tagMatureJohnny and Ms. Stevens Ch. 01

Johnny and Ms. Stevens Ch. 01


Johnny couldn't help his feelings any longer. Mark's mom had been coming on to him for months now. She'd pranced around him at the pool all summer. Half dressed. Smiling coyly and giving him that sultry look she did all too well. He knew that he wanted her...Ms. Stevens—Donna.

This weekend he was going to help her—and himself to act on all those feelings. Johnny had come home for the Thanksgiving holidays with Mark. After all it was easy to play up the orphaned college student card since his parents were going to be skiing in Aspen for the holidays. He knew that Ms. Stevens would feel sorry for him and invite him as soon as her son Mark told her that he was going to spend the holiday alone in the dorms.

This was his chance; he would have her this weekend. He knew that Mark would be gone most of the day Friday to go hunting with his father. And Johnny was definitely not the hunting type. So he'd stay at home and "sleep" through the whole desperate display of machismo. After all, he didn't intend to be sleeping alone and the display of machismo he had in mind would be much more fulfilling.

Donna was an easy mark—especially around the holidays. Any time she knew that her son would be wasting quality time with his father. She was so bitter after their divorce. She'd caught her husband in bed with his secretary this time last year.

Johnny knew he could use all of this to his advantage. He knew that she needed to feel alive and beautiful again at 40. And what better way to do that than to have outrageous sex with her son's 22-year-old college roommate.

Mark and his father left around 4 AM for their cold day in the woods. Johnny couldn't fathom why anyone would rather be out in the dark and the cold than in a warm bed. He heard Ms. Stevens mulling around right after the hunters left. He waited a few minutes and then acted as if he'd heard nothing. He got up in nothing but his BVD's and headed towards the bathroom down the hall. Then on to the kitchen for a glass of milk. With the carton halfway to his head he heard:

"My, my...milk really does do that body good!" from somewhere behind him in the archway.

"Hmm...then what's that body's secret?" Johnny replied.

"Bally's 3 hrs a day, 3 days a week." Donna laughed, a little too eagerly.

"Well, whatever you're doing it's working." Johnny smiled his sexy little college boy smile.

Donna couldn't help but notice the ever-growing bulge in Johnny's BVDs as his eyes took in the site of her from top to bottom and back again. She wanted him too, and she knew this was her chance.

"Looks like someone else is awake and with us this morning she giggled," as she nodded to Johnny's swelling crotch.

"You can't blame him for having good taste." Johnny replied.

"He knows when he sees something he likes!"

Donna could feel the damp warmness spreading between her thighs. She crossed the kitchen and said:

"Let's see if I can reward him a little for his good taste."

Taking Johnny in her arms she kissed him passionately while she pressed herself against his stiff member. Pushing him against the refrigerator she kissed and licked and sucked her way down his soft young neck and down his tight toned 6-pack abs, following his treasure trail straight to the top of those BVDs. She gnawed and pulled at them with her teeth a little making noises like a naughty puppy would. Then she used her teeth to pull them straight out so she could get a full view of the glory waiting beneath them. Then she tugged them down over his bulging thighs and let them pool around his ankles. Looking up at him she spoke one last sentence before heading to work:

"I wanted you all year...since the first time you came to visit us this summer, I can't believe I'm finally going to have you."

And with that her head sank to his swollen cock and she began to suck and lick and nibble and caress him with care and experience he had never known before. She used the tip of her tongue to probe into the slit of his head gently making Johnny moan out in pleasure. Then she ran her tongue down the length of his shaft, leaving a wet warm trail as she went. She sucked his balls into her mouth and licked and nibbled them. No high school or college girl had ever done that for him before.

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