tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Just Desserts

Julie's Just Desserts


Julie downed her fifth Tequila of the night in one go and wiped her lips with her hand sexily, the young waiter hadn't actually left the table and she leaned over and reached between his legs and grabbed his semi erect cock through the cheap fabric of his trousers and pulled him towards her and gave him a full on French kiss. When she finally relinquished her hold on his tongue he staggered back away from the table she toyed with him even more.

"Hey sexy boy, that was your tip, meet me round the back when the bar shuts at one and I'll give you a whole lot more."

He nodded, stupefied at the brazen actions of the sexy young American woman, wondering if she was for real or not and suspecting (and hoping) she was serious.

Meantime Julie's two companions at the table, her best mates who were having the time of their lives on this Mexican holiday, Lisa and Linette. Were laughing and joking and amazed at just how forward Julie was. It had always been the same though, Julie Duncan always had to be the centre of attention, and she loved it there.

Not so enamoured with the scantily dressed American's behaviour were the locals though, especially the women. They had watched disgusted at the brown haired American's behaviour tonight and indeed for the duration of their stay in their village. Her two blonde companions were little better but at least they had a modicum of decency but not the one called Julie she behaved like a complete slut in their eyes, a devilish seductress who their younger men could not keep their eyes off. It was intolerable and indecent and if looks could have killed Julie would have endured a million deaths since she had arrived in the small village of El Trapesco.


A little less than two hours later and with Lisa and Linette safely tucked up in their beds Julie was as good as her word and behind the bar on her knees and with the young waiters cock in her mouth giving him the most amazing blow job he had ever experienced. He had nervously appeared behind the bar at closing time and searched the shadows anxiously wondering if the gringo woman had been serious or not. Julie stepped out of the shadows like a vision of sex incarnate wearing nothing more than her low slung white shirt and her tiny denim shorts, both of which she had off by the time she had walked over to young Paco. With a wicked smile she dropped to her knees before the trembling teenager and had eased his stiffening cock out from behind his trousers moments later. It was a long thin specimen, not as thick as Julie liked them (and what Julie Duncan did not know about the world of cock was not worth knowing) so she decided it would just be a blow job tonight, still the look on his face was worth it as she took him in her mouth.

Her technique was like nothing the young Mexican could have imagined, while Julie's practised tongue was expertly swirling under his foreskin and playing with his pisshole her lips were sucking greedily on his shaft. All the while her nimble hands were massaging his balls to the point of climax before easing off and building it back up time and again. He was actually on his toes as he tried to hold off cumming as he wanted to prolong this heaven, as if he had any say in matters. No, when Julie had had enough she just squeezed her fingers and increased her suction and his balls gave up his load, the first spurt tasted bad so she took the next ones on her face. What the hell she was on holiday after all. Mind you maybe she shouldn't have wiped her face on the guys trousers, who knows what his girlfriend would think to those types of stains in the morning....


The next morning was the Wednesday of the second week of the three girls two week vacation. They had come here because it wasn't too touristy, against Julie's better judgement, she had wanted a livelier location. But then she decided wherever she was the party was too.

They had walked through the streets of the village that morning to get to the small, secluded beach just a mile or so walk away already in their bikinis. Lisa and Linette had long shirts over theirs until they got to the golden sands but not Julie, she proudly strode through the village in just her skimpy two piece, her towel in the basket she carried.

This was just after eleven in the morning and the inhabitants of this sleepy Mexican village were not used to seeing such a fit, tanned, beautiful woman strolling along their streets in next to nothing. And Julie was really beautiful. She was just under 5'6", had an amazing figure that sported nice pert breasts and a really nice small ass with as flat a stomach as you could imagine. She had a really pretty face too, her green eyes sparkling with mischief, her long light brown hair seemingly always perfect. The problem was she more than knew how sexy she was and was beyond proud of it.

Behind her designer sunglasses she was more than aware of the young guys in the village stopping what they were doing to ogle her, of the women glowering at her and envying her at the same time and of all the disapproving glares from the older folks. She just loved the attention.

Although the village itself was pretty quiet they had been able to use it very much as a base and go for day trips to lots of places and really this was only the second day of the holiday they had just lazed about on the beach. Julie was looking forward to it. She had her CD player, some discs, a book, a couple of bottles of alcohol and lotion and it was real sunny, what more did a sun worshipper like her want from life? Well a male would be handy.

They got to the beach and it was as deserted as it was picturesque.

"God, how lucky were we finding this place?" gushed Lisa.

The others agreed and quickly set to setting up their towels and getting down to some serious sunbathing. It wasn't long before Julie was needing another layer of lotion and with a fit of giggles sexy blonde Linette was over and straddling her bum to apply the lotion. Julie was not into girls, she loved cock too much for that but if she had been Linette would have made one hell of a lover. The slim blonde had the most magical hands as she massaged the oil into Julie's skin, undoing her bra top to do away with any tan lines.

The heat and the relaxed atmosphere was so addictive. When Linette was finished she rolled onto her towel and asked Julie to return the favour. Julie, being Julie, didn't bother with her bikini top and climbed aboard the blonde's back with her perfect breasts glistening in the sun. It was only as she started rubbing the creamy lotion into Linette's soft, supple skin that she realised that something was blocking out her sun. She looked up to see an old woman standing over, dressed in tattered black clothing. She had a shopping basket in her hand and was standing looking at Julie like she was a visitor from another world. The old woman twisted her face into a disgusted snarl and she spat angrily next to Linette's towel.


She exclaimed before angrily stomping off. Julie just knelt there, tits jutting out for anyone to see looking at her confused.

Lisa didn't even look up from her sunbathing position as she explained it.

"It means 'Whores' girls. Guess she's got you pegged Julie."

All three laughed at that and Julie went back to rubbing lotion on her friends back and rubbing it in nice and deep.

"Yeah but she doesn't need paying for it, does she? Julie's pretty much giving it away!"

Chimed in Linette from below Julie, which earned her a playful spank on her bronzed ass as all three collapsed in fits of giggles.


That night they hit the main bar / restaurant again. There was a band playing live music and the place was even busier than usual with locals. The girls were more than aware of the attention on them when they entered but were used to it by now and took their usual seats and Julie was not slow in clicking her fingers and ordering a jug of the local beer for them to start with. Julie was dressed even more daring than she had been up to now. A silver T-back top that all but bared her breasts, and an incredibly small black mini skirt and heels was all she wore -- she wasn't big on underwear at all.

As the evening moved on the drink flowed, the music rocked and the placed was fairly packed out. All three girls really went for it that night and it wasn't long before they were on the floor and dancing up a storm. And this was definitely dancing of the dirty variety. While Lisa and Linette were happy to dance with each other and strut their stuff sexily that wasn't enough for Julie, she quickly located two locals to sandwich herself between and was bumping, grinding and rubbing to her hearts content.

She really went overboard, her hands all over their bodies, their chests and bums being groped and felt for all she was worth and they returned the attention. There were not many minutes when Julie was up dancing that she did not have a hand under her skirt or fingers rubbing at her soaking wet pussy.

So really it was no surprise when Julie disappeared with her two dance partners late in the night, she didn't even know their names as they led her to a nearby stable, both men eager to get a piece of the action, and Julie was willing to give them it. She was no stranger to threesomes. Their hands were all over her now, even more so than in the bar, her clothes were easily cast aside and those rough, Mexican fingers were pinching and probing at her with abandon. Julie moaned with pleasure and her own hands were hardly dormant, they already had both the men's cocks out and were playing with them, eager to get them inside her.

With Julie's well practised hands manipulating both dicks it was not long until they were totally stiff and straining for action. Both were a good bit thicker than the waiter's the previous night and Julie was already imagining them deep inside her pussy, they would fill it nicely. She hauled off her flimsy top and allowed both men to get a good look at the perfect tits they had been fondling half the night before dropping to her knees and continuing her masturbation of their cocks. They were not in her hands much longer before she leaned to the one on her right and sucked it into her mouth. After a strong suck and lick she let it slide out turned her head and did the same to the cock on her left before stating to alternately take the cocks in one at a time sucking them harder and harder. She even attempted, and partially succeeded, to get both cocks in her mouth at the same time, something she had never done before. Kneeling there with two cock heads lodged between her lips made her feel so dirty and nasty and so, so good.

She supposed she was a nymphomaniac, a sex addict but she loved that so was it really a bad thing? She knew her friends would be disappointed in her and her family had already all but disowned her for her sex crazy ways but damn, cock was just too much fun for her.

Finally Julie's mouth gave up the two cocks to her other holes. She got down on all fours and presented her well tanned, slim backside to one of the guys while the other obviously wanted more of that gasping, wet mouth and moved around and onto his knees and pressed his dick back into her mouth. Julie felt the guy behind her slip his fingers between her thighs and feel for her soaking wet pussy and ease a couple of fingers inside her. He finger fucked her like that for a short time while his friends enjoyed face fucking her. Julie was in cock heaven. Then she felt the fingers being removed from her pussy and tracing their way from there right over her asshole and up her bum to her back, for a moment she thought (hoped) he would jam them in her ass but no. Then she felt his stiff prick head between her ass cheeks and searching out her pussy, finding it and punching it's way inside so that she was being fucked from both ends.

She moaned as he started to really fucked her from behind, doggy style, his hairy halls smacking against her thighs as he pounded her. The movement it caused her face forced her deeper and deeper onto the other guys cock and it was soon right down her throat, prodding at the back of her throat, making her fight off her gag reflex.

The floor beneath them was dirty and dusty and this whole place was really such a shithole but it suited Julie to be lying around in the filth being spit roasted like this, she was just that filthy. With almost simultaneous grunts the two Mexican's started to cum, the one at her mouth holding her ears tight as he jerked and shot his load deep into her mouth while the other one held onto her hips as he pumped her pussy full of his seed. When they were finally done, Julie sucked and licked the last of their loads from their shrinking cocks and as she licked the remnants from her finger with her right hand she reached down to her own pussy and played with herself bringing herself off in a gushing flood of cum that sprinkled and darkened the ground between her legs.

The two guys, sated smiled and left without further ado and Julie sat there a moment longer to let the wave of ecstasy wash over her but she did not know that they had had an audience, two angry looking women peering round the back corner of the shed would make sure the rest of the village knew what a despicable slut the American woman was before the night was over.


The next morning as Julie and Lisa sat around the breakfast table eating their holiday was shattered when Linette arrived with the most terrible news.

"It's Steve!"

She moaned loudly as the two friends turned to look at Linette. Steve was Linette's brother and Lisa's boyfriend.

"He's had a crash! On his motorbike! He's in intensive care! Oh my god this is so bad. We have to go back!"

The others calmed her down a little and got the full story out of her. It wasn't quite as bad as Linette was making out but no doubt it was serious and both she and Lisa decided they had to go back to be with him and their family straight away. Julie was going to go back with them but they wouldn't hear of her holiday ending early too and the truth was Julie didn't put up too much of an argument against it. Agreeing that she could 'entertain' herself for three more days by herself before heading back.

Julie drove them back to the town from where they would get a cab to the nearest airport to get them back and waved them off before heading back to the village and three days she intended to fill with even more sock crazy action, unhindered as she was by her friends now.


That evening, as if nothing was any different Julie was down at the local watering hole perched at the bar eyeing up the talent. She had four days left on the holiday and more importantly three nights and she wasn't going to be spending them alone if she could help it.

She was actually dressed like a total slut that night, even more so than when her friends had been there, without them and in a foreign land she was unlikely to ever see again she had decided to be as daring and outrageous as she possibly could be. She wore a white lacy top that was cut off just below her breasts. The thinness of the fabric and the laciness meant that it was nearly possible to see Julie's nipples through it. Her white skirt was tiny, really the shortest that she owned and as with most of her nights out she wasn't wearing underwear. She had on white heels and all that white made her gorgeous, deep tan look magnificent and really made her stand out in the crowded bar -- which is just how she liked it.

It was early and she had had a few drinks, the alcohol flowing quicker with less chat to be had. She had received plenty of admiring (and jealous) glances and was appraising the talent to see if there was anyone special she fancied fucking tonight when unexpectedly a young woman slid up beside her at the bar.

She was about Julie's age, introduced herself as Salma and was instantly extremely chatty and friendly. It was such a surprise to Julie that she took a while to get used to the idea, another woman seemingly not jealous of her? But she found that Salma was pretty good company and seemed into guys herself and Julie found herself quite enjoying the Mexican's company. She bought her a drink and after they had downed them Salma insisted she buy her one in return but promised her a local concoction that would 'blow her mind'. Julie could hardly refuse.

"This is a local drink, a real mind blower, I don't now if an American like you can handle it" teased the Latino beauty.

Julie snorted.

"Honey, there ain't a drink invented I can't handle!"

Maybe not but perhaps Julie should have watched and seen that her drink did not come from the same bottle as Salma's it came from an encased wooden battle. If she could have seen behind the wood cover she wouldn't have been so keen to drink it, not with some of the bizarre things floating in it. Still it looked normal enough when placed on the bar next to Salma's and both girls hardly looked at the drinks as the clinked them together then downed them in one.

The remainder of the night was a blur for Julie. Literally a blur. She would not be able to tell who she had spoken with, what she had done or what she had drunk. Not that it mattered, the damage was already done. Before she knew it she had passed out at the bar and was lying there as the locals partied around her, nearly all with one eye on this brash American woman who had been so annoying this past couple of weeks.


Julie blinked her eyes open slowly, her whole head feeling like it was in a thick fog that she could barely see through/ her eyelids felt so heavy and her mouth so thirsty, Christ this had to be the worst hangover ever. And she couldn't move her legs, or her arms!

Though she did not know it the reason Julie could not move her limbs was because each ankle and wrist had a heavy metal weight tied to it. She was also buried right up to below her now naked boobs in sand on the secluded local beach. Her slowly awakening eyes were just adjusting to the light and fathoming where in the world she was when it all went dark again as a shadow came over her face. From somewhere in her mind a memory came back to her as the old woman leaned over her and spat the word "Puta" at her again just as she had done two days earlier only this time actually accompanied by saliva landing on Julie's face. Julie tried to speak, to make some noise but nothing came for now she was helplessly mute, a dire side affect of her current condition. She tried to clear her mind and focus but it was no good and in the warm sun she was just stuck there boiling with a desperate craving for something that she could not quite figure out.

The old hag moved out of her eye line and things were bright again, she was so confused what was going on? And then she got a moment of clarity. It came as a man walked up to where she was buried in the sand and pulled down his shorts to reveal a stiff penis. Just seeing it set Julie off, she craved it, wanted to taste it wanted it in her mouth or pussy or somewhere inside her, she felt she had to have a cock and was desperately trying to move her immobile buried body to get at it.

Somewhere in her mind she had the last vestiges of her old self and was horrified that she seemed to be acting like a speechless, grunting, drug addict and that apparently her drug of choice was cock. The man was just in front of her, she had been buried at the perfect height so that her face would be at a normal height man's crotch, and he was masturbating frantically before her. All Julie tried to do was move her head forward to get her mouth to the cock but she constantly came up short. His movements got more and more frantic until he came with a low moan, spraying Julie's exposed face with his cum. To her own consternation she found herself desperately stretching her tongue around her mouth to try and lick up his cum. He squeezed out the last of his sperm onto her tits and pulled up his shorts and moved away. He was instantly replaced by another guy who already had his dick in his hand and was about to do the exact same. When he finally came all over Julie's hair he was replaced by another man and so it continued.

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