tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJust a Day at University

Just a Day at University


NOTE - There is no sex in this story. If you want sex, this is not one for you


My name is Fiona, I am 19 years old and am currently in my first year at University. It is the second term so a lot of the parties have settled down and people are starting to split off into what will be their groups of friends. I live on campus in the student halls which consist of three separate five story buildings. Each floor is split into three separate living areas with each living area having a communal bathroom, kitchen and living room. The separate living areas are shared by eight people, there are four male and four females per area.

The door to each area leads into the living area that has sofa seating for eight people with four generous two seater sofas. There is an open kitchen area off the side of the living room. At the back of the room there is a large floor to ceiling window that looks out onto the University grounds which are always fairly busy as it is a main through route between lectures and to the student union. To the left and right of the large window are two long corridors. The one to the left goes behind the kitchen area and leads to four bedrooms which are used by the boys. To the right is where the bathroom is as well as four other rooms that are used by the girls.

The bedrooms are all identical. There is a double bed a double wardrobe and a desk. They are basic, but they do the job. It is rare to be in your room anyway, it is a lot more social in the living room as you don't make many friends locking yourself away in your room 18 hours a day.

The three other girls are Sophie, Jess and Rachel. They are all nice enough and I get on with all of them, Sophie however is in a few of my lectures, so as we didn't know anyone when we arrived having something in common lead us to being friends. We each met further friends throughout the first term and the two groups sort of merged giving us a friend group of 15 or so people. In short, if you fancy a drink, or a walk into town or whatever you don't usually have to go alone.

The boys we share with are Steve, Graham, Tom and Mark. Again, they are nice enough, typical blokes at University really. They are there for the drinking and the parties and each one at some point has tried to get into each of our pants. To my knowledge none of them have succeeded, and definitely not with me. They are cute enough, but sleeping with people you live with is just asking for awkwardness in my opinion.

Anyway, as I was saying. I am 19 years old, petite build. I weight around 50kg and stand just over five feet tall. I wear a dress size of six, or eight depending where I shop. My bra size is 32A. I have shoulder length brunette hair that I usually put back into a ponytail. I am a jeans / skirt and a t-shirt sort of girl. I will wear a dress, but I feel more comfortable in jeans, t-shirt and trainers.

Sophie is also 19 years old. She wears a dress size of 10 and I would guess weighs 60 - 70 kg. It is one thing you don't ask, "Hey, what do you weigh?" Best way to isolate a girl in one easy question. I have never seen her wearing less than pyjamas, but i would guess that her bra size was 36C or there abouts. She has blonde hair that she normally wears loose and it stops mid way down her back. She also is usually seen wearing jeans or a skirt and a t-shirt.

It was a Thursday afternoon as I let myself back into our flat. "Hey," I shouted as I went in and kicked my shoes off by the door.

"Hello," Sophie replied, "You eaten?"

"Not yet," i said.

"Bit of pasta in the pan if you want it," she said looking over her shoulder at me from the sofa.

"Ta," I said helping myself to a portion and sitting on the sofa opposite.

We did have set seats if it was a full house, but Thursday was an afternoon off for us so we usually had the flat to ourselves. Unless of course one of the others was skiving or whatever. "Anyone else in?" I asked.

"Don't think so," she said, "I haven't checked rooms though."

I finished my lunch and got up taking her bowl with me. I did the dishes and left them to drain. As was usual there is very little on that is worth watching so we loaded up the PS4. We loaded Nighogg, not sure if you have heard of it, but it is a basic stick person graphic fighting game. You can use fists and kick, or you can get a sword. It is one of those games where if you play online, you had may as well cut out the middle man and just pull your pants down and bend over. Sophie and myself were at a generally even level and was the go to game that we played.

The PS4 was brought in by Steve, but he allows anyone to use it and he even brought in two controllers that everyone uses. We started to play and the usual casual fighting happened with the comedy deaths. The number of times we just ran onto each other sword and died, or jumped onto a sword or something equally stupid.

"Anyone would think you like being penetrated," Sophie said with a grin.

"Yeah, you are hardly a virgin," I replied with a smile as I stabbed her in the chest and she died.

"Little lower though," she grinned back at me as she re-spawned.

"I bet," I said to her as she parried my high shot, swept my leg and plunged her sword through me as I laid on the floor. "Ooo, nice," I acknowledged as I re-spawned.

"On your back with a sword in you?" she teased.

"Oh I wish," I replied as I threw my sword at her. She was not paying attention and it hit her in the head.

We were both teenage girls at University. Personally I didn't go for sex, but lets be honest, it was pretty much on tap and if you had an urge that needed scratching it was easy enough to find a willing participant. That sounds so much like a cattle market, and also makes me sound like a proper slag, and I wont lie, I did have a fair few sexual partners during my University years. Not double figure numbers, but more than mother would approve of. And waaaay more than dad would approve of.

It was also never too early to have a drink. Sophie got up and handed me a bottle of beer. It was a no named budget supermarket brand, but it tasted okay. "Wanna spice it up?" Sophie asked me.

How so?" I asked half distracted as I tried to stab her but missed and she countered with a successful attack of her own.

"Loser gets a forfeit?" she said with a grin.

"What type of forfeit?" I asked her as I easily killed her as she stopped playing to look at me.

"Lets start with clothes?" she suggested.

"Oh really," I said looking at her. I had now stopped playing and was looking at her as she nodded as she looked back at me with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

"Yep," she said.

"In a communal living room?" I asked her glancing at the door and back at her again. She was wearing a knee length black skirt with a white t-shirt. She also had some trainer socks on and I assume some sort of underwear.

"Yep, why not," she said with a smile.

"Naked?" I asked her.

"Yep," she said, "One of us is getting naked."

"For how long?" I asked her. She just shrugged and looked at me, the mischievousness still noticeable in her eyes. "How about until someone comes back?" I suggested with a cheeky smile. I had no interest in seeing her naked, but I will be the first to admit that girls are excellent at psychological warfare and general mental torture. Each and any of the boys would be more than happy to see one of us with nothing on.

"How about till one of the boys comes back," she suggested.

I smiled at her, well aware that like me, she didn't want to see me naked, but was in it purely for the humiliation. Play a strip game with a guy and his ultimate goal is to penetrate you, but he would take seeing you naked as a very good second prize. Play a strip game with a girl and it is likely she just wants to embarrass you. "How about until the winner gets bored?" I said to her.

"Okay, but not all night," she said to which I just nodded. "Loser gets naked until the loser gets bored and has to do and go wherever they say," she recapped emphasising the word "go".

I felt my heart race slightly as she said it. I have always been a bit of an exhibitionist and the risk of being caught naked does excite me. What she was suggesting though a lot of people were seeing you naked if you lost. "Not outside though?" I said.

"Okay, just within the building," she said, "Arms secured behind the back though."

"Yeah, okay," I said handing her another beer and getting myself one.

"How many items do you have on?" she asked me, "Jeans, t-shirt... underwear?" she said.

"Yeah," I said, "jeans, t-shirt, underwear and socks. So five items."

"You counting socks as one I assume?" she asked, "Or are you only wearing one underwear item?"

"Yeah, socks as one item I am wearing both a bra and panties," I clarified, "You?"

"Same as you, skirt, t-shirt, bra, panties and socks," she said.

"So best of nine? First to five?" I said, "One per item?"

"First to four?" she said, "No one cares about socks?"

"Yeah, k," I said as she began to the set the game up. It was standard game, both players spawned with a sword. One hit was a kill, first to four kills was the winner.

"Do we have a strip order? Or is it losers choice?" Sophie asked me.

I looked at her puzzled for a few seconds until I realised she had a skirt on and she would likely go, top, panties, bra, skirt, where as I would have to go top, jeans, bra, panties. "Losers choice I guess?" I said, "I assume your skirt is last?"

"Nar, I wont be a bitch," she said, "Top, skirt, undies," she confirmed.

We both took our socks off and the game began. Surprisingly it was a lot more cagey than it is normally as we both held off for a few seconds before rushing in. She lunged but missed and I countered but missed. She swept my leg, but missed with her stab and as I stood up she wasn't ready and my stab got her in the belly.

"One," I said as she took her top off. She was wearing a white balcony bra that showed off plenty of her cleavage.

"Going down," she said as she re-spawned.

This time she attacked straight away and I jumped over her. She stabbed at my back, but just missed, it must have been a pixel too short as I turned around and stabbed her high. She was unable to raise her parry quick enough and she died again. "Fuck," she snapped.

"Two down," I grinned at her, "It starts getting embarrassing from here on in," I added.

"Sitting in my undies is fairly embarrassing," she said softly as she stood up and true to her word unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. She was wearing a black thong that left very little to the imagination. She ran her thumbs around the elastic of the legs that recovered a bit of her dignity, but ultimately she was wearing very tight, thin, cotton underwear and there was no hiding that fact.

"Not matching?" I asked her.

"I wasn't expecting anyone to see it," she retorted as she re-spawned.

She was tense this time, and I knew if I got her again she would just fall apart. She was so conscious that she was only wearing her underwear and each and every noise outside the door made her tense a little more in case it was someone back early. It was only half 1 in the afternoon and lectures were on until four, so we have a couple of hours yet. I wondered if she would go bra of panties next, I assumed bra, but I was only basing that on what I would go for, always panties last. I was too distracted by her distraction and she got me, she threw her sword and just as she started the throw I glanced at her so I missed the first part of the animation. The sword stuck perfectly in my head.

"Jeans or top," she said as her tone changed with relief.

I took my top off, I was wearing a white push-up t-shirt bra as that is what I always wore. I had very little in the way of breasts, so enhancing what I had was normal for me. She grinned at me as I re-spawned.

She took me by surprise throwing her sword straight away. I parried it, but she jumped in and swept my leg. She reached down and literally ripped my heart out as I laid on my back. "Jeans, or are we seeing some tits?" she said with a huge grin.

"Jeans," I said as I stood up and slid them down. I was wearing a pair of white high leg tanga panties and like her, I ran my thumbs around the inside of my legs to ensure dignity. "Tits are next, and they are yours," I retorted.

I re-spawned. and we attacked again. various thrusts and parries flowed and I even jumped her leg sweep. I landed and luckily my sword was at mid height and I parried her thrust. She was stood right next to me and I ducked and swept her legs, but she jumped it. She again tried to sweep mine, but I saw it coming and jumped, but this time as I landed she ducked and swept my legs again. I was expecting a thrust and she got me, on my back she stabbed me and I was about to get topless.

"So, tits," she said grinning at me, "Or pussy I guess...."

"Fuck fuck fuck," I muttered to myself. I reached up behind my back and unclipped my bra. I took it off covering my breasts with my free arm as I dropped my bra onto the floor. I lifted my arm away and she stared at my bare chest for a few seconds. As stated earlier, I did not have large breasts. My lightly tanned skin clearly showed that I tanned topless. My areola were around the size of a Penny and my nipples were the size of a peanut.

She smiled and I just smiled back at her, "The next one is embarrassing for you," she pointed out.

"Yeah cos sat here topless isn't at all embarrassing," I said sarcastically sitting in a way so I could partially cover myself with my hands and controller.

I re-spawned. and we went again. I was so nervous. One wrong move, one bit of bad luck or good move my her and I was naked. She was a girl, and we were both straight, so she had no interest in seeing me naked, but that didn't mean to say that it was not going to be really embarrassing her seeing me naked. Lovers and mirrors saw you naked, no one else, and if anyone else did see you naked it was usually followed by frantic covering of privates. if she won, I was going to be very naked, and very exposed.

She missed a few opportunities. if she had gone for any of them she would have beaten me, but she held back and was waiting for a clear cut opportunity. It was a real time version of paper scissors stone, and each time she thrust I felt my heart flutter. She swept my legs, but I jumped, I swept hers and she jumped it. Both of us really close together. She ducked and I jumped over her. She didn't thrust or sweep though and I was expecting her to just turn around and stab me in the back. She didn't though, she stabbed the wrong way and I managed to turn around, but my thrust she somehow managed to parry.

We were so close together, she swept again and I jumped over her. This time though she turned around and just lifted her sword up to the highest stance. I plunged down onto her erect sword and it was game over. As it was the winning kill the game treated us to an endless loop of slow motion replays of my final death. I watched my character loop up over her head in a perfect arc. Perfectly she turned on the spot and just lifted her sword so it was at around 30 degrees to the vertical. It contacted my ass and the speed slowed to super slow motion as blood appeared on my trousers as the sword slowly penetrated straight up my ass.

"Oooo," she grinned, "Was that anal right there?" she teased me

"Shit," I snapped as my character collapsed to the floor in a pool of blood, "Shit shit shit."

"Nar, I doubt you're shitting with a 6 foot sword up your bum," she gloated, "Time you got naked."

"Let me off," I asked her.

"No fucking way, you wouldn't have let me off," she said.

"Let me keep panties on," I pleaded to her. I knew I was wasting my breath though. Roles reversed she would be very naked and there was no way in hell I would have been letting her off the hook.

"Nope, pussy out," she said flatly.

"Okay, fine," I said, the tone of my voice giving away my annoyance, but not at her, at myself. I was not sure what I was annoyed with, losing, or even getting myself into this mess in the first place. I grinned at her and shrugged, being annoyed with myself would be giving her way too much enjoyment.

I stood up and hooked my fingers into the elastic of my panties. I pushed them down at the back, feeling the cooler air brushing across my bare bum. I looked at her for a few seconds, her eyes didn't break from mine as she just maintained her smug expression. I pushed my panties to the top of my thighs exposing my pussy. I was totally hairless, which looked so much sexier than hair in my opinion, but it left no mistaking that I was naked, the cool air licking between my legs. I pushed the panties down a few more inches until the resistance against my legs was overcome by gravity and they slipped down to my ankles.

I stepped out of them, and I was a little surprised when her eyes broke contact with mine and scanned down my body. From head to toe and back up and then back down again. I rested my hands between my legs as her eyes settled there for a little too long and she again made eye contact with me. She grinned at me again, "Okay, arms up, give us a twirl," she said.

"Really?" I said to her.

"Yep, lets see the whole package," she smiled.

I lifted my arms and slowly span around for her. I was in good shape, I went to the gym three of four times a week, I watched what I ate and my reward was a well toned body. You could just about make out the muscles in my tummy, especially with my arms above my head. My legs were well toned and I maintained a light tan with the help of occasional sun bed use, no noticeable white marks as I went naked. "Bitch," she grinned at me as I completed my rotation.

"What?" I asked, twisting my legs together to partially hide my pussy and pulling my elbows in against my chest to hide my breasts.

"Sexy bitch overload," she said, "Not at all jealous."

I know saying this is ridiculous, as I had participated in a strip game, well aware that whoever lost would end up fully naked, but I was more nervous about what she would make me do than actually being naked in front of her. Standing in front of her now though, even with arms and hands doing their best to maintain a little of my dignity my heart was pounding. She has never seen me naked, she has seen me in underwear as we have occasionally brushed our teeth together and during the warmed summer months I tend to only wear panties and a small vest.

"Even your twat is neat and sexy," she said as her eyes focused between my legs.

"What?" I asked, my hands automatically covering between my legs as I screwed my nose up as I hated the "T" word for down there, better than the "C" word I guess though.

"It is just neat," she said again, "Like no folds or anything, just a perfect line."

"If you say so," I said defensively hyper conscious that a girl was checking me out.

"Do you shave or is it waxed?" she asked.

"I wax," I said, "The stuff you put on warm and then just scraped off."

"Underneath as well?" she asked me.

"Yeah," I nodded, "Except for my head I am fully hairless."

"Looks awesome," she said, "Is it hard to do?"

"Not really," I said, "It just takes a bit of time the first time you do it, but if you keep on top of it every few weeks it isn't so bad."

"Do you shave first and then wax or just go for it?" she asked.

"I guess it depends how much hair there is, the first time I did it I took the majority off with scissors" I replied looking at her wondering if she was full on wild bush, "Are you full on hairy?" I asked smiling at her. I was naked, I figured I had may as well at least ask her what she looked like if I had won.

"Hahah, no," she giggled, "I trim down there, but compared to you pretty hairy I guess. How long have you done it for?"

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