tagFetishJoe's Therapy Ch. 04

Joe's Therapy Ch. 04


She burst laughing as she was straitening her skirt. She loved pushing her stools in his mouth, the feeling of relief; his lips were so tender on his asshole and the cleaning with his tongue so sensual. It was an unexpected bonus of this human toilet.

He would have liked to kiss those long bared legs, he refrain to ask her not wanting to displease her. He started a load of washing, while he was cleaning the house with the vacuum.

"Slave, come here."

He went to the living room.

"Lie down on the sofa, I want to sit on you."

She sat her full weight on his stomach that was still full of his earlier meal; he knew that he would need the toilet soon.

She was reading his e-mail again:

"I am not into pain for your punishment, and it is not in your story that you sent to me last week. Am I right that it is not your wish either?"

"Yes, Mistress Diane."

"Then I will use, restraints for long periods of time, persuasion and humiliation to drive my point home. So far you have been very good."

"Also, I am informing you that when I will entertain my friends you will be available to them. I know that you had written that it would be a private relationship that our activities would be kept between us. That is your fantasy. Remember; you are my Slave! Not the other way around, so get use to the idea of serving others too."

I will invite Bridget over; she just had a bad break up she thought.

She called her friend;

"Bridget, how are you?"

"Not to good, I thought the jerk loved me."

"Don't let that bum get to you."

"I know, but I miss him."

"Why don't you come over for dinner? We will have veal parmesan, pasta, salad and wine. You could sleep over."

"Why not, I need to get out of here before going bonkers; I will bring a bottle of white wine. See you soon."

She got up, and peed in his mouth.

"I want a chicken salad sandwich and iced tea"

He ran to the toilet that shit was getting through him faster. He prepared her lunch and assumed his position in front of her chair, once she was seated on his face;

"Next week, you will for my amusement, eat your meal from a bowl with a spoon. That way, you will be able to chew every bit and get the full flavor. I will provide you with a bottle of my piss to wash it down."

"Maybe I should offer to Bridget to move in with me temporarily, changing her scenery would help her get over that jerk. Of course you agree Slave?"

He nodded his head sideways, making her laugh.

He finished the washing and drying, put away the clean clothes and went to the kitchen.

Diane walked in saying;

"On your knees, I need to pee."

He was looking up at her breast, his nose in her pubic hair.

"When Bridget will get here you are to go and greet her at the door."

He tried to move his head sideways to say no, and spill a little bit of her pee.

"Lick my tight clean, and then lick the floor. I did not ask you for your opinion I gave you an order. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Mistress Diane."

When the floor was cleaned he went back to his diner preparation. The doorbell rang, he went to answered it. He opened the door to a stunning red head, green eyes, beauty; she was tall at 5 feet 10 inches. He had been instructed to kneel down, ask permission to kiss her feet, and wait to act upon her answer.

"You may kiss my feet" Bridget said.

He was so embarrassed to be naked in front of another woman, he had lost his erection, and his circumcised penis was shriveling.

"What a surprise, I nearly drop my bottle of wine, Diane you found a foot kisser"

"Better than that, Bridget, you will see."

"Slave put this bottle away, and serve us wine."

He got them a glass of white wine and brought the bottle back to the living room in a wine cooler.

"Lie down on the couch."

They both sat on him, Diane on his stomach and Bridget on his chest being too shy to sit on his face.

He was crush under these two beauties.

"You can sit on his face Bridget."

"Diane I have not taken a shower, I am not that clean."

"Bridget do not care about him."

"How did you find him?"

"He called to have a therapy and sent me this e-mail by mistake. Here read it. It should calm your inhibitions."

She gave her a copy of his e-mail, his complexion was turning a nice fire engine red again, feeling embarrassed that another woman, gorgeous mind you, would know about his desires, after the first page Bridget move side way on his face, she smell dirtier than Diane Friday night.

After a couple more pages she lifted her dress and took off her panties and wiggled her ass on his face to Diane's laughter. He had his nose stuck in her asshole and he breathed with difficulties.

"Have you started his toilet training yet?"

"Yes, since Friday night he his drinking my urine and I started feeding him Saturday morning. He is very eager to please me. He kept everything down. He is not use to the smell yet and he told me he did not like the taste of it."

"He has a talented tongue that still needs to be educated in cunnilingus."

"Are you hungry? Bridget"

"Yes, I am."

"Then we will have to let him go finish his preparations."

They stood up and he went to prepare their dinner. He came back to tell them it was served and picked up the wine.

"Slave, you will be face sat by Bridget at diner, be good with her."

She said, laughing at is shy "Yes Mistress."

Bridget was seated on his face with her asshole on his mouth; all he could see were the globes of her ass cheeks and the fabric of her summer dress.

He tried to push his tongue in her asshole; but she was so nervous that it was closed tight; he wished he could tell her to relax. As if reading his mind Diane said;

"Bridget relax, let him put his tongue in your ass, it is so good to feel it in, back there."

"Yeah, I am trying, I had gas today and I am trying to hold back at the same time."

Diane laughed;

"I fart in his mouth when I want to, do not hold back let him have it, remember page 5?"

"Oh yes that is true, he ask for it"

"Bridget the only difference is that there are two of us instead of one, but he is getting the same abuse he wished for. He begged to be my slave. He promised to do anything."

"You are right" as she relax her sphincter and a fart went out in his mouth.

He pushed his tongue in her.

"This is a good mocha cake, you started cooking?"

"No he is the cook around here; I do not have to lift a finger."

"Slave we will have coffee in the living room."

They got up he fixed their coffee and started cleaning the kitchen when Diane called him.

"On your knees I need to pee."

To Bridget astonishment, he got in position; lifted Diane's mini skirt put his lips on hers, and audibly drank Diane.

She told Bridget that she wanted her help in training him, so she was welcome to use him.

Bridget asked :

"Do you think I could feed him?"

"Yes you can, if he makes a mess he will clean it up anyway. You only have to sit on his face and let go. Take your time it is quite a good feeling, enjoy the moment."

Diane ordered;

"Slave lay your head on the couch, your stomach should not growl tonight."

Bridget sat on his face and slowly pushed a small stool in his mouth and kept gently pushing until he had swallowed it. Then she pushed another one, after three small ones, she told him to lick her clean.

Diane was right; she liked the feeling of his lips on her asshole and the cleaning with his tongue felt great.

She got up, he was looking at another super ass topping long shapely legs and he had an erection, even if he was feeling bloated and queasy again, Diane said;

"Look Bridget he liked it."

She said looking at his erection. They both laugh as he exited to the kitchen.

He cleaned up the place and used the bathroom. Bridget was also gorgeous, but her shit had left an aftertaste worse than Diane's. He had managed to keep it down with great efforts. He still felt stuffed up as he brushed his teeth.

"Slave, come here." He heard Bridget calling.

"On your back, I need to pee." Bridget ordered.

"It is part of your training, slave, it will be my turn after." Diane said.

He was looking up the long, beautiful legs of Bridget as she was straddling his head, sitting down on his chest before moving her cunt to his mouth to pee. Her flow was strong, but he was getting better at this, and kept up with her.

"Lick me clean."

Then instead of getting up she move down on his body. Once seated on his thighs she put a cock ring on him.

Now, he was looking at Diane's ass, topping her shapely legs, it was coming closer to his face. She made sure that her cunt was on his mouth, lifted her ass a little, and started peeing.

"Diane can I ride him? I am so horny."

"Bridget, stop asking my permission to do whatever you want to him. He is our slave, for us to use. I have to go out for about an hour. Do not kill him or hurt him too badly"

"Diane you are a good friend, I will take care of him."

Diane went in her bedroom to put on panties. She grabbed her keys, she would go to the coffee shop, and one hour should suffice.

She liked sitting on his face and feel a stool enter his mouth, knowing he was swallowing. She loved the power.

He had a talented tongue his rimming abilities were above par. She had enjoyed her week end. The best of all was is gourmet cooking.

Bridget took off her dress and sat back on his chest moving her sex to his mouth.

"Show me how talented you are at cunnilingus."

After a few orgasms on his face she move back on his penis, when he was in her, she rode him to a few more. He could not come with that ring. He wished he could take it off.

"Slave! Do not touch that ring. I will buy you a chastity belt. Now lick my ass."

Bridget said as she was engulfing his face in her ass. He could see her hair coming down to the middle of her back, between her nice round cheeks.

He was excited to the point of bursting, he felt so lucky, and they were more beautiful than he had ever dreamed of. He hoped that he would satisfy them enough that they would keep him.

She got up, put her dress back on and sent him to a cold shower. She sat on the couch and picked up the copy of his e-mail. Bridget decided to accept Diane's offer to live here for a while. She would enjoy using him; he was good at cunnilingus, a favorite of hers, and of his also, according to what she was reading. She had ridden him tonight, because she needed to be fuck once in a while.

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