tagLoving WivesJourney of a Cuckold Ch. 09

Journey of a Cuckold Ch. 09


We headed to Rajasthan the following day and reached there in the evening. We were there for four night's safari, although the original safari was for seven days. Not surprisingly the safari wasn't terribly crowded and there were several empty tents. Shrini had made the arrangements for us. The tents were quite luxurious. They had a separate bathroom -- quite surprising by Indian standards. There were two beds; each one pretty big for one person but not quite big for two people. There was a small table between the two beds and the beds must have been six feet apart. The tents, although next to each other, were quite secluded.

Having traveled quite some distance during the day to reach to the camp, we decided to rest immediately after having our dinner without attending the evening entertainment program that night. I took the bed closer to the bathroom and in a matter of minutes fell asleep. I must have been asleep for more than couple of hours or so when I suddenly felt Mayuri sleeping next to me. She was massaging my penis, which was sporting a stiff erection now.

"Sleepy head," she whispered nuzzling my neck.

"Aren't you supposed to take care of your wife?" she asked sexily.

"Especially on her birthday," she said.

"Were you expecting Shrini to fill in for you?" she teased.

"Your choice," I replied turning my face towards her. She kissed me and forced her tongue deep in my mouth, which I accepted willingly.

"I always need you," she mumbled.

"Who would eat me otherwise?" she reasoned.

"You could use your tongue to prime my pussy for his entry."

"And then later use it to soothe my pussy after he ravages it," she suggested sexily, chuckling at the thought. Mayuri was getting bolder and it seemed we had no boundaries now. We enjoyed our fantasies and sexy talk very much -- in the past couple of months there were hardly any sessions where we never engaged in such foreplay.

"Is it time to prime you or soothe you?" I quickly retorted.

"Neither," was her dry reply.

"He had to make do with a blow job," she added.

"In fact, he just relieved himself in my mouth," she said and kissed me again.

"Why is that?" I asked moving my hand inside her panties.

"Until you are willing to raise his children..." I broke her off and fiercely kissed her again.

"You are willing aren't you?" she asked sexily.

"How many do you want?" I asked breathlessly as she was rapidly stroking me. I groaned in pain as she wickedly twisted my penis with her hand.

"He has plans to use me as a cow," she breathed.

"Are you up for it?" I teased her.

"Very much!" was her prompt reply.

The sexy talk went on and we had another torrid session that night. She was clearly in heat and ensured that I wore a condom before penetrating her. We did once more in the morning before embarking on our safari. Our next camp was approximately 14 miles away if we took the actual route. Mayuri and Shrini headed with the skilled riders while I stayed back with the amateurs. I wondered if Shrini would cajole her into becoming his mistress during their ride.

The amateur group took an easier and shorter route but even then we reached about an hour later than the first group. We were to rest for couple of hours after lunch and all of us had individual tents almost similar to the original ones we had, albeit a little simpler in design. Regardless, they offered lot of privacy surprisingly. Mayuri and Shrini weren't there when I sat down for lunch -- they were already done and perhaps either strolling around or resting in one of our tents. I had instant hard-on thinking about the possibilities. I quickly gulped down my food and rushed to our tent, fully expecting to catch Shrini and Mayuri in their act. I tiptoed to our tent and waited outside to confirm if Shrini was inside; not finding anyone I stepped inside. Mayuri pulled me inside and latched the door. She looked worked up. Her hair, which usually was neatly tied in a braid, was loose. Most of her shirt buttons were open and I noticed that even her bra was unhooked. And I noticed her face, which was bright red and her lips rosy red with some slimy white stuff smeared on her lips. Before I could figure it out, she pulled me in for a kiss and I realized that it was Shrini's semen. It was perhaps the first time I tasted fresh semen of Shrini. Shrini seemed to have rubbed his penis generously on her lips and Mayuri didn't bother or perhaps didn't have time to clean up.

"What happened?" I asked.

"I couldn't fend him off," she replied breathlessly.

"Had to relieve him with a blowjob," she added.

"Now don't waste time, I need some relief too," she said and pushed me onto my knees. She quickly got rid of her breaches and straddled my face. I pleasured her for the next fifteen minutes with my tongue. Having satisfied herself completely, she said, "You don't know how much I miss this."

"Even when he shafts you with his majestic equipment?" I asked nervously.

"Well," she said looking at me while wearing her breaches, "sometimes I do need help with lubrication."

"Don't you folks engage in foreplay?" I asked curiously.

"We do," she said and then pausing for a moment added, "But that only means performing fellatio or rimming him."

"He likes it," she reasoned noticing my disapproval.

"Besides," she added, "that helps me delay intercourse until I am well lubricated and sometime it also hastens his ejaculation."

"Funny isn't it?" she asked tucking in her shirt.

"With you I need to worry about prolonging the act of intercourse. And with him I need to find ways to shorten it," she said chuckling.

"I need to go," she said and kissed me forcefully.

"You are lucky," she said, "He didn't plant a baby in me."

That evening we had a private cake cutting ceremony in our tent. Mayuri enjoyed the moment and was happy to have celebrated her birthday on a safari. Thanking Shrini for fulfilling her dream, she hugged him and even gave a small peck on his lips. After Shrini stepped out, we tidied up a little and then Mayuri quickly whispered to me.

"If you hadn't been around, I could have relieved him as a thank you."

"You should have warned me then," I quickly retorted.

"Next time," she replied smiling.

Not having experience with horseback riding, I was sore and wished to take a bath. However, water was scarce in this region, especially hot water, and hence was rationed. We indulged a little more in foreplay before stepping out for evening ceremony. As usual, it was mostly me pleasing her. Although, she did return the favor by taking my penis in her mouth for a short while but didn't conclude it claiming that I would have ejaculated too soon.

Back at the evening ceremony -- singing and dancing shows -- I noticed that Mayuri was extremely social with Shrini. Her nervousness around him had vanished. Mayuri was sitting in between both of us but to any onlooker, she was Shrini's wife. I was nursing an erection ever since we embarked on the safari, this morning. Having relieved Mayuri twice, it seemed unfair that I had to suffer.

A star gazing program was organized that night. The assembly area was some distance away from the tents as the lights in our camp could make it difficult to watch the stars on the horizon. I decided to call it a day giving more time for Mayuri and Shrini to intermingle. It was perhaps more in anticipation of watching them do again. I needed some rest before the events would start -- quite hopeful Shrini would nail Mayuri tonight. Mayuri and Shrini went ahead with their star gazing program. I expected them to be back pretty soon but the big question was whether Mayuri would let him mount her and if so would she take a risk of doing it in his tent.

I had been asleep for couple of ours when I woke up with some rustling outside our tent. People were returning from the star gazing program. Soon I heard Mayuri and Shrini outside our tent. Ours was the farthest tent in the camp and Shrini's was next to ours. Shrini walked her to our tent and there perhaps he tried to either hug her or kiss her. I wondered if he was trying to accost her to his tent, although, I seriously hoped he wouldn't as my chances of witnessing them in action would vanish immediately.

"Don't," I heard her say, "Someone might catch us." She stepped inside our tent and Shrini followed her. The light emanating from behind our tent allowed me to identify two figures clearly but it wasn't bright enough to reveal their acts. I noticed Shrini hugging her from behind as Mayuri moaned and leaned back. She then quickly turned and kissed him, ignoring my presence.

"Sameer might wake up," she whispered

"Let's do it tomorrow," she said, perhaps hinting at another afternoon session.

"Now, please," she pleaded but kissed him very passionately before turning back towards our bathroom presuming Shrini would leave. I noticed that he didn't and just waited there for Mayuri to head towards bathroom for changing her clothes. Shrini carefully latched the door and moved to other end of the tent and waited besides the bathroom door. It was brave of him to take his chance in my presence. I was facing the opposite direction and hence could only sense him standing right next to my bed.

He pounced on Mayuri as soon as she stepped out and smothered her yelp with his passionate kiss. Mayuri reciprocated but pulled him into the bathroom sensing that I could wake up. Mayuri later on confessed what transpired in the bathroom that night. She helped him pee -- an ordeal Shrini enjoyed, especially when there was a chance of getting caught -- and then proceeded to fellate him. Shrini, however, didn't let her finish the job. He made her remove her panties -- she generally doesn't wear her bra to bed -- saying that she wouldn't need them tonight.

Mayuri pleaded, as she lay down on her bed, "Please Shrini..."

"Sameer might wake up."

"He won't," Shrini assured, lying next to her.

I presumed that he might have tried to drug me and that was perhaps why I felt sleepy immediately after dinner. However, the effect didn't last for long.

"Please Shrini," she again pleaded, "Don't jeopardize my career."

"I am helping you," replied Shrini.

"Trust me there is no other way. You have to spread your legs for the black partner of your firm to rise to managerial and executive layer."

"Better lick his asshole," he said chuckling.

"I don't need your advice on that," retorted Mayuri.

"Why are you not listening to me," she said frustrated trying to stop his advances.

"Look," she said sternly, "I know what you want."

"When the time comes," she said, her voice quivered, "you can have as many as you want."

"Three more years," she added.

Mayuri always hinted the possibility of bearing children for Shrini in our fantasies and role play but we never discussed this beyond our bedroom. It seemed to me that there was a clear understanding between Shrini and Mayuri regarding this, which confirmed Rohini's story on why the relationship snapped all of a sudden.

"What about our anniversary?" he asked.

"Aren't you itching to tongue my asshole?" he teased her. It seemed the afternoon session was a hurried one. She responded by kissing him. In the faint light I could see him squeeze her breasts as he kissed her and soon got on top of her. He kissed her breasts and bit her nipple as she groaned in pain. In no time, she slid down and took his penis in her mouth.

"Fuck my mouth," she exhaled.

"Use it as a pussy," she urged him.

"It is my anniversary gift to you!"

I didn't understand what anniversary she was referring to. The very first time she fellated was during the July 4th weekend of 1999 and the second time was during the Millennium New Year celebration. Rohini later on clarified that Mayuri made up her mind to accept the proposal on her birthday.

"Are you sure?" he asked in concerned tone.

"Yes," she replied confidently.

I had witnessed during last years valentine day when Shrini fucked her mouth. Now, I had another opportunity to witness him fuck her mouth as he would fuck her pussy. Mayuri positioned herself just under him with her legs dangling down the bed. Shrini pinned her hands under his and shoved his penis in her mouth. She had perfectly angled her mouth to ease his penetration with the help of pillow under her head. I witnessed an awesome fucking, although, I could only make out his strokes. He abused her mouth for the next ten minutes. He would alternate with long and deep strokes with rapid strokes, giving her progressively little time to recover. At no time she showed any sign of gagging and neither did she ever request him to stop his onslaught. I only wished I could have witness this in broad day light.

Having satisfied himself, he pulled her up and kissed her passionately.

"That was a splendid gift," he said commending her ability.

"How did you manage it?"

"Talent," was her witty reply. I later learned that she almost skipped her dinner that night in preparation for this act. Mayuri perhaps had made up her mind and decided to take this affair to the next level.

"Now, it's my turn to give you a gift," he said and suddenly there was silence. Shrini was still on top of her and I noticed in the dim light that he was grinding his crotch against hers. Mayuri moaned and I saw her lift her legs to encircle his butt, pulling him even further. They passionately kissed as this dry humping went on.

Shrini lifted himself up and kneeled between her legs, which were spread wide. Not words were exchanged but I noticed that Mayuri's hands were busy stroking his thick penis gently.

"You are practically drooling," Mayuri said as she licked her fingers wet with his precum. She stroked his cock a few times, until it was fairly taught and positioned it at the entrance of her vagina. All of this happened in less than couple of minutes but in my mind I played it several thousand times in slow motion that even today I could vividly recollect the actual sequence of events. Mayuri winced as Shrini's penis entered her and soon she was moaning continually. Her grunts grew louder with each stroke and it seemed she had almost forgotten about my presence. Fortunately, she was not too loud to wake any of the neighbors.

He penetrated in that position for a little while and then urged her to lift her legs above his shoulders that would allow for much deeper penetration. With each of his thrust, Mayuri grunted and winced in pain but it was evident that she longed for it as well. Shrini, for his frail frame, was not only just well endowed but also much fitter to continue pumping her for not less than twenty-five minutes. Finally, after pleasuring Mayuri for over thirty minutes, he collapsed on her.

Catching her breath, she said, "Hopefully, I would have a present for you in nine months!"

"Are you pleased?" she asked him lovingly toying with his hair. He didn't respond; having exhausted himself after such a frantic session, it was understandable. As he tried to rollover to her side, she stopped him saying, "Let it soak in a little."

"Impregnating anyone is a pleasure," he responded lazily to her question.

"More so when the lady happens to be gorgeous and someone else's wife," he chuckled. Mayuri responded by slapping on his bare bottom playfully.

After a few minutes he lifted himself off her but she didn't let him rollover instead she tugged at him and slid down under him. Shrini instinctively understood and offered his penis for her to suck on. She took his slimy penis in her mouth and deep throated his penis; perhaps sucking every last bit of his semen into her mouth.

Mayuri then altered her position to pleasure his anus; Shrini only moaned in response. I presumed she would do it only for a minute or so but she continued on for another five minutes. Hearing Shrini moan, I longed for that experience as well but neither Mayuri nor Rohini would ever return that favor.

They quickly wrapped up and Shrini left after tidying himself. At the door, she gave him a light peck on his lips and grabbing his crotch said, "Although you are a Stud, you would need a few more turns before planting your seed!" She hinted towards a possibility of another session tomorrow night or perhaps in the afternoon.

Mayuri locked the door behind him and tiptoed inside. I presumed she was heading towards the bathroom to clean herself before going to bed. Then quite surprisingly her hand sneaked under my blanket and cupped my stiff erection. She knew that I was awake. It startled me but then I quickly regained composure and turned to look back at her; my heart was beating frantically and my lips were parched. She planted her lips on mine and waited for me to reach out; perhaps she wasn't sure if I would want to kiss her immediately after she rimmed him. I didn't disappoint her.

She lay next to me fondling my erection and sucking on my lips. Breaking the kiss, she asked, "Did you enjoy the show?"

"Very much," I blurted in response.

"Do you like me being a slut for him?" was her next question. I responded by kissing her passionately.

"Show me how much you like it," she whispered climbing up on me. She sat astride my chest making me realize how much Shrini must have cum in her; her panty was practically soaking with mixture of their juices. She hesitantly moved forward until her pelvic area was almost near my face. She was still supporting herself taking little support of my chest. She let me take the next step and I made an effort to get closer to her vaginal opening. However, because of the awkward position I couldn't reach her nether from where pungent smell was emanating.

"Do you smell it?" she asked in shaky voice, lifting herself over my face. It was out of world experience for me as even with Rohini I had never got a chance to smell or taste such a freshly fucked pussy. I breathed in the pungent aroma, which acted as an aphrodisiac now. As I gently nuzzled her panty covered pussy, my nose became wet with their secretions.

"That's the smell of a well-endowed stud," she moaned as I showered her with gentle kisses.

"Taste it," she urged. I opened up my lips and let me tongue sneak out to taste remnants of their mating. She let me take a few licks for a few moments and then ground her crotch on my open mouth and my nose. The slimy stuff had descended on my mouth and nose now and there was plenty of the gooey stuff. She moved the gusset of her underwear with her one hand and with other she pulled my face up closer to her crotch to give me complete access to her well-fucked and lubricated vagina.

"Lick it all!"

"Get used it," she urged as I slid my tongue between the folds of her distended pussy. I had eaten her several times in (almost) five years of marriage but I never felt her so stretched out. The only time I had sensed her to be a little loose was when I paid a surprise visit on her birthday last year.

"You might find my pussy in this state more often than not," she seethed as I nibbled on her clit.

"Now that you have given him a free pass," she added. I was busy cleaning up her messy pussy while she continued her blabbering. It was an erotic experience for both of us and I found her responding to even simplest of my tongue strokes. After I had cleaned up completely, having devoured every last bit of his semen from her pussy, she twirled her gusset inside out and asked me to clean it up.

"Don't waste his precious semen," she said. I didn't resist and licked her very wet gusset free of his semen. She then slid back on top of me and planted a very hot kiss on my lips again.

"Perfect husband," she complimented.

"Allowing a deserving stud to mate and impregnate his beautiful wife," she said jerking my penis.

"How was it?"

"Living your fantasy?" she clarified.

"Were you in your fertile period?" I asked surprised, although I did believe she was.

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