tagLoving WivesJohn & Argie Ch. 07

John & Argie Ch. 07

byParis Waterman©

Chapter 7 Proofed

John Gets Some – Argie Gets Some

John woke at six-thirty and discovered that Argie was home and sleeping soundly. 'She must have come in after three,' he thought, then shaved and showered and went off to his Mc Donald's franchise to make sure things were going smoothly.

Jenny, the nineteen year old he had told Doctor Gladstone about, brushed her breast against his arm as he tried to squeeze past to check on the number of sausages on the grill. His dick lurched to attention and he promptly forgot his promises to Argie of being celibate save for her.

'Fuck her,' he told himself, where was she last night? Comes home smelling of sex. Does she think I can't tell? Or does she want me to know – to make me jealous?'

He whirled and headed to the front counter and caught Jenny staring at his crotch. Everything was running smoothly and he gave Jenny a knowing nod and went to the stockroom, hoping she would follow. Two minutes later the stockroom door opened and Jenny walked in, looking left and right until she spied him sitting on a pile of boxes in the far corner.

"Hello Mr. Franck," she said. Jenny had a slight lisp and that only made her sexier in his eyes.

"Did you have fun last night?" He asked, as the Community College basketball team had played their main rival the night before.

"Oh, I didn't go to the game. We won tho," she lisped.

"Why didn't you go?"

"I . . . had some thinking to do and some homework." She ran her hands over the top of her thighs as it trying to eradicate an itch.

"Mind if I ask what problems you were trying to solve?"

"You know . . ."

"I do?"

"Yes . . . the other day . . . in here."


She decided to wait him out, for Jenny was afraid to take the lead in this conversation. She wanted him again, but knew he had screwed several other girls who worked for him.

"Did you enjoy it? The other day . . . in here?" he said, making sure he used her words.

"Umm, yeah, I did."

"Wanna fool around some more?"

"You think?"

"We have time. We have plenty of time. C'mon over here, Jenny."

Jenny moved to Franck and he had her sit on his lap.

"I never asked, but do you have a boyfriend?"

"Oh, I did, but Artie and me split up two weeks ago."

"Were the two of you serious?" He asked pulling her closer.


"He took your cherry huh?"

"Yeah . . . how'd you know?" She grew animated, asking, "Did he tell you? He promised he wouldn't tell anyone."

"No, no, he . . . Jenny I don't even know him. I guessed it."

"Oh," she said and sighed then wiggled her bottom around on his lap, trying to find a comfortable fit for his ever rising erection. It wasn't long before he led her tiny hand to his zipper. Jenny gave him a lascivious smile, leaned in and removed his cock. Sliding off his lap to her knees, she looked at his cock and said, "Want me to blow you Mr. Franck?"

"That would be lovely, Jenny. Yes please, blow me."

Slowly she wrapped her lips around him.

Jenny wanted to see the expression on his face just then, but felt she had to close her eyes as his member slithered along her tongue and into her moist, warm mouth.

"You've done this before, haven't you, you little minx?"

He heard a faint giggle come from her tightly sealed mouth, but she nodded her head several times to confirm his suspicions.

"You do this very well, you know," he told her and gently caressed the sides of her face with his hands. Almost as a reward for saying such sweet things to her, Jenny ran her tongue slowly along the ridge of his corona, tickling his most sensitive spot.

"Mmmmm," he groaned appreciatively. "That's nice, baby, really nice."

Jenny popped him from her mouth to inquire, "Do all the girls working here suck your cock, Mr. Franck?"

"No, not all of them."

"Who else besides me?"

"Why do you ask?"

"I wanna compare notes."

"Lena," he said slowly. (Lena being a black girl, perhaps nineteen, and very thin.)

"And . . .?"

"Anna Mae, he sighed, then groaned as Jenny did something almost magical with her young tongue.


"Mrs. Wharton, but I haven't done her in a while."

"Mrs. Wharton?"

"Yeah, does that surprise you?"

"Ummm, thought you only did us college girls."

"Wrong. A pussy's a pussy, if you know what I mean."

He gasped with pleasure as her mouth closed down around him and she took him deeper. His hand dug into her hair, as he thrust his hips up at Jenny's face.

Taking him from her mouth, Jenny paused to take a breath, and then asked, "Mrs. Wharton suck as good as I do?"

"No, but she likes it up her ass, do you?"

"Never did it that way. I heard it hurts like the dickens tho. Does it really?'

"First time it does."

"Well it hurt some when I lost my cherry."

"Not quite the same. But done right . . . lots of lubrication and all, it's not so bad. Mrs. Wharton, for example, prefers it there rather than in her pussy."

"I wonder why?" Jenny said and began licking his balls.

"C'mon, suck me!" He gasped.

Excited by his words, Jenny gobbled him up and Franck started fucking her face with short, hard strokes, and Jenny reveled in it. His big prick slid in and out of her mouth as the wet, slurping sounds filled their ears. Jenny's tongue slid all around his cock, feeling each his pulsing veins pressing her cheeks out. She began to frig her clit as she awaited the hot burst of his cum to hit her throat.

"Gonna cum!' he warned her.

"Mmmmm," was her only reply.

Then Jenny felt the first of his hot blasts, hot, wet and sticky. She swallowed and continued sucking on him. Her thumb strumming madly over her clit and then as he let the last of five bursts loose, Jenny brought herself off, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body and letting him fall from her mouth she sat, then lay flat on the storeroom floor.


Argie stirred and sat up. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and purred with satisfaction. 'Well aren't I the well fucked woman?' she smiled smugly and stretched.

Hopping out of bed, she went into the bathroom and relieved herself, then sauntered into the living room and noted that John had left for work.

She put some coffee on and went to take a shower. Later, having her second cup of coffee, she dialed Milo's number.

He answered on the third ring.

"Hi," she said breathing heavily into the mouthpiece.

"Hi," he said in reply. His voice was thick and about as sexy as any male she had ever heard. Her fingers drifted to her pussy, tracing a pattern up and down the sides of her outer folds.

"I'm touching myself," she said, her voice husky with lust.

"Are you now," he said in that voice that made her tingle.

"You sound so sexy on the phone," she said, then groaned as her middle finger slipped into her wet cavity.

"Just woke up," he said. "Are you close to coming?"

"Don't know," Argie gasped, "Just started."

"Want me to come over there and help you finish?"

"I'll be finished long before you get here, but come on over." She gave him directions and he promised to be there in twenty minutes or less.

They hung up and she laughed aloud. "He doesn't give a shit if John is home or not. He's coming over to get laid. I love it!"

Argie spent the next ten minutes making herself presentable, not caring how the house looked; not bothering to finish her masturbation and opened the door on the first ring of the bell wearing a garter belt, white hose, high heels and a smile.

Milo was stunned by the very sight of her. For that matter the air in the room was filled with her scent; the scent of her desire.

He dropped to his knees and turned her around.

Argie was delighted that he wanted to inspect her and moaned loudly when he nibbled on her ass cheek. He planted kiss after wet kiss over her perfect butt. Argie moaned and bent forward, placing her arms on the back of the couch.

'Wearing this outfit was a great idea,' she thought and fleeting made a note to wear it for John at some point.

She wriggled her rear end provocatively and squealed delightedly as the tip of his tongue licked her puckered asshole. Pleased with her response, Milo ran his tongue around her anus slowly and experimentally, eliciting an even more positive reaction.

"Are you sore back there? He asked.

"Oh, Milo . . . you know, I'm not!"


"Isn't it strange that . . . ."

"If you really enjoyed it last night it must not have hurt that much. I'll use a lot of lubricant this time too. It shouldn't hurt at all."

"Oh, good!"

Milo made his tongue as firm as possible and thrust it against her puckered rose.

Argie's knees buckled, and she rolled to her side. She ended up on the seat of the couch with her legs splayed erotically to the sides, her dark, well trimmed hair beckoning me closer; her eyes half lidded in pleasure. Milo crawled to her on hands and knees. Argie's erotic scent grew stronger as he approached her pussy; and buried his tongue deep within the folds of her soft, pink flesh in one quick movement.


Her abdomen spasmed as Argie drew her legs up. She pulled Milo's face tight; her heels locked at the top of his back and her hand started pulling at the roots of his hair.

He licked upwards and found her clitoris; savored the firmness of it for a few seconds on the tip of his tongue, then compressed it tightly between his lips. Argie jerked at this and signaled him that her climax was nearing. Flicking his tongue over it time and time again he had her arching her back as she attempted to smother his face with her pussy.

He took her tiny bud into his mouth and heated even more with the steam from his breath and then sucked hard upon it.

Argie went rigid. She locked her legs around his head. He sucked even harder and a wondrous vibration began from somewhere deep within her.

"COMING!" she croaked, and shook with pleasure for the next thirty seconds.


Back in the storeroom, John had Jenny's legs upon his shoulders as he pounded his meat into her tender cunt.

"Oh, Jeez! Oh, Jeez! Oh, Jeez!" She chanted as each stroke bounced off her cervix.

Jenny was coming non-stop and had been for the past ten minutes. John had one of his perennial erections, one that at the moment showed no signs of abating and poor Jenny, although loving every minute of their wild fucking, was not up to taking much more of it.

"Oh, Jeez!"

"Like it, huh?" He barked, pounding into her.

"Oh, Jeez!"

Neither heard the storeroom door open. Mrs. Wharton stood there watching for a minute.

"Oh, Jeez!"

She licked her lips and began to quickly undress. Naked, she moved next to the fornicating couple.

"Oh, Jeez!"

"John, save some for me, would you?"

John glanced up through sex-laden eyelids and smiled.

"Oh, Jeez!" Jenny gasped one last time as she shimmied off his instrument of impalement, trying to cover herself.

"Easy Jenny," Mrs. Wharton said touching the girl's arm. "I want some of him too. Do you mind?"

"Um, Oh, no!" she whispered. "You're not . . ."

"Going to say a word," he said, finishing the sentence for her. "Get dressed, that is if you're sufficiently fucked for the moment."

"Yeah, yeah, I am, oh, jeez!" Jenny scurried away to grab her clothes and dress.

And a genial Mrs. Wharton took her place and presented her rear end to Franck.

"I'm wet enough, darling," she cooed. John spread her ass apart, and sent his cock deep within her anus.

Mrs. Wharton passed some inadvertent wind in accepting his girth in her tightest confines while Jenny watched in amazement at the ease with which her boss entered the older woman. John noticed her watching and told her, "Next time, we'll try this. Especially now that you've seen how easy it can be."

"Go deeper, lover," Mrs. Wharton hissed.

"I'll have you know that Jenny here can suck dick with the best, baby," he told the older woman, in part to placate the younger Jenny, in part to let Mrs. Wharton know he still preferred her ass to Jenny's mouth.

"Can she now?" said Mrs. Wharton, causing Jenny to flush and quickly leave the storeroom and return to work, scrupulously avoiding the odd looks from her co-workers.


"I want to get on top," Argie gasped; then scampered around until she was astride Milo.

"Mmmm," he moaned as she began to rock over him; grasping him gently as she fit him inside of her. He moaned again as the slow and delicious feeling of warm envelopment took over as Argie pushed down around him. He thought he could hold out initially, but it seemed as if he could feel every ripple, every ridge of her walls pushing him toward the edge.

Milo tried to shift his attention to her pleasure to delay his own; caressing her breasts, using a feathery touch with his open palms to brush her nipples. It caused her to shiver with delight, but he looked into her gorgeous eyes as they stared back at him and that of all things caused him to nearly explode.

"AHHHH," he groaned.

Argie raised herself up till he was just barely inside her; then taking him back deep inside.


"Huh?" Argie moaned dully, thoroughly enjoying the feel of him in her, especially since she could control his whereabouts within her pussy.

"Oh . . . ya gonna cum?" she husked and began to milk him with some urgency. Her contractions did Milo in. His hips jerked spasmodically. With a loud primal cry he let loose a torrent of ejaculate. The sensualness of it heating her inner walls caused Argie to climax violently.

Neither was sure just how long they lay there on the couch. But eventually they roused themselves sufficiently to have at it three more times before Argie shooed him off, fearing that John might come home early. So with a series of whispered affections, well placed pinches, a hundred or more kisses and caresses they agreed to meet the following afternoon.


Franck seized both of Mrs. Wharton's tits and squeezed hard. "Ahhhh!" she moaned, for it was very painful. He rammed himself inside of her as her mouth opened wide, but no sound came out. The perspiration had beaded up on both their foreheads as he continued to fuck her anally. Suddenly, she locked her legs behind him as she screamed out her orgasm and he watched her whole body shake; his thrusting never slowing down as she rocked through one orgasm after another. Following the third, he eased himself from her ass and presented his slimy cock to her mouth.

"Suck me off, bitch!" he snarled, for she loved rough treatment. Mrs. Wharton nodded her head vigorously and tentatively reached out to touch him and felt it leap beneath her fingers. Franck pulled her forward as she parted her lips to welcome his cock inside her mouth. At the first taste of his shit-speckled cock on her tongue, Mrs. Wharton went crazy with lust, slurping animal-like on his cock, kissing the sides, licking his balls and trying to deep throat him although she couldn't quite manage it.

John looked down at her. Her eyes were closed as she concentrated on cleansing him of her anal secretions and more. He began to finger her and as she started to moan he added a second, then a third finger --- plunging them in and out of her sopping wet cunt.

"Please fuck meeeee!" Mrs. Wharton wailed.


"Muh ass! Up my ass, please!" She was barely coherent.

He knelt between her wide spread legs and nestled his bloated prick at her gaping asshole. Slowly he pushed himself into her, meeting little if any resistance.

"Jesus that feels good!" She exclaimed. He had one of her knees in each arm and was rotating his hips as he worked the full length of himself into her. Her anal muscles, well practiced from all her anal activity, clenched at him as he eased it back and forth.

"PLEASE FUUCK MEEEE!" she pleaded; then moaned as he moved faster and faster. She raised her hips to meet his thrusting, grunting savagely each time he buried himself in her. Her head was lolling from side to side when he dropped her legs and rolled her over. Her rectum was open so much that he never took his cock from her ass.

"Gonna cum," he told her and she could only grunt her approval. He pounded her relentlessly --- bringing Mrs. Wharton to three successive orgasms before erupting into her ass for the final time of the morning.

"Clean yourself up and take the rest of the day off, with pay of course," he said tersely as he dressed.

"Thank you," she said meekly, thoroughly subdued and satiated.

"Don't thank me," he said. "And don't barge in on me when I'm screwin' one of the kids."

"Well, I . . ."

"Did you hear me?"

"Yeah, yeah, I heard."

"You'll scare 'em off. Or worse, frighten them so that they tell someone else who'll tell the authorities."

Them he calmed down and spoke in a more soothing tone. "Look, baby, we have a good thing going. You love it up the kiester and I love putting it up there. I know your husband can't get it up and you want more, but I got all I can handle, ya know? And my wife just learned I've been fucking around and is pissed at me. That's putting it mildly, ya know?"

Mrs. Wharton nodded her understanding of his situation.

"By the way, what the fuck is your first name anyway?"

"Mavis," she said and her mouth quivered, and then she was crying.

"What the fuck?"

"Two years . . ."

"What are you . . .?"

"Two years you've been fucking me and only now you think to ask my name."

A feeling of remorse enveloped him and he held her close and then kissed her gently on the lips.

"Mavis, I'll never call you by your married name again, I promise."

Mavis looked at him. Her eyes were shining. "I love you, John Franck," she whispered, "I love you."

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