening like that might be one of the "things" that she assists with. As she said, just for the experience. But I was still puzzled by what the coach said, that we were expected to wear our gym clothes. A simple scoliosis screening wouldn't require any special clothing. No, something else was about to happen and it probably wouldn't be good.

"OK gentlemen," Nurse Fisher said. "First of all I need to make sure we have the right boys with us today and that all of you are 18." She then took her own form of attendance. "Please raise your hand as I call your name."

She read through the same list of our names and we obediently raised our hands in turn. But she wasn't reading from a list. She was reading the names off of the manila folders in her hand. It looked like there was a separate folder dedicated to each one of us. Lucky us. As she read our names, she also asked us for our birth date and compared it to her records.

As she was about to finish her roll call, another woman walked into the room. "Oh great, you made it," said Nurse Fisher, "I was beginning to think that I would have to handle this first group all by myself."

"So sorry," said the new woman, "there was a wreck on the highway just before exit 7 and I had to take an unexpected detour."

"No problem," replied Nurse Fisher, "I'm just glad that you made it." The school nurse now addressed us. "Gentlemen, this is Nurse Mitchell. She is a licensed nurse practitioner and she will be conducting your examinations today."

The new nurse looked at us and smiled. "Hello gentlemen." She was much younger than the school nurse, perhaps only 25 to 30. And she looked very fit in her white nurse's uniform. It seemed to fit her in all the right places.

"I will be assisting Nurse Mitchell with your examinations," the school nurse continued. "And, some of you might know Stephanie," she said turning toward Stephanie. "She will also be assisting today by recording the results in your files." Oh great, I thought to myself, we have a whole team of females that will be conducting some kind of examination. That was definitely overkill for just a simple screening.

The school nurse now addressed us directly. "Now, gentlemen, today you will participate in a new county-wide health initiative that is designed to identify potential health problems. This is the first year of this program, and all 12th grade, 18 year old boys in the county will eventually participate. Each boy will participate as they turn 18, as you four boys are. In fact, you four boys are the first group in our school to participate in the program. Your parents have been provided with the details of this new program and I have signed permission slips from all of them giving their approval." For just a moment I looked away from Nurse Fisher and saw Stephanie with a big grin on her face. And it seemed to be getting wider.

Nurse Fisher continued to explain what was about to happen. "Today, as part of this program, each of you will receive a routine health assessment, otherwise known as a physical examination." Just great, I thought to myself. How dare my parents give their approval for something like this! I'd rather be back in the gym shooting baskets right now. Nurse Fisher now continued. "Since your parents have registered you for this program, your initial examination today is mandatory. I know you boys weren't expecting this today, but if we all cooperate we can speed this along and get you out of here by the end of this class period."

After a short pause, Nurse Fisher piled on the bad news. "Your examination today will be routine, but also fairly complete. And even though you are wearing your gym clothes, you will be required to undress further. In fact, we called you out of your P.E. class so that you would have less clothing to remove." The silence in the room was deafening upon receipt of that little bit of information.

"OK, any questions boys?" Nurse Fisher asked.

We all just looked at each other in utter shock. Our only question was how did we get into this mess, but I'm sure she wasn't going to answer that one.

"Good," she said, "then to get started, I need all of you to remove your shoes, socks, T-shirt and gym shorts. You can leave your underwear on, for now." Our shock now turned to horror as we were being ordered to undress in front of them.

"But Nurse Fisher," Kevin chimed in, "we just came from P.E. class, so we're not wearing, um, our normal underwear. They make us wear a ..."

Nurse Fisher now interrupted Kevin in mid sentence. "Oh yes, that's right. I'm aware of the physical education department rules. I know that you boys are required to wear an athletic supporter in P.E. That's what I meant by underwear. Please leave your supporter on, but everything else must be removed now." I looked at Stephanie and saw that she had a wide grin on her face.

There are moments in your life when time seems to stand still. And the blood rushes out of your head until you feel like you're going to pass out because you feel your own heart beating. And you finally know what a deer feels like looking into the headlights of an oncoming car. That's the way I felt at that exact moment. I didn't plan on any of this and I didn't want to go through with this. I wanted to run out the door and hide somewhere. But I knew that I couldn't hide. They would eventually find me.

"Go ahead boys, get undressed now, we need to get started," ordered Nurse Mitchell.

As we all began to undress, the females in the room took turns washing their hands at the sink. I was down to my gym shorts when I turned to look at Kevin who was next to me. He had just finished stepping out of his shorts and was standing there wearing only his jockstrap. Next to him was Mark who, like me, still had his gym shorts on. In unison we both pulled down our shorts and stepped out of them, leaving us with only our jockstraps as cover. On my right side was David who likewise was now almost nude like the rest of us. There was a long bench against the wall behind us and I turned around to place my shorts on the pile with my other clothes. As I did so, it struck me for the first time that with my back turned toward the room my bare ass was now on display, being nicely framed by the rear straps of my jock. I quickly turned around and saw Stephanie facing our direction, and her eyes were not at eye-level. It seemed that she had been enjoying the view of our backsides. I wasn't sure which was worse, having her see my bare ass, or the front of my jockstrap. I decided that this whole situation was very, very wrong.

Now that we were undressed, we all faced the females in the room. Mark and Kevin held their hands in front of themselves to try and maintain some sense of modesty. David and I stood with our arms at our sides. Stephanie handed Nurse Mitchell the first folder and the second to the school nurse. She kept the other two folders herself.

"I'll start with Mark Collier," said Nurse Mitchell, "can you please come up here son?" Mark walked toward the examination table that was next to the nurse. As he walked, his bare ass was on display to the three of us that were still waiting against the wall. I thought to myself how embarrassing this must be for him. It was bad enough standing there in just my jockstrap, but it was much worse when you had to walk around the room like that. But then I realized that I would soon be in the same situation.

"Go ahead and have a seat up here on the table," she said while patting the top of the exam table.

"And I need Kevin Lucas over here please," said the school nurse. She then issued some additional orders to the entire group. "Boys, when it's not your turn, I need you to stand and wait patiently against the wall. We will run all of you through just part of the exam before we move on to the next part, so I don't think you'll have to wait very long."

Kevin walked toward the school nurse, as did Stephanie. It looked like she was going to assist the school nurse with her part of the exam. David and I had to wait our turns, but we did get to watch the show. This meant that we had more time to be nervous about our own exams.

I watched as Nurse Mitchell began Mark's exam. She looked in his eyes and ears, looked up his nose and checked his throat. She was also feeling around his neck, and basically limiting her exam to everything from the neck up. As she proceeded with her exam, she made notes in Mark's folder. At the same time, Kevin was standing on the scale and the school nurse, with Stephanie's assistance, was recording his height and weight. When they finished with his height and weight, they used a cloth measuring tape to record measurements from other parts of his body. I personally have never been measured like that and I wasn't looking forward to my turn, especially considering the small amount of clothing that I was wearing.

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