tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJungle Tom Ch. 04

Jungle Tom Ch. 04


By far the most difficult celeb that I met in my Rain Forest village was a super-bitch called Mariah.

She arrived one day with two big nasty looking bodyguards and a little timid middle-aged woman named Wanda.

Right from the start the super-bitch upset everyone in the village. She barked orders at everybody, even making demands of the Chief himself and poor old Wanda had to do everything that Mariah asked.

Whenever Mariah thought that she had seen a spider she would scream her head off until someone came to her assistance.

She complained about the food, the heat, the people, the plants, the animals, almost everything and it seemed that everybody was scared of her.

After two days Wanda became so exhausted with Mariah's demands that she became ill and had to be flown back home. This made Super-bitch grumpier than ever because she had now lost her personal servant.

One day I felt the temptation to visit Mariah's hut.

This hut (if you remember) was the same hut that Britney, Christina and Lindsey had stayed in.

I knew that Mariah was not at home because she had gone to pester the Chief about something or another.

I was simply curious to see what she had done to the décor of the hut.

I couldn't possibly see how she could lower herself to live in there.

I climbed the ladder and entered the hut. I was quite surprised to see what a mess it was in.

There were used-tampons, dirty underwear and all sorts of things lying on the floor. It seemed that without Wanda to tidy up after her, Mariah had got herself into a mess.

I had a good look around but got the shock of my life when Mariah herself came up the ladder and caught me in there.

"What the hell do you think you are doing?" she screamed.

"I ,I..." I spluttered, "I was just...."

"How dare you?" she yelled.

I thought that she would ask me to leave but instead she just started barking orders at me.

"Now that you're here, you nasty intruder, you can start by cleaning up this place!"

I told her that I was not her servant and would not take orders from her but she told me that if I did not do as she asked, I would be receiving a visit from her nasty bodyguards.

I had no choice but to do as she wanted me to.

She told me that I would have to be her replacement for Wanda. When I found out the things that Wanda had to do for her, it didn't surprise me at all that the servant had become ill.

My first task was to pick up all the tampons and dispose of them. I then had to collect all of Mariah's dirty panties, take them to the stream and wash them.

I was under strict orders not to look at any embarrassing stains that were on them as "Miss Carey has to keep her dignity at all times".

I was under even stricter orders not to sniff them as everybody wanted to sniff Mariah Carey's underwear because she is the most important, most desirable goddess on the planet.

I did as she asked and took her panties to the stream, washed them as best I could then brought them back to the village.

I hung them outside her hut to dry then I climbed the ladder and went back inside.

Mariah was sat on the bed waiting for me. She ordered me to strip naked which I did.

"Servants perform much better when naked," she told me, "If you're ever going to set eyes on any part of my body then it is only right that I see yours uncovered."

Her words excited me and I wondered what she meant by me setting eyes on her body.

It didn't take me long to find out!

She took off her skirt and panties and invited me to look at her pussy.

I got an erection instantly. She saw this and said to me:

"I should be angry with you for becoming erect in my presence. I'm not here to satisfy your pathetic sexual urges. However, I will let you off this time because being the most beautiful woman in show-business, I accept that you can't help yourself."

The vanity of the woman was beyond belief!

"Now," she said to me, "I'm going to tell you what your next task is. I want you to lick my pussy and my ass. I'm in need of a little relaxation. It's the stress of trying to cope with these simple natives.

I want you to lick, lick and lick and don't stop until I tell you otherwise. You can start on my pussy first."

I didn't need to be told twice.

I climbed onto the bed and I expected her to lie on her back and open her legs but she didn't.

She commanded me to lie on my back.

"Mariah Carey never puts herself beneath anyone," she snapped, "I will sit on the face as I normally do."

She crouched over me and then lowered herself onto my mouth and nose. I started to lick her pussy but she pushed me away with her hand.

"I'm trying to relax, you fool," she said, "start around the edges first!

Do it slowly and build up to it."

I licked around her pussy slightly brushing the edges of her lips with my tongue and taking care not to stick it inside just yet.

"That's it, Wanda," she moaned, "nice and softly."

"My name's Tom," I mumbled.

"Shut up and keep licking, Wanda," she barked, "you're filling in for Wanda so I shall call you Wanda!"

I licked and licked and licked until she urged me to go one step further.

"Now you can stick your tongue inside my cunt," she said to me.

"I started slowly circling my tongue inside her. I lapped it up like a kitten drinking milk.

She urged to me go faster, so I did.

Her cunt had a strong aromatic smell and I was completely intoxicated by it.

As I lapped away and nibbled on her clitoris she started to moan. The moans got louder and louder and at one point I thought that she was going to break into song.

After what seemed like a very long time (my tongue was getting tired) she asked me to stop and lifted herself off.

"That was a most satisfying orgasm, Wanda," she said to me. "Normally, I would ask you to work on my ass now, but I'm too tired. I spent a lot of time shouting at the Chief today and that is not good for a singer. I need to rest my voice and I need some sleep. Come back tomorrow and do some more chores for me or I'll send my faithful bodyguards to visit you."

I got dressed and was about to leave when she asked me to take something. She gave me a small book.

"This is Wanda's handbook," she said to me.

"This handbook is what all my employees have. It has all the rules in it. Study it tonight and then you will know how to behave correctly tomorrow."

I took the book and left. When I got back to my hut, I decided to read it.

The first chapter was entitled "How to Greet your Mistress." It went something like this:

"Each day when you meet Mariah Carey indoors you must first take her right hand and kiss it whilst bowing or courtseying at the same time.

Next you must take her left hand and do the same.

The next step is to say "Good day to you Miss Carey, you are looking so beautiful as always."

The next step is hug your mistress and kiss her on her lips.

If she is pleased she may stick her tongue in your mouth. You must let her do so as she likes nothing better than a good french kiss.

You must continue to kiss her passionately until she beckons you to stop or she pulls away.

The next step is to grab her left breast. If it is possible to do so you must gently remove the breast from its cover, place her nipple in your mouth, give it a very brief suck and then say

"What a pleasure it is to taste your beautiful nipple, Miss Carey."

Repeat this with the right breast.

Next gently lift the front of Miss Carey's skirt, comment on the beauty of her shapely legs and then pull her panties half way down. Next you must say the words,

"Miss Carey, your cunt is the most beautiful cunt ever."

If she is pleased she will turn around with her panties still down and let you kiss her first on the left buttock and then on the right.

You must then say, "Miss Carey your ass is most beautiful, far prettier than any face I have ever seen except for your own face of course, and if you were to fart now it would make my day as your farts smell more beautiful than any rose that I have ever smelt."

Finally you must replace carefully Miss Carey's panties so that she can preserve her decency. Then you must remove your own clothes and hand them to Miss Carey. Miss Carey will keep your clothes until she sees fit as to give you them back."

I read all this and was surprised that such a handbook had even been printed.

I read it a few times and made a strong effort to memorise what I had learnt.

The next morning, I went to Mariah's hut and climbed inside. I must have arrived early because she was still undressed. Apart from stockings, a suspender belt and a pair of stilettos she was completely naked.

I went over to her bed, took her right hand and kissed it. I tried to bow as I did so, then I took her left hand and did the same.

When it came to the kiss, she dutifully stuck her tongue in my mouth so I knew that she was pleased.

We kissed for a while and then I made my next move.

Because her breasts were already bare, it was simply a matter of undergoing the nipple-sucking and saying the magic words.

The same ritual was carried out with the rest.

After this was complete, I remembered that I had to replace her panties so that she could preserve her dignity, but unfortunately there were no panties to replace.

She glared at me and told me that if there were no panties to replace then I must get some and put them on her. I spent the next five minutes dressing her until she was fully clothed and satisfied.

I then took off my own clothes one-by-one and handed them to her.

She took them from me and placed them on the bed.

My first chore was to clean the floor, which I did.

First I swept the floor and then I got on my hands and knees and gave it a scrub.

At one point Mariah kicked my naked arse because I wasn't scrubbing hard enough and just as I was finishing she stuck a finger up my bottom, something that made her giggle intensely.

Next I had to carry out the ass licking task, the one which I should have done the day before.

One again, I lay on my back as she lowered herself onto my face, but this time in the reverse position.

She did not smell clean.

I think that she hadn't had a good wash or ass-wipe in days but I tolerated it and licked away at her crack like there was no tomorrow. After twenty minutes or so she seemed satisfied.

She saw that I was still erect and for someone who I believed to be selfish, she actually took pity on me.

"I can see that you are almost at bursting point, so I command you to relieve yourself."

I sat on the bed and jerked myself off.

She watched me and enjoyed what she saw.

She told me that she could not give me a helping hand as it was beneath her to hold the penis of a non-celebrity such as myself.

To her credit, however, she did occasionally give me a flash of nipple or a quick glimpse of her beaver in order to keep me stimulated.

When I had made my mess all over her bed and a little splash on her skirt, she took some of my cum on her finger and licked it off.

She informed me that it was okay to do this, even for such a goddess as herself!

According to her philosophy, Man's milk was always good to taste as it gave a woman the fuel that she needed to stay beautiful.

There is a certain irony when a woman cannot put her penis in your mouth but she is still quite happy to swallow your cum!

However, Mariah then reverted back to her domineering nature and commanded that I wipe the rest of my spunk from her bed sheets.

She then let me have a break and we both sat on the bed and had a cigarette (I had started smoking again).

Half way through my cigarette, Mariah lifted her leg and let out the biggest, loudest fart I have ever heard. She giggled as she lifted her skirt and wafted her gas in my direction.

The smell was awful and made me wince. I can only guess that the food in the village had disagreed with her terribly.

She was not pleased to see me wince.

"How dare you cringe at one of my beautiful farts?" she snapped, "you are privileged to smell one.

If I could bottle them and give them to you, you would make a fortune."

I was pleased that at least she had NOT farted whilst sitting on my face!

The next thing she asked me to do was to escort her to the toilet huts. This meant that I had to leave the hut naked which did not bother me too much as I lived in a village where most of the tribe were half-naked anyway.

I took her to the cleanest of the huts, the one that I had cleaned only two days before. She asked me to wait outside until she had finished.

When she came out she was not pleased. She looked as if she was going to start having one of her tantrums.

"I've just had a terrible experience," she said, "I swear that you must tell no one about this."

She pulled her panties down and I was horrified to see the mess that she had made in them.

It appeared to me that she had shit in her panties.

I began to feel sorry for her.

I told her that I would tell no-one unless she treated me as more of an equal.

She agreed with me and started to cry.

Even the greatest of bitches have a soft vulnerable side!

Two days later Mariah left the village forever. She never gave me my clothes back.

Mariah did leave me a gift however.

I was left with a small gold plated box.

Inside it was a note:

"Dear Wanda (Tom)

I'm sorry that I took your clothes.

As you know, I am the best singer in the world, ever, ever, and therefore I am worth more than you will ever be.

However, I still regard you as a friend.

You now have permission to call me Mariah, not that I will ever see you again, you hopeless mortal!

I leave you great wealth!

If you look inside this box, you will see the prize that I have left you.

Yours faithfully

Mariah Carey, Goddess, Superstar, Empress."

I looked inside the box and noticed that she had left me a pair of her stained panties (not the ones that she had shit in, thankfully).

Maybe she was thinking that they were actually worth something.

I don't know!

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