tagErotic CouplingsJulia, Red Haired Goddess

Julia, Red Haired Goddess


The day crawls its way back into the arms of night as the moon soars over us; my dear we are together again. The twilight is the backdrop with the last of the sun's rays shining red, making your hair appear more crimson like your lips. My fingers intertwine with yours and you look deeply into my eyes. As you stare into the dark pools of my eyes pictures of our large canopy bed and white sheets soaked with our love float across your vision. In your reverie we are happily rolling around together, laughing for no reason, so full of joy and affection that it floats out our open window to caress the whispering night outside.

This time of year I found you amongst the blue flowers. I thought it was them that carried that sweet scent through the air, but I was mistaken. It was your flowing red hair that beckoned to my senses...putting flames in my eyes and a beguiling scent I smelled around every corner and through wisps of pale smoke.

Unable to resist your charms I pull you towards me and plunge my face into your soft red locks. I breathe deeply your scent into my chest wanting to hold it there forever, to suffocate on it, hoping my final breaths bore your essence. I finally exhale a sigh that makes the little hairs on your neck sway. My arms wrap around you and my warm hands caress your belly and thighs. I am kissing your neck and shoulders slowly, savoring the salty sweet taste of your skin.

Your breasts are very ripe today and they burst out of your bodice invitingly. It is true that I always stare at them. You giggle whenever you catch me admiring them and wrap your arms around my neck, pushing them into my face and rubbing them around. Presently, I am trailing a wet line of kisses from your collarbone to your chest, cupping your sweet breasts in my hands as I kiss the tops of them. The humidity of the night has made us quite sweaty already, and a fine glimmer of wetness makes your chest glow in the dwindling light. With every kiss your breathing gets heavier and heavier.

My hands squeeze your overflowing breasts and deep down inside you are getting wet. You feel your soft cotton panties moisten. Thinking back to last night, you remember watching me peel your soaked panties off of you and smelling your sweet musk from them. Then I stuffed them in my mouth to taste you while you watched, before wrapping them around my cock and stroking myself to hardness in front of you. A playful love bite on your neck brings you back to the present moment. I take one of your dainty hands and put it on my crotch. You have me hard already. You stroke me through my jeans and feel me swelling to your touch. Your thighs quiver in anticipation as you think of me inside you. My cock is straining to be freed and to come home, back to the warm and wet haven that is your body.

Here, in the garden behind our house we play with each other. Your swift, tickling fingers unbutton my jeans and you plunge your fingers inside to touch me. I strain my neck to keep kissing you as you move from my side to kneeling in front of me, your fingers now wrapped around my swollen manhood playing with it teasingly. As we kiss I pull your dress up. I fondle your breasts and squeeze them together while you stroke me with more and more urgency. We break off our touching and kissing momentarily so I can pull your dress completely off. You are now naked except for your sweet little panties, which I can see are visibly damp. I look at them hungrily.

You smile sweetly at me while pulling my pants down. I smile back while caressing your cheek. You can see the outline of my hardness through my boxer-briefs. I take off my shirt and you start kissing my belly, trailing a line of wetness from my belly button to so close to my cock. In one swift motion you rip my underwear off while letting out a cute little growl, like a tigress pouncing on her prey. My cock is happy to see you again my love. It bobs up and down waving at you, standing up for you at the sight of your pretty face.

You slowly wrap your lips around my hardness as your eyes close, savoring my taste. I feel your tongue wriggle around my cock head and lick the sensitive part behind it. The feeling sends a bolt of lightning up my spine. Slowly, you take me deeply into your mouth while looking up at me. I look lovingly back at you and play with your hair while you suck on my purple, swollen cock. I feel you cup my jewels in your hand and play with them, squeezing them just hard enough to make me gasp. Your mouth is so wet and warm. I love watching you devour my manhood.

I feel the pressure in my sex building, and I pump my PC muscle furiously to keep myself from coming in your mouth. Flexing it, I channel the sexual energy up my spine and into my head, making it tingle and blurry my vision. Drawing the energy into my tongue, I grab a hold of you by the back of your neck and pull your mouth up to mine. I shove my hot tongue into your mouth that was just around my cock. We kiss passionately. I cup your face in my hands as I touch the tip of my tongue to the roof of your mouth. A current of love-energy passes through my tongue to trickle down to your heart, caressing it along the way to pool at your navel.

I reach down and start rubbing your yoni through your wet panties. You gasp into my mouth as you feel me pull them to the side and slide my fingers inside you. I marvel at how wet and soft you are. I kiss your face and bite your neck while my fingers plunge into you. I can hardly wait for the glorious feeling of sliding my cock inside you.

I look deeply into your eyes as I pull my dripping wet fingers out of you and suck them clean while you watch me. Your sweet musk makes my head spin. I want more. We switch positions so you are sitting and I am now kneeling in front of you. I start kissing your thighs and licking you behind your knees, biting the soft flesh there. I then push your hips way up so they are against your chest, exposing your beautiful yoni to me.

I kiss and lick your legs while looking at you, slowly making my way down to your pretty little feet. This is the way I always dream of you Goddess. I kiss your ankles and the tops of your feet, holding them in my hands like precious objects. I worship them, sucking on your perfectly painted and pampered toes, wriggling my tongue in between them, and looking devilishly into your eyes as I do so.

Your red mouth is open as you breathe heavily, watching me kiss and suck on your feet and legs. Slowly, I lick my way back up to your inner thighs. You pull your knees way back for me and close your eyes. I feel your fingers grab my hair and dig into my scalp as you push my head down.

I open my mouth and taste your sweet nectar. My lips are wrapped around your pussy lips and sucking on them, savoring your musk as it drips down my chin. I love how wet you get. I hope you come all over my face. My fingers part your pussy and I push my tongue deep into your wet center. You gasp suddenly as you feel my tongue enter you, hungrily probing deeper, wanting to taste more of your come. I lose control and abandon myself in giving you sloppy head.

My mouth sucks at your hot flesh as your hips buck against my cheeks. The sounds you make echo sweetly in my ears and I drink mouthfuls of you. Suddenly, a gush of your love juice drowns me and floods my open mouth. As you come, your fingernails dig into the back of my neck as you grind your pussy into my face.

You look at me now through half open eyes, breathing hard. You see that I still have your girl cum in my mouth. It drips down my chin as I gargle and blow bubbles with it before swallowing it.

Seeing me do this makes you grab me and kiss me wildly, shoving your tongue down my throat. But I push you back after a few seconds of kissing and make you put your knees behind your elbows. I use my hands to part your ass cheeks. My tongue licks all of your girl cum out of your sweet little asshole.

You shudder with pleasure as you feel my tongue writhe its way up your ass. I love tasting you this way, lapping, sucking, and kissing your pretty little pucker. You gasp as I pull your ass cheeks further apart and tongue fuck your asshole. My cock is so swollen and ready to come from eating your pussy and licking your asshole.

As my tongue slithers in and out of your ass your head swims with pleasure. You watch me eating your ass, my eyes closed, savoring your taste. I keep licking and kissing you there until you come again, overflowing into my waiting mouth. I swallow you happily.

I have to come now. I am so horny I feel like I am going to explode. I lick your asshole and pussy clean one last time and stand before you, cock erect and ready to come. You get down on your knees in front of me again and start sucking me passionately. I grab a fistful of your hair behind your neck and shove my swollen lingam down your throat. You gag and choke on it while I fuck your mouth.

I let you gasp for air momentarily before stuffing my swollen, blue balls into your mouth, which you suck on as hard as you can, making me scream. To get back at you I slap you on the cheeks with my hard shaft, smearing my pre cum on your face, and then ram my cock back down your throat. You look at me with fire in your eyes as you take my cock. I know you want to get back at me too.

So I pull my cock out of your mouth and put it sideways against your open mouth, just inside your teeth. I offer you the root of my cock. You look into my eyes as your teeth slowly clamp down on my swollen manhood. You bite the root of my cock and growl at me. As you hold my cock with your teeth I pinch and twist your nipples. My blood starts to boil and the pain is getting too much.

I take my cock out of your teeth and shove it into your soft mouth again, pumping and pumping away. When you feel me start to come, you pull me out of your mouth and stroke me rapidly while licking and kissing my cock head until I explode and come all over your pretty face and open mouth.

You look so beautiful with my cum on your face, and my heart pounds for you as I use my still hard cock to smear the cum from your cheeks into your mouth. You look me in the eyes as you swallow my warm sticky seed. I caress your flowing red hair as you tenderly lick and kiss me clean.

Suddenly, you then pounce on me and we roll around together on the soft spring-time grass. Climbing on top of me you mash your sweet yoni against my lingam teasingly. You put your hands on my chest as you kiss me and spit in my mouth. My lingam is still pretty hard from coming all over you, but you want it to be swollen and stiff again.

So you bring your pretty feet back up to my mouth and make me suck your toes again, which makes my cock jump. I hardly get enough of a taste before you run your feet down my body until you wrap your toes and arches around my now swollen shaft. You milk me with your feet.

I throw my head back in ecstasy. You squeeze and stroke my cock with your perfect feet and I feel the need to come again rising quickly. Now satisfied with my hardness, you squat over my cock and lower yourself onto it. I can feel your silky wet pussy walls slip around my cock and squeeze me so tightly. I try to come up to kiss you but you push me back down with your hands on my chest. You ride me and fuck me, clenching your pussy muscles around my cock. Your wetness is dripping out of you and onto and into my cock and it paints my balls. You pump me rapidly with your back arched and hands on my chest. I reach up to play with your big bountiful breasts, and you finally let me come up and kiss you. I feel your tongue ram down my throat as you moan into my mouth, my cock flexing deeply inside you.

You are grinding your clit against my pubic bone as you fuck me. Letting out a little scream, you stiffen as you come on my cock, sighing against my chest. I kiss you sweetly as you enjoy the afterglow of your orgasm, but I'm not done with you yet. I push you down and throw your thighs up against my chest, with your feet around my neck, still inside you. Like this I pump away at your sweet pussy, which clenches my cock so tight. I fuck you alternating deep and shallow thrusts. First I thrust deeply inside you, then I pull half way out, then all the way back in. My cock teases the first few inches of your pussy, making you flood, and then I ram it back all the way in.

I feel the urge to come again. Once more, I pop your toes into my mouth as I fuck you. You giggle and moan as you watch me suck your feet and fuck you. I reach down with my free hand and play with your clit. I tease that little pearl of flesh with my fingers as my cock fucks you faster and faster. I want to come with you. I want to come inside you.

You arch your back and press your hips harder against me. I screw my cock in circles now in your pussy, rotating my hips while I fuck you. I can tell by your shallow breathing that you are going to come too. So I thrust as deeply as I can inside you and flex my cock inside you.

We kiss passionately and I swallow your tongue as your pussy clenches around my cock again, clenching and quivering as you come. At the same time feeling your pussy spasm overwhelms me, and I splash my hot sticky cum all over the insides of your pussy. Gasping for breath, we hold each other, our sex still melted together. I stay inside you for as long as I can, kissing your face, and smelling you behind your ears.

Eventually we make our way out of the garden and back up to our lovely bed, this time not to fuck but to fall asleep together. You lead me up the stairs to our bedroom and I smile looking at my seed dripping out of you and down your thighs. Once in bed, we snuggle together under the covers. I kiss you on the forehead and tell you how much I love you. Lying on my chest, your face resting just below my chin, you softly fall asleep.

I stay up as long as I can, smelling your red hair, thinking about the blue flowers, and wondering if you will haunt my dreams tonight. I close my eyes, breathing in your scent, and fall asleep too, happy and content to love you more in the morning when we wake.

The End.

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