It was an October evening when Joyce and her husband came to visit us. We had contacted them via an advertisement in a magazine. I forget what the advert said but we had replied in the vein that we were looking for friends who could enjoy themselves in a sexy way without resorting to swapping partners.

We didn't know what to expect from them but we were hoping for some sexy fun and games. For the evening I wore a very loosely crotcheted dress which, although it covered me from neck to knee, hid absolutely nothing of my body at all, because of course I wore nothing under it. My nipples were poking through the large holes and the swollen lips of my freshly shaven pussy were clearly visible.

When she arrived Joyce was wearing a short black wrap-around dress, stockings and suspenders and as we were soon to find out she wore nothing else, just like me she did not wear either knickers or a bra she was almost naked.

After the introductions and serving drinks we all sat down wondering what to do next as we hadn`t been in this situation before and neither, so they said, had they. We got out our many photo albums which showed Chris and I naked or revealingly dressed, well me really Chris is usually behind the camera. We talked about our likes, dislikes and experiences. We told them that we were able to go naked at any time in our back garden and with caution, in the front, as well as out in the lane but naturally less cautiously in the dark.

Joyce told us that she enjoyed being naked and photographed by her husband and that she would often go out of town wearing nothing but a coat. She would take the coat off and lay it down then walk along the road, completely naked. She would keep walking no matter what happened or who saw her until her husband decided that she had gone far enough and would call her back. She said that she had frequently been seen walking naked like this by passing motorists, which did not seem to worry her at all, in fact she seemed to revel in it and on one occasion she had only just put her coat back on when her adult son drove by.

She also enjoyed going into Pubs wearing a very short skirt without knickers and squirming on high bar stools crossing and opening her legs until the skirt rode up so far that her naked cunt was on open display to all.

They also had friends who came to play cards and other games for forfeits. These included standing stark naked in the window, which looked directly out onto the pavement and roadway. As the curtains were opened anyone walking by would be able to see the naked person standing at the window. Another was to walk naked down to the end of their back garden whether it be dark or daylight. The terraced houses were only separated by low fences so that whoever it was could be clearly seen by any neighbour looking out or in the garden at the time

We suggested that we play a board game called Lewdo, rather like Ludo, with sexy forfeits which included gradually stripping, as both of us were only wearing one item of clothing it wasn't long before we were naked. What a shame that Joyce's pussy was hairy. The first one to reach the centre of the board has the opportunity to choose a partner and do what he or she wished.

Even though we were very soon all naked the game was much too long winded and too tame for Joyce and after a couple more drinks she referred back to our comment about being able to walk about outside the cottage naked especially in the dark, suggesting that we all took a stroll up the lane completely naked. "Come on" she said "I`m game, now show me what you`re made of". Well perhaps it was the drink but after some persuasion Chris and I reluctantly decided to join her and hubby and not to be chicken.

The lane is very narrow so we set out in single file, all four of us completely naked except for shoes, with Joyce in the lead, I went in the middle trying to hide my naked body amongst the others. As it happened we had chosen closing time at the pub just down the lane and we hadn`t gone far when we heard a car coming up the lane behind us. "What do we do now"? we asked in panic, as there was nowhere to hide, only the hedge of our back garden on the left and a barbed wire fence and open field on the other side.

"Nothing, just keep walking" said Joyce, she had been in similar situations before we guessed. So we did and as the lane is only just wide enough for one car we had to stand close to the hedge as the car went by. We were all picked out quite clearly in it's headlights. I wonder what the passengers thought seeing two naked men pricks fully on show and two naked women, with tits bare, nipples standing proud, one with a hairy cunt the other one shaved bare, with labia everything on open display, walking along the lane.

Then another car came by in the opposite direction then another. In all there were four cars, after the fourth one came by we actually saw it go up the lane and start to turn so we suspect all four may well have been just one car four times. This time three of us lost our bottle and ran back to the safety of the cottage but not Joyce, she strolled casually back just reaching our drive as the car went by.

I must admit that although I was feeling quite terrified, the escapade had got our adrenalin flowing, my heart was beating rapidly, my breasts were quivering, nipples erect and my bare sex was wet, swollen and clitoris erect. Chris and Joyce`s hubby each had lovely erect cocks which would not go down and so Joyce and I started caressing their pricks as we sat with our legs wide open to show that our wet cunts were each now being carressed and finger fucked by our men while we wanked them off.

After this we decided to try a bit of massage, Joyce and I laying side by side on the floor whilst our partners massaged the oils into our bodies over our breasts and between our legs into our wide open sex lips giving me a lovely tingly sensation in my excited cunt. I think this really got Joyce going as all of a sudden she jumped up saying "I suppose I will have to do my party piece now" and with that she picked up an empty champagne bottle, stood it on the floor opened her legs wide and sat on it. She eased as much of the bottle inside her as she could which must have been at least 9 inches that went between her soaking labia and right up inside her very slippery, open cunt. She stood up her legs apart with the bottle still buried deep inside her and proceeded to fuck herself with it, twisting it about, in and out of her wet cunt, masturbating with it as if it was a dildo, ensuring that we could all see what she was doing. As the neck of the bottle went into her we could all see how her fleshy lips stretched open to accomodate the thicker part, closing tight around it. As she took it out we could see that her cunt took a long while to close.

That was a hard act to follow but she just lay down on the floor opened her legs wide and pulling the lips apart as we watched her guide her husbands eager, hard cock into her soaking wet cunt and they fucked, writhing about in front of us. By this time we were so turned on that Chris just lay on the floor beside them, his prick standing up rigidly. First of all I went down on him and slid my lips over the bulbous end of the prick and sucked it into my throat as he sucked my cunt, then I crouched over him with my legs wide open pulling my lips apart sat on it as they watched as his cock slipped between the lips of my shaven cunt until it had disapeared inside me and then reappear as we fucked in front of them.

We have not heard from them since but often wonder just how far Joyce would go to get her kicks. One comment she made was that as long as she was away from home she didn`t give a toss for anyone and would do anything that was sexy. It wouldn't have surprised us if she would agree to go into a pub wearing nothing but her coat then letting it to fall open completely to show her naked body her tits and cunt or maybe, if the pub wasn't too crowded even to take it right off and sit naked. We'll never know but the evening was a new and exciting experience for Chris and I.

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