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Jock vs Nerd


"Fantastic game out there Nick, congratulations," said a coy voice from just beside the end of a long row of lockers; halfway down which stood Nick Jackman; a college football running back playing for UCLA. He was stood there in the casual clothes he had put on in place of his kit, and was preparing to leave to go to a house party ten minutes away to get drunk.

He looked left and saw a guy in glasses standing a few inches shorter than him. His name was Mike DiMarco, and he was quite a few things, just not cool. He was a nerd; an A-student all the way who had only just missed out on the Ivy League by a narrow margin because he was sick on two of his exams. He was annoying too; insisting on bugging Nick whilst the majority of people -- guys and coeds -- surrounded the long-haired pretty boy quarterback. "Fuck off Mike."

"Why are you always so nasty to me?" came the immediate question as Mike, dressed in jeans and a 'Fall Out Boy' t-shirt on, walked slowly towards him.

"Because you're a fucking nerd who only cares about his grades, that's why. I bet you're still a virgin."

"You know I'm not," Mike said proudly, only to be shot back down again.

"I don't count queer fucking."

"Why not? You want some."

Too close in body and in conversation, Nick reacted by moving to where Mike was now stood; two feet away from his open locker. "I'm not a fucking homo."

"Yes you are. Mind you, anyone would get excited about Ryan's ass," he said, taking a moment to dreamily think about the quarterback's butt, even though it was Nick's he wanted.

But before he could fall too deeply into the fantasy, Nick reacted by swinging a fist at Mike's face; hitting him square in the nose and making a cracking sound that alerted the NFL wannabe to the fact he might have done some real damage.

Still clutching his Math textbooks, Mike fell to the floor with a deadweight thud, but still managed to move enough to give Nick a sight of his bloodied nose. And Nick hesitated...

"There, pinch and tilt," he said, handing him a small pack of ice for his head and placing Mike's fingers on his nose. He sat next to him on the bench and Mike followed his instructions to the letter. "Sorry about that, man, just... hate people fucking talking shit like that."

"You know," came the muffled reply of Mike, who seemed to ignore the very first meaningful apology he'd ever received from Nick to try and get to the truth here, "the worst homophobes are usually the homosexuals themselves."

"You're not homophobic," Nick pointed out, tilting Mike's head a little more by grabbing his hair and pulling it.

"Ow! Watch it. I'm not a gay-basher because I am gay, and I admit it. You're just a Goddam closet case."

"Fuck you," Nick shot back unimaginatively.

"Fucking wish you would," Mike mumbled.

"What was that?" Nick asked angrily.

"Nothing," Mike replied at normal volume.

"Fuck off it was nothing. Say that again to my face."

"I can't, I've gotta pinch and tilt, remember?"

Nick grabbed his hair again and tilted Mike's head towards him. "Listen, you fu..."

"Hey, either I can pinch and tilt like you asked and I might have a chance of walking out of here with my face intact, or I can tell you what I really think. And seeing as though I'm right, I don't think you want that."

"What do you really think?" Nick asked, letting Mike go.

Mike returned to his previous position and sighed. "I told you, you don't wanna know."

"Who the fuck are you to tell me..."

"Nick, shut the fuck up!" Mike yelled back so loudly, it startled Nick. He'd never heard this usually placid guy shout before. Damn, he must have really pissed him off. "You're a queer just waiting to burst outta the closet."

"What the fuck do you know?"

"I know what it's like to be in denial, Nick, and trust me, when you come out, it's such a great release."

"I'm not coming out because I'm not in the motherfucking closet. I only fuck chicks."

"Oh yeah, so you bang my sister and you're straight for all eternity. I lost my virginity to a chick too, I'm still gay. And so are you."

"Fuck you, Mike, just fuck you," Nick replied, and yanked the ice pack away from him. "You'll be fine, suck it up you pussy."

Mike had been on the receiving end of months of actually pretty covert bullying from Nick; the footballer not wanting to draw the attention of being a gay-basher away from the fact he was a bit of a stud, had a big dick and a reputation with the ladies. Until now, he'd taken it because he got it from elsewhere. But he'd seen Nick's gentler side in some situations, and he knew if he just kept at it, the truth would soon come out.

'How did he know he was gay?' I hear you ask.

Simple, really.

Nick had had gay sex.

But nobody knew about it except Nick, the guy who had enjoyed Nick's large, thick penis in his mouth and ass, and that guy's best friend... Mike DiMarco; a guy who had watched from behind a tree, just away from the secluded forest setting where this encounter had taken place.

Nick didn't know Mike knew, and didn't know of his ex-lover and Mike's pre-existing relationship; part-time lovers whenever one got a weekend free from UCLA and another from Oregon State. Mike was prepared to bring that to the table, but not quite yet. He wanted Nick to admit it, and to come out all by himself with as little coercion as possible.

But anyway, back to the conversation, and Mike snapped.

Nick received a taste of his own medicine as Mike swung his left fist across Nick, hitting him so purely on the nose, he knew Nick might be harder to repair than him.

"Here, pinch and tilt," Mike said, slamming an ice pack into Nick's stomach as he nursed a bleeding and possibly broken nose. This would see him out of important games for the next month, and he was definitely pissed about that. But at least that punch had awoken him from some misguided opinions about Mike. Mike hoped.

"Good punch you got there."

"Gee, thanks. Wish I could play football," he said, looking towards the showers. "So many hot naked male bodies underneath that shower."

"Well, I'd prefer the cheerleaders' dressing room, but that's just me."

"No, it's not. You talk good game, Nick Jackman, but you're as gay as I am." Mike smiled as if he'd had a brilliant idea. "Don't mind me," he said, taking off his top to reveal a tanned and toned stomach, "I'm going to check out the facilities."

Nick was impressed by the physique, but would only admit to that being because he appreciated another male's fitness due to his being a sportsman.

Mike took off his shoes, stuffed his socks in them, and then undid his belt. Nick went to speak, but Mike told him not to and strangely enough, he did as he said. Mike's faded jeans hit the floor to reveal tight boxers hugging a large package. Nick visibly panted, and Mike smiled before moving slowly towards him and sensually tugging the white material slowly down.

And Nick cracked.

As soon as the large semi-erect penis was exposed along with the shaved pubes and balls, Nick threw the ice pack away, grabbed it and just shoved it hard into his mouth.

Mike groaned as his cock grew to a full erection in Nick's mouth, and the newest homosexual on the block hungrily sucked it; grabbing the foreskin and moving it back and forth as he licked and sucked the beautiful bellend of this athletic looking and very attractive so-called nerd.

Mike stroked Nick's hair, and he moaned in pleasure, still sucking hard on the cock in his mouth, and then just stopping. Just as Mike was about to reprimand Nick for hesitating and denying his true sexuality, and maybe spill about him knowing Nick's little secret, Nick stood up and removed his t-shirt before slowly moving against Mike.

Chemistry began and sparks flew; brain signals flying from their eyes to their dicks to tell them this was what was right, and that this had to happen. And they embraced by their arms, naked chests and tongues; both men kissing passionately in the middle of the locker room.

Mike didn't want to wait anymore for a man he knew he wanted, and reached between them to jimmy open Nick's belt, whip it off, unzip his jeans and then pull them down to reveal an underwear dress sense rather like his own. There was a black pair of tight boxers hugging his legendary package, and Mike just sighed and stroked it before taking his tongue from Nick's mouth and crouching down; moving his hands with it as they became attached to the waistband of the boxers.

The hard white cock, bellend bulging from the foreskin, flew out towards him; conveniently striking him in the slight gap between his lips as if to beg him to suck it. He soon did so, and Nick felt experienced lips sucking upon his fantastic cock; stroking Mike's slightly unkempt hair as he did so. Mike stroked Nick's shaven and large balls, taking the 8-inch penis deep into his mouth as he sucked it. Meanwhile, his equally large cock seemed to be getting harder, if not longer, and although giving this sexy guy a fantastic blowjob was pleasurable for Mike, he was still impatient, and by the way Nick pulled him up, he could tell his new lover was too.

Nick barely waited for Mike to be standing before he began to kiss him again, and pulled his naked body to his own before putting his hands on Mike's firm ass and feeling him return the favour; groping his perfect butt that had been toned by hours per day working out in the gym.

Nick pulled away first; Mike sensing that he wanted to be in control of every aspect of this relationship of theirs, and he was cool with that as long as he didn't deny his desires and wants anymore. He moved past Mike to his bag and rummaged in there before pulling out two condoms.

"I intended to use these on some hot chicks at the party tonight," he confessed. "We should use them on each other."

Nick handed one to Mike and bent over the bench, immediately taking control yet again, and yet again Mike was happy with that. He took a rubber from the packet, put it on and began teasing Nick's tight asshole with his big dick.

Man, he was so fucking tight, Mike could barely handle the wait for the asshole to open up and take his dick, but he had to. He spat at the asshole, and even bent down to give it a little lick. Nick groaned, and Mike did it a little more -- anything to please this sex god.

Placing his hand to Nick's ass to spread the cheeks apart, a finger slipped forward and found itself easily sliding through the running back's willing asshole, and Nick groaned again; telling Mike he was sorry he'd denied it for some long and was just so willing to make up for it. And Mike was just as willing.

He stood and tried again to press his dick into Nick's asshole, and was finally successful; the large organ sliding effortlessly into the footballer as Mike stood right against his new lover and then, hands on his waist, began moving slowly back and forth.

Nick shouted at himself in his head for denying his desires for so long. Shagging a hot chick was great, but ever since that night in the woods so long ago, he'd just wanted a cock in his mouth, and in his ass, and to just feel hot cum inside him.

He was getting so stimulated, Mike knew to go against what he might have thought possible and didn't start to hold back. Two minutes in, and Mike was beginning to fuck Nick so hard, Nick was losing his grip on the bench he was propping himself up on, so Mike swung him around -- pinning him against the locker -- and kept going. But this time, even harder, and just kept fucking him harder and harder as Nick begged for it more and more, and for Mike to just fuck him so hard, he bled.

The empty locker room was filled by simultaneous moans as both men hit climax at almost the same time; Mike spunking a gallon of hot cum into Nick's ass, and then finding himself barely able to enjoy it as Nick spun away, pushed Mike to his knees and watched in delight as Mike guessed what he wanted, opened his mouth and caught each drop of cum in his mouth, before swallowing every drop.

Nick smiled down at Mike as he swallowed, and was about to bring him up for a kiss when there was a sudden sound. Both looked to see the quarterback standing there...

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What happens next?

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