tagCelebrities & Fan FictionJungle Tom Ch. 05

Jungle Tom Ch. 05


One day in my village, two female celebrities arrived but not together.

The first one turned up with her husband and a small party of hangers-on. She introduced herself and her husband to the Chief and then she introduced herself to everyone in the village one by one.

Eventually she introduced herself to me.

"Hi, I'm Angelina," she said, and this is my husband, Brad."

I recognised both of them now that they had told me their names.

Brad didn't say anything, he just nodded and smiled at me, but Angelina was fairly chatty.

She asked me my name, asked me what I was doing in the village and what the food was like. She seemed interested in what I had to say at first, but after a few minutes I realised that she was not really listening to me anymore.

Someone else had caught her eye.

She was looking at a small child that one of the tribeswomen were carrying

"Oh, my, look at that baby," she said, "Isn't he cute? If only I could take him home with me."

It was then that it dawned on me that Angelina was here for one reason and one reason only.

She did not speak to me again that day. She decided to go and speak to some of the children and disappeared into the large hut that we used as the village school.

An hour or so after this, another lady arrived with her husband too.

She introduced herself to the Chief and then immediately started speaking to some of the children.

Like Angelina's husband, Brad the new arrival's husband said nothing much but instead took out a bottle of beer from his backpack and started to drink it.

He introduced himself to me as 'Guy' then went back to his drink.

Well, soon after this, Angelina came out of the school-hut and when she saw the new arrival she was absolutely furious.

"Hey Madonna," she shouted, "What the fuck are you doing here?"

Madonna looked at her and scowled.

"Oh, it's you," she snarled, "I might have known that you'd be here getting in on the act."

"Getting in on the act? What is that supposed to mean?" asked Angelina, "I was here first!"

They both squared up to each other but said nothing else.

I decided that it might be wise to disappear.

As I left to go back to my hut, I noticed Brad and Guy looking at each other and shrugging. It seemed that both men were a little embarrassed by the hostility between their two wives.

The next day I rose early and went to the main area of huts. I could hear people shouting and the tribes-people had gathered into a small crowd. When I saw what was happening, I realised that some sort of argument had broken out between our new female arrivals.

"I want the little girl, she's so adorable," screamed Angelina.

"Yes but I'm having, her, I saw her first!" screamed Madonna.

"Yes, but I arrived here first!" yelled Angelina.

The two women would not give in and both of them stubbornly continued to shout at each other. I looked around to see where their husbands were. I noticed Brad and Guy were stood next to each other and both were whispering.

I approached them and asked them what was happening.

"It's the wives, they're at it again," said Guy.

"Yes," said Brad, "it looks like things are getting heated. I think that a fight is going to break out soon."

"Well," I said, "don't you think that both of you ought to step in and break things up?"

Brad looked at me and started to laugh.

"You must be joking," he said, "Never come between two fighting women. It's more than your life's worth. The last time I tried to stop Angelina in a cat-fight, I ended up with two black eyes!"

Guy nodded his head in agreement.

"This is embarrassing," he said.

"Look, Brad I've got some beers in my hut, do you fancy coming back for a few drinks?"

Brad smiled.

"Yes, that's sounds like a good idea to me."

The two men left so I went closer to the action to see what the two women were up to.

"You bitch," snarled Angelina, "you always copy what I do!"

"Oh, I do not," hissed Madonna.

Madonna pushed Angelina and much to everyone's surprise Angelina was caught off-balance and fell on her backside into the mud. She was wearing a t-shirt, khaki shorts and hiking boots. When she stood back up again, we all noticed that the backside of her shorts were now covered with wet sticky mud.

"Look what you have done?" she yelled, "these shorts are ruined."

"Well," sneered Madonna, you'll have to take them off then."

"You Bitch! You take yours off."

Angelina reached for Madonna's shorts and gave them a yank. Surprisingly they ripped clean off and Madonna stood there in her panties looking embarrassed.

"Give those back," she yelled, but didn't know whether to reach out and try and take back her shorts or to try and cover up her panties with her hand. Some of the tribesmen started laughing.

Angelina still had Madonna's shorts in her hand and teasingly held them out at arms length.

"Come and take them back if you think you can."

Madonna lunged herself at Angelina and pushed her down into the mud again. Then she leapt onto top of her. Both women started rolling around on the ground, pulling at each other's hair and screaming.

Madonna's lost shorts were now lying on the ground in the mud. Her panties were beginning to slip too and her bare backside was poking out of them as the wrestling had created some sort of wedgie.

In the scuffle Angelina's top was ripped and pretty soon one of her breasts escaped. I managed to get a brief glimpse of nipple but then my vision was obscured by Madonna's body as Madonna lay on top of Angelina.

Eventually the wrestling stopped and both women lay still and panting for breath. They let go of each other and both women stood up. As Madonna turned to face my direction, I noticed that her panties were still up the crack of her backside and from the front she had a clearly defined camel-toe.

Angelina was standing with her left breast hanging out of her t-shirt. She made no attempt to cover up her nipple.

I decided that it would be a good idea to step in now and encourage them to make the peace while they had both stopped to get their breaths back.

"Look ladies," I said as I walked towards them, "perhaps you ought to stop this fighting, it's not solving anything."

Madonna looked at me and glared.

"You stay out of this, fella!" she snapped.

"Yeah," snarled Angelina, "this is none of your business."

I ignored their words and stepped between them and gently tried to push them both apart. This was a big mistake on my part as Angelina grabbed my hand and swung me into an arm-lock. Pinned by her from behind, she then push me forwards and I fell into the mud.

I heard the tribesmen laughing again.

Before I could get back up, Madonna jumped on me.

"Hold him down!" yelled Angelina.

Madonna slithered up my body and then sat on my face whilst Angelina jumped onto my belly and sat on me.

I was thankful that it wasn't Angelina's muddy shorts that were on my face but I still had to contend with a close-up view of Madonna's camel-toe.

It was as if they could read my mind because Angelina then said,

"Hey Madonna, you pin his legs down, I want to be the one to sit on the face."

"My pleasure," said Madonna as she changed her position and slithered onto my chest.

Thankfully Angelina removed her shorts before sitting on me but she sat in reverse position so I had her arse over my face. All that separated my nose from her ass-crack was a very thin pair of lacy panties.

Although I felt embarrassed to be like this in front of all those people, I still grew an erection.

They held me down like this for a few minutes and then they decided to get off me. They appeared to have stopped fighting for the time being, so I got up, dusted myself down and decided to slip away back to my hut. The villagers had dispersed by now and gone back to their duties. It seemed as if the show was over.

Later that evening I was resting in my hut when I received two surprise visitors.

It was Angelina and Madonna.

Much to my surprise they were both wearing lacy nightgowns. I assumed that they were both getting ready for bed.

They told me that they had both made up for the time being and both wanted to apologise to me. I asked where their husbands were and was told that both Brad and Guy had fallen asleep from drinking too much.

Angelina came and sat on my bed at one side of me and Madonna came and sat on the other.

Angelina said, "We've both decided that in the interests of peace, we'll both adopt a child. I will adopt a boy."

"And I will adopt a girl," said Madonna.

"That's seems like a fair compromise," I said.

They both smiled at me.

"It's a pity that I won't be able to breast feed her though," said Madonna, "I will not be able to produce milk unfortunately. I am now menopausal."

"Well, I'll be able to produce milk," piped in Angelina.

"No you won't," said Madonna, "how can you produce milk if you're not pregnant?"

"What's being pregnant got to do with it, I've been pregnant before," snapped Angelina.

I could see that things were getting heated and the two women were starting to argue again.

"Your breasts are the wrong shape for breastfeeding anyway. Mine are much nicer to suck on, jeered Madonna."

"How dare you?" screamed Angelina, "we'll see whose breasts are the best for sucking on."

With that remark she then ripped open the top of her nightie and pushed me onto my back. She commanded that I suckle on her nipple and she pushed her breast right into my face.

"You can tell me how nice my tit is!" she barked

"Leave him alone," snapped Madonna, "he doesn't want to suck your stinky tit, he'd rather suck mine."

Madonna ripped open her top and pushed Angelina away. I was now lying flat on my back with Madonna hovering over me, her tits swinging back and forth and dangling over my face.

"Suck on one of my nipples," she ordered.

I tried to grab one of her tits and put it in my mouth but Angelina muscled in and tried to shove her tit in my face. The two girls started fighting over me and for the next five minutes, I had tits pushed in my face and nipples whacked against my mouth.

I was trying desperately to suck on something but it was like trying to catch a swinging pendulum with my teeth.

At one point I had two women completely squashing me and I felt I was going to suffocate as two, three or even four huge pillows of flesh were forced down hard onto my mouth and nose.

The two women continued to shout and squeal as they pushed and shoved at each other and I was the one trapped beneath them both.

Madonna even grabbed hold of Angelina by the arm and swung her around so that she no longer had her chest over me but instead ended up with some other part of her anatomy over me.

"He'd rather suck on your ass than your smelly tit," yelled Madonna.

"No, he would not," squealed Angelina and she tried to turn herself around again but all that happened was that she collapsed and her muscular thighs ended up on my face.

The fighting was so intense that one point I ended up with Angelina's pussy pressed firmly against my nose and may I tell you that by now she had completely lost her nightgown and was not wearing panties either!

I continued to be subject to this abuse for the next twenty minutes or so and the scuffling had cause both women to be very sweaty. In the end, they tired of fighting and left my hut.

I lay still on my bed for a few minutes trying to get my breath back. There was a strong odour of female sweat and pussy in my hut and I decided that I needed to go out and get some fresh air.

The next day one of the tribesman gave me a note. He told me that it was from Madonna and he told me that her and Guy had left the village early that morning. They had left without a child.

I put the note in my shorts pocket and decide that I would read it later.

Later that morning I found out that Angelina and Brad had also left. They too had left childless. I was given another note. This was from Angelina.

I decided to go back to my hut so that I could read the two notes that I had been given.

I read Madonna's first:

"Dear Tom,

Sorry for all the trouble that you had to go through yesterday but I'm sure you'll realise what a pig that Angelina Jolie is. I know she fancies my husband as well because she's always giving him the eye. I know that you'll agree that I've got much nicer tits than her, it's a pity that you didn't get chance to suck them properly and find out for yourself.

Love Madonna xx"

Next, I read Angelina's note:

"Dear Tom,

Sorry for what happened yesterday, it seems that you were a bit of a pig-in-the-middle when it came to my fight with Madonna.

Talking of pigs, I know for a fact that the bitch fancies Brad, she's always giving him the eye.

I'm glad that you saw my tits and can verify that they are much nicer than Madonna's.

If she hadn't been there yesterday you would have had a chance to have a proper suck on them and then you would know that mine taste far better than hers.

Love Angelina xx"

I chuckled to myself when I had finished reading.

Poor old Brad, poor old Guy. What did they have to put up with?

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