tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJulie's Mistake Ch. 20

Julie's Mistake Ch. 20


Julie's hatred of Jackson was intense and it grew as he violated her succulent flesh throughout the seemingly endless couplings. The young blonde lawyer couldn't understand why her life had taken this terrible turn, and yet she lay there beneath him, tanned legs spread, with Jackson pumping his long, hard cock into her hot little pussy. She shuddered in revulsion when her cunt spread wider and wider for the man's big cock and she felt the natural lubricant from her wide-spread love-hole begin streaming down to the crevice of her buttocks as the big man rode her relentlessly.

"You love getting a good fucking, don't you, Julie," Jackson asked as he sensed her helplessness. "Well, I'm the man to give it to you." His hips pumped up and down, driving his stiff manhood into her soaked pussy. "Do you know that if we used it right, your little pussy would be a gold mine for our firm? Recruiting clients? Settling cases? Convincing judges? You could do it all for us!"

He laughed arrogantly, but his hips never stopped their slow, steady rhythm and his rock-hard dong kept plunging into the depths of Julie's love hole. "All you'd have to do is let us use your little... ugh ..., tight cunt for business! I know your little cunny certainly kept Roger's company as a client!" he snorted.

He drove his stiff instrument the full depth of her pussy. "Shit, you're tight!"

Julie shamefully lay beneath him when he taunted her with this, but her trembling young thighs were wide open and her large breasts were heaving from the lengthy, intense fuck he was throwing her. Her tanned body was covered with a thin sheen of perspiration and her pussy was soaked with her juices. His big dick was sluicing in and out of her innocent vagina audibly and very easily.

She despised the man, but knew that what he said was true. She had not had sex since her husband left her and her body was reacting to its neglect. Her nipples were swollen and extended. Her mind fought a losing battle against the very body that he was fucking.

The man was pumping in and out of her tight passage with long, steady strokes that slapped audibly against her pubic mound. Despite herself, she wrapped her muscular thighs around the man's hairy legs and felt her calves cross his legs. The sensation of having his body between her sensitive inner thighs was irresistible. Her vaginal passage contracted around the full length of his invading penis. Julie moaned shamefully, then she began to grind her ass up to meet his thrusts.

Why did her sexy body betray her even with such an animal as Jackson, she wondered? She tried pitifully to force her lush body to not react by closing her eyes and trying to stop her rapidly mounting feeling of arousal. Her mind reeled as her traitorous body bent to the will of the fat man.

It did feel good! It had been so long since she had had intercourse! Julie moaned in abject humiliation. "Ohhhhhhh." Her breath exploded in tiny gasps and she turned her head to the side so that she wouldn't have to witness the man taking her innermost secret. Instead of avoiding the shameful sight, though, Julie looked at the mirror on the dresser that gave a full length view of her tanned body being fucked by the pasty-white fat man. The horrible sight was too much to behold; she turned back to the man.

She continued to struggle against her own body.

"Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh, uhhh," she grunted as she was being deeply fucked. It was as if her body was expelling air each time the fat man pounded into her. Her naked buttocks felt the slap of his balls against her ass with each stroke.

Even as he taunted the young beauty, she felt her body begin to stiffen and her soaked pussy squeeze his turgid tool. Her vaginal walls gently gripped his stiff meat once, then again and then again. Her big blue eyes stared blankly into Jackson's eyes and her mouth was now wide open sucking air into her expanding lungs. She knew the feeling!

She was on the verge of orgasm!

As if he could read her mind, Jackson leaned up from lying on top of her and while still thrusting in and out of her pussy, took her nakedly quivering breasts in his hands and kneaded the young, yielding flesh. The full, tender tits became playthings for his hands. His fingers moved to her rubbery nipples and began to tweak them harshly between his forefingers and thumbs.

"Oh, gawd," she grunted as the ultra-sensitive tips of her breasts responded to his illicit touch. Her hands went to Jackson's hips. His tawdry rhythm brought home her shocking position.

Her mind swirled. "Why am I letting my boss fuck me?" she wondered. "I must be a slut," she thought. She had never expected to feel like this and she struggled in vain against the mounting forbidden pleasure. It was useless and her mind reeled with further shame and humiliation at the thought. Not only at the adultery that she was committing but anguishing that her traitorous body was enjoying it!

And then, the beautiful blonde exploded!

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh," she screamed with no shame.

The beautiful blonde looked at her rounded tits and saw her pink nipples being tugged harshly away from her body by the fat man. The electricity shot completely through her spine to her pussy and brain!

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh," she cried piteously. She grit her teeth and ground her ass and pussy back animalistically at the man's pounding organ. His manhood was so deeply embedded and so tightly held by her vagina that she felt every pulsating vein and contour of his stiff dong.

"Aaaaaaaaeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiii," she squealed as her rounded buttocks smoothly pumped her pussy on and off his cock.

She was a whore, she thought as she climaxed. Submitting to the strange, fat animal on top of her drove that fact home to her as no other had ever done. She wanted to feel every ounce of her whorishness thrown back at this obscene man!

Julie grunted every obscenity that she could think of: "fuck me! fuck the shit outta me! Screw my pussy!" Things she had never said before seemed to come out of her ripe lips. All the while she took his stiff manhood and rocked her pussy up onto his cock. "Shoot it in me, baby!"

"Please! Please! PPPPllllleeeeeeaaaaaasssssseeee!" she cried with no reason.

Jackson's eyes began to roll back in his head. He released her nipples and lay flat on the young woman beneath him. Julie felt his hot breath on her ear and neck. His open mouth tasted the sweet skin of her shoulder and neck and Julie felt his saliva on her neck as he sucked on her. Jackson's hands dropped to her bubble butt and he harshly gripped the soft skin of her ass cheeks in his hands. Julie's muscular buttocks were flexed and hard as steel beneath the soft skin. He humped the innocent beauty beneath him relentlessly, mercilessly, pounding her yielding pussy as hard as he possibly could.

Just as suddenly as her orgasm, Julie felt Jackson's shoulders and back shudder and stiffen and his large, male organ begin to shoot his hot thick spunk deep within her grasping cuntal walls. His hands held her ass cheeks firmly and his tool drove into her pussy nonstop.

Their cries filled the room with their passion, each taking advantage of the other, until they lay exhausted, their nude bodies entangled lewdly, Jackson's manhood deflating within her little, tight slit.


It was only after several orgasms had left her quivering flesh completely sexually sated that Julie began to think clearly again. Clarity was reached as she lay on Jackson's bed next to the disgusting man as they took a respite from the intense fucking that he had been throwing her all morning.

As she lay nude next to him on the soiled sheets, damp with their perspiration, looking at his lustful, twisted face through her beautiful blue eyes, she knew that her plan was possible. It would take a good bit of acting on her part, but she so wanted revenge that she was willing to do most anything to get it to work. The young blonde resolved to make the plan work. She closed her eyes to rest. She wanted to leave so badly.

Jackson looked at the beautiful young woman laid out before his eyes. He could hardly believe that he had just fucked her again, but his thoughts went back to the humiliated look on Julie's face as he was throwing her the latest hard fuck of the morning. He relished the look of subjugation and resignation that the tanned blonde beauty displayed.

Still breathing heavily from the workout and perspiring as well, Jackson was not self-conscious. He let his eyes wander the length of her lush body. The young beauty was on her back, resting, with her eyes closed. He stared at her long eye lashes and pert nose. Her rosy lips were slightly parted as she breathed deeply in repose. Her thick, blonde hair was slightly messier than he could ever recall seeing it. The beautiful young woman seemed to be dozing.

Her tanned body was silky smooth and her two full tits lay proudly on her chest with her nipples pointing towards the ceiling. Jackson examined the breasts closely, looking for any evidence of age, but they were youthful and very firm. As he looked further, he saw her flat stomach leading to the juncture of her thighs where a slender, trimmed "landing strip" of light blonde pubic hair led to her pussy, perfectly dividing her curvaceous hips. The smooth, well-muscled thighs and calves of the athletic young woman were slightly parted and bent at the knees.

Jackson rolled his body over to her and Julie felt his flaccid cock against her silky thigh. The shrunken penis was still wet with their juices and the former cheerleader felt the cool semen from his limp dong on her skin. His cold touch roused her back to reality. As mortified as she was by his touch, she knew that she should be more horrified that she still harbored his large load of spunk deep inside her little pussy slit.

Julie rolled off the side of the bed. Jackson watched her nude form as she walked to the bathroom. Her young tits were firm and high on her chest, despite their size, and as she turned he looked at her perfect ass and legs. Her buttocks swayed erotically with each step by the blonde.

"Damn, I shot a big load in her," he thought to himself. He smiled to himself. "The little bitch loved it, too," he thought mistakenly.

Jackson had blamed Julie for the problems in his marriage. All that he knew was that after he had first fucked Julie at the madam's house in New York, his life had gradually gone downhill. He wondered whether she had somehow told Pamela about his straying in marriage without letting on her role. Since Pamela had never accused him specifically about Julie, he was unsure. But he had been waiting for his chance to find out.

He heard Julie close the door to the bathroom and knew she would be a few minutes. Quickly, he reached into her purse and removed her cell phone. He opened his nightstand drawer and removed a small spying device that he had purchased just for this purpose. As he nervously pulled out her battery and placed this device next to it and then replaced it, he grinned at how lucky he was to have her over. He had been carrying this for weeks hoping to find her away from her office long enough for him to do this. Now she was at his condo.

Just seconds after he replaced the cell phone in her purse, Julie returned. He looked at her nude form as she approached. Her lovely globes with their pink nipples swayed slightly. She noticed him taking in her whole body. She forced herself to smile at the man she so despised.

Jackson watched the innocent, young bride pad naked to her clothing which was strewn all over his carpeted floor. Her firm tits swayed as she bent at the waist to pick up her running shorts. He watched with regret as the beautiful blonde pulled the shorts up and covered the deep cleft that divided her perfect buttocks.

Julie finished dressing as quickly as she could. She noticed Jackson stand up. His pasty flesh was appalling, but she knew he would approach her. He did.

Without a word, Jackson put his thick lips on her mouth to French kiss her. Julie wanted to turn her gorgeous face away from his but she forced herself instead to open her mouth and take his tongue within her mouth as if she was his new girlfriend. As Jackson swirled his thick tongue within her mouth, Julie's nimble tongue playfully met his and swirled around it sensuously. She was surprised when she was able to force her hand onto his hairy shoulder and run it down to his thick waist.

"Hmmmm," she said in a sexy voice, letting her big, blue eyes stare deeply at the man. "Don't get me horny again, so quick!" she teased. She let her hand reach for his limp penis between his thick legs. She felt the harmless creature in her slender fingers.

"Awww," she said in mock disappointment.

Jackson, while surprised at her cooing, attributed her change in attitude to his cocksmanship.

He let his hands roam freely on the blonde's beautiful body and his mouth covered hers in a long, sensuous kiss.

Despite herself, Julie brought her hands to his naked shoulders as if he was her long-lost lover.

"Bye, sweetie," she said as she pulled away.

Both Jackson and Julie left thinking that they now had the upper hand.


Laura Jackson awakened refreshed from a good night's sleep. She had just gotten home the evening before from college for a break and was disappointed to find that her mother, Pamela, had left the house. Unaware that her mother was employed, she wondered where she had gone. The stunning brunette made her way downstairs to eat some breakfast. She had just gotten out of bed. She was dressed only in some skimpy panties that she had worn to bed the night before and a flimsy t-shirt that reached only to her belly button. Her large D-cup tits swayed freely beneath the cotton shirt. When she got downstairs, she found a note from her mother telling her that she would be gone all day and maybe into the evening.

Well, she thought, this gives me some time to get some things done, anyway.

She quickly ate and went upstairs to shower. When she got to the bathroom, she pulled the t-shirt over her head and wiggled out of the panties. She giggled girlishly because she knew that she was spoiled and beautiful. She'd get her way, she thought.


While Julie was taking a stiff dick from Jackson on this weekend afternoon, Pamela Jackson was trying to help Hall land an advantageous contract for his company. The last thing on her mind these days was where her estranged husband was finding a home for his stiff penis.

The statuesque brunette sat in a conference room adjoining Hall's personal office. She could hear Hall and another man talking business. It sounded as if the man was an oil field equipment executive. The man had a booming voice with a southern accent and the beautiful brunette quickly ascertained that he was from Houston. Hall was attempting to negotiate a lower price and other concessions on a huge contract, but was not making any headway. Pamela waited nervously. She knew how much this contract meant to Hall's business.

Finally, when the two men had been negotiating unsuccessfully for several minutes, Pamela saw the door from Hall's office open. The tall, fit man strode in quickly, shutting the door behind him. Her boss appeared slightly agitated and edgy. It had been a long time since she had seen him like this. Leaning against the conference room table only a couple of feet from Pamela, he clenched his fist. His face was tense and his breathing slightly labored. He tossed his head in the direction of his office indicating that Pamela should now enter. She left the conference room from a door leading into a hallway so that she could enter Hall's office without the Texan knowing she had encountered her boss.

Hall picked up a remote control device and pressed several buttons. There was an electronic whirr that revealed a large television screen. No one, including Pamela, knew about the hidden television or taping equipment or that he was capable of watching several views of his office. She knew that he was in the adjacent conference room but thought that she and the Texan had complete privacy otherwise.

Very soon Hall saw on the television screen that Pamela had entered his office outwardly dressed much as she first was when she entertained the sheik. He assumed, however, that she wore a bra and panties since he had had nothing to do with choosing her attire.

He watched her offer a drink to the executive, take a seat in a chair facing the man, and begin to work him over with her charm. The short hem of her tight skirt slid easily up her lush, tanned thighs as she sat. The hem settled a mere few inches from the top of her long legs. Hall smiled. She knew that the sight of her womanly legs would likely give an erection to the man seated across from her.

Hall had grown to admire and rely on Pamela in his work. She was ambitious and relentless, as well as insatiable, sexually -- almost a female counterpart to Hall. He never tired of fucking the woman.

She was an absolute shark in the business world and seemed to utilize any advantage she could for Hall's business. He couldn't really believe that only a few short months ago she had been a slightly bored, upper-middle class housewife. A taste of the life at the very pinnacle of power and fortune had certainly changed her approach to life and she had taken to Hall's business with great success.

Whether her beautiful smile and a show of her feminine thighs would induce a businessman to agree to Hall's terms, or a dinner proposal would have to be accepted, or whether Pamela might have to spend several hours on her back in a luxurious hotel room, long legs spread, having her tight pussy ridden expertly by the man, Hall knew that she would do all she could to seal a deal for him.

And, Hall was paying her a pretty penny for her work. He knew that she was struggling with finances -- trying to keep her daughter in a private university -- while maintaining a household alone. She was very dependent on her new income. If the truth was known, Pamela was very insecure about her position in Hall's company. She knew that neither her education, nor her experience, would justify the salary he paid her, so she was very beholden to her boss. Her sexual involvement with him only emphasized his dominance over her.

Still, unknown to her, since her separation from her husband, Pamela had quickly made herself indispensable to Hall. He sensed a profound reluctance on her part to be deflowered by his clients but she acquiesced to that and no longer had any hesitancy about giving her pussy up to him. Still she insisted on complete secrecy about her role at his office and in his life. The last thing she wanted was for her husband, Gene Jackson, to find out what she was doing and destroy her in her pending divorce proceedings.

Hall's evil nature made him enjoy getting Pamela to tell him every detail of her sexual encounters with his business adversaries. He did this on the Art of War pretext of wanting to know all he could about his "adversary," but in fact, he simply was perversely turned on seeing Pamela blush and squirm her tight ass in her chair when she told him the intimate details of an encounter. How big was the man's penis? Did she have a hard time taking it in her pussy? Did the man exhaust her by pounding her pussy for an hour before he shot his spunk? Was she forced to give him oral sex? Did he shoot in her mouth? Did he use her in different positions? Did he cum multiple times?

Pamela, though, in the next room was more concerned with the here and now. Knowing how much Hall needed this contract she felt obligated to do whatever was necessary to secure it, if possible. The gorgeous brunette wanted to do it without having to give up any sexual favors to this large, dull man.

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