Jo Ch. 02


This is the second of a series. Please check out the previous section to keep things in sequence and don't forget to vote.

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Standing up, I walked over to Cheryl. Slowly I walked around her, scanning her naked body closely as I took in her fabulous body. I detected a slight tremor as her full breasts quivered as I brushed my face close to her dark hair. I walked away from her and Cheryl could not figure out what I wanted from her if I wasn't going to touch her. She watched as I walked back to her daughter and sat back down on the stool. Cheryl looked worried as I placed my hand back on Jo's smooth thigh.

"Lift your breasts." I instructed and Cheryl brought both of her hands up to her full breasts. She cupped her huge tits in her trembling hands as her hard nipples pointed straight at me. "Higher." I said and the naked beauty pressed the undersides of her twin mounds and lifted them away from her body. "Now play with your nipples." I said. When she did not obey me, I slid my hand over the crotch of Jo's panties and rubbed her hard between her legs as her young body squirmed in her bonds..

"When I tell you to do something, I expect you to do it." I said to Cheryl as my fingers slid into the leg openings of Jo's panties and I pinched the sheer material together and slid it between her engorged pussy lips. Cheryl could see her daughter's swollen labia as they pressed out around the narrow strip of panties that slid into her virgin pussy. In an instant Cheryl began to play with her own taut nipples.

"Much better." I said as I slid my finger over the moist lips of Jo's virginity. "Pinch your nipples." I said and the beautiful mother squeezed her tender nubbins between her long fingers. "Now lift your tits." I said and she gently pulled upwards until the entire weight of her massive tits was supported by her grip on her very erect nipples. I watched as her face contorted with pain as she felt the strain on her distended nipples. "Drop them." I said and she quickly released her breasts and they bounced gently as they fell from her hands.

"Jump." I said and the naked beauty jumped slightly. I watched as her huge tits jiggled. "I said jump!" I repeated and Cheryl jumped a bit higher. Her huge tits bounced gently and then began to bounce against each other. They looked great. "I mean jump." I hissed and the naked beauty began to jump higher as her huge tits bounced wildly. I watched as her magnificent mams mashed into each other and then away and her face contorted with pain. Her hands came up to her pendulous breasts as she tried to ease her pain.

"Over there." I instructed and the naked beauty quickly grasped her aching breasts and stopped bouncing. She slowly walked over to the pole in the middle of the den. "Feet apart." I barked and she slid her feet apart. She leaned back against the cold metal pole. "Play with yourself." I said and when she hesitated, I pressed my finger against the thin strip of material that ran between Jo's swollen pussy lips. She squealed as she felt my finger slip past the material and then slide into her virgin pussy. Jo was electrified as I probed her virginity with my finger. Her body turned a deep crimson as she felt my finger enter her body. Scared or not, her pussy was wet.

Cheryl's hands plunged down between her open thighs and she began to stroke her oozing pussy. She was amazed at how wet she felt. Her eyes were riveted to my hand as I stroked her daughter's spread virginity. I watched as Cheryl lost herself in her own caresses. I eased my hand from Jo's gaping pussy and watched as Cheryl really began to get into it.

"Slide down." I instructed and Cheryl bent her knees and lowered her body as she continued to finger her pussy. As her beautiful body descended, her knees bent and her satiny thighs spread wide apart. I watched as she leaned back against the pole and fingered herself. "I want to see you cum." I said and Cheryl's eyes bolted open. She hesitated for a moment and then afraid of what I might do to Jo, she began to pump her fingers in and out of her tight pussy. Her fingers closed on her erect clit and she began to gasp as she teased it. It only took a moment before she gasped and her pussy flooded with her sweet nectar. She felt her cum ooze onto her fingers as she slid her hand from between her open thighs.

"Reach for the pole." I instructed and Cheryl brought her arms up over her head and grasped the pole with both hands. Her huge breasts were lifted slightly as her back arched. It was my turn for some pleasure. Lifting my hand from Jo's open thigh, I carried the stool over and set it down in front of Cheryl's squatting form. My crotch was only inches from her face and she could see the huge bulge in the front of my shorts. As I slid closer, my legs touched her open thighs and then pressed her legs even wider apart.

I rubbed the front of my shorts against the soft skin of her face and Cheryl could feel the hardness of my cock against her soft skin. As I leaned against her body, her huge tits pressed firmly against my thighs. She knew what she was going to be asked to do.

"Open me up." I instructed and the naked beauty brought both hands to my crotch and she quickly unbuckled my belt and unzipped my fly. Pulling on the snap in front, she opened my shorts and grasping them and my briefs, she slid them down my legs. She gasped as she saw my raging cock standing erect before her eyes. Jo watched intently as her mother stripped me. I raised my feet and she slid my shorts off of my legs. She could smell the thick aroma of my manhood as she gazed up at my ramrod. I felt her hands grasp my cock and then I felt her long fingernails tease my heavy balls as her warm breath tickled my shaft. I moaned with pleasure as she began to stroke my manhood. Jo could see her mother's hands between my thighs as she stroked my heavy balls.

Sliding forward, the tip of my cock brushed against Cheryl's soft lips. I slapped her face with my cock and then pressed it against her lips once again. Without having to be told, she parted her lips and slid her mouth around my shaft. I moaned deeply as I felt her warm, soft lips envelop my ramrod. Cheryl pumped my shaft with one hand as the other massaged my heavy balls and her lips slid up and down the length of my cock. It had been quite awhile since she'd sucked on a man's cock and she loved the sensation as she felt my cock grow even harder in her talented mouth. I moaned deeply as I felt her tongue snake over the sides of my shaft. Jo could not see my cock as it filled her mother's mouth, but she knew what was happening.

Cheryl felt my hands on her head as I guided her face up and down the length of my cock. She was sucking for all she was worth as I began to pump my cock between her sweet lips. She pressed me back a little and then leaned her head forward as she sucked my entire shaft down into her throat. The sensation was exquisite as I felt my cock slide all the way into her mouth and her cute nose brushed through my thick pubic hair and my balls bounced against her soft chin.

As she sucked on me, I felt her fingers close around my balls as her other hand slid into the crack of my ass. This was one talented and horny woman. Jo watched intently as her mother sucked my cock. Cheryl went into a frenzy as she sucked my cock and then shoving hard into her mouth, I felt my cock explode, sending buckets of cum over her tongue and down her slender throat. Cheryl gulped and swallowed in an effort to get every drop of my seed. Jo saw my hips stop thrusting and then heard her mother moaning as she swallowed my huge load. She was mesmerized by the scene. I held Cheryl's head and I felt her tongue continue to pleasure my ramrod. She had indeed gotten me for forget about her beautiful daughter, at least for the moment.

I eased my grip on her head and Cheryl continued to tongue my spent shaft as she sucked the rest of my cum from my cock. She was fantastic.

To be continued...

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