tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJoe and the Bikini

Joe and the Bikini


So there I was, my cock hard as a rock, with only a flimsy piece of green cloth covering it up, about to go onto a beach and let someone take pictures of me in front of several hot women! Wow, how did I get here?

I guess I'd better back up and explain. It was a Tuesday (why do weird things happen to me on Tuesdays?) and I had a gig as an assistant on a photo shoot. I was really pretty stoked about it, because it was a coveted slot on the crew -- this was a shoot for a swimwear website! Yes, I was about to get paid to go spend the day with hot models in bikinis on the beach. Wow, who could argue with that?

When I arrived the tent was already set up for the director and the models, so I got busy setting up shades and reflectors for the shoot. We were on a private beach, very nice white sand and blue water for the models to show off the swimsuits. There was a tent where the models dressed, and a small shade canopy set up over the outdoor shower. The photographer was one of the better ones, named Pam. She did not yell too much, but she wanted things her way and wanted them fast! So when she called over to me and said, "Hey, go see if they are ready," I hurried over to the tent.

As I entered, I was greeted by the sight of a dazzling redhead who was tying a string bikini on a blonde who was holding up her hair, arching her back, and presenting me with a fantastic view of her tits!

"Is she waiting on us?" asked the redhead.

"Yeah, she's ready" I replied, trying not to stare.

"Okay, lets see," she told the model, spinning her around to face her. The redhead cascaded the blonde's hair down the front, and then cupped her breasts together to push them up in the tight bikini. Wow! The blonde did not even seem to mind as the redhead adjusted the tiny cloth to cover her barely concealed nipples. "You look great!" she announced, sending the model out of the tent. My eyes were glued to those incredible tits as the blonde walked by me, headed onto the beach.

"I'm Cindy," the redhead said to me. "You must be the helper."

"Um, yeah. I suppose so," I replied. "I'm Joe". Just then another girl came out from behind a dressing screen, and walked up to Cindy. Immediately I lost my voice, and my mouth just fell open, this stunning brunette was totally hot! Her incredible tits were firm and had amazing shape, her slender waist was toned and firm, just an all around amazing body. She looked at me with those dark eyes, and said, "Hi Joe."

Oh my God! I was totally unable to tear my eyes off her body!

"I think you better get busy," she said, with a playful look in her eyes.

"What?" I asked, rather stupidly! Just then I heard the photographer outside calling for more light -- which was my job! The trance was broken, and I spun around to leave, mumbling apologies to the two girls in the tent as they began to laugh at my awkward exit.

My face was as red as a beet when I finally got to my post!

"Having fun?" the photographer asked, not at all amused.

"Sorry ma'am," I stuttered.

"You'll get over it -- they do that just to make the new guys drool," she said as she began shooting photos of the blonde in the red bikini. "Just focus on your job, do what the director tells you to do, and help me out, and you'll be fine."

"Okay," I replied, holding up the reflector. "Cindy is the director?"

"Yes," Pam said in a voice that told me to focus on my job.

It was really a pretty girl, and I was beginning to get mesmerized by her body as she struck various poses. I did my best not to screw up, and I kept the light on her as she danced in front of the camera.

"That's great Susan," the photographer coached. I watched in admiration of the way her tits filled that red bikini as I mentally filed away her name for future reference. Perhaps on a break I could strike up a conversation with her!

"Ready for the next one, Pam?" called Cindy from the tent.

"Yes, send her out!" replied the photographer.

Out came the brunette, in a tight white suit that looked like it was one long piece of fabric which was creatively wrapped around her. I've seen those suits before -- like a French Bikini or something -- but never one that was as sexy as the one on her! She came right over to me, and held out her hand, "I'm Candi. Nice to meet you Joe!" As she took my hand she just kept coming closer to me until she brushed by me to continue walking to the sand dune, her tits just barely missing my chest. Damn, this chick was hot!

Pam began to position her for the shoot, and the blonde Susan went back into the tent to change with Cindy. I moved the reflector in front of me to hide the growing bulge in my shorts as the session started up. The white suit Candi was wearing was very revealing from the side. Although the cloth covered everything, when she turned to the side it was like she was totally nude again in the tent, and my overactive imagination filled in the gaps!

I felt an electric twinge in the tip of my cock, and I knew that it was going to be out of control! In fact, anytime I felt that it usually meant I would have a raging hard-on in just a few short minutes. Luckily for me I had the reflector, a large flexible foil which was about five feet across. It meant that the girls would be oblivious to my...

"Hey Joe," called Pam. "Will you go ask Cindy where our other model is?"

Well. Go figure!

"Um, sure," I replied. Awkwardly I began to back away with the reflector, Candi's eyes looking at me with a knowing grin.

If I dropped the reflector, she would see my bulge for certain. But I was feeling very conspicuous trying to back away awkwardly. This was stupid! I let the reflector fall to the sand and turned to go into the tent. But just as I turned I saw Pam glance at my crotch, and a little smile on her face as she held up the camera to resume the pictures of Candi.

I was very flustered by this time -- all these hot women around me and I seemed to be so very disoriented by the whole thing. I felt like such a nerd! Pulling back the tent flap I walked in to see Susan standing right in the doorway with her back to me, her ass framed in those red bikini shorts. She quickly spun around as I entered and raised her hands to cover her bare chest. However, it was almost worse that she was right there only a few feet away from me with her tiny hands covering those big tits! I just froze and stammered as Cindy came around the screen with a small green bikini on a hanger.

"Hi Joe!" said Cindy, smiling at my awkward moment. "Susan, will you put this on?" Susan smiled at me and took the green bikini from Cindy back behind the screen.

"Um, I wanted to tell you..." I stammered.

"Yes?" prompted Cindy.

"Oh, Pam wanted me to ask when the other model would be here," I replied.

"Good question, let me make a call," she said, indicating a folding chair midway back in the tent. "You sit there and cool off for a second, I'll find out."

I went over to the chair and sat, feeling like a schoolboy. But I could not have picked a better spot, because it gave a perfect view of the changing area behind the screen! I glanced at Cindy, who was scrolling through her phone, and then like a magnet my eyes were drawn behind the screen to the sight of Susan as she was bent over pulling off those red bikini bottoms. Her back was to me, and I was transfixed by her perfect ass as she raised up, totally nude. Still facing away from me, she took the hangar and pulled off the green shorts.

Feeling guilty I tried to look away. But I must admit, I was really aroused by the thought of being a voyeur in this situation! It certainly was not my fault that there was a totally hot naked girl right there beside me. I mean, I was told to sit here!

I glanced back just in time to see her sliding up the green shorts, her fingers adjusting the tight fabric across her ass. Then she turned to grab the top. She was mostly turned away from me, but I caught sight of one beautiful nipple as she stood putting on the top.

"Damn it!" Cindy yelled.

I almost jumped out of my skin thinking that I had been busted by Cindy's outburst. I looked over and saw that she was angrily talking on the phone, completely looking the other way. So I was not the reason for her exclamation. Relieved I glanced back at Susan, who was staring right at me. Busted!

I held my breath, my eyes revealing my total guilt. She looked at me for a second, and then gave me a grin, and playfully threw her discarded red top at me!

"Sorry," I mouthed to her, so Cindy would not hear. She just grinned and gestured for me to come over to her.

I lost no time at all jumping out of the chair and crossing behind to screen to her. She turned around and held up her hair, "Tie me, you jackass!" I dumbly complied, tying the strings on the back of her green bikini.

As my fingers touched her golden skin, I felt that twinge in the tip of my penis again! Her warm skin was so soft, and I took longer tying the strings than I really had the right to do. I glanced over the screen, but Cindy had evidently left the tent, upset by her call. Just as I finished tying the top string, Susan spun around, so my hands were around her and she lowered her arms over my neck. She gazed at me with those beautiful blue eyes, and I swear that time stood still for a second!

"Now..." she whispered.

I began to pull her closer to me.

"...go back outside and get to work!" she said playfully pushing me back with a funny laugh, and breaking the spell!

"Okay, okay!" I said as I smiled and stumbled back to the opening of the tent. "Hey, Susan?"


"You look great!" I said, meaning every word.

"Thanks!" she laughed, as I exited the tent and went to find out what was up with Cindy and the upsetting phone call.

It only took a moment, as all three of the girls were fast walking back to the tent. I held the flap open as Cindy led Pam inside talking quickly about someone who had canceled at the last minute. Candi was right behind them, her tits bouncing in that white outfit as she struggled to maintain composure, and still stay in earshot of the conversation.

I followed them into the tent as Pam and Cindy were agitatedly discussing what to do.

"What's going on?" asked Susan, coming around the screen. Candi just shrugged and went to the cooler for a bottle of water and sat down in one of the chairs.

"It seems we got totally fucked!" said Pam angrily glancing at Cindy.

"It's not my fault!" said Cindy. "I had no idea the other agency was going to steal our model! Not even a damn phone call either."

"Well, you're not exactly paying top dollar," observed Candi.

"Still, you would expect some professional courtesy!" yelled Cindy. "Now we are never going to get this catalog done, and I'm going to lose the contract."

"Just get another model, Cindy," Susan said. "It's not the end of the world."

"You don't get it," Cindy said as she sat down dejectedly. "I'm a fraud!"

"What?" asked Pam.

"I'm not the designer of this line," said Cindy, beginning to tear up. "I only do the layout of the catalog. I'm just a paste up girl."

"But you told us..." began Susan as she crossed over to sit next to Cindy.

"All I ever wanted to do was show my boss that I could be a director for the layout. She only hires the best directors and would never give me a chance, so I made up a fake resume for someone and convinced her to hire her. I used a pre-paid phone to make all the calls, and sure enough my boss hired me. So I hired all of you and scheduled it on a day when I knew my boss would be gone. Then, when I came back with a fantastic catalog I'd reveal my secret."

Cindy was crying and Susan was patting her on the back. "I'm sure she will give you another chance."

"No, you don't understand. This is only half of the shoot, the other half was for a special line that my boss just landed the account for. If I don't get the shots, we will lose the account. And I'll be fired and I'll never work again!" Cindy said between sobs.

"Its not so bad," I said. "Look, you have two beautiful models, the best photographer on the coast, and a damn good assistant, if I do say so myself." Susan smiled up at me as she continued to console Cindy. Even Pam glanced at me with a smile. "What do you say, let's give you boss the best damn shoot she has ever seen! You don't need that other model."

"No, no, no!" sobbed Cindy. "The other half of the line isn't women's bikini's -- its men's! And my male model just flaked out on me for more money!"

The whole tent grew still as everyone froze with the realization of the situation.

"Shit," said Candi.

(*) (*)

We paced around for a few minutes. Cindy continued to cry, and Pam just sat there fiddling with her camera. I did not know what to do, or what to say. I was really beginning to like Cindy, and I hated to see her in trouble. Susan was hugging her, unsure of what to say.

"Why not let Joe do it?" asked Pam looking up.

I froze, unsure of exactly what she was saying.

"Yeah, Joe can do it!" said Susan looking up at me with bright eyes.

"Oh, I don't know," I said taking a small step back. "I'm not a model or anything."

"No, but you do have a great body," said Candi with a smile as she peered at me over her water. "I can see you filling out the suit nicely," she said as her eyes traced down my body.

"Cindy, what do you say?" prompted Susan with a shake of Cindy, who was beginning to glance up with tear filled eyes peeking under her red hair.

"Joe?" asked Cindy softly. "Would you be my other model?"

"Shit!" I whispered, glancing around the room. All eyes were on me, except Candi who was still looking at my shorts. "I'm not a model! I'm just an assistant, and I really don't know what to do."

"We can help you!" chimed Susan who jumped up excitedly. "You'll be great!" "Just do what we tell you, and you will be fine," prompted Pam.

"Please?" asked Cindy with those beautiful eyes. How could I tell her no?

"Okay, okay!" I relented. "I'll probably mess it up, but I'll try it!."

"Thank you!" squealed Cindy as she jumped up and gave me a big hug. I grinned as Susan beamed at me and Candi gave me a wicked grin.

"Lets get to work!" said Pam.

(*) (*)

This was going to be crazy, I could tell. I mean, who was I to model men's swimsuits? And did she say bikinis? Damn, I was beginning to really have second thoughts.

Cindy, however, was completely re-energized. "And, you will need to shower before we begin the fitting, and I'll put you in the green suit first... and I think we need to get you some suntan lotion -- we don't want you to burn, and I want to..."

"Damn, girl -- you are scaring him!" exclaimed Pam. "Here is what we are going to do -- Candi, you take him to the other tent, clean him up -- showered and shaved, and then back here for dressing. Susan, check the suits, pick out what you want him in first -- let's move from more to less, in that order. Cindy, you are coming with me to get settled down and pick the shots you want to see from the earlier set."

"And someone get me a drink!" she added.

Candi grabbed me by the hand and lead me out of the tent. We went over to the "shower" which was really just a hose attached to a pole under a temporary canopy. There was a privacy screen set up, which was only a three sided screen about 5 feet tall. Candi turned on the hose, and moved the privacy screen around to make a stall. "Go on, get cleaned up!" she instructed, handing me a bottle of shampoo and soap.

I took off my shirt, and feeling rather self-conscious I slipped behind the screen before I removed my shorts. When I turned around Candi was peering over the screen at me! "Yep, you will do just fine!" she said, looking down at my penis. I quickly turned around and began to wash my hair. When I opened my eyes, Candi was gone. I did not know whether to be relieved, or disappointed that she was not still looking at me. Part of me was excited by the thought of being naked outdoors with her right there, but part of me was wondering if I was up to her expectations.

Turned out that I did not have long to wait. As I was soaping up my body I was trying to keep from growing hard. I did not want to be embarrassed by a raging cock in front of the professionals. But my mind kept going back to the sight of Candi standing in the tent completely nude, her pussy with the closely shaved landing strip.

Just then the screen was pulled back to reveal Candi standing there with a razor and shaving cream. "Ok, let's see what we can do to make you more presentable!"

I just stood there, frozen as she knelt down right in front of my cock. No amount of mental control could possibly keep me from getting hard at this point! As it steadily grew she leaned forward until she was inches away from it. Then she foamed the shaving cream into her hand, and oh so slowly began to rub it into my pubic hair above the shaft.

Now, I regularly shave my cock and balls, but the pubic hair was still present from about a quarter inch away from my shaft on up. I trimmed it, but Candi had other ideas.

"Let's see," she said. "Just clean this part up," as she began to shave away the hair from my pubic area up past my abs. She moved slowly, the razor sending chills up my spine as it moved across the sensitive skin. God, I was hard as a rock! When she finished with the top, she moved down to my legs, blending in the hair so there was not a line going from shaved to unshaved. Finally, she grabbed my right leg and moved it about a foot out, leaving me standing with my legs spread and my dick pointing up. She foamed more cream into her hand and looked up at me as she gently put the cream on my balls. My cock strained at the intense feeling, as I stared into her beautiful eyes which were right next to my dick. Then, taking the razor she very carefully shaved the balls, moving down to shave right over my ass hole. She rubbed her hand across my balls, and over my anus, with the faintest flicker of pressure as she passed over the end. Then she slowly moved her hand back under my balls, and up the shaft to the tip of my penis. I thought I would erupt right there if she moved any more at all.

With just one finger on the tip of my penis she slowly stood up and looked into my eyes. "I think you are ready," she purred. Then with the slightest flick of my cock she turned around and walked back to the tent.

Still frozen for a minute, I realized that I was completely exposed to the girls in the tent as Candi opened the flap, so I quickly spun around to rinse off and cool down my cock. Being careful not to excite it further, I rinsed off all the soap and shaving cream, and inspected my newly trimmed body. It felt really nice being completely shaved, and I was impressed with the job she did. Although, it would have been nicer if she had finished me off!

Turning off the water, I realized that she had taken my clothes, and I did not have a towel! "Candi, can I have a towel please?" I called. Presently, Candi appeared at the door, and threw me a small hand towel. She gave me a wicked grin, and turned and walked back into the tent.

Doing the best I could to dry off with what felt like a postage stamp size towel, I tried to cover myself as I walked quickly back into the tent. When I got inside, Susan and Candi were standing there looking at several suits laying on the table. Cindy and Pam were already out for the shoot, so I was alone with the models.

"Oh, don't you clean up nice," said Susan, who grabbed a brush to fix my hair. I just stood there with my little towel covering my package, and my bare ass exposed as she brushed my hair. "Being a model means you lose all your modesty," she told me. I blushed as I remembered how Cindy had arranged Susan's boobs while I was first meeting her.

"I guess so," I said. "But you are much better at it than I am!"

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