Julie's New Job Ch. 4


"He did say to keep it very clean, so I suppose if we wash him up real good afterwards, we can have any kind of fun we want to with him!" I discovered that my cock was very, very, sensitive! The fondling of it was a more intense feeling than I had ever had before!

The nurse leaned down and sucked my balls into her mouth! Mary plunged down on my cock, taking it all of the way to its base! Unbelievable! Mary was a true expert in giving head! I was fighting the approaching orgasm I was feeling but between the two of them I was on sensory overload! It didn't take long and I was soon filling Mary's throat with my ejaculate! When I was done Mary pulled up and off of my cock with a loud slurp! The nurse looked at Mary and asked her, "You didn't swallow all of his cum, I mean, ejaculate did you?"

"Uh, yes I did!" Mary was smiling! "Well, now we are going to have to start all over again, because I am supposed to get the sample of his cum, I mean, ejaculate!"

The nurse was smiling and went down on my deflating cock. Soon, I was on my way to another huge erection! It wasn't quite as painful as the first one, but it still hurt. I said as much, and the nurse looked up then pulled off of my cock and said. "Of course, it will get less painful each time you achieve an erection, and of course have an orgasm!"

"I will make sure that your pain is gone by the end of today, if you are up to it!"

"God I live doing work for Joan's associates!" The nurse appeared to be in an almost euphoric state, just by having oral sex with me! Then I realized that Mary had moved back over to the nurse's side and was rubbing her under her dress! "I thought you said you only liked cocks Mary!" I was surprised at her doing this! "Oh Jon, I do only like cocks, but the nurse here is going to need to be pretty lubed up to take your instrument in for the test!"

"I'm only trying to help out the best I can!"

My erection was back full force now, and the nurse slipped off her dress and panties, and moved onto the bed, astride me! As she took my cock in her hand and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy, she looked over at Mary. "Are you ok with this?"

"After all, this is your husband!" Mary smiled at her, "Yeah, do it!"

"I have always wanted to watch my 'husband' fuck some beautiful babe like you, so enjoy him while you can!" Shit! She wasn't even my wife, even though the doctor and the rest of the hospital staff thought so! Mary was rubbing herself using short almost violent motions! She grabbed my hand and caressed it then leaned down and sucked my fingers into her mouth!

The nurse started to plunge up and down on my cock. It hurt quite a bit but soon the pain went away as I got turned on and started to get into it! Mary leaned her head next to mine and whispered, 'don't worry Jon, I won't tell Julie about you fucking the nurses and me!"

"You will love it when the night nurse comes in, she is going to put you through the paces!"

"I get to watch and join in and they think I am your wife!"

"I'm beginning to think that maybe I should be your wife!"

"Yeah, Jon and Mary, I like the sound of that!"

"You aren't going to want that slut sister of mine anyway, so let go and dome to me Jon!"

I was approaching orgasm and as I started to cum I guess I sort of nodded my head a little bit, not in agreement, but in orgasm! Mary hugged me tight and obviously thought that I meant yes to her! "You won't be sorry Jon!"

"I'll fuck your eyeballs out every night!"

"I'll be your one and only slut, just for you Jon!" Mary was almost in tears as she hugged me and showered kisses on my face! Not knowing how to correct this new problem, I decided to just go along with what I was dealt for now! I would have to be freed up and in good shape to do anything now! Joan and her goons would probably be watching me like a hawk now anyway, so I didn't have much of a choice. Maybe if Joan thought that I was falling for Mary, she would relax her guard and give me the chance I would need to try again to save Julie and myself from this mess!

So ends chapter four! There will be more to come! Will Jon and Julie get away? Will Jon fall for Mary? Will Julie begin to really love all of the sex and sexual acts she is doing and not want to leave Joan? Will Joan remain in control or will Jon figure out a way to take over? The story is still being written, so even I don't know how this will all end. Stay tuned!

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To answer the questions posed.....

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