tagBDSMJourney of Submission Ch. 02

Journey of Submission Ch. 02


He has finally returned from His recent trips and O/our conversations during His absence has made me hungry to be back in His arms. During this trip W/we have been able to explore each other minds more and as a result O/our ability to please each other during this distance has intensified.

One night while He was away i placed the clamps on my nipples and began to tease myself denying myself the pleasure of an orgasm. i sent Him a text letting Him know that i was going to continue to bring myself to the brink of cumming till over and over till He was able to call and W/we could cum together. He escaped His dinner meeting to call me so He could force me to cum on the phone and than instructed me to resume the process of denying myself pleasure till He called again.

The orgasm was so intense i flooded my bed and drenched my sheets in cum. While i resumed the task and the pressure mounted inside me sweat began to form till rivulets of sweat began to run off soaking the linens. When He called i could hear the desire in His voice as He told me how hard He was and how His cock had been dripping with pre-cum the entire evening at the thought of me laying in bed torturing myself for His pleasure. i could hear as His desire mounted and in unison W/we both surrendered to the inevitable climatic conclusion vocalizing the ecstasy for each other to enjoy as O/our cum flowed forth. Expressing the pleasure from such a release W/we talked till the tremors began to subside before saying goodnight for the evening.

He has given me instruction to prepare myself for Him by purchasing an enema so that He can completely use me as He pleases. i have created a ritual of preparation for O/our encounters i spend the evening before stimulating myself but not allowing myself to climax. When i wake in the morning i place clamps on each of my nipples and kneel in the corner with my arms behind my back and meditate to calm my mind. i than begin to prepare my body for His use stretching and strengthening myself with yoga so that i can endure His ordeals. Than a hot bath scrubbing my body exfoliating the skin so that it is the perfect canvas for His floggers and whips to adorn. Carefully i shave removing all remnants of hair from my legs and pubic area so that the skin is smooth for His use and touch. Now i perform His request using the enema i insure that i am completely prepared for whatever He desires of me.

Careful i select an outfit that He will find pleasing for His initial inspection of me as He welcomes me back home and into His arms. Finally i apply my makeup and prepare my hair to compliment my appearance. These simple tasks that i perform with such care and attention for Him center my mind and prepare me for His mastery. i have found great comfort in this routine of preparation not just for my body but my mind also is placed in a state of submission and readiness for Him. The tasks of preparation solidify His ownership of me and further transform me into His slave. i have created this ritual of my own accord sensing what would be most pleasing to Him. O/our connection is such that i know His will and can anticipate how He desires me to present myself to Him.

Finally the time has arrived for me to leave and drive to Him. i have an hour drive of anticipation as i leave my home. The excitement builds as i start the car and i must focus to not exceed the speed limit. i switch on the music and once again clear my mind trying not to allow myself to drift off fantasizing about what will be waiting for me when i arrive. Concentrating on simple tasks of checking mirrors and monitoring my speed keep me from losing myself in the fantasies that enter my head.

my breath quickens as i reach the city limits and i must increase my focus so as not to become distracted by the thoughts of Him taking my hair and pulling back my head as He consumes me with His kiss. The difficulty of this increases as i pass each exit till finally arriving at His i turn off the freeway completing the final leg of the journey turning into the parking garage. As i park and take a moment to control my breathing i take one last moment to inspect myself re-applying my lipstick so that everything is perfect for Him. Gathering my items from the car i head to the elevators and to His door.

Standing at the door waiting for Him to open it and receive me in my head begins to swim and i can feel my nectar begin to flow. He brings me in holding me back to examine me before grasping my hair pulling back my head and consuming me with His mouth. Finally pulling me into His arms and engulfing me in His embrace. i am once again escorted to the living room directed to remove my dress and neatly put it away i eagerly obey filled with anticipation for what awaits. i kneel naked before Him legs spread apart presenting my wrists as He securely places His cuffs on them than presenting my throat so that He can secure His collar around it. i wish to touch Him and feel His cock in my mouth as i reach out to do so He pushes my hands and face away denying me such pleasure He has other plans for me first. Placing His clamps upon each of my nipples the sensation of pain and pleasure ripples through my soul increasing the moisture between my legs, standing me up He sits on the couch and bends me over His lap paddling my bottom till it is warm and red.

Blindfolded He guides me into the bedroom at His mercy He lays me on the bed. i feel a hard cold cylindrical object in my hand and i am uncertain what it is or what His plans for it are my breath quickens and ripples of panic rise in me. i am excited and frightened at the same moment as i feel Him begin to spread me open as He inserts the object into my anus there is an initial sensation of pain causing me to hold my breath, waiting a moment for me to relax before the final insertion of the device.

Another object is placed in my hand colder, curved and heavier than the first once again the panic and excitement rise inside of me this object He uses to penetrate and stimulate my g-spot. Now He thrusts it in and out increasing the depth with each penetration faster and harder each time telling me that i must not cum till He has ordered it. i am losing my focus my mind is swimming i am overwhelmed by the sensation of both orifices being penetrated at the same time i can barely control myself and with each thrust i lose more of this control. Finally He commands me to orgasm my cum flows unabated from me my body spasms out of control and my juices gush forth as though a dam has broken flooding the bed. The spasms shake every part of my body every part of me is consumed by this orgasm He holds me in His arms soothing me as the tremors subside.

Not yet finished and His device still firmly inserted in my anus He escorts me into the living room directing me not to allow the plug to fall out of me. i can barely think with all my reserves i will myself to focus on the glass plug that is penetrating me clenching my muscles to hold it in place. He bends me over the couch and begins to flog my skin softly and slowly at first the leather thongs massaging my back and buttocks with each lash He increases the speed and intensity. The skill He wields His flogger is exquisite each lash causes me to respond with desire. Till finally i can no longer maintain focus and forget the task i was assigned i lose control and the device falls out of me.

Panic rises realizing i have failed in following His command fear of displeasing Him i try to retrieve it so that i can reinsert the plug inside of me. He stops me immediately reassuring me that He is not displeased and i can sense pleasure in Him that i am so concerned over failing. i release my breathe as the realization that this was the desired outcome of this ordeal. He wanted me to lose myself under the lashes of His whip till i could no longer focus and the device fell from me. He wished for me to experience concern at failing so that W/we could have this moment of reassurance where He could express how proud He was of how i endured His ordeal.

i have a sense of pride knowing that my acceptance and performance of this task has caused Him pleasure my heart swells with joy and relief knowing that i haven't caused Him disappointment. Escorting me back to the bed He lays me on my back grasping my legs to pull me towards Him spreading them apart so He has complete access of my cavities. He inserts His cock into my anus slowly till He feels me relax and accept the invasion. Now He thrusts Himself deep inside faster and harder with each penetration as He completes the process of ownership of my body.

Thrusting deep inside of me He has now penetrated me completely and i feel His cock pulsate and swell, causing me such pleasure that as He begins to explode inside of me, i too feel my orgasm build and explode. Spent He pulls me into His arms and W/we collapse on the bed waiting for the lingering effects to.

His dominance of me is complete W/we lay in each others arms talking and caressing each other expressing O/our pleasure. i admit openly that He is my Master and how long i have waited for this. He expresses how amazing my submission to Him is how He has never had someone so willing to completely surrender to Him. It is as if two lost souls have finally reunited and immediately recognize each other. i never anticipated that i would have such an experience in my life and now i can't imagine life without Him.

Recovered from O/our session W/we rise from the bed to prepare for dinner and an evening on the town. i present to Him the outfits i have brought to wear He chooses a short blue dress. i retreat to the bathroom to dress applying my makeup and doing my hair. i enter the living room for His inspection and He is more than pleased expressing how sexy i look in the tight dress.

Leaving the apartment W/we go to the restaurant where He orders O/our meal the food is delicious and as W/we sit and consume our entrée He grabs me by the hair kissing me unabashedly showing everyone around His mastery of me. He directs me to spread my legs which i tentatively begin to do, He immediately pushes them further apart with His hands and than runs His hand up my thigh teasing my clit before stopping and returning to His food directing me to keep my legs spread for Him access at will. There is an initial sense of anxiety of being so exposed publicly but i will proudly sit as He desires now all that matters is that i serve Him and the discomfort i might feel is irrelevant to the pleasure experienced by submitting to His commands.

O/our dinner is finished as W/we leave the restaurant He escorts me up the street telling me how proud He is of me and how honored He is to have me on His arm. i am caught by surprise as He compliments my body and the pleasure it brings Him. The joy in me swells as He continues to shares with me His pleasure and pride of being my Master as W/we walk. W/we walk towards the club searching for a place to go dancing. Finally W/we find a club with a great little band and sit at a booth ordering drinks before He takes me out to the dance floor.

i love to dance and tonight the pleasure is even greater because i am sharing it with such an amazing man. Dancing to several songs W/we retreat to O/our booth to quench O/our thirst. He again spreads my legs for His and begins to bring me to climax in the booth i focus on being discreet cumming so that people are unaware of His actions under the table. Once He has finished forcing my public orgasm W/we return to the dance floor i lose myself in the music feeling the cum on my thighs. The night is magical i am amazed at how well He commands my body and the immediate response that He elicits from me with His touch even His words arouse me.

Escorting me home the anticipation of once again being secured in His collar begins to swell inside and the anticipation of sleeping securely in His arms causes my entire being to tingle. Upon entering the apartment and i immediately remove my dress verbal direction is no longer necessary as i go to my knee's and present myself to Him, once again secured in His collar and cuffs my body is consumed by the sensation of security they bring forth. Escorted to the bed He finally allows me to engulf His cock with my mouth the flavor of His pre-cum is delectable, as i feel the veins begin to swell and pulsate i run my tongue around each ridge swirling it around the head of His cock savoring each drop that comes from the tip till finally He explodes in my mouth and i enjoy the sensation of consuming the cum continuing to suck each precious drop from Him unwilling to waste such a precious delicacy.

Wrapped in His arms He with me the pleasure of having me in His bed and that i will be used as He pleases through out the night. i am now His property and i am willingly available for whatever He commands of me. i am His to use and i know that this is how it was always meant to be i have no reservations. i can only continue to submit myself to Him and learn with each encounter how to better serve His will.

Leaving in the morning is an almost unbearable experience as i gather up my belongings i dread the sensation of leaving Him. W/we plan for me to come back during the week as He escorts me to my car opening the door and giving me one last embrace and kiss before i must return home. i drive back to my home luxuriating in the sensations of His marks on my bottom as i sit in the car re-living in my mind each moment of O/our time together. i am for the first time experiencing the most exquisite love i have ever encountered and i am without any doubt His to command.

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