Josh Gets Laid


I'm Josh. I turned eighteen a month ago and I'll graduate from high school in another month. I'm 5'11", 165 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes. I played varsity soccer and ran track, mid-distances, so I'm in decent physical shape, but slim rather than husky. I plan on going to our local college next fall and study computer science. I live at home with my Mom.

My Mom is an RN. She's a nurse at a ritzy medical clinic that's almost more a resort than a clinic. Separate cottages for the patients and a couple main buildings. Wealthy people stay there to get rid of addictions - drugs, alcohol, whatever - or lose weight. I've worked there, too, part time, since I was sixteen. I'm in maintenance. I mop floors, clean up things, help around the landscaping, like raking leaves. I have nothing to do with the patients; my Mom reminds me of that often. If anyone tries to interact with me I'm polite but go get someone else right away.

I'm at lunch at school with three of my buddies.

"Hey, Josh, I see in the paper where Lindsay Lohan is staying at that hospital where you work."

"Lohan?" another friend puts in, "I've seen her in movies, she's really, really hot. A perfect body. I dream about fucking her."

"Fucking her?" another guy chips in, ""With that body, she's eatin' stuff. I'd want to make her cum a couple times before fucking her."

I almost laugh. "You guys are nuts," I tell them. "Bob, you wouldn't know how to eat a pussy if she sat on your face. And Mike, you've never fucked anyone any more than I have."

"Yeah, but from what I've read, she's a big party girl. Still in her twenties, she's probably had more sex than I'll have in my whole life. So I'm sure she could lead me through whatever she wanted me to do."

"But I read where she's given up on guys, has a girl friend now."

"Ooh, that's horrible. A body like that wasted on another girl"

"Well, it's been interesting," I tell them, "but even if she is at the clinic where I work, I'll never even see her. I have nothing to do with the patients."

I'm out of school at 2:45, at the clinic about 3:15. The gardener wants me to clean up a walking path between some cottages, rake leaves and tidy up. So that's where I head. I'm raking up, putting the leaves in piles that I'll pick up later when I hear a voice. "Hey, can you help me?"

I look around. There's a face in the window of the next cottage. So I take a step toward it.

"I need some help, the voice says. I am close enough now to see a very pretty face in the window. I grin because I know that face, Lindsay Lohan actually is at the clinic after all.

"I'll go get someone," I tell her.

"No, I need some help now. Just come around to the door," she says.

I'm not sure about how to handle this. I should go get someone else. But on the other hand, I'd love to see her and be able to tell the guys that I did. So I go to the door. She's standing there in a white robe. I recognize the robe, every patient wears them just like I wear the light blue polo shirt and tan shorts that's pretty much the uniform. She sort of steps back and motions for me to come in. "I better get someone else," I tell her.

"No, this'll only take a couple minutes she says." Come in." So I step in the door. She backs up just a little, closes the door behind me, and says, "Lay on your back." She points to the floor. "Right here." So I start getting down to lay on my back, wondering what the heck is this about? "I'm stuck here for three weeks," she says. "I'll go nuts with nothing to do." I'm now on the floor looking up. She unfastens the robe and slips it off. She's completely naked. On the one hand, I'm scared, what's going on here? On the other hand, I can't help noticing that she really does have a super great body. She steps across me, one foot on each side and starts squatting down. "Just get your tongue out and lick me," she says. "I'll move around to get you at what I want."

All kinds of things go through my mind. This is like the guys said, she's going to sit on my face. I've never eaten pussy, will I be any good at it? I've watched it on the 'net so maybe I'll do o.k. So that's what a pussy looks like. She must shave it, it's pink and bare skin, sort of wrinkly pink shapes. Actually sort of pretty like the rest of her. Will I catch some disease from this? Will I get fired if I get caught?.

And then she's on me. I do have my tongue out. She moves her hips and sort of slides her pussy back and forth on me. I move my tongue and try to lick her. She reaches in and spreads herself open with her fingers and I see lots of pink inside her. Then it's on me again. I move my tongue and try and lick, move it fairly fast. "Aah, yeah, right there," she says. "You must have done this before." And then she's sort of wiggling her bottom on me and I'm licking as fast as I can.

On the one hand, this is fantastic. It's weird but fantastic. On the other hand, what the heck am I doing, laying here on the floor, doing nothing but licking. She's sitting on me facing my head. I reach up with my hands and grab the cheeks of her ass. It's the first naked ass I've ever touched. It feels great. I actually lift my head slightly to push my tongue into her as much as I can. She's making little noises and moving her naked bottom back and forth but coming back to where I'm licking in pretty much the same spot a lot. I guess that's her clit from what I've read and seen on the 'net.

Then she starts standing up. "Am I doing something wrong?" I ask.

"No, you're great. I just realized that you probably have something besides your tongue that I can enjoy, so I'm turning around.

Really quickly, she almost jumps around to face the other way and squats back down, pressing her pussy onto my face again. I start licking again. I can feel that she's leaning forward some, unsnapping my shorts, unzipping them and opening them. She grabs them and tries to pull them down my legs. "Lift your butt a second," she says. So I do. My shorts and my underwear both get pushed down onto my thighs. "Ooh," she says, "You have a really nice one." I can feel her hand grasping my cock, her fingers around it. She's still moving her bottom around on my face as I lick in her pussy. I can taste her more. She's getting a little juicier than she was earlier.

"You're not going to last long.," she says, "I can tell. So, what should I do? Can you get it up again pretty quick?" I can't answer, my mouth is covered by her pussy. So I keep licking. "I bet you can. I really want this in me but maybe if I get you off now and work on it, I can get you in me and you'll last long enough for me to enjoy it."

I can feel her body move. Her pussy is still on my mouth but her legs changed some. Then I can feel something touching my cock that isn't her fingers. It's her tongue. I can feel her tongue licking me. God, it's unbelievable. Then it's even wetter, I think her lips are around me and I'm inside her mouth. I've never felt anything so sexy in my life. I can't help myself. I can feel it all moving up my cock and then shooting into her mouth. I don't think I lasted ten seconds. I can feel her mouth working on my cock. She takes it in her mouth and slides her lips up, sucking on it. Then takes a breath that I can hear and takes it all into her mouth again, over and over.

"Good, I knew you could get it up again quickly," she says and she lifts her pussy off my face. I know my face is all wet and sticky from her juices. She stands up some, not all the way, and almost jumps around and in no time is sitting on my cock. She holds it with one hand and guides it into her and swallows me up inside her. I've never felt anything as glorious in my life as her insides, warm and wet, grabbing and massaging my cock. And I'm looking at this perfect female body sitting on me, grinning at me. "This might make my stay here worth it after all," she says as she moves her body sort of slowly and I can feel my cock moving inside her.

This is like the biggest dream of my life. I'm watching this gorgeous body riding me, feeling my cock inside her, it's all just the most amazing experience ever. I reach to touch her thigh. "You're beautiful," I say.

She grins some more. "Thanks," she says, "you're o.k. yourself." She keeps moving her hips around and I just stare in awe at her body. "You like my boobs?" She asks and then leans forward some. Her breasts hang loose. "Go ahead," she says, "play with them. Suck them if you can." I push myself up and hold myself there with one arm and reach to grab hold of one of her breasts. I lean forward enough to get my mouth to it and lick the nipple. This is so fantastic. My cock is getting worked on as she moves her hips around. She lets me suck on her nipple a little while and then sits back up, more straight. "Get a couple fingers on my clit.' I reach for her pussy and feel right above where my cock is going into her. "Aah, yeah, rub right there." She starts bouncing on me. I can hardly keep my fingers on her. She goes faster and faster. She's pretty much slamming her whole body down on me. I wonder a little if I'll get bruised but it feels so unbelievably good that I just take it.

Her insides seem to be spasming, grabbing me tight and then releasing, then grabbing again. I can feel her juices running onto my cock. She stops bouncing, makes some really odd moans and leans forward and lays on me, my cock still inside her. "What's your name?" she asks me, her head laying on my chest.

"Josh," I say.

"I have to go to a meeting soon. Then another, then dinner, then another meeting. Can you come back at, maybe 9:30 or so and do this again?"

My mind whirrs and I think a little. Do this again! Wow!. "I don't know. I'd probably have trouble getting out of the house then. How about a little after ten, maybe 10:15 or so."

"Perfect," she says and sits up and then slowly rises up. my cock falling out of her, still hard and very red. She looks and grins some more. "You never finished. Sorry. But I have to get to this class or they'll have my ass. We'll get rid of that tonight, though." She walks over a couple steps, picks up her robe, slips it on and leaves, leaving the door open.

I sit up, shake my head, trying to understand everything that's just happened. I get up, pull up my underwear and shorts and go out, closing the door behind me. I'm in a daze for a couple minutes and then I see the little piles of leaves and get back to work.

After work I go home and have dinner with Mom. We talk a little and then she goes to her room and I go to mine. I wait until 10, she usually is asleep by then and won't come to talk to me or anything. I very quietly sneak out and walk over to the clinic. We purposely live close by so Mom can walk to work. I go in the back gate, punching the code into the box and head to Lindsay's cottage. How do I do this now? I quietly knock on the door. It opens right away and she's standing there grinning like mad, completely naked. I step in and she closes the door. "Get out of your clothes," she tells me and heads to the bedroom.

Well, she's naked. I guess she wants me naked. So I get my clothes off and follow her into the bedroom. She's sitting on the bed, facing me, her knees spread open fairly wide. "Do me," she says. "Give me an orgasm."

She is absolutely the sexiest thing I've ever seen. I walk to her, kneel in front of her and reach out and hold each breast with a hand. I sort of lift them some, feeling their weight. They're solid. Not stiff or hard solid, sort of soft solid. I hold them as gently as I can and use my fingers to pull on her nipples a little bit. "You have gorgeous breasts," I say as I lean forward to lick one nipple and then the other.

"They cost enough so I'm glad you approve,' she says, grinning a little. I start sucking on a nipple as I finger the other one. I move one hand down over her abdomen to get to her pussy. I move my mouth to the other nipple and suck on it as I rub her pussy with a couple fingers. I know she wants me to lick her. I want to lick her. I don't know exactly why but it all seemed very sexy when I tasted her this afternoon and I want to do it again. Only I hope I'm better at it this time.

I'm looking at her very pink pussy. I use both hands to spread her open a little. She's even pinker inside. The light glistens on her, she's already a little juicy in there. I lean forward and lick up through her opening, starting as low as I can and licking as far up as I can, finally leaving her pussy lips. Then I get my tongue back in her and lick around. I read somewhere about spelling out letters with the tongue so I try that, a, b, c, d. "I think you like eating me, don't you?'

I pull back slightly to look up at her. "Yeah, I do."

"You're doing o.k.," she says as I get my tongue back in her. "You must have done this with girlfriends before."

I pull my face out again. "No, you're the first."

"Lick a lot on my clit. Yeah. Right there. Push a finger into me and finger fuck me while you suck and lick my clit." She makes some odd little moans. "Yeah. That's perfect," she says. So I slide my finger in her and get my lips to her shape that must be her clit and sort of suck on it and pull it a little. "Add another finger. Yeah. Maybe another one. Yeah. Just like that. That's great." I really work at it. Pushing three fingers in her, feeling around a little and sliding them partly out and then in again, quicker and quicker. I lick around her pussy every once ina while but get back to working on her clit most of the time. She's getting a lot juicier, a lot tastier.

Then she sort of shudders and gives a yelp and her legs close on my head. She has her hands on the back of my head, pulling me tightly into her pussy. I can hardly lick or do anything but I keep sliding my fingers in her. I can feel a gush of liquid on my fingers. Liquid coming out of her vagina. Then she lets go of everything, loosens her legs from my head, lets go of my head and lays back. "Now get that lovely cock of yours in me," she says as she sort of scoots back onto the bed more.

I follow her, climbing on the bed and try and get up over her. She reaches between us and holds my cock and pulls on it, moving it to her pussy. I push with my hips and start sliding into her. "Oh, yeah," she says. "Oh, yeah, that's nice." I push more and more and finally get all the way in. It's not that easy to do. It's like I have to push my way through her insides somehow. But it feels perfect, all warm and wet and holding my cock tight. "Now really pound me," she says. "Fuck me as hard and fast as you can for as long as you can."

So that's what I do. I piston into her as fast as I can. While I'm fucking her, she moves her legs. She had her feet on the bed, her knees bent up. But now her legs are all the way up, almost to her shoulders. She's got her hands holding them up. She moves her left leg so that it comes in front of me almost. I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do so I just keep pushing into her and then out and then in again. Her calf is now against my shoulder. Then her right leg comes over and in no time, she's bent about in half with her legs against my shoulders, her butt lifted part way up off the bed, and I'm shoving my cock into her lovely pussy, banging away as hard as I can.

She sort of "ughs" each time my cock goes into her. "That's it," she says. "Just lean on my legs and fuck the shit out of me." I pound into her. "Yeah, just like that." I seem to last a long, long time. But finally I can feel something happening inside me and I know I'm going to cum.

"I'm gonna cum," I tell her.

"Do it," she almost yells at me. "Fuck me hard, damn it." So I do and then I can feel it shooting out of me into her. She makes an odd face and lets out another sort of yelp. I push into her and just hold inside her. She grabs each leg, separately and moves them to the side so I'm almost laying on her. "You did great. Let's take a shower and get set for another one. I really enjoyed that."

I pull out and roll to the side, laying on my back. She leans over me, grinning, grabs my cock and leans down and licks it. Licks my sticky, soft cock. "C'mon stud, you're not done yet."

It's a shower I'll never forget. She's very pretty. She has a fabulous body. We're naked and she makes it plain that she wants more of me. I mean, we do wash. She doing me, mostly, and me doing some of her while she does some of herself. While washing me, she gets on her knees and plays with my cock some, gets her mouth to it and sucks it into her mouth. "You're young, you're gonna get up again, aren't you," she says as if she's taking to my cock. I actually do g et hard again, her mouth really works. Then I get on my knees and get my tongue to her pussy. She lifts a leg and seems to want me to lick her more. "You do like that, don't you. You know, the girls at your school would like it, too. Every girl in the world loves to have their pussy licked."

I look up at her. "I can't even get them to let me touch one, yet along taste it."

"Don't ask. Just start kissing up their thigh and make it plain what you're after. I bet every one of them will spread open for you and let you get at it. They really want it, just don't want to admit it." I lick her some more. I reach down and feel my cock, hard as it can get. I wonder if it's possible, so I stand up, holding her one leg that had been on my shoulder and get my cock aimed at her pussy. "Oh, yeah," she says. "You have a dirty mind. I like that. Grab my ass and hold me." I get both h ands on her ass while she puts her leg onto my hip and then lifts her other leg and wraps it around me, too. I'm holding her up by her ass, pushing my cock up into her. I step forward a little to press her back against the tile shower wall. "Really bang me," she says.

For some reason I think of my physics class at school. I shove my cock up into her, lifting her whole body slightly and then as I pull back out, her weight drops slightly until I lift her again. It's like my cock is a lever or fulcrum or something. Both of us make "ugh" sounds as I push into her. I just pump and pump and pump. It's actually work. But lovely, lovely work. I can feel her boobs pressed against me, her warm insides holding my cock tight. It makes me wonder, if she's this tight, what would a girl at school be like that's never had a cock in her before. She'd have to be a lot tighter, I would think. But what am I doing, thinking, I should just fuck her. So I do. I outlast her. I can feel it when she cums. Her insides get even tighter, her legs and arms really wrap tighter around me. She gives some little screams, or sort of screams, and then she loosens. Her legs move from me and drop down. I step back, pulling out of her.

"I think I lucked out," she says. "You not only have a nice cock, it's still hard." She steps out of the shower stall and moves to the sink and stands there with her back to me. She leans forward, steps back some so that her butt is aimed at me. She spreads her legs some. "C'mon stud, get back to work." I realize what she means, step up to her, hold my cock and get it aimed at her pink, almost red, pussy lips and push it back in again. She makes a sigh kind of sound as I move into her. 'Wear me out if you can. Do it hard and fast," she says, never even looking back at me. Then I realize she's looking at me in the mirror. Not a grin now but sort of an open mouth almost hungry kind of look.

So I do as she asks and start really banging against her lovely ass. Every time I push into her I move her whole body and as I pull back some, she shoves her ass at me, so I have to pull back even more to move slightly out of her. Then when I bang back into her I shove her whole body some. We both do this over and over and over. It feels great but it's almost not sexy, it's like I'm attacking her and yet it's obviously what she wants. So we keep going, me banging into her, her pushing back, asking for more. I think she must cum more than once. I can feel liquid running out of her and I can see her face in the mirror. And then I finally cum again. I push really hard into her and just hold it there as I shoot off a couple times.

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