tagSci-Fi & FantasyJoe and the Sexbot

Joe and the Sexbot


Joe was banging away at the blonde in the missionary position for all he was worth. She seemed to enjoy it, but try as he might he could not bring her to orgasm. Never in his life had Joe been unable to satisfy a woman -- until now. It had become an obsession with him. For six weeks he had been screwing her now at least once a day and still he was no closer to his goal. He was determined to succeed, whatever it took.


He had met Cynthia in a bar just after he arrived at the mining camp on Nadooroo, a small planet in the Alpha Centaury system. The planet had a breathable atmosphere and a flora and fauna of sorts but every attempt to grow crops or raise animals that were useful to man had failed. Hence Nadooroo had never been settled. It was rich though in a number of minerals that were scarce and in big demand. Starfield Explorations had a monopoly on mining there, and, because there was nothing else of interest, virtually owned the small world.

The company was painfully aware that women in that kind of environment were a lot of trouble, but so was a world where there were only men. The solution was as simple as it was brilliant. All the women on Nadooroo were androids. Sexbots to be precise. They were programmed to keep the miners happy and satisfied and to handle any potential trouble with diplomacy and force, if necessary. It worked extremely well. Of course, it only worked because no one outside Starfield's top executives knew about the Androids, and they weren't about to let anyone else in on the secret.

"I can tell you have just arrived here," said a stunning, well stacked blonde to Joe just after he sat down at a table. "Let me buy you a welcome drink. What would you like?"

"A beer would be fine," stammered Joe, surprised at such welcome.

The girl returned from the bar with a beer and a glass of green liquid for herself and sat down without invitation when she handed him the beer.

"I am Cynthia, I work here, but today is my day off. Tell me about yourself."

Joe was slightly taken aback with such forwardness, but nevertheless told her that he was a senior engineer with the company and had indeed just arrived. He explained that he would be on Nadooroo for the next two years and didn't know much about the place, only what he had been told at a briefing.

"I will show you around, if you like. It takes a while to get used to the set-up. That is, if you wish, of course."

"That would be wonderful," said Joe, still unsure what to make of it all.

The next few hours were magical for Joe. Cynthia told him that the first day's food and drink were on the house, as a welcome gift from the management, but that he had to pay thereafter. She was a brilliant conversationalist and very knowledgeable about the company's operation and the technology involved. Joe was falling in love and when she followed him home and went to bed with him it seemed like the most natural thing in the world. She was everything Joe had ever desired in a woman.

Next morning she cooked him breakfast and then took him on a tour of the facility. She introduced him to a number of people that she said he needed to know, filling him in on their backgrounds as they went from place to place.

I am going to like it here, thought Joe.

The next few weeks flew past. The work was hard, but that did not faze Joe, he loved it. Cynthia was living with him, after that first night she simply never left. When Joe came home from work she was always there, ready with a delicious meal and the ever present sex. It would have been perfect, if he only could make her come.


So here he was humping into her for all he was worth when he noticed that something was different. For the first time she seemed to make involuntary movements, as if she was coming close to an orgasm. Joe redoubled his efforts, her reactions got stronger. She appeared to be at the edge. Joe went for broke. Pulling out of her he repositioned himself and stuck his head between her thighs, attacking her clitoris with his tongue like a man possessed. She started moaning. Her thighs clamped his head so hard it hurt, but undeterred Joe continued his furious assault. A scream came from her throat that shook the walls and a powerful burst of microwave energy issued forth from her vagina as she found release.

Between her thighs Joes brain was cooked.

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