tagLoving WivesJourney of a Cuckold Ch. 10

Journey of a Cuckold Ch. 10


Chapter 9 was perhaps the logical point to rest the story. However, due to much interest from readers, I have decided to add a few chapters exploring the journey further.


Rohini was thrilled with the news of our acceptance to her proposal. I conveyed the news after our safari trip while Mayuri and Shrini were off to Udaipur on their private honeymoon. Rohini and I spent time on the Internet chatting about the recent episodes and the consequences of our acceptance to the proposal. She shared that Mayuri had informally accepted the proposal before embarking on the trip to Rajasthan as she was fairly confident that I wouldn't object to the arrangement. In fact, Mayuri had consulted her physician for advice on starting a family and also made arrangements for the Udaipur trip before traveling to India. Mayuri showed the signs of her acceptance quite openly after her first night with Shrini during the trip. Most folks at the Safari mistook her to Shrini's wife. The two days I stayed away from Mayuri were brutal; my mind was flooded with negative thoughts. Fortunately, the thoughts were of losing Mayuri to Shrini and not about agreeing to the mistress proposal.

I went to chat with Rohini the evening before Mayuri was supposed to arrive. She wanted to chat in the evening instead of night time, after having dinner. At the cafe, I thought of discussing my predicament with her. After a few preliminaries, I started.

"Rohini," I asked, "I am a little worried."

"About what?"

"About losing Mayuri," I responded

"What are you talking about?" she asked surprised. She knew how much I enjoyed Mayuri's acceptance to her proposal.

"Are you sure," I asked, "Mayuri wouldn't mind staying married to someone like me?"

"Of course," she responded.

"Mayuri loves you and she knows you did this for her," she reasoned.

"What if she falls in love with Shrini?"

"No way!"

"Mayuri is wiser than that."

"Besides, she is getting the best that Shrini has to offer."

"Why are you worried?"

"Don't know. I can't reason it," I said.

"You seem to be stressed."

"Is it because she is away from you for the first time?" asked Rohini.

"Actually, this is the second time," she corrected herself.

"First time was while you were stuck in India due to visa issues," she explained.

"I know," I responded.

"You should get used to it now," she added.

"Once she gets pregnant she might have to start servicing yet another bull," added Rohini.

"What?" I asked surprised.

"Yes," she started, "a black partner at Mayuri's firm has taken interest in her." I recollected Mayuri's talk about black partner with Shrini and realized that it wasn't meant to just titillate me.

"Are you serious?" I asked.

"He is waiting for an opportunity to mount your wife."

"Really?" I asked.

"Certainly and Mayuri is willing."

"Is it to advance her career?" I asked.

"Yes but that's only part of the reason."

"Shrini might have to travel frequently and hence may not be available for her always." It was not something that I wanted to hear as we were extending our boundaries beyond what I had initially intended. We were in a reasonable position financially and I hoped to do much better in the coming years at my firm. There were simply too many complications with what Mayuri was planning. We discussed a little more about this new affair that Mayuri was contemplating. The black partner had a soft corner for her from the beginning.

"Don't worry," said Rohini.

"It might be sporadic affair, if at all." she added.

"Mayuri never discussed this with me," I complained.

"Well," she said, "she doesn't need your approval for such things."

"Trust her instincts."

"She would choose the most appropriate ones to father your children," she added with a smiley.

"Trust me; you have nothing to worry if you don't interfere in her affairs."

"Prove to her that you are the best husband she could ever have."

"Encourage her to mate with her bulls on a frequent basis and you should be fine."

"What are your plans for her when she gets back?" she asked steering the conversation away from the sensitive issue.

"Nothing we should be boarding the flight as soon as she arrives," I responded. We had a flight around noon.

"Oh, poor boy," wrote Rohini, "wouldn't you love to peruse her well-used body?" I was getting excited at the very thought of meeting her after she consummated her relationship with Shrini as his mistress. Although, Shrini was not particular about not leaving any tell-tale signs on her, I wasn't sure if he would continue the tradition now that it was an official engagement. Many a times I wondered if Shrini loved just having sex with her or he had an ulterior motive. It was clear that Mayuri and Rohini enjoyed the psychological aspects far more than the actual act itself. Shrini always liked to be the first one to mount her and Mayuri always honored his wish. It wasn't clear if he cared whether Mayuri cleaned up before having sex with me or that she reserved special privileges only for him.

"As a matter of fact, I would," I wrote her back.

"Would you think he would leave any signs for me," I asked wanting to know if Shrini had any similar psychological desires.

"Not intentionally," replied Rohini.

"However, the best mark," she said, "or rather a scar must have already taken root in her womb."

"Are you certain?" I asked as she seemed to be fairly confident about this. Getting a woman pregnant needs a lot of things to happen at the same time and hence I wasn't sure if it would happen the very first time - although I would have certainly liked it that way.

"Mayuri is in her prime and Shrini is a virile man," she reasoned.

"Did you know that he knocked up a married white woman once?" asked Rohini.

"Really?" I asked stunned by her revelation.

"All he did was to screw her a few times during her fertile period and she ended up getting pregnant."

"That's a long story, anyway," she finished.

"Now," she said, "If your first question was to get more information on whether Shrini enjoys bedding your wife," interpreting my motive behind the question, "then the answer is he does."

"He certainly would enjoy bedding such a gorgeous woman but the fact that she is his close friend's wife does add a little spice to his rendezvous with her."

"Are you saying that he doesn't get a kick out of screwing his best friend's wife?" I asked.

"Not to the extent you would imagine," she said.

"It seems to be the only thing that drives Mayuri, though," she added.

"I would let you in a secret if you can keep it," she said.

"Sure, you can count on me," I quickly answered.

"Anything kinky you witness or experience with her is mostly her idea."

"She has mended her fantasy with yours to arrive at a perfect balance that would please both of you."

"I thought those were your wicked thoughts," I said.

"I certainly showed her the path but it was her idea to tread the path. Not mine."

"What's interesting is that she found a few of her own detours on the way."

"However, don't worry her intention is only to maximize your pleasure from this relationship; nothing more."

"What would you do if she arrived ahead of Shrini?" she asked.

"You mean tonight?" I asked.


"Well, I would keep her busy all night," I quipped.

"I trust you on that," she said.

"She may not have any traces of their love making on her," she said.

"Unlikely, given that they would have to drive several hours to reach here."

"Although, I hope you wished they had some time to make love," she said. Somehow, it still excited me to see in her well-fucked state. I couldn't see much of her during the safari as we usually were either in hurry or made love in the dark.

"It is tempting," I managed to write.

"Would you really like that?" she asked.

"Sure, it would have made it even more exciting."

"Well, then Mayuri has read your mind," she said.

"What?" I asked surprised by Rohini's statement.

"While you are chatting with me, she is letting Shrini mount her for one last time on the trip."


"In your room," she responded. The hotel folks knew Mayuri was my wife and must have let her in, I thought.

"They have been at it for more than an hour, now."

"They checked in as soon as you left the hotel."

"You have two options, you can head back after another hour or so or wait for my signal," she said. My heart was racing now hearing about their latest rendezvous.

"Considering Shrini wouldn't get to see her for another two weeks, he would have at least two sessions with her, which means another hour or so."

"Alas, he can't wait any longer because his flight is in a little over two hours from now."

"Are you serious?"

"Absolutely," she said.

"So would you like a fresh creampie?" she asked. Rohini delving into the gory details annoyed me a little and I hoped she wouldn't over do it.

"Mayuri would make sure you get one but if you want an ultra fresh one then you need to reach at the right moment."

"How many times they must have done so far during this trip?" I asked changing the topic. Rohini and I had a fascination for numbers and the more Shrini mated with Mayuri the more it excited us. We subconsciously always felt that Mayuri shouldn't waste her youth. Rohini sheepishly once confessed that she felt that Mayuri should only conceive from Shrini, the reigning alpha male.

"8 (safari) + 6 (Udaipur) = 14 + extra (this evening)," she wrote. That was impressive given that they had only five nights; out of which they spent only 3 nights by themselves. Not to mention the hectic schedule of horseback riding and sightseeing that could easily sap anyone's energy. Given the circumstances and surroundings these sessions must have been briefer than any of their previous encounters but they certainly must have been intense as Shrini and Mayuri had a purpose now. Rohini and I agreed the number would be 16 for the entire trip. Except for the afternoon sessions on the safari, she took the load inside her always.

We talked a little of our plans after we return back to the US. Rohini and Shrini were contemplating if they should move to the Bay Area given we both officially accepted to have Mayuri as his mistress. Shrini wasn't keen on moving since he thought he could spend quality time with her without encroaching on our lifestyle. Rohini confessed that Mayuri had decided that Friday was reserved for Shrini. We had recently upgraded to a three bedroom apartment and this augured well with our new lifestyle. It was clear Rohini might be around a few days a week so the three bedrooms would certainly be a necessity. I was doing particularly well in my new job and didn't mind spending a little extra every month. Rohini briefly touched upon the follow-up part of promise and assured that as early as next month, I might get to taste Dolly. We chatted a little longer and then Rohini told me that it was time to head back as Shrini just stepped out of the room. She promised me that he had ejaculated not more than five minutes before he headed out.

The Internet cafe was around ten minutes away from the hotel and I dashed backed to the hotel in less than five minutes. At the front desk I enquired if my wife had arrived with her cousin and they said that she did and that her cousin just left for the airport. I slowly ascended the stairs to my room; it was on the second floor, the far corner of the building. I wondered if Mayuri controlled her moans as the walls weren't quite sound proof in the room. Even after catching up my breath, my heart was pacing frantically as I knocked on the door. I heard Mayuri ask,

"Who is it?"

"It's me. Sameer," I responded. And in a few moments, Mayuri opened the door and let me in. I met her after two days and was relieved to see her safe and sound. I hugged her. She let me in and latched the door and turned to face me. In the fluorescent light, I could see her face for once after she had been thoroughly fucked. Her face was still flushed red and it was clear that she was in bed with him not more than ten minutes ago. She was wearing a black colored night gown and looked sultry in her sexy lingerie that was skimpy by Indian standards.

"Honey," she said as she embraced me, "Looks like you missed your wife." Her red lips were gently parted and waited for mine. I lowered my lips on her and she kissed me back seductively. Our kisses became intense and very soon she groped my crotch. We liberally exchanged saliva and I sensed that she had stale breath but didn't smell much of semen. Although, it was unlikely that she didn't fellate him for couple of minutes after he ejaculated inside her.

"Looks like you have been waiting for your turn," she said seductively breaking the kiss. Mayuri pushed me down on the bed and pulled down my trousers. In a moment she pulled out my very hard pecker. I wondered if after spending two days with Shrini, she noticed the stark difference between our penises and to my utter surprise she actually admitted that.

"Shrini is way bigger than you," she exhaled as she kneeled down to take my penis in her mouth. It was a rare moment. She almost never initiated intercourse and especially in the manner she did today; trying to perform fellatio right at the outset. Perhaps this is how she approached sex with Shrini. It felt heavenly. She played with my testicles and tickled below my balls with her tongue. I agonized as she only teased me and never moved to my puckered hole. I was in no hurry to ejaculate, however. After about five minutes into the act, she said, "Oh, I forgot, he left something for you."

She turned around and straddled my face in our favorite 69 position. The pungent smell of her urine hit my nose first and then the musky smell of semen. It seemed Mayuri didn't wash herself for a while and decided to present her pussy soaked in three or four of his ejaculations. I slid her gusset aside and examined her lips. As expected they were well fucked and quite distended. The semen was leaking from her lips and some of it was smeared to inside of her gusset. I didn't need encouragement from her this time and darted my tongue out to taste the sticky remnants of Shrini on her panties. Mayuri quickly realized what I was doing and responded, "Hmm..."

"You are the best!" she moaned as my tongue circled her open vulva.

"Beyond any doubt," she seethed as my tongue slide inside the folds to make way for the semen to trickle down into my mouth.

"No wonder so many bulls are eagerly waiting to mount your wife," she mumbled. Mayuri was indeed responding violently even after having a prolonged session with Shrini.

"Lick it," she urged, "every drop of it."

"Pay homage to what would make a home in your wife's womb," she exhaled. She had stopped sucking me and was completely engrossed in experiencing my slimy tongue slithering in and out of her well fucked, distended pussy. Her hands occasionally massaged my pecker and testicles. As my tongue stroked her pussy, sucking in every drop of semen, she encouraged me with her vulgar monologue. Mayuri immensely enjoyed the feeling and shuddered a few times, communicating that she was on the verge of her orgasm. It was very delicate and not as intense as I was expecting, the way things warmed up. Mayuri had been toying with my testicles, cupping them up and squeezing them a little harshly.

"These are no good," she exclaimed holding both my penis and testicles. I couldn't respond to her talking as my face was practically covered with her pussy and legs. She slid forward a little and placed her anus right over my lips and at the same time moved her finger to my anus saying, "Perhaps this might be of some help."

"Sameer, you could beat Shrini with your prowess if you were doing my back hole," she joked, perhaps contemplating anal intercourse with me.

"On the other hand, you could return the privilege by letting me do you," she added seductively. I was puzzled with this sudden twist and my heart skipped a beat as I wondered if Rohini ever shared our dirty secret with her. She wet one of her finger and probed my anal opening gently. I subconsciously responded to her by fervently tonguing her anus.

"I know this feels good," she said sensing my reaction, "someday we should practice a little seriously." She played a little and then let go of my penis and flopped next to me. She was breathing heavily; her breasts rising up and down rhythmically. I was not quite satisfied yet and quickly moved to honey pot and dipped my tongue again in her. I did something nasty and once again licked the inside of her panties. She loved the feeling of possessing a subservient husband, who was ever willing to please her. I noticed a smug look on her face as I moved to lay next to her.

"Who are the other bulls," I asked initiating the thread of our conversation that I couldn't pursue earlier. She grabbed my hard pecker and said, "You are getting excited at the prospect of having more people mount your wife. Isn't it?" She didn't wait for answer and said, "There are several, who at the drop of a hat would mount your wife and impregnate her."

"What are you talking about?" I asked surprised by her track of conversation.

"Nothing, just remembering the folks who made a pass on me," she casually responded.

"What? Who?" I asked.

"Your friends," she responded.

"Shrini, Pratik," she quickly added.

"What Pratik too?"

"He is no saint," she quipped.

"Who else?" I encouraged her to complete the list.

"Well practically everyone I ever met but some have been persistent."

"I told you about the black partner, right?" she quickly added.

"Not really."

"He is interested and if I do offer him some privileges then the path to partner role would be quickly paved."

"Why would you want something like that?"

"If you have not realized, I intend to have a bigger family."

"You always thought children were too much of a chore," I complained.

"Yes they are," she replied looking deeply into my eyes; her lips curling in a naughty smile.

"Making them though is not a chore," she said and kissed me forcefully. The sexual heat emanating from her was driving me crazy. I was yet to get a chance to dip my penis in her vagina on this trip; the only other chance I got was conditional to my acceptance of Rohini's proposal. While Mayuri had been vocal earlier; she never behaved in a randy fashion. Tonight she exuded a sexual aura that I had never sensed earlier. It reminded me of the lionesses in heat that would titillate the male lions to mate with her. I had always wondered if the lioness would care if the male lion happened to be the pride owner or another young male lion or perhaps a nomadic lion that happened to be around. Mayuri was entering into the mood again with the thought of conceiving from Shrini (or other bulls?). She stroked my penis while kissing me forcefully. In a matter of minutes, I couldn't handle it any further and proceeded to mount her. She broke the kiss momentarily, and wording her disapproval, "No," continued to kiss me. Her stroking motion continued and not able to control myself, I humped rhythmically with her stroke.

As we settled into a good rhythm, she said, "Fuck my other hole while my lover pounds my pussy and implants a baby." Her hand guided mine to her wet pussy and urged me to finger her. It was a weird scene. Here I was pumping with my pecker firmly logged in her left palm while my left hand was busy fingering her.

"Tell me," she exhaled, "wouldn't you want Shrini to father all your children?" Mayuri was in an elated state and was intensely enjoying verbal humiliation. I myself was amused by the situation but her taunts were pleasurable, given the way she handled me. It never seemed she was berating me; instead it was to titillate me. Mayuri, however, was cunning and many a times would either imply or confess that she desired this.

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