tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersJulian Falls in Love Ch. 05

Julian Falls in Love Ch. 05


So I returned from our holiday with great excitement at the prospect of moving in with Lawrence but also with some anxiety. I had absolutely no idea how I was going to break the news to my parents. As events turned out, however, fate was to intervene rather brutally on my behalf.

I kissed Lawrence goodbye as he dropped me off at a discreet distance from my home. I was already feeling depressed having to go back to boring old Julian with his drab masculine clothes. I had spent a wonderful holiday in Scotland; now it was back to a tiresome reality. There was such a clash between what I was inside and the way I was forced to appear. Something had to give, and sure enough it did.

I found going back to work terribly difficult. I had to suppress all my feminine feelings and make a determined effort to appear masculine. Worst of all, I became aware that people were talking about me behind my back; I would hear them use mocking tones but then they would suddenly go silent at my approach and would address me in a rather unnatural sort of voice. I felt they had somehow found out about my real life and that made me panicky and miserable. One day I found a lingerie catalogue on my desk with a note stuck to it saying that I might be interested in it.

Each day that week I would go straight to my bedroom and have a good cry. I couldn't even go to Lawrence as once again he was away on work-related trips. I just tried to focus on the happiness I would find on moving in with my boyfriend but at times I caught myself asking whether I had chosen the right course in life.

I thought of all kinds of ways to tell my parents I was moving out, but just couldn't face the prospect of telling them the truth. Eventually, I lost all courage and decided to tell them I was just going to stay with a friend for the weekend. However, when I got home from work on the Friday evening I walked straight into a hurricane.

My father has somehow logged into my pc and found all sorts of 'incriminating' emails sent by Lawrence. He had also searched my bedside cabinet and found several items of ladies' underwear. Funnily enough, he didn't get angry or shout; he seemed eerily calm. He just told me in a level voice to pack my bags and get out of the house and added that he wasn't having any perverts under his roof.

Something in his voice told me there was no point in arguing with him. I packed a suitcase in a daze, unable to believe this turn of events. I took about twenty minutes to pack, put my jacket on and walked towards the front door. My mother was there, gently sobbing.

"Why did you do it, son?"

"I don't know, mum. It's hard to explain. I'm just trying to act the way I feel inside."

"Please keep in touch and remember I still love you!"

"I will mum, don't worry!"

She threw her arms around me and hugged me tightly. I opened the door, walked out, and I was gone – for good I felt.

As Lawrence was away, I could think of only one place I could go. I walked the two miles or so to the centre of town and walked up to Lucy's door. I rang the bell and heard her footsteps. Thank God she was in! As soon as she appeared at the door, the exterior I had striven so hard to maintain crumbled and I burst into tears.

"What on earth's the matter, darling? Come on, you'd better come in!"

I put my suitcase down and sat on her sofa, with Lucy's arm around me, trying to calm me down. Eventually I managed to compose myself.

"Lucy, I've been thrown out by my parents!"

"Oh my poor angel! I told you you'd taken a hard road!"

With that, she pulled me to her chest, cuddling and kissing me. Again I wept bitterly but I found Lucy's consolations very comforting.

"Look at it this way, Emma. I know you're moving in with Lawrence tomorrow. This way your parents have saved you the agony of having to tell them about it. I tell you what, you're staying here this evening and we're going to have a nice girly night in, the two of us. First, though, let's get you properly dressed!"

I smiled for the first time that day.

"That's more like it!"

Lucy took me upstairs to her bedroom, carrying my suitcase.

"Right, let's see what we've got in here!"

All I had for outerwear was a white vest and a denim miniskirt. The rest of my clothes were at Lawrence's house.

"Well, this will do for now. Come on then, girl. Get changed!"

I hesitated, still being a bit shy.

"Ok then, I'll go out of the room for five minutes!"

I removed my tee-shirt, jeans, socks and underpants, looking at them lying on the floor with freshly renewed loathing, being a reminder of the masculinity I wished to forget. The moment I put on my ladies' clothes I felt miles better. Lucy returned.

"Right, sit down."

I sat down at her dressing table, while she got her cosmetic bag. She took twenty minutes or so applying foundation, blusher, lipstick, eye-shadow, eye-liner and mascara. Finally, she sprayed a lovely floral fragrance on my neck. I had completely recovered, able to focus completely on expressing the girl I knew I was inside.

Lucy got two bottles of white wine from her fridge and we spent a delicious evening together, chatting and listening to music. I soon forgot all my troubles in the company of this lovely lady. Lucy promised to treat me the next day for my 'moving in' present and I wondered what it could be. Finally, it was time for bed. Lucy loaned me one of her nightdresses and I lay on her sofa with a blanket around me and quickly found sleep.

Not for long, however. I had a terrible nightmare about being lost in a dark forest. I shouted for my mum and dad but I was utterly alone. I awoke, sweating and crying. Lucy must have heard me, for she quickly came to my side and asked me what was wrong. I could hardly speak for sobbing. Lucy put her arm around me and hugged me.

"I think you'd better come to my bed tonight."

She led me to her bed and, as we lay down, she cuddled me and pulled my head to her breasts. I soon calmed down, and soon fell asleep, comforted by her fragrant warmth and kindness.

I woke up next morning in a much more reassured frame of mind. After all this was the day I was going to live with the man I loved more than anything else in the world. Lucy was still fast asleep next to me so I was careful not to wake her as I got out of bed and dressed. I put on my male clothes and made as if to leave.

"And where do you think you're going miss?"

Lucy's voice stopped me in my tracks.

"We have so much to do this morning and you're thinking of leaving me! And get those ridiculous clothes off. They really don't suit you!"

"But I didn't want to trouble you any further Lucy."

"You're no trouble at all darling. In fact, you're a little sweetie. You're like the younger sister I never had. Now get your proper clothes on. We're going out."

"Where are we going Lucy?"

"Not telling you. It's a surprise."

I was intrigued, and not a little worried. Lucy was a little blasé about me 'passing' as a lady in public whereas the thought of being discovered gave me the shivers.

We had breakfast, and then I dressed – in my white top and blue denim skirt – and put on my make-up. Lucy looked immaculate as usual. We got in her car and she drove me for about ten minutes until we pulled up at a building I recognised as Lucy's beauty salon.

"OK little sister, I'm going to make you nice and pretty for your man coming back."

Lucy spent the next two hours giving me a complete beauty treatment. She missed no detail, even removing the tiny hairs on my fingers. I felt wonderfully girly when she'd finished. I had never been so pampered before in my life. I looked in the mirror and couldn't believe what I saw. Staring back at me was a gorgeous blonde with clear, soft skin and sexy pouting lips. What's more my fingernails were immaculate, painted with a cherry red varnish.

"Lucy how can I ever repay you! I look so good!"

"And we're not finished yet sweetie."

"What do you mean Lucy?"

"Well there's no point in having a beauty treatment without a new outfit to go with it, is there?"

We drove to the nearby shopping arcade, newly built and full of ladies clothing shops. Normally I would have been extremely nervous about walking about my home town as a lady, but Lucy had altered my appearance so radically that I felt quite calm about it. Still, I insisted on wearing a pair of sunglasses just to be on the safe side. We got out of the car.

"Right, let's start with some sexy undies." Lucy's tone brooked no argument. What she said normally went.

We walked arm-in-arm to the local branch of La Senza. I had often stared longingly at the window display there, at the mannequins dressed in their frilly underwear. I had never dared to enter though. Everything about it screamed out "women only!" Now I was strolling into it quite casually with my new 'big sister'. My senses were overwhelmed with the dazzling array of panties, bras, slips, camisoles, nightdresses, stockings and suspender belts in every lovely pastel feminine shade under the sun: salmon, lemon, lime, lavender and who knows how many others. I felt as if I was in dreamland. The butterflies were going mad in my stomach, but I felt so excited.

I usually wore quite plain panties and bras but Lucy insisted I go for something more elaborate. I ended up buying the frilliest bra and panty set I could find in my favourite colour: baby pink. I also bought a pair of fully fashioned black stockings with a lacy suspender belt. I had now forgotten about all the heartache I had suffered during the week and left the store with a broad smile on my face.

"That's better little sister. You look so pretty when you smile. Now it's time to get the dress."

We went to Monsoon, another shop whose goods I had coveted but never dared to possess. I fussed and fretted over a multitude of pretty dresses, until I found one that both Lucy and I agreed suited me. It was a simply gorgeous red and black satin pencil dress which hugged my legs as I walked in it. It was expensive, but I couldn't resist it.

Of course, I also needed a new pair of shoes! So I bought a pair of black stilettos with a five-inch heel. A bit too high for comfort but they looked really sexy on me.

We drove back to Lucy's house so I could model my new clothes. I dressed upstairs and came back down to get Lucy's verdict.

"Girl you look wonderful. Lawrence won't be able to resist you when he sees you, and lots of other boys wouldn't either!"

I blushed, as I do very easily, but again felt very comfortable being my feminine self.

Lawrence rang me to say he was back home so we both got back in the car for the short journey. On the way I suddenly had an idea.

"Lucy, why don't you come to my new home tonight? We could have a party together!"

"Er, I don't know sweetie. I'd feel a bit left out to be honest."

"No, you could bring a friend. It's such a shame you haven't got a boy... sorry I mean girlfriend."

"Well... actually I've started dating Cassie."

"That's wonderful, Lucy. You could bring her. She's such a nice girl. Not as nice as you though!"

"Well Ok. As long as it's alright with Lawrence."

Lawrence answered the door and looked shell-shocked when he saw my appearance.

"Well, don't just stand there gawping," said Lucy. "What do you think of your girlfriend now?"

"You just look stunning," replied Lawrence. "I can see I'm going to have a fight on my hands to keep you darling." With that he smiled and kissed me.

Lawrence thought it was a great idea to have a 'housewarming' party and bought some edibles and drinks for the evening ahead.

I felt so happy I didn't even mention the troubling events of the week to Lawrence. I just busied myself with getting everything ready for the party.

Lucy and Cassie arrived at about seven. Lucy looked as radiant as ever; Cassie was plainer but still pretty. The evening was magic. We drank, talked and listened to music until it was approaching midnight. We all got a little carried away. By that time the girls were kissing and cuddling. Likewise, I was sat on Lawrence's lap.

"Look I can see you want to be alone so we'll be off," said Lucy.

"There's no need," replied Lawrence. "You girls could stay in the spare room. It's really no trouble."

After several pointless protests, Lucy and Cassie agreed and went off together to the spare room next door, hand-in-hand. Immediately we began to kiss deeply as Lawrence's hand found its way under my dress. We were interrupted, however, by sighing and moaning from next door. I had forgotten to tell the girls the walls were paper-thin and you could hear everything! It was such a massive turn-on to hear Lucy and Cassie making love! I immediately dropped to my knees, unzipped Lawrence, and took his beautiful cock in my mouth, savouring the taste and feel of it like I had never done before.

I sucked and licked harder as the passionate noises from the next room grew louder. Eventually Lawrence exploded and spurted a copious load of semen in my mouth. I swallowed every delicious drop.

I took off my dress and exposed my new girlie underwear to Lawrence's admiring gaze. I stroked his now soft cock until he had fully recovered his vigour. Now I just wanted him inside me. Lawrence had been tested for STDs during the week and had been given a clean bill of health, so there was no longer any need for Lawrence to use a condom. Lawrence removed my panties and placed a pillow under my belly. I was tingling all over as I always did when I was about to be fucked but this was extra special as I relished the prospect of Lawrence's bare cock sliding inside me.

After applying lubricant, Lawrence entered me from behind. I asked him to fuck me really hard, I was so excited. He began to pump in and out rapidly. My moaning was uncontrollable; I didn't care that I would be heard by the girls. I came twice before Lawrence's semen gushed into me, filling me with indescribable warmth and love. I could hear Lucy climaxing next door, her deeper voice being clearly distinguishable from Cassie's. We collapse together in bed and I quickly fell asleep, cradled in Lawrence's loving arms.

Our first night together as 'husband and wife' had been wonderful, but I now needed to make important decisions regarding my future as a woman.

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