tagIncest/TabooJosie's Initiation Ch. 06

Josie's Initiation Ch. 06


Been awhile since the previous instalment, but hope you enjoy anyway.


Liz could hardly stand still -- her legs trembled as she stood before him, waiting to be undressed by Josie and her Mom, for his inspection. She had caught him trying to catch a glimpse of her breasts earlier, and had deliberately flashed them at him as she refastened her jacket. Yet hers were so small in comparison to her mom's and especially Josie's -- why should he want to touch her little tits, when he had handfuls of mammary flesh to fondle?

The whole of her body ached pleasurably, as tiny electric shocks of arousal flooded the myriad of nerve endings beneath her skin, butterfly wings fluttering deep inside her stomach.

Josie moved behind Liz, her hands reaching beneath the other girl's arms to cup her small breasts gently. At the same time, Jenny reached for her daughter's hand in silent encouragement. Liz laid her head back on Josie's shoulder, as her best friend softly caressed her tits.

"Does that feel good Liz?" Josie whispered.

"Yes..." she breathed.

"Well think how it will feel to have Dad suck on your hard little nipples."

Liz's pussy tingled at the image conjured by her friend. Her eyes flew open, as a second pair of hands began unfastening her pajama jacket, from the waist upwards; her Mom released first one, and then another button, her hand automatically slipping beneath the soft fabric and caressing her daughter's firm, smooth stomach. Josie unfastened the final two buttons, spreading the jacket wide.

My eyes were riveted on the scene before me.

"Stand aside Jenny" I ordered; "let me look at Liz's breasts." Jenny moved away a little, slipping a hand around Josie's waist. Liz waited expectantly for Garry to say something, she was still unsure that he would like her girl-like buds.

"They're beautiful Liz; so small, yet begging to be worshipped"

Liz let out an audible sigh of relief at his words. Now she knew that she hadn't needed to worry; Garry really did like her breasts.

Josie began to kiss Liz's neck, her hands now cupping the small, naked mounds. She could feel Liz's nipples grazing the palms of her hands. Suddenly, she felt a softness pressing into her back, as Jenny leaned into her, the older woman's hands caressing her ass; she pressed back into those feminine hands. All too soon, those hands went away, as Jenny made her way to the front, kneeling before her daughter, and slowly eased her pajama pants down. She was amazed to see that Liz shaved her pussy -- and the lips were swollen and distended.

"Let me see, Jenny" she heard Garry command.

Rising to her feet, she took her place at Liz's side once more, beckoning for Josie to do the same. Liz was now totally naked before her soon-to-be older lover.

The contrast between the bodies of the three women was amazing. My daughter Josie, young, yet full of womanly curves; Liz, much more slender and waif-like; and Jenny, still slim, yet with the roundness of maturity. I was in heaven as I got to my feet.

Taking a hand each, Josie and Jenny led Liz to the bed, like a sacrificial virgin going to the altar of love. They lay her gently down and stood back on either side of her. Still wearing my shorts, I stretched out beside Liz, my arm around her shoulder.

"Now watch, Liz," I whispered, glancing at Josie.

Josie caught the look in Dad's eye, and knew what he wordlessly asked of her. They had become so attuned recently, since their relationship burgeoned into a full sexual one, that they almost knew what the other wanted.

She walked to the bottom of the bed, reaching for Jenny's hand, and stood before the mirror. She lifted the older woman's hand, and sucked the middle finger deep into her warm mouth, all the time looking into her eyes. Jenny tentatively reached up, and touched Josie's breast.

"Take my jacket off Jenny" she heard Josie whisper.

Fingers shaking, Jenny undid the four buttons hiding those beautiful orbs of flesh, easing it from the young girl's shoulders. For a moment, she could only gaze on such youthful perfection, until Josie broke her trance by offering her right breast to Jenny's mouth. Josie gasped as Jenny took her nipple between her teeth, biting softly. She reached down, and took hold of Jenny's full, firm tit, searching for the nipple.

I watched Liz as she looked upon her Mom beginning to make love to my daughter. Her eyes were wide, her legs rubbing gently together as if to try and stimulate her clitoris. She twisted her right nipple a little, as she began her sexual education.

"Want me to suck on your nipples Liz?" I asked.

Her head turned quickly to me, a faint sheen of perspiration on her brow, her cheeks flushed; she nodded.

"Please Garry, yes,please"

Bending forward, I flicked out my tongue, tracing the outline of the small tit, sucking the whole of it into my mouth before concentrating on the hard little bud. Liz squirmed beneath me, unable to decide whether to surrender to the sweet sensations she felt in her breast, or watch the erotic tableau unfolding before her.

"Keep watching them Liz" I instructed. "I think they're both a little overdressed, don't you? Why don't you tell them what to do?"

Liz couldn't believe the feelings that she was experiencing, and she wanted more, much more; she didn't want this night to ever end.

Looking at the two women caressing and sucking each other's breasts, she said in a quiet voice, "Mom? Take Josie's pajama pants off, and Josie? Take Mom's panties down; they're wet anyway; leave her stockings on though; I think your Dad likes them!"

Jenny was amazed to hear her daughter speak like this, but she did as she was told, and eased down Josie's pants, eager to see the teenager's pussy. She was very surprised to see that Josie's pussy was shaved too, and looked forward even more to tasting that sweet little opening. She quickly ran a finger along the length of the nubile slit.

Josie gasped as she felt her pussy being stroked, and quickly hooked her fingers into the waistband of Jenny's panties, pushing them urgently down her legs, wanting to touch the other woman, as she herself had just been touched.

Garry got to his feet, moving forward until he stood before them. He reached down, and cupped a pussy in each hand, squeezing gently, leading them by the cunt to the bed. "Kneel either side of Liz's head" he ordered, watching as his daughter and Jenny followed his direction.

"Daddy? Are you going to lick her first, as you did to me?" Josie asked, stroking Liz's hair.

He smiled, reaching to take the supine girl by the ankles, pulling her down the bed until her ass rested on the end. Jenny darted her head forward suddenly, kissing Josie deeply, catching her totally unawares. Liz reached up, caressing Josie's hanging breasts, and after a moment's hesitation, she cupped her Mom's too. It felt strange yet very, very pleasurable to explore the softness of breasts that were so much larger than her own. And any guilt she felt about touching her Mom quickly disappeared when she felt Jenny reach down to fondle her own small breast, Josie quickly finding the other.

Garry smiled as he watched the breastplay. He knelt at the foot of the bed, and took hold of Liz's left foot, sucking the pretty little toes into his mouth. In this position, her virgin pussy opened like a delicate little flower -- he could see the droplets of her arousal, clinging to her inner lips.

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