Joe's Video Camera Adventure


The next thing I knew she was running her fingers through my hair and saying something to Larry. I barely had the energy to hold my head up as Larry came over to her. His dick was still rigid, and she began to work it even as I lay beneath them both. She pulled Larry down to his knees so that he was right beside her as she softly stroked his hard on. I just lay there with my eyes glued to the cock right there in front of me. This was a night of unexpected twists and now here was one more for the books! I was beginning to wonder if Larry might shoot his wad on me when she slowly began to point his penis directly at me!

Now, I have to confess that I might have had oral sex with a guy before, but I was not very experienced! However, with this beautiful girl stroking this beautiful penis right into my face I just leaned up and wrapped my lips around the tip of his dick! I was thrilled with the feel of his pulsing cock and let it slide into my mouth as I rolled my tongue over the base of his cock head inside my mouth.

"That's good, let me try!" she said seductively as she popped his cock out of my mouth and slid it into hers. I could not stop and I kept my lips on the outside of his penis as she slid it down her throat. I eventually ran out of room as she deep throated Larry, so I moved my head under his balls and let them slip into my mouth. That was an experience! Those balls were alive! They moved in ways I never knew they could, and I was enjoying the sensation so much that I never saw Larry reach over and grasp my balls! WOW! That was intense, and it immediately started my cock growing again.

Pretty soon I felt Larry's balls begin to retract and I knew what was going to happen. I popped them out and rose up next to Larry with my cock next to his. As the mystery girl sucked his cock Larry regained his grip on mine and began to pound it hard! I could tell he was close, and I was not far behind!

I moved my dick right up next to his and she slid his penis out of her mouth. I grabbed his dick and he had a hold on mine. I looked in his eyes and we began to rub our dicks together in parallel both pointing to our lovely security vixen. His hand wrapped around both of our cocks and I began to move our pulsing dicks toward our girl. She was inches away and I felt her tongue rolling over the top of both our dicks as Larry pounded them into a frenzy. The combined sight of her in front of our two rock hard dicks, with the sensation of my penis being rubbed together with his penis sent me over the edge!

I moaned loudly and she opened her mouth to catch my first stream of cum as it shot out! Larry suddenly tensed up and our motion was broken for a second as my cock shot forward towards her mouth and his slid halfway down my cock, as his penis began to pulse out ropes of cum. The first few covered my cock as we regained our rhythm, with him sliding his slick exploding cock up my shaft. She grabbed both our dicks and stroked the slippery rods as we sent semen flying all over the place, all over her face, running down her neck, in her hair, and all over the floor.

It was suddenly over and both Larry and I felt an awkward moment as we knelt there holding each others dicks and hovering over a beautiful, but mysterious stranger. I saw him smile and then I knew that everything was going to be okay. We were still friends, and now we had some great footage to edit. And who knows, perhaps we gained a production assistant as well!

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