Joe's Beach House Ch. 02


"Oh, really?" I sputtered as the whisky caught in my throat. "I'd love to see them." This time I was sincere about wanting to see her pictures!

"Yeah, but they are on my phone, so I guess you can't see any," she said with mock disappointment.

I knew she was playing with me like a cat toying with a mouse, but I had no idea where she was headed with all this.

"But, like I said they are not professional or anything," she repeated. "I bet you could do some real nice pro shots of us as a couple. Really romantic and hot!"

"Dude," said the guy as comprehension dawned on him. He echoed my thoughts as well with his eloquence.

"Well, I suppose I could give it a try," I said, thinking hell yes I'll take pictures of you fucking your boyfriend!

"Oh, would you? You are the best!" she exclaimed leaning over to hug me. Just for emphasis she pushed her tits into my chest as she nearly knocked me off my chair.

Laughing, I disengaged and went over to the closet to bring out my equipment.

"Okay, so let's do this right," I instructed. "You two go jump in the shower and get cleaned up while I set up my lights."

"Okay," Dude exclaimed jumping up to reveal his hard on in his shorts.

"And Dude," I said with a stern glance down at his package, "Don't do anything early in the shower. Wait for the camera."

"Oh, he will," she said as she tugged on his arm pulling him to the bathroom.


In just a few minutes I transformed the living room into a studio. I pulled out the couch into the center of the room and arranged some studio lights around it, along with my camera, several lenses.

I started to pull the curtains, but again I realized that I did not have any. I suspected that the happy couple would be too drunk to realize anything, besides they did not seem to have a problem with showing off! And I sure as hell was not passing up this opportunity.

Vicky and Dude came out, wrapped in towels, and laughing nervously.

Her raven hair was combed back, and she was incredibly sexy with the wet look. I complimented her, "Vicky, you really look great! Just perfect for this shoot, and I'm positive you are going to love these pictures."

"I'm nervous that I won't look as good as your other models," she said.

I took a look at her standing there wrapped in the towel with her wet hair, and her breasts bulging under the cloth, and I reassured her, "Believe me, you will be the best, and the sexiest model I have ever shot!"

Now, to tell the truth she was the only nude I had ever shot! But I certainly was not telling her that. The models in the computer were all taken by Diane, and I was just helping with the photo editing. But here was a willing subject, and I had done plenty of portraits so I felt confident that I could pull it off.

"Let's start with a few simple photos of you on the couch," I said grabbing the camera.

I had her sit on the sofa wrapped in her towel and began a few shots of her beautiful face. She was a great subject, responding to my suggestions with enthusiasm.

"You are so beautiful," I said sincerely. She gazed into the camera and slowly began to unclasp the towel in the front. I clicked away as she opened the towel to reveal her firm breasts for my camera. They were so perfect that I concentrated on them, moving closer to get several close shots.

I backed off as she began to open her legs to show off her pussy for me. Her pubic hair was closely shaved in a landing strip, and she slowly opened her legs as I continued to snap away. Her pussy was moist and the lighting was perfect for several great shots.

"Damn, you are so sexy!" I said.

Evidently that was the right thing to say, as she moaned slightly and began to caress her pussy with on hand, and slid the other hand up to cup one tit. She was on the edge of the couch, her feet pointed toes down on the floor with her knees spread far apart as she began to grind against her hand in pleasure.

"Dude," whispered her partner as he stood next to me. I glanced over at him and saw him stroking his rigid cock as he watched her go at it on the couch.

"Hey partner, slow down," I said. He did so by releasing his dick, letting it spring to freedom.

"Come over here," she said as he slowly walked towards her as if in a teenage dream. Of course, it really was much better than any dream he ever had probably!

I repositioned to the side of the couch as he walked up to her with his cock sticking straight out. "Okay, just stand there for a second," I coached. With his large penis just inches from her face I shot several frames of his manhood. It was nicely proportioned, and had a strong vein running down the length of the shaft to his pulsing red tip.

"That's perfect, Vicky," I said as I continued to shoot. "Now just lick the tip of his penis for me."

Her red tongue lapped out and she lightly licked his cock as I got an incredible close up of the scene. Then she slowly began to move his head past her lips as he moaned in delight.

"Okay, now stroke it," I coached. As she moved her hand up to his cock it totally blocked my view, so I slid down on the floor to shoot underneath. As I moved directly below him I realized the scene was sideways in my viewfinder. "Um, I need to move under you Dude," I said as I slid under him like a mechanic working on a car. He straddled over my lens and I had a great view of his shaved balls as she stroked and licked his shaft.

My own cock was rock hard by this point, but I did not care if they knew it. I was much too excited about the scene just inches from my camera. I has an inspiration, and I spun over on my knees and rose up under the guy to get a shot from right behind his balls with the shaft of his cock sliding into her mouth and her tongue running underneath.

I had never been that close to another guy's penis before, and it was incredibly exciting. Her saliva coated it as it glistened in the lights. But I could tell he was not going to last much longer, so I pulled back and asked them to stop.

He was not really pleased with my suggestion I could tell as he reluctantly pulled his penis out of her mouth. "Just let me get repositioned and then we will go again," I reassured him.

Walking around to the back of the couch, I leaned over her to shoot down over her as she sucked his penis. I told her to take it in her hands again, as she pulled the glistening dick into her mouth. I had a great view of her tits as she engorged his cock.

Next, I shifted to her side as Dude began thrusting into her mouth with increased intensity. I told him "slow down," which he did (a little). She looked right at me as she sucked and stroked his cock, and I know she was aware of how much she was turning me on!

"Ok, now some more activity for you two," I said. Since I was on the couch with her, I brazenly reached over and touched her tits while giving my instruction, "Okay Dude, you can feel her tits for a minute, then I want to see you tit fuck her. Vicky, get him nice and sloppy wet!" She nodded and scooted forward on the couch, moving her tits directly into my hands as I talked. I squeezed and she gave me a wide-eyed glance that told me she was definitely feeling the excitement too!

As Dude slid his dick between her hard tits, I shot from every angle I could. She coated his cock with saliva and then he held her tits together as he thrust between them. Damn, I was so horny!

"Okay Dude, lay her back and get ready to penetrate her, but don't do it until I tell you to, okay?" He grunted in agreement, and swung her around to lie back sideways on the couch. She put one leg in the air, one on the floor as he stood with his dick ready to slide into her waiting vagina. I positioned myself right at that angle where I could get his dick, her pussy, and her tits in the shot, then I told him to slowly enter.

To his credit, Dude did as instructed, slowly entering into Vicky's pussy with his engorged member. She moaned in delight as he continued to slide in further and further until we were all amazed that he could go so deep!

She gazed up at him with desire as he slowly reversed the movement to pull his entire dick back out of her. Then he began to slide right back inside, faster this time, increasing his tempo and increasing her moans and enjoyment.

"Just don't cum inside of her," I told him. Other than that I really did not need to coach them at this point, just let the horny couple fuck each other's brains out while I moved in for great photos at various angles.

He spun around on the couch to sit, and she straddled him, backwards so that she was facing me as she rode his pole up and down, her tits bouncing with each thrust. She looked directly into the camera as I took photos of that cock sliding in and out of her. Damn, she was so hot!

I contemplated ditching the camera and joining in the action, but just then Dude made a moaning sound that told us all we needed to know. Vicky glanced at me, and then quickly slid on the floor as he stood up to stroke his cock to completion right in front of her. I slid right over to catch a great side shot of his cum spraying all over her tongue and open mouth! He continued to spurt and she allowed it to drip out of her mouth down on her erect nipples.

Finally spent, he just stood there as she sucked the last few drops of cum from his penis.

Just then we heard a sound from the driveway, and I saw the lights of a vehicle as it turned into my drive. "Shit," Dude said as he scrambled to the bathroom to get his things. "I forgot I called them to pick us up!"

They both scrambled to get dressed as I answered the door, telling the frat guy at the door that his friends would be right out. He just said, "Cool bro," and went back to the Jeep.

Dude ran past me to jump in the Jeep, but Vicky paused for a second pushing the door closed to block the view from the driveway as she pulled me close in to her and kissed me deeply.

"I can't wait to see my pictures!" she whispered, with a quick grab of my still hard cock through my shorts.


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