tagLoving WivesJohn & Argie Ch. 04

John & Argie Ch. 04

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 4

Argie Hears the Tape

John began to relate how he had even cheated on Argie while going steady; and again after they were engaged and even on their honeymoon.

Shortly before Argie and I got engaged, I went through a series of different jobs as I attempted to find myself a career that would support the two of us. It seems, looking back, that each one found me meeting another woman. Now I did love Argie very much, and still do. But my dick has always led me by the nose, and so on the first of these jobs, a clerical thing with a telecommunication company, I met Jane.

Jane was crazed in bed. She was the most physically active woman I'd ever slept with. She would thrust her hips hard and fast against mine for as long as my cock was inside her. She only got tired after we were finished. She would scream and moan and yell and curse when I ate her delicious pussy with its fluffy pubic hair and fat, tasty labia. She would hold my face by the ears and hair, pressing it into her body when I licked her ass, or stuck my tongue in her asshole. She would forcibly shove my face into her breasts, ordering me to suck and bite her nipples. She would demand that I fuck her. She would always tell me explicitly where she wanted my sperm: "Cum in my pussy! Cum in my mouth! Cum on my tits! Cum on my belly!"

She always articulated her desire in the most verbally filthy way possible. "Give me head! Fuck my cunt! Suck my tits!" or "Lick your cum off my belly!"

Jane had a great body. She had small, cute, sexy breasts with large nipples, a long, flat belly that curved outward to her abdomen and then back in to her pussy. She had a gorgeous ass and lovely legs. I'm getting hard thinking about her right now.

Jane was the first woman I've slept with who was as beautiful as a model. She had a tiny nose, sharp cheekbones, almond-shaped eyes, perfect hair, and a sharp, sexy grin. She loved to fuck, but since she had been sexually abused as a child by a man who held her down and raped her, we could not do it in the missionary position. That was how she remembered her abuser, him on top of her.

She loved to fuck in the female superior position or doggy style. She told me once that her uterus was out of place in her body, which made her cunt a lot tighter than it should have been, and that fucking doggy style heightened all sensations for her.

Fucking Jane always resulted in dozens of scratches, some bruises and lots of sweat. I had to do some quick thinking to explain a few of them to Argie, but she was young and naive, and bought all the bullshit I fed her. It's been a long time since I've had sex with Jane, but I can fantasize about it at a moment's notice. Sex with her was so intense, so passionate and so enjoyable on a base, animalistic level that I will never forget it. It will always be something that I want.

I don't think Jane and I ever had bad sex, or sex that was less than exhausting. Now, this was the first time I had ever cheated on Argie, I felt very bad about it afterwards, and while I was fucking Jane I couldn't stop thinking about Argie and how hurt she would be if she found out. But that didn't stop me from doing it. I guess I'm just a big prick . . . [laughter on tape.]

Anyway, Jane and I broke up after I quit that job and hired on with a printing company. That's where I met Cathy. Cathy was sexually voracious, but let me initiate everything. She wasn't into any kind of weird sex and that was kind of disappointing. I loved to eat her pussy though, mostly for the taste and excitement, but partially because of her reactions. Cathy allowed me to tie her up, and shave her pubic hair. She also enjoyed spanking, oral sex, and tying me up in turn. Despite all this, it seemed pretty vanilla, largely because she wasn't very enthusiastic for experimentation despite her prodigious sexual appetite. She was so cute and sexy. We broke up after two and a half years of a mostly great relationship that was accompanied by much self-denial . . . you see; her attitudes towards weirdness in sex were duplicated in her daytime life. She'd put up with eccentricity but didn't encourage it. In fact, she didn't understand it at all. But this is probably more than you want to know.

While dating Cathy, we had a protracted fight because she slept with her ex-boyfriend. During our week-long disagreement, I slept with my ex-girlfriend Jane, not to get back at Cathy but because I'd always wanted to do it again. This was just before Argie and I got married. I was about as horny as I've ever been during this period. Argie and I were making it everywhere. In the morning just after her parents went off to work and before I had to go to my job; and a couple times in the evenings, whenever we could get away; usually in the backseat of my car.

But let me get back to Jane. Jane was more sexually thirsty in bed than ever before, something I didn't think was possible. One night I called her and we talked dirty over the phone for about half an hour, then I told her to come pick me up. I said, "Don't put on panties. Don't put on a bra. Don't even put on shoes. Wear very loose-fitting jeans and come pick me up." When she arrived, I was wearing only a pair of baggy shorts and a t-shirt. No underwear, no shoes or socks. I got in the car and immediately kissed her, then lowered my hand into her pants. She had shaved her pubic hair. It was a Pavlovian reaction -- as soon as I felt the absence of pubic hair, I got a massive erection. Well, I was hot to trot anyway, of course.

I let the snake out of my pants, and she gasped with delight as she gripped it in her hand. We took turns masturbating each other as she drove back to her house. She begged me not to make her cum as she was driving because she'd have a wreck. Her pussy was absolutely soaked with juices when we arrived. Her pants had a huge, warm, wet spot in the crotch. My hand was covered with it. We almost ran inside. She locked the door and I told her to take off my clothes. When I was naked, I took her clothes off pretty roughly and carried her to the bed.

I spent a good half-hour to forty-five minutes eating her newly shaven pussy. I loved every minute of it, drinking deeply from her sweating thighs and her juicy, oh so creamy pussy.

She begged me to let her suck my cock, so I presented her with my erection. She sucked it right down, licking and slurping with a fury, stopping only to ask me if I was ready to cum. I said yes, and she scrambled to her hands and knees with one hand still on my erection. She basically sat right on my hard-on, and fucked herself with it. I barely had to move as she bounced up and down on my cock. She leaned over and licked the entire inside of my mouth with her tongue, then grabbed my head and forced me to suck her nipples. I scratched her back and slapped her ass as she fucked me and I sucked her breasts.

Soon it was my turn to be the aggressor, and I shoved her off of me, I got off the bed picked her up by the waist and threw her face-down onto the bed with her feet still touching the floor. Only then did I ram my cock into her. She screamed and grunted things like "Fuck my fucking pussy, Goddamn-it!" and "I'm going to cum, you cocksucker!"

I said, "I'm going to cum on your fucking tits," and she said, "Oh yes, on my tits, and I'll lick it off my fingers, oh baby," or something like that. So at the climactic moment I pulled out, and jerked off as she rolled over and pressed her breasts together. I came very hard on her tits, and as she rubbed it in with her hands she managed to catch some sperm on her tongue and swallowed it.

After this, she went into the bathroom and pissed noisily, making sure I could hear it. Back in bed, she asked me if I wanted to suck her hairless pussy again. Before she finished her question I was back between her strong legs, sucking for all I was worth, loving the feel of her large, pussy lips in my mouth. She asked me to sit up and bend over, and I complied. She wet her fingers in her pussy, and stuck first one, then two, then three and finally all four into my ass. She knelt behind me and thrust her hips against her hand as if she was a man fucking my ass. It hurt some at first, but I got used to it, and soon enough I was jerking off while she fucked my ass with her hand.

At the point when I actually began to enjoy her fucking me, Jane turned me over and, still fingering my ass, stared to blow me. A few moments before I would have cum from her adroit cocksucking, she did something to me that was a first. Pressing violently against my prostate gland, she caused me to undergo a massive orgasm which quickly filled her hot mouth with my sperm. She swallowed most of it, and then kissed me deeply, spitting my cum back into my mouth. I returned the favor, and we did this until all the sperm vanished.

Now back to Cathy. While I was dating her, I had another experience. I had been flirting with another woman named Casey at work. We were interested in each other but couldn't get together. One night we ran into each other at an art show, and she drove me home. We sat on the couch and talked for a while, getting closer and closer until we had our legs thrown over each other's and my cock mashed against her ass. I asked her to come upstairs with me and she agreed. To make a long story short, we ended up naked on my bed.

I discovered her pussy was shaved, and immediately begged her to let me eat it. I spent a long time sucking gently on her shaven crotch. That was the only sex we had, aside from a few minutes when she played with, and sucked me off.

Later she told me that a female friend of hers was interested in having a three-way with her and me. Was I interested? You bet I was, unfortunately, it never came to pass.

A curious situation developed while Argie and I were on our honeymoon in Las Vegas. I had an unusual run of luck at the crap tables, and was mistaken for a high roller by a man and wife who were almost flat broke. I won't mention any names here, for they later came into a great deal of money and would gladly have spent a great deal of it to get even with me for what I did to them.

Doc, I'm also changing exactly what happened to make it difficult for them to find me should this tape ever get lost, if you know what I mean.

They had been watching me add to my winnings and when I wandered to the bar, insisted on buying me a drink, saying they'd bet along with me and wanted to repay me.

I led them to believe that I was a wealthy playboy on my third honeymoon, only because I was interested in his wife. I knew there would be a pitch coming and waited patiently for it. During the wait, his wife rested a breast on my arm as I listened to her hubby extolling the virtues of his fast rising company.

She was about forty, some ten years or so younger than he. I'll call her Vivian. She had wavy red hair complete with gray streaks. Vivian looked great for a woman her age, wearing a cream colored gown that let you know she had a great pair of tits.

You may be wondering where Argie was all this time. One, she was in our room regaling her mother about my winnings, and following that was to have her hair done for the shows we were going to see that evening. I had at least a two hour window to fool around with.

Vivian's husband finally got around to my money. I assured him that I had a lot of it and if needed to get twice as much from my father by placing a phone call. He got so excited over this news that he almost wet himself.

By the way, now Vivian had both tis mashed against my arm.

He made his pitch. It seems his business just needed a little more capital to put it over the top, and if I was interested, why I could get in on a deal that would triple my investment in two months time.

I began rubbing Vivian's thigh, as I pondered the offer. Her tits remained firmly locked on my arm. Letting my hand move up so that I was almost cupping her cunt in my hand, I said bluntly, "I can tell you now, the answer is no."


He smiled at me, and said, "I can see that you're more interested in my wife than my proposition."

I nodded, and said, "So?"

"So, I propose that you have the use of my wife, Vivian in return for a two month loan of . . . say, $490,000."

I turned to face Vivian, and said, "Exactly how do I get to use her?"

"Anyway you choose."

Vivian smiled at me, and abruptly pulled away so that her tits no longer rested against me, and my hand was drifting aimlessly in the air, inches from her mons.

"You understand that I'm here on my honeymoon. I hardly have time to . . . um, make use of your wife, and as lovely as she is, I can't jeopardize my marriage. I must also consider the fact that there may be a risk of blackmail here, so no, I can't accept the offer."

"We, err, have anticipated that, and will gladly allow you the use of our suite . . . actually room 2424 any time you want it."

"But will Vivian be there whenever I can get away?"

"The deal is . . . Vivian will remain in the room. I will leave it, when necessary, of course, but she will remain there, awaiting your, um, requirements."

"I agree, but you will have to wait a week for the money."

"Why a week?"

"I'm on my honeymoon, any request for a sum as large as you require would be questioned. I have to be home to avoid unnecessary or complicated questions."

"I understand," he said, and glanced at his wife. "I agree," he said, and Vivian was back against me, having thrust her pelvis out in search of my wandering hand.

"Let's get started right now," I said and got up, not bothering to hide my erection.

Vivian and I took the elevator to room 2424. Once inside she promptly got rid of the cream colored gown and stood before me in a lavender garter belt and thigh high stockings that almost matched her gown in color.

"Suck me off," I said, bluntly, and shocked her.

"What?" Vivian said, glaring at me as I smiled back at her. I thought about having her

husband watch us as I degraded her as I unzipped my pants and shook my hardon at her.

She took my engorged cock in with a sort of horrified look on her face. I concluded that I was larger than what she was used to, and laughed.

She walked over to the bar in garter-belt and heels, made herself a stiff drink, downed it in two gulps, then returned to me. Without saying another word, she obediently kneeled down in front of me and gingerly took my cock in her hand. I made it pulse as she gripped it.

Vivian pointed my cock towards her scarlet lips and closed her eyes in disgust as she leaned towards my cock. I placed my hand behind her elegantly cut hair and pushed her head forward. With a choking sound, my cock entered into her mouth, and those ruby lips wrapped tightly around me. Her eyes flashed open in anger, but my cock silenced any protest. She tried to pull her head back, and I allowed her a few inches before pulling her head back down on me again.

"Not bad," I critiqued. "But unless you put something into it, the deal's off."

Her nostrils flared in pure anger, but she started bouncing her head faster on my cock. One of her tits was bouncing against my thigh. I held her hair tightly in my hand as a sign of my dominance. Her lips were tight against me but she seemed to have a problem getting all of me into her mouth. I pushed down harder, and found a nipple and squeezed it.

She moaned, letting me know I was hurting her.

"Come on," I said criticizing her talent. "Suck it! I want to feel your mouth on me; I want to feel that tongue work its magic."

Vivian's cheeks caved inward in response, and my cock was gripped in a wonderful suction. I pinched her nipple harder as my cock bounced off the back of her throat. I remained still, letting the whore do all the work. My balls were buried between the cleavage of her tits, slipping against the sweat of her skin.

"Faster, you slut," I grunted. Her head moved faster, sucking my cock for dear life. She was grunting now and her chest was heaving from the effort. Her lipstick was smeared all over my cock, and I smirked at the wrinkles appearing under eyes as her makeup sweated. She might have been over forty, but she was decent for a cocksucker.

I pulled her by the hair so that only her mouth covered the tip of my cock. Then I squeezed her tits around my balls, which was easy with her large, pliant breasts. With the length of my cock in full view, covered with her spit and lipstick, I gave her a final command.

"Now use your tongue and show me how fast you can flick me."

She growled in anger, but I felt her tongue flick over my cock none the less. Her green eyes stared at me in loathing while her tongue tapped rapidly over the opening of my cock. I began to wonder if I would be capable of fucking Argie on returning to my room.

I was getting ready to explode, and moaned in warning; Vivian's eyes widened in alarm. She knew now that I intended to cum in her mouth. I tightened my grip on the back of her head.

A second later my cock erupted, sending a glob of cum onto her still flicking tongue. I felt her recoil, but my grip on her head was too tight. I pulled her hair back so that my cock could escape her lips, and then I stroked myself once, then twice, and sent another rope of my load up onto her horrified face.

After allowing myself the pleasure of seeing my cum all over her face, I forced her head back down onto my still spurting cock until her nose was buried in my pubic hair.

"Ahhh," I sighed, "How many grooms get a blowjob from somebody else's wife while on their honeymoon?"

Vivian squirmed in my lap but I kept her head pinned.

"Now you wait here, I'll be back after I service my bride a couple times. Tell you what. I want you to practice licking assholes. You can practice on your hubby since he is one." That said, I flung her head away from me, tucked my cock away and left her kneeling in the middle of the room.

I met Argie a little later and as we went out on the town, I checked out of the hotel, and booked us into an even better one. I guess I was lucky in that I never met them again. I really think he would have tried to have me killed for what I did to them.

After we were married, I started reading the Village Voice, and took note of the personal ads. It wasn't long before I located the local version of the 'Voice,' and placed my own ad. I won't bore you with the details, but I did receive a single response. I agreed to meet the woman at a local restaurant where we talked for a very long time and found that we had quite a lot in common. Her name was Molly and she was a social activist, volunteer, and tae kwon do expert. In short, she was your basic bad-assed modern woman. I was immensely attracted to her for that alone. Physically, she was a knockout: long black hair, penetrating eyes, smooth milky skin, large-boned, buxom, and need I add, muscular.

She drove me home that night, and in the parking lot I asked if I could kiss her goodnight. She seemed taken aback, but only for a moment, then she agreed. Our goodnight kiss turned into a very hot make out session in her car. After half an hour of this she drove us back to her place where yes, we did have sex. She was amazing in bed, a very skilled practitioner of oral sex and manipulator of the prostate. Her body was large and shapely, soft but muscular and flexible. Her breasts and nipples were quite large. Her ass was broad and curvy. Her pubic hair was thick on top, but light, and neatly trimmed around her labia and anus. She was a very enthusiastic sex partner. Molly also seemed very needy. Almost immediately she told me of her many boyfriends who had unceremoniously dumped her for one half-assed reason or another.

After a few days I discovered why: Molly was very, very annoying. Despite her intelligence, her wit, and her open mind, she possessed a singular ability to annoy the shit out of me. She was incredibly abrasive and almost totally unaware of this flaw. Her roommates hated her and soon I understood why they avoided her and why her relationships never lasted very long. I couldn't understand it - she was virtually perfect except for this one unforgivable, uncorrectable thing. But I didn't have the courage or the heart to break off our new relationship.

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