tagGroup SexJulie's Summer Schooling

Julie's Summer Schooling


'Enjoying the view?'


'You like what you see over there?'

'Don't know what you're talking about.' I turned on my sofa-bed and smiled sheepishly at Lucy. Best to own up when you know you've been caught out. Plus there's a special dispensation for letting your eyes stray when you're on holiday. I read that in FHM.

Not that I was easily distracted from the five foot six of tightly-coiled sexual fury lying next to me. Since our first meeting two months previously, when Lucy had sold me a new mobile phone and I had sold her the idea of a drink together, - how the hell did I get THAT lucky? - my libido had been put through its paces with an intensity that delighted and unnerved me. The evening of our first date had set the course for our relationship thus far. Returned from a suitably classy bar and the wine all drunk, she had ended up straddling me naked on my sofa, mousy-blonde hair tumbling round my face, nails digging painfully into my upper arms, pretty features contorted into a fuck-me snarl, as I drove my cock upwards into her slippery depths for the first time. Were all English girls like this? This Celtic lad was glad he'd made the trip across the Channel.

There was little room for anything you might call 'love-making' in our various sexual trysts. Her round, tanned ass, it became clear, was for slapping with the hard flat of my hand. Her perfectly rounded C-cup tits were not to be caressed, but grabbed roughly, the nipples sucked and pinched into sore little points of desire. She liked to have her hair pulled, while being made to deep-throat me on her knees and when her mouth wasn't stuffed, she'd exhort me in my carnal efforts as I'd never heard a woman do before. 'Come on, bugger my tight ass, you dirty Irish fucker!!!' was typical of her encouragements to me when I was hard at work on her. She just wasn't a scented candles kind of girl.

Now in swimwear and sun block, we reclined by the hotel pool in late afternoon Mediterranean sunshine. It was a trip I'd planned for, working my just passable physique into something a bit more lean and muscular for the beach. Lucy had required no such regime. Eos, the Greek islands' centre of hedonism, had seemed an apt holiday location to see in her twenty-eighth birthday. We were relaxing after a night's exertions, begun with a nude coupling on the nearest beach at dusk; the sun a vast amber disc shimmering on the horizon, salt on our lips, her finger up my ass as I spunked over her stomach - precious memories indeed. Nothing to do today but bask in the thought of last night's sticky writhings. Until of course I was distracted by the lissom young thing on the other side of the pool, almost ready to burst out of her red-string bikini top.

'I can't blame you,' Lucy said sympathetically, and she cast an appraising eye over the object of my appreciation. 'She does look a hot little bitch. No virgin, but nor is she as experienced as she thinks she is.' It struck me as something wondrous that my partner was not only forgiving my lechery, she was joining in. We watched in shared admiration as the strikingly curved youngster, surely not quite out of her teens, pranced along the end of the pool flirting obviously and naively with some local boys. Her chirpy London accent carried across to our side. She made the Greek lads great show of peeling her bikini bottoms out of her ass-crack, before slipping into the pool once more.

Lucy brushed my arm teasingly with her nails. 'I think she could be a prime candidate for our little fantasy,' she said archly. I shot her an amused glance, and realised with a jolt in my stomach that she was perfectly serious.

Detailed discussion of fantasies was a favourite pastime of ours. There were the ideas you put firmly on your to do list and worked your way through enthusiastically - sex in department store changing rooms, extravagant role-playing bondage games, that sort of thing. There were the unfeasible ones about fucking on stage in some seedy underground sex club in Amsterdam with hundreds of baying spectators, or about me as voyeur, watching on spy-cam as she was mauled in a sports bath by an entire team of rugby players. And then there were the ones you ASSUMED had just been a joke... Lucy had kept me wrapt with tales of her past lesbian exploits, had hinted that I might just get to sit in on such an encounter. But when we had spun scenarios of picking out a gorgeous young girl together and plotting to take nasty advantage of her, had Lucy actually entertained the possibility? 'What do you think, James?' she pursued, with a lascivious grin. Christ, I thought, she really means it! I'm dating a woman who wants to carry out the joint seduction of a teenage girl just for kicks! I stared at her in renewed amazement. It was wonder enough that I was dating a petite, filthy-minded goddess like Lucy. To then find that she wanted to include a second beautiful female in the proceedings made my head spin like I'd heatstroke. Shit like that just didn't happen, or at least it didn't happen to me...

'Let's do it,' I said in giddy awe of my deliciously wicked girlfriend, and then realised I hadn't the first inkling of a plan. 'Ehhh - it might improve our chances if you make first contact.'

'Leave it to Lucy,' she smiled with her outrageous confidence. 'She reminds me of myself when I was her age, in which case we're in luck.' She kissed me wetly on the lips and swung herself off her sun-bed. My heart was thudding like I was a teen on his first promise, as her slight, gracefully curved form padded delicately over to the pool-side. Hair tied back, she dived lithely into the water and swam with a smooth breaststroke towards her newly established prey.

The younger girl seemed instantly gratified when Lucy appeared beside her and drew her into conversation with her casual charm; my girlfriend's opener was some relaxed, ironic comment about the youngster's rowdy admirers. The two new acquaintances ended up leaning by the side of the pool for some ten minutes, chatting easily. Lucy indicated across to me at one point, and her unsuspecting young friend waved over. I returned the wave nonchalantly, as they shared some obviously hilarious joke at my expense. Initial contact achieved.

'Her name's Julie,' Lucy informed me slyly when she returned. 'Just turned nineteen, about to start university. Her girlie-pals are off at the beach, but she stuck around here to shake off a hangover. A few shots of tequila and she's dancing on the tables, it seems - make a mental note of that. Looks like she's recovered enough to join us for a drink later though...'

I leaned over to embrace her newly wet form. 'You are truly an evil little bitch,' I said with my now customary awed affection.

Her tongue snaked briefly in and out of my mouth. 'It's what you love me for.' Well wasn't THAT the truth?

A shadow drew across us and we looked up to see Julie, hovering hesitantly. 'Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt,' she said with an embarrassed giggle.

'James, this is Julie.' Lucy's official introduction was full of warmth. 'Her friends have all buggered off and left her - I said she could join us for a drink a little later.'

'Hi Julie.' I reached up to shake hands and, as she lent her bikinied form over me, I got to appreciate her fully. Rather taller than Lucy, wavy auburn hair to her shoulders, she was skinny in a delightfully girlish way, with those ripe, young D-cup tits just begging to be released from their confines. 'You're way too good for them,' I said cheerily. 'Why not meet us in the bar when we've changed?'

'Look, we were going to open that bottle of Sambuca - why doesn't Julie just come round to us?' was Lucy's phoney afterthought. 'Say around six - room seventeen?'

'Good idea,' I chimed in, taking the cue. 'It'll be more relaxing.' My heart was beating out a tattoo at the course on which Lucy and I were apparently embarking.

'Thanks, that sounds really nice,' beamed Julie, apparently delighted at her older, sexy new friends. 'I'll go get changed. See you both later!'

'See you sweetheart,' Lucy called in big-sisterly fashion, as our buxom little pool princess skipped off into the hotel building.

I watched her go and felt a pang of guilt in the middle of my lust. 'She seems almost too nice to do this to,' I commented matter-of-factly, but I did feel it deep down.

'Bullshit,' Lucy responded, stretching herself out with a sigh for a final bask in the sun. She picked up her shades and slipped them back on. 'Of course she's NICE... That just makes it all the sweeter.' I could scarcely argue.


The knock on our door was tentative and on time. 'Such a shy young thing,' Lucy smiled at me, with her familiar glint of wickedness. 'After all her sexy cavorting round the pool, I think she's gone all bashful.' She nodded to the entrance. 'Go invite our guest in then.' As I went to let Julie into our neatly furnished double room, I considered the plan Lucy and I had loosely worked out. I suppose we trusted each other to improvise the rest, following our satisfyingly dirty bedroom role-plays of recent weeks and all our luxurious late-night sex talks, although on this occasion I had a definite sense I was following Lucy's lead. To squeeze the erotic juice out this fantasy while chatting in bed was one thing. But to get proactive in making it happen... Yes, I was out of my depth and Lucy was my swimming instructor. There we were, showered and changed: me into a T-shirt and beach shorts, Lucy into a showy halter top and denim cut-offs - the sort of clothes that could be stripped off in an instant, should the mood demand it. Let the session commence.

Julie flashed her radiant girlish beam once more, as I opened the door to her. She entered wearing a thin-strapped, muslin summer-dress, which showed off her tanned, ample bosom and traced her slim waist to pleasing effect. Its semi-transparent, white material pleasantly suggested the lacy bra and panties beneath. She was clutching a purse with both hands, looking nervous and happy. Lucy met her in the middle of the room, her slight form rising so she could kiss the taller girl briefly on the cheek, then she led her to the drinks-laden table by the open patio doors. 'It's really nice you could join us,' she said in sincere fashion, as I cracked the seal on the Sambuca. 'James and I have been keeping to ourselves so far this holiday.'

Julie caught the knowing edge in her voice. 'That's really romantic,' she smiled.

'Romantic,' Lucy grinned archly at me as I passed round glasses of neat liquor and joined them at the table. 'That's one way of putting it.' She glanced back at Julie, who blushed instantly and obviously. 'Of course James puts it all sorts of ways.' Julie appeared to nearly choke on her drink, but a moment later the girls were giggling together. 'I'm sorry Julie, I'm being wicked,' said Lucy, setting her hand on the girl's arm. 'Tell me about your adventures here so far.'

And that was all it took - the girl-chat flowed easily with the Sambuca; I topped up Julie's glass twice as frequently as our own. Lucy drew out her callow young friend with the gentlest of promptings - Julie's crazy nights out with her friends, the sailing instructor she had a crush on, the inexperienced young French boy she had fucked in the sand dunes two nights before. My girlfriend's skill at putting total strangers at their ease was relaxing me as well. I laughed with them, teased Julie about her amorous exploits and flirted provocatively with Lucy. The undefined mood of sex in the room was uncanny; a vague promise of carnality hung in the air and it was all Lucy's doing. She was obviously tapping into something she perceived in Julie, because the young girl was revelling in the air of adult sexuality; she was drawn in by Lucy's warmth, with its undercurrent of danger, and laughed with increasing wickedness at my playfully dirty interjections. When I alluded our beach-sex sand problem, and the way we had cleaned each other out the next day, my other half gave my upper arm a hefty thump and indicated the balcony.

'Go take your drink outside, you dirty bastard,' she laughed. 'Then Julie and I can talk properly without you lowering the tone.'

I left them to it, but the drink-amplified conversation floated out to me as I swilled my Sambuca, looking over the hotel pool. You had to hand it to her - Lucy's conversation was flawlessly manipulative. So was Julie looking forward to college? She should be - she'd get to expand her mind in all sorts of ways. She should grab those opportunities like Lucy did in her own student days. Did Lucy mean educational opportunities? Well yes, in the broadest sense - like the party where she ended up fucking two guys at once for the first time - Julie really ought to explore that. And then there was a certain lecturer who had really broadened her outlook. Sounds fantastic - was he much older?

'SHE was nearly twenty years older,' Lucy replied, in a devilish tone.

'She?' There was a perhaps a hint of admiration in Julie's voice along with the surprise. 'You're - what - you're bisexual?'

'Well, a nice firm cock will always have first place in my heart,' Lucy confided. 'But she was a very accomplished seductress and since then I like to keep an open mind. The right girl in the right situation...You ever been with a woman?' There was an openness in her voice that invited confidence.

'Well...' Julie had turned a shade more coy. 'Not exactly...There was this friend at a party once, but we sort of got interrupted...We just kissed a bit..... It was a joke really, we were just mucking about. It was nothing. Her parents came home unexpectedly and...well...nothing more happened. Not that it was going to...' Well what are the chances? I was thinking. It was like Lucy had picked it up on her sex-radar back at the pool... Just the merest hint of bi-curiosity. You'll believe me when I say I have never eavesdropped on a more thrilling conversation.

'That's a shame,' said Lucy. 'It can open up all kinds of possibilities.' I could sense the wicked grin spreading over her face. 'Like double-teaming a guy? You know how men go nuts for that lipstick lesbian stuff - all they have to see is two girls kissing at a club and a fuse blows in their brain. It's so much fun to fuck with a guy's head that way. Come on, you've never done that with some of your friends? A bit of dance floor snogging to get the boys going?'

Julie was giggling with her again. 'Well we've done sexy dancing together, you know... Kind of - well - writhing and stuff...'

'There you are,' said Lucy. 'It's not such a big leap to teaming up with her and giving a guy a special treat. Maybe even a boyfriend, yours or hers. Makes everything so much more fun.'

'Wow, I don't know...' But it was obvious from Julie's voice how impressed she was with her new acquaintance's worldly wisdom. 'So have you and...?'

'Have I done a threesome with James?' Lucy shot back without missing a beat. My pulse speeded up a little and I fired off a quick prayer to the gods of debauched multi-participant sex. 'Not yet.' I imagined her taking a sip of her drink for dramatic effect. 'But I know he'd like to...' Just a hint of suggestion in her voice, but enough to produce an aching silence, into which I walked, all innocence. They were sitting cross-legged on the room's white plastic sofa, a strikingly gorgeous contrast of build and hair colour. Julie had her eyes fixed on Lucy, her expression a little closer to curiosity than anxiety.

'Sorry - interrupting some great moment of feminine insight?'

'He's such an idiot,' said Lucy, squeezing Julie's hand and breaking whatever spell she had cast. 'Shame I like him so much.' She rose, reached up to kiss me and made for the en suite bathroom. 'Keep our guest company,' she instructed softly in my ear, and disappeared. It's not often, in my experience, that you find your girlfriend pushing you to make a move on another girl, so however unnerving the experience, I suggest you go with it when it happens.

'Force of nature, isn't she?' I said, nestling comfortably next to Julie on the sofa in an effort to mask my own nervousness.

'She's lovely,' the slightly drink-befuddled girl replied, flustered but a little exhilarated as well. 'You seem really good together. You know, comfortable with each other.'

'Well we share a lot of the same tastes,' I said. 'Same things make us laugh, same things turn us on... Same people turn us on sometimes.' It seemed I was increasing in my daring, although Julie seemed confused by the comment and I passed over it. 'What I mean is, I'm very lucky.'

'So's she.'

Julie meant the comment quite innocently, but I was sufficiently inspired to lean over swiftly and touch my lips to hers. She would have broken away automatically with Lucy so close by, but I'd twined my left hand through the back of her hair to prevent her from doing so and the kiss lingered, with just a hint of a response from her. Then Lucy was back in the room and Julie pulled back, looking perplexed and guilty. She tried to stammer some explanation, but no words would come.

'Don't worry sweetheart,' Lucy said in a noticeably more husky and seductive tone than before, and she sashayed calmly across the room to sit on Julie's other side. 'I'm not the jealous type. And we're all friends here, aren't we?' She gave her young new companion a reassuring hug. 'Did you like the way he kissed you?'

Julie was mesmerised, speechless, but gave a faint nod. 'And what would you like to do about it?' Lucy pursued, softly stroking her arm.

It was all Julie could do to speak. 'Kiss him properly,' she replied in a near-whisper. I drew her head round delicately and put my lips on hers once more. The kiss was light at first, but then I explored her soft mouth more fully, flickering my tongue into its warm and wetness and tempting her tongue on a return visit to my own mouth. We were holding each other now, Julie's initial tenseness melting away and her body instinctively starting to reciprocate. I could sense Lucy not far off, stroking Julie's skin and hair more insistently. Then she deftly guided the girl's face away from mine and towards her own. Julie resisted just perceptibly and went to speak; talking about the theory might have been fun and exotic, but she was balking at the practice. Lucy, however, shushed her with a finger to her own lips and then planted her mouth firmly on that of her young companion, tongue already searching.

It was a contender for most distracting sight I had ever witnessed, to which my bulging trouser crotch surely testified, but I tried to retain focus. As Julie was drawn by my girlfriend into a prolonged lesbian embrace, I set gently about the teenager's ear and neck with my lips and teeth. My fingers brushed the smooth, tanned skin at the top of her chest. Then as her body thawed and responded more fully to Lucy's touch and mine, I plunged my hand down the front of her dress, fingers exploring the deep channel of her cleavage, then forcing their way under the tight restriction of her bra cup and taking possession of her left breast. I kneaded the firm globe, finally pulling it free of the cup and working its large areola into a hard point with my thumb and index finger.

I was still kissing her neck, occasionally looking up to see Lucy's mouth clamped on hers, thrusting her tongue aggressively down the nineteen-year-old's surprised throat. A tide of lust was rising in us both, the initial tenderness giving way to Lucy's original plan of selfishly using this delicious young girl for every ounce of enjoyment she could provide us. I was now keenly aware of my extended prick in relation to her supple young form, but even more arousing was the growing sexual ferocity in Lucy. Her pretty, petite and slender appearance concealed a lustful energy and sordid imagination that constantly astonished me. I knew what was about to be unleashed in her - poor young Julie did not.

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