tagLoving WivesJulie's New Job Ch. 8

Julie's New Job Ch. 8


The hot Mexican sun beat down, causing the woman in the halter-top and cut-offs to had sheen of sweat glowing on her exposed skin. A man came up to her and took her hand and they walked away from the desolate building at the edge of the small village. He was dressed in khaki pants and a tank top. His skin was bronze, made so be the sun that beat down on both of them now. She leaned into him and they embraced, kissing almost as if to swallow each other. They got into a small convertible, and drove off.

Behind, in the building was left a trace of what they had been through for the last year, only now, they knew that the worst was over. The woman in the bed in that desolate building heard the laughter and voices of the men in the next room. Twelve men, somewhat drunk from the Tequila and mescal they were drinking. Twelve very hard men, who led a very dangerous life. A fitting jury for trying the criminals that was in their possession! They were gambling, playing cards, the winner getting control of the prisoners for the next year! She would be 'working' for that winner, earning him income that would be a great boost to his current large take! She would take care of his 'needs' and if he wanted to give a 'guest' a special treat, she would serve it up, and do what was necessary to please the 'guest'! The man next to her, still tied up, well, there were some 'men' that would use him! He had been castrated that night, and it seemed like his will had been taken with his balls! She hated the sight of him, as if he had caused all of her problems!

Jon was driving the convertible down the dusty trail, heading back north, back to his life. Julie was coming along for the ride. She held a hand on Jon's shoulder as he drove and Jon realized that she had always had a hand or was touching him almost at all times now! He knew that her demons were still present inside her, and that she had times when she would look for 'other' excitement. He also knew that she couldn't bring herself to act on those needs, and would, after a short time of self-searching, come back into the room where he was and throw hungrily at him! He was waiting for the day when those feelings she had died down and didn't come back, not sure if that day would ever come!

Behind, well, behind in that shack in the desert, Joan was coming to terms to her new 'life'! Jon had sold her, like a slave, to one of those men! Al, his good friend had given him the contact, and Jon had wisely used it! Joan had brought them a goodly amount of cash and the car they were in. Jon knew that it wasn't enough money to even things up, so he had made a very unusual deal with the man! Their 'deal' included a clause that ten percent of everything she earned for him would be paid out to an account in the Cayman Islands! What ever the man with her (Joe) brought in was the 'owners' to keep! The man had been very sure that after one year there would be a substantial sum in that account! You see, white women, especially one as good-looking as Joan were sure to bring in a large amount of money, at least for a few years. He had promised to take 'special' care of her, and keep her in 'good shape'! After all, the longer she was in her best form, the longer she would earn money for them! Jon knew also, that his 'new business partner' wouldn't double cross him! When the man had met Jon and Jon told him who had given him the contact information, the man had crossed himself several times! He asked Jon how he had known Al, and Jon told him that Al was his very best friend, which was the truth! The man had then signaled to his bodyguards and they (having heard the exchange between Jon and their boss) crossed themselves also as they pulled back to leave the room! Jon was still amazed at how much fear Al had instilled in some of the people he met!

Al had set him up with a chain of people who had eventually led him to this 'business' deal! Jon found out as he traveled the path set before him that Al had been very busy at other time in his life, and had done a great many 'favors' for some very scary people. These scary people feared only one man, and that seemed to be Al! Jon had been surprised at first, but soon learned that his 'friend' was not now nor ever had been a 'nice' person. Why he and Jon had become friends was beyond Jon's reasoning at this time. All Jon knew is when he had picked Al to be called a friend; it had been probably the most fortunate and best decision he had ever made!

Jon had a good feeling about how Joe and Joan would be 'taken care of', and he was sure that in the future, Joe would many times pay for his traitorous act! Joan, of course would be a common whore and when she had used up her usefulness as a whore for men, she would put on shows! This kind of life ahead of her would take everything that she loved and tear it away from her! Her love of control, and the money and things she had, well, they were gone! They would be kept together, to remind them on a daily basis of why they were doing the things they did, and where their station in life was to be for the foreseeable future! Joan would one day be forced to perform with animals, just like she had acted as! A fitting end for a very poor excuse of a human being!

Back up north, Al and Mary were setting out on the porch of the older but very well kept home. The sun was lowering in the sky, getting ready to set on a very eventful day. Mary was wearing a sundress, and it was a very skimpy, low-cut dress at that! It was obvious to any viewer, that she had only the dress on and nothing else! It was also just as plain to 'that' viewer, that her pussy was very clean-shaven! Her breast's threatened to send the dress into two distinct pieces at any fast hard movement of her very toned body! Al sat in his chair and just stared at her, drinking in her beauty!

"Al, why have you kept me around?" Mary was curious; all Al had ever done to her in the way of any type of control is keep her from having access to money! He had a way about him that let a person know that you didn't want to get him angry with you, and he had a mysterious aura about him that enforced that 'respect'!

"Well Mary, you are a very beautiful woman, for starters, and I like the way you keep me happy! Also, you have had a life that didn't give you a choice of what you wanted and I feel a need to give you the ability to take your own choices!"

Mary thought about that for a while, and then curious still decided to get a little more from him.

"Well, why do you keep an old whore like me around? You know where I have been, what I have done, and yet you have been treating me like, well, a wife, or at least a lover!"

Al uncomfortably twisted around in his chair. He was embarrassed! Mary saw that she had caused him discomfort, and started to fearfully reach out to him and was begging for forgiveness!

"Al! I didn't mean to upset you! I was curious, just asking a question! That's all! You don't have to answer me; I didn't mean to insinuate that we were a couple or anything like that! I was just curious to know why you treated me, well, so well!"

Al looked at her with a far-away dark look. She could see fire and something else in his eyes! She shuddered a bit then looked away, towards the horizon! Al cleared his throat, looking away and that same horizon!

"Mary, I don't' know how to tell you this, I have had some problems in the recent past, and helping Jon brought out some part of me that I thought was long dead! Jon is now like a brother to me, and I don't know if he realizes it, but when he let me take you, it was to lead me to my salvation! I, well, I have found out that I have a capacity to, uh, like, no, well damnit! I found out that I could love again! When I first saw you, I saw that you were very well built, and a very good-looking woman! When you hesitantly offered to go with me, well, I felt something run through my body that I had never felt before! I have never told anyone, nobody at all what I am going to tell you now, Mary! Mary, I think that, uh, well, I think that you, uh, shit! This is harder than I thought it would be! Mary, I LOVE YOU! There, I said it! Yeah! I said it out loud! I love you Mary, and I think that I always will!

Mary was staring at Al now! She was surprised and shocked! She couldn't believe that Al could love anybody! He had shown some niceness to her, and she knew that deep down he wasn't such a badass to people he liked, but still! She felt a thrill run trough her body, a shocking and pleasant thrill! She realized at that point that she had developed feelings for Al that bordered on love, and her fear of what he could or would do to her had blocked those feelings from surfacing!

Al was standing up, looking like he was going to run! Mary jumped up and grabbed him, hugging his hard warm body into hers! She started to cry! Al, looking away, brushed his eyes a bit with a hand!

"Your crying Al! Mary was smiling a bit now as she looked up at his strong face!

"No I'm not! I just had something get into me eye!" Al was being unlike what Mary had come to know! He was behaving just like a little boy, trying to be tough, and strong! She went up on her tiptoes, and kissed him on his cheek! That kiss soon turned into a raging inferno! She moved her mouth to cover his and thrust her tongue into his! She was acting so strongly that Al soon realized he had opened up a part of Mary that she had never shown any one before!

Mary was pressing him back and down, trying to undress him right out in the open on the porch! Al was concerned about being seen, then, looking around, decided that as remote as this place was, nobody would see them anyway. He started to return her hunger, kissing her and finding out that maybe he could love! He could love someone very special!

Mary had Al's tank top off and was working on his pants, with a very skilled hand! Before he could get the first button on her dress undone, his pants were on the floor, his boxers following in a very short time! He managed to get three buttons undone and Mary started to journey down to her knees, kissing his body as she went! Al, not wanting to have her be the only one with clothes on grabbed the sides of her dress and pulled it off of her body, right over her head! She only stopped kissing his body when the dress flew past her head, going over the railing into the yard!

Mary had Al's cock in her hands, stroking him lightly but firmly! She was soon licking and kissing all around his shaft, his hot throbbing shaft! The head of his cock was wet with pre-cum, and Mary licked it off, savoring the taste! She really loved the taste of Al, all of him! While they had had sex, and a lot of it for the time they had been together, she felt that this time was way different! This time she was 'making love', not 'having sex'!

She could feel the difference in Al too! She knew that tonight they were going to make love, and it was a real, strong, and beautiful love! She was so wet now! She wanted to please Al and keep on pleasing him! She didn't want this night to ever end!

Her head was bobbing up and down, his hands in her hair! Her lips tightly gripping his shaft, trying to milk his cum out of his body! She wanted to revel in his taste! She wanted to feel the throbbing of his cock as his cum shot through that hot hard shaft of manly sex! She wanted to feel the hot spray of his liquids hitting the back of her throat, and then she wanted to pull back letting it fill her mouth to overflowing with his tasty seed! Her eyes were focused on Al's! He was watching her with an emotion that was so foreign to him! She could see the love battling it's way through those demons that haunted him! She sucked harder and tried to convey her love for him through her eyes! All of the sudden, he started to tremble and shake! She felt his cock spasm and the hot cum running up the length of him! She went down all of the way onto his cock, and tongued his balls, keeping her lips as tight as she could at the same time! It was a feat that took a lot out of her, because her breathing would be interrupted while she did that, but she did it for Al out of her newly found love for him!

As his cum shot through his hard cock and sprayed her throat, she started to have a little orgasm of her own! His cum was filling her throat and she pulled back letting it shoot into her open mouth! Al was watching his cum fill her mouth to overflowing, and start to run down her chin! She swallowed and swallowed, trying to keep it all in her mouth! After he stopped shooting off, spraying cum everywhere, she used the head of his cock to wipe the cum off of her chin and breasts! He stayed very hard, and his cock was burning in her hands!

Al pulled her up and then bending to pick her whole body up in his strong arms, took her into the house to the bedroom, where he began to repay her for her wonderful loving blowjob! As he laid her down on the bed he was gentle and yet forceful! He was in control of her body, and she knew that all she wanted was to be held and loved by him! She also wanted to be FUCKED by him! Her mind was running a thousand miles an hour and her body was on the edge of exploding!

Al brought his lips to hers and kissed her so gently, then pressing harder so forcefully! She knew that he wanted her, all of her, and she willingly gave of herself to him! He felt her love surrounding him and he just let himself go with the feelings that washed over him! His lips started the descent down, to where her hot, wet, trimmed pussy waited impatiently for the caress of tongue and press of the lips of her lover! They were, for the first time, making love! NO! They were lovingly FUCKING! The difference, however slight, was still a major change in their relationship up until that time!

Al's lips were holding a nipple to his mouth, as his tongue danced around the hard point sticking up from it! His fingers were rolling and pinching her other nipple, causing her to moan and tingle! She was on the verge of another small orgasm! Soon it washed over her body, starting at her breasts, and running away in an ever-widening circle! She shook and trembled, wanting the feeling to never go away!

Al kept up his pleasure-giving torment and then after she calmed down, he began to move lower, stopping at her belly-button, for just a moment, a pause that sent tremors through her body as she awaited the next feeling that would send her over the edge yet again! The insistent tongue kept up its travel, and soon was at the gate of her heaven! His lips lightly brushing over hers, his tongue tapping and slipping in and around her clit! She began to thrust her hips up towards his mouth, in the hopes that he would be merciful and let her cum hard now! He pulled away a little bit, causing her to groan! Her hands went to the back of his head, trying to gain control of his motions, but he was too strong and she couldn't get his mouth back where it would send her over the edge!

He teased her, licking around her lips, diving into her pussy as deep as it could go, but not touching her clit nor staying in her long enough to get her off! She was soon begging him to please let her cum! He waited a bit, her begging becoming cries, and then, and only then did he attack her clit! His tongue lightly but insistently pressed down on it and began a fluttering movement that she had never felt anything like before! Her orgasm slammed down on her hard! Her body went ridged, and she was pulling his head into her pussy so hard, he almost smothered there!

She shook and rocked around, keeping his tongue on her clit and had one of the most powerful orgasms that she had ever had! She felt as though his love had sparked something in her and caused a fire that overwhelmed them both, engulfing them in its never-ending heat! She knew that only his admission of his love for her, and her knowing that she loved him had caused this wonderful feeling! She collapsed on the bed, exhausted from her orgasm, which seemed to have been hours long! Al moved up and they embraced, him along side of her, touching and caressing her lightly! Soon they were both hungrily going after one another in yet another attempt at nirvana! She rolled Al onto his back and mounted him, sitting astride of him and pulling his erection up and into her body! She began to slowly slid up and down lowering her chest on to his, kissing his face, cheeks and then, finally, his mouth! Her tongue was dancing delightfully in his mouth, playing a cat and mouse game with his! Her motions began to accelerate, until soon she was rocking the whole bed, taking his whole cock deep into her body on each down stroke and almost letting it escape on the upwards movement! The feeling of her thighs, wrapped around his, her breasts rubbing on his, nipple to nipple, sliding and slipping over each other! Soon, Al tensed and began a long and very hard orgasm! As his orgasm peaked and he shook hard, hers overcame her and soon they were both in the ecstasy of that short but very fulfilling heaven of orgasmic sensation!

Afterwards, laying together, Al holding Mary tightly, as if he was afraid she would be taken from him, they talked.

"I think that you need a chance to see if you want to stay with me or not Mary! I want you, I need you, I love you, but I could only accept you staying with me if I was sure that you really wanted to of your own free will! I could not accept it if you felt that you were forced or made to stay with me!"

Mary put her fingers to his lips, shushing him!

"Al, I have known that I was in love with you for several weeks now! I knew that I couldn't say anything, especially since my past isn't one to be proud of! I have loved you I think, from the night we met! That is why I was willing to go with you and let you watch me!"

Al hugged her and began to kiss her all over! Soon the two lovers were going at it again, although in a much more relaxed and softer pace! It seems as if true love had found two very messed up and lost souls, and wreaked havoc on them until they succumbed to the inevitable!

Miles away, and in a motel room, Julie was undressed waiting for her husband to come to bed. Her feelings for him had grown stronger, and she knew that she was extremely lucky to have gotten a husband that would still love her even after all the things she had done! She also knew that they had demons that were still going to be dealt with, and there was a fear that both shared, that those demons would drive them apart!

Jon came into the bedroom, and standing at the foot of the bed, asked Julie if she wanted the light on or off.

"On Jon, I want to see you, I want to see what I am touching, I want to see what I am going to be kissing, and I want more than anything, for you to see my eyes looking up at you as I give you my mouth, tongue and lips, pleasuring you!"

Jon looked at her, and realized she was still trying her hardest to prove that her love for him was genuine, and that she really truly loved him! His feelings were the same, and it had been a very long hard trip, each trying to make up for shortcomings, that in reality, had never been!

As Jon lay down on the bed Julie spread her legs wide apart, and she also spread her arms out offering herself to him! Her breasts proudly stood up and her shaved pussy showed her wetness! She was clearly letting Jon know her body was for him, however he wanted to take it would be all right with her! He knelt down between her legs, and then moved his head right to her pussy! His tongue shot out and began to caress and explore her hairless wet slit! He soon found his tongue going down and taking her legs in his strong hands he pushed them up and back, exposing her rosebud to his invading tongue!

Julie squirmed around and let him have better access to her little brown bud! She took her hands and placed them on her knees, pulling her legs back more and more until her knees were on her upper arms! Her whole crotch area exposed to Jon's eyes, and hands, and tongue! He began to finger her pussy with one hand and her ass with another, soon he had several fingers in each hole and his tongue was busily roaming around to other sensitive spots, like her hooded clit! Julie didn't take long and soon she had the first of several orgasms! Jon used every trick he knew to bring pleasure to his wife! He had learned a quite a few things over the last months, and so had Julie for that matter!

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