tagFetishJoe's Therapy Ch. 05

Joe's Therapy Ch. 05


Diane walked back in, and took off her panties.

"Slave, come here, I need to pee."

"Diane, I accept your offer, I will go home tonight, tomorrow I will come back with my clothes and other personal necessities and live with you for a while."Bridget said.

"How was your ride?" Diane asked with a smile.

"Satisfying, I am good for a while."

Bridget answered with a wink and mouthing great.

After the departure of her friend, she ordered him to bed to be face sat. When his tongue was deep in her ass, and she was checking her e-mails.

"Slave, do not get your hopes up, I do not like to fuck, we will keep on going with your education in the art of cunnilingus and analingus."

"Good news! We have a rendezvous with my lawyer tomorrow at 3 P.M. After presenting, your resignation tomorrow you should meet me at my office. Get on the floor I want to sleep."

He opened his eyes to see her cute ass coming down on his face; he opened his mouth in the nick of time as she was starting to pee.

"I nearly caught you unprepared."

She said laughing.

"I want scramble eggs, toasts and coffee."

She got up and went in the shower.

He shaved, washed himself and prepared her breakfast. She walked in wearing a marine mini skirt and matching jacket on a white blouse, with black high heels. She looked so desirable. He was in position waiting for her. She lifted her skirt lowered her panties and sat on his mouth.

He could see her back with her pony tail moving a little. He was so excited, she was so sexy. As he was pushing his tongue in her asshole, his stomach growled.

"Good you are hungry. Not that it matter's"

She said as she pushed a stool out. She moved her asshole back and forth while feeding him. She loved the feeling of his lips on her asshole, but she wanted to coat his teeth this morning. Soon she would have him chewing more of it, but first she wanted his signature on the contract, and on his will.

He opened his throat again, expecting a healthy bowel movement. He was right she had a lot this morning. Her rocking on him had puffed out his cheek. He felt bloated again. After cleaning her, she got up.

"Hurry up, we are leaving right now."

She was not in a hurry; she only wanted him to have the taste of her shit in his mouth when he met his boss at the bank. She dropped him at the bus stop.

He could not use the toilet and had to ride on the bus with his horrible breath, feeling queasy, fighting hard to keep his breakfast down. He got off the bus and walked toward the bank.

He passed his tongue on his teeth and they felted like they had a small coat of her shit on them. He grab a tissue and swabbed the front teeth, as he suspected, it came out brown and smelled bad.

He entered the little restaurant beside the bank and went directly to the restroom; he sat down, just in time and emptied himself, in front of the mirror he cleaned his teeth as much as he could.

He was late, again, when he got at the bank and asked for a meeting with his boss Clair, a brunette of average height and weight, with a great smile. He went to her office right away.

"You are late; we had a meeting last week, advising you of the dire consequences you would incurred, if it happened again. Didn't you understand that I have to terminate you?"

"I understood, I am here to resign, here is my letter."

He said as he gave her his letter.

"It will be simpler this way, no fuss. You know that when we get out of this office, we will go to your desk; you will take your personal belonging and leave the premises. The good news is you have two weeks of vacation due. It shall be deposited in your account within three weeks."

She said, enforcing the rules.

"Thank you for your understanding, I enjoyed working with you."

He called his Mistress office and got her voice mail. It was 9 am. So he returned to the restaurant and ordered eggs and bacon and a coffee. His first real food since last Friday at lunch, before he could sip his sweet smelling cup of coffee. He was not that hungry, he wanted to taste real food.

"Surprise, you will not have time for this, my attorney called and the papers are ready, we can have everything done by ten. Wait for me by the car."

When the order arrived she ate a little bit, drank the coffee, paid and left. He did not saw her arrive behind him. She unlocked the doors and said:

"Get in, we will talk on the way to Becky's office."

She got in behind the wheel saying to him;

"You are not to eat food unless I say so, are you hungry? I think I fed you a large load this morning. Have you been sick?"

"No, Mistress, I am not hungry, I have not been sick either. I only wanted to taste real food, and drink a coffee. I apologize for disobeying your orders. I promise to obey you."

He said with tears in his eyes.

"We will see if you can earned your redemption, I will think about it."

Diane said with a crooked smile.

They met with Becky and Alice her personal assistant who was requested to stay to witness his signature.

"Thank you Becky, for acting so fast on my request." Diane said.

"I used the forms that my slave signed, I only needed your names to fill the blanks" Becky said.

They sat down at the table and he signed his life over to her and made her his sole heir, on his will. Alice signed as witness and Becky offered Diane a drink to celebrate.

She accepted after ordering:

"Slave on your knees beg Becky and Alice for the privilege of cleaning their ass."

He got on his knees and begged Becky to let him clean her ass.

"Diane, you are a Lady, come here slave. Put your head on my chair" Becky said.

She lifted her dress, lowered her panties and sat on his face. She moved a bit forward to position her asshole on his mouth.

"Get your tongue in, show me how good you are."

"Becky, can I leave him with you for a couple of hours? I need to go shopping. That way he can service Alice too."

"Of course Diane, we are closing at five today, so take your time."

"Thank you Becky. Slave you have to obey their command as if it was me."

She got up and left.

She was mad at him for going to the restaurant, after the bank. She had followed him discreetly. She had expected him to try to get some food. He still had to learn how to obey. Therefore, he needed to fear the consequences. Pain was not her favorite but she would have to dispense some to get to her goal. Those were her thought when she walked in the sex shop.

"Hi, can I help you?" The saleswoman asked.

"Yes, I am looking for a whip that will sting him, and I need a toilet box for him when I entertain friends"

"Hello Diane, what are you doing here?" Bridget asked.

"I can ask the same question." Diane answered with a smile.

"It was supposed to be a surprise, I want a chastity device for him, to keep him horny." Bridget said.

"Good idea, I am buying a whip and a toilet box. He disobeyed me this morning, so I will have to apply a little discipline. Anyhow he has signed everything without questions. He belongs to me now. He has nothing left in his name." Diane said.

The saleswoman came back with a selection of whips and a deluxe toilet box.

"If you want to try the whips I have a sub in the back office that you can use. The toilet box is the only one I have left in stock, if it is too expensive I can order one for you from this catalogue."

"Witch one would you recommend, I want a stinger, he needs to fear it." Diane said.

"This is the one I have at home, he calls it the corrector. I use it to correct his ways. I do not have to strained myself, a few hits and he behaves." The saleswoman said with a smile.

Bridget took it in her hand and hit her tight. It stung and she winced.

"Diane you should take it, if you do not I will." Bridget said

Then she asked the saleswoman for a chastity belt for him.

"What size do you want." The saleswoman asked

Bridget turned to Diane:

"You know him better than me. How big is he?"

"He is 5 feet 6 inches tall, has a six inches penis and average size balls." Diane said.

"What is his waist measurement?" the saleswoman asked.

"He wears men jeans, size 28. The legs are usually too long." Diane answered.

"OK, I have got one for the little runt, it is easy to clean, He does it when he takes a shower. With this adaptor you can fit a dildo on it and ride him for your pleasure." She said with a grin.

"Can it be locked on him?" Bridget asked.

"Here are the two keys, I suggest to get a spare key made and kept in a safe place."

"You are a good saleswoman." Diane said as she was paying for her items.

"Are you the owner?" Bridget asked.

"Half of it, the sub I offered to test the whip on his my, sometimes, silent partner." She said laughing.

They got out and went to the coffee shop.

"Where is he? Have you hidden him in the trunk of your car?" Bridget asked.

"No I left him with Becky, my attorney. He will appreciate us better. She likes to step on her slave balls. So she probably had her assistant sit on his mouth to muffle his scream. Of course they probably used him as the toilet he is."

"I have packed two suitcases, they are in my car. So I am ready to move in. I told my neighbors that I was going on a trip, and ask if they could keep an eye on my apartment." Bridget said.

"Here are your keys to my house; you can have the bedroom beside mine. You will be closer if you need to use him at night. I will see you at home." Diane said leaving Bridget at her car.

"Clean me."

Diane heard Alice say as she was opening the door of the office. Alice was at her desk with her pants down, seated on his face looking delighted. She saw Diane and smiled.

"Thank you, so much Miss Morgan; I never used a human toilet before. It is a great moment that I will remember a long time."

"Becky had to go meet a customer and says thank you for leaving him here. She says that you have trained him well and I agree."

Alice was saying, getting up and pulling on her pants.

His face was red and his eyes were red rimmed. He had cried she was sure. Her car was parked underground, he walked on the tip of his toes, his balls were painful.

"Get in the trunk, you are a slave and I am still mad at you."

She leisurely drove home by the scenic route; it took an hour instead of ten minutes. She let him out in her garage.

"On your knees I need to pee. I have bought a toilet box for my friends to use you. You can use the toilet, wash your mouth and join me in the exercise room." She finished peeing.

He ran to the toilet, and emptied his bowels. It seemed that shit was not staying with him. He entered the exercise room.

"Lie face down on the bench and push your ass up in the air. "

She attached his wrist and ankles to the bench. She took off her panties and stuffed them in his mouth. He was worried.

"I know that you are not into pain and neither am I, but your behavior this morning is unacceptable. This is the consequence for your bad actions."

She said has she landed the first blow on his ass. It stung, his screams were muffled by her panties, and his tears were flowing abundantly. She stopped after five blows, he had nasty welts on his ass, he would be sore for a week. She untied him, turned around and said:

"French kiss my asshole to thank me disciplining you."

Still sobbing he took her panties out of his mouth and obliged her.

"Go lie down on the couch, I will sit on you and you can tell me what happen to you in Becky's office." She sat on his belly.

"She shat in my mouth and when she was cleaned, she stepped on my penis and my balls, making me scream in her asshole giving her gas that she would fart back in my mouth. Then I passed out. I woke up with Alice washing my face with cold water. Becky had gone to meet a customer."

"It was that painful to get your balls stepped on." She asked.

"Oh yes Mistress Diane."

"Then what happened with Alice?"

"When I was Oked, she told me to get in position, she peed in me, I had to give her a few orgasms licking her clean. She was finishing shitting in my mouth when you picked me up."

"I will behave I swear Mistress Diane, I do not want to live that again."

"Are you sorry for what you did this morning?" she asked looking him in the eyes.

"Yes, Mistress, I am so sorry, I will never disobey you again, please forgive me, please."

"You are forgiven slave, I will use the whip again if you disobey me, your welts should help you imprint in your brain what the consequences are."

" You belong to me now, remember the documents you have signed this morning, if you try to leave, you have nothing left in your name, I will send the cops after you and you will be sent to prison."

"I will never leave you of my own free will Mistress Diane. I swear." He said.

"Get in position, lay your head back on the couch, I want to face sit you"

He sat down on the floor, and watch her tights straddled him and her beautiful ass coming down on his face. He had the beginning of a painful erection and his ass was sore. He would do his best to obey all her command he did not want to go back to that demon's office.

She was enjoying his tongue up her ass, too bad she had taken that laxative last night, she had emptied herself this morning; she did not have any shit to push in his mouth.

She was sure after looking in his eyes that the threat of the whip would keep him in line.

She got up and sent him to do his chores.

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